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Darkstorm nervously scurried to and fro across the cockpit of the ship, her delicate servos tampering with the complicated controls. She knew that if she did not fix the engine leakage and soon, there would most likely be a crash landing. She tried to drown out the insistent sound of buzzing, the ship's way of telling her that something was most certainly wrong, and set to her task. Taking out a few spare parts, she labored over the many gears and cogs but to no avail. It only seemed to make the problem worse.

"Slag!" she cursed and threw down the tools in her frustration.

Placing a hand on her helm, she frantically looked around for some other means of fixing the problem. The noise from the engine and the very frame of the ship seemed to become louder, making her already pulsing helm ache. Seeing no other means to save herself from this dangerous situation, she vented loudly and slumped down to the floor, her wings drooping from exhaustion.

"This isn't good... Primus, why did I let my ship go into the planet's gravitational pull?" she paused before laughing humorlessly, "Oh, the taunts I would get if my brother was here..."

Her voice lowered to a broken whisper. "Or alive."

The buzzing became even louder. She vented once more and wrapped her arms around herself. "Well, if I am to become one with the Allspark... at least I can see you again, brother."

And with this, the young femme offlined her optics as the ship crashed to the ground.

"Optimus! I think you need to see this," the resident medic, Ratchet, said.

The Autobot leader complied and studied the computer screen. "A Cybertronian life signal," he mused.

"Question is, is it an Autobot or a Decepticon?"

Optimus shook his helm. "There is no way of knowing for sure. Still, if there is a chance that it is a fellow Autobot, we must assist them before any Decepticon's detect their presence."

"I don't know, Optimus. It could be a trap," Arcee said suspiciously.

"You may be right, but we cannot risk staying here if there is a life in the balance. Ratchet, open the groundbridge. Arcee, Bumblebee, you two are with me."

With the flip of a lever, a swirling portal consisting of green and blue opened up. All three Autobots stepped through the portal before activating their weapons and scanning the area for enemy activity. All they were met with was the wreckage of a ship, clearly of Cybertronian origin.

"It doesn't look like it would belong to a Decepticon," Bumblebee whirred, seeing that it was devoid of any signs of the faction.

"Still, we had best be on our guard," Arcee warned. She cautiously inched towards the wreckage. The ship was in total ruin. Shrapnel and giant pieces of metal littered the area and a small fire was starting where the engine presumably was.

Optimus scanned the wreckage with sadness in his optics before spotting a peculiar red item glinting in the sun. The large mech took several steps forward and his optics widened as he realized that he was staring at another bot's optic. He threw away several large pieces of shrapnel to reveal a badly beaten femme, a Seeker to be exact. One of her wings was bent at an awkward angle and blue energon was dripping from several superficial wounds across her frame. Her red optics were wide, from fear or pain Optimus did not know.

Autobots, she thought as she surveyed them. Would they help her? Still, she knew it was no time to be picky, especially given her current state. And... anywhere away from Megatron was her preferred location. "H-help... me..." Darkstorm whispered before her frame shook as she coughed up energon. She grimaced in pain. Why did she allow this to happen?

Optimus felt his spark clench and he immediately commed his medic. "Ratchet, I fear we may need assistance. Prepare sick bay immediately."

"Poor femme. Her ship must have gotten stuck in the planet's gravitational pull," Bumblebee stated while taking one of her arms and helping Optimus pull her out of the wreckage. Darkstorm stared at the two of them through blurry optics, she only being able to make out basic shapes. They didn't seem to be harming her, yet anyway.

"T-thank yo-you," Darkstorm managed to breathe.

Arcee's optics narrowed as she spied the Decepticon emblem on her wings and chassis. "Optimus, we can't bring her back to base. Who knows if she could-"

"Arcee," Optimus interrupted, "You know the Autobot Code. We cannot just leave her here."

"But Optimus-"

"Enough, Arcee," Optimus commed Ratchet once more. "Ratchet, we require a groundbridge."

With the help of both mechs, Darkstorm was led back through the groundbridge. Ratchet shut down the device before turning to the returning search party. His optics widened as he beheld the battered femme. "By the Allspark..."

Darkstorm could vaguely feel servos placing her on a cold metal examination table but she wasn't even sure about that anymore. Her red optics gazed around the small missile silo but did not detect any traces of danger. Was this their base?

But, more importantly, she thought, what would they do to me? I've heard stories of the Autobots brutality from those who came into my medical bay. Would they torture me, as well?

"Ratchet, can she be helped?" Optimus asked.

"Perhaps... but it is going to take some time. It could take me stellar cycles to try to mend this damage, not to mention the possibility that she may lose her wings."

Darkstorm bristled at this and tried to move away from the medic. All she had heard was "lose her wings." No. No! Did they not know that Seekers go insane without flight? What other tortures had they planned for her? Her spark rate began to increase as her optics widened with fear. "N-n-no! P-Pl-"

Optimus placed a hand on her shoulder and eased her back down on the examination table. Darkstorm felt coolant well up in her optics as she gazed helplessly at the Prime. She paused and coughed more, energon sputtering onto her chassis as her vision began to blur. Oh, brother. I should have offlined by your side. "S-S-Sk-..."

Ratchet immediately went into action. "Arcee, go over there and get me some anesthetic to induce stasis. Optimus, Bumblebee, hold her down so she does not injure herself more."

Darkstorm struggled under their grip, her fear increasing. "S-Sk-Sky-... Sk-Sky-Skybreak! Bruda, help me!" she cried, nearly hysterical. Her struggling only ceased when Ratchet expertly injected the anesthetic into her veins. Her red optics slowly offlined and she slumped back onto the berth.

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"O Lord, I have come to You for protection;

don't let me be disgraced.

Save me, for You do what is right.

Turn Your ear to listen to me;

rescue me quickly.

Be my rock of protection,

a fortress where I will be safe.

You are my rock and my fortress.

For the honor of Your name, lead me out of this danger.

Pull me from the trap my enemies set for me,

for I find protection in You alone.

I entrust my spirit into Your hand.

Rescue me, Lord, for You are a faithful God" Psalm 31: 1-5

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