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He was all alone. It just hit him right there. A tear slowly made its way down his cheek. Why, he asked himself. How and why had his own father just left him there? How could he?!

The twelve-years old did not want to cry, but the tears just kept coming.

Was it because of him that his father had left? What had he done wrong?

"Hello there, little one." The red panda looked up. Through his tears, the little panda saw him, standing there in front of him, the sunset casting a bronze color onto his shell.

"Why are you crying?" the tortoise continued, carefully wiping a tear away from the red panda's cheek with his long finger claw.

"I-… I don't know where my dad is," the red panda cried.

"You don't know?" the tortoise asked confused. "Where do you live, little one?"

He shook his head as another tear made its way down his cheek.

"H-he told me… told me to wait here for five m-minutes," he cried.

"And he has not returned?" the tortoise asked.

Unable to speak further, the red panda simply shook his head, while wiping off his tears with the back of his hand. The old tortoise thought about the entire situation for a while.

This all seemed like something too convenient to be a mistake; the red panda's father had consciously left his son.

But why? Why would anyone disband their child like this? Having left him at Jade Palace, who knew if it wasn't because he wanted his son to train as a Kung Fu student?
Granted, the old tortoise knew nothing about the red panda's father. But maybe he wanted to give his son better chances than what he had had himself.

"Little friend, you do not have to cry," the tortoise said with a warm smile. The red panda looked up at the tortoise with tear-filled eyes. "You are more than welcome to stay here at Jade Palace until your father returns."

"Does that mean that I… I can have a bed?" he asked, not having owned one before.

The tortoise nodded. "Of course you can, little one. My name is Oogway – I am a Master at this palace."

"A Master? Of what?"

"Kung Fu, young one," Oogway replied. "I can teach you if you so desire."

"Yes," the young red panda said, feeling the desire to learn this so-called Kung Fu. Suddenly he had forgotten that he had been crying moments ago. "Please teach me!"

"Very well," Oogway said calmly. "What is your name, little one?"

"My name… my name is Shifu."

"Ah~… I'm already late," Shifu muttered to himself in a panicking tone of voice. He quickly got the robe around his waist secured and hurried out of his room.

It was a very special day and all, so why did it have to be this day that the red panda overslept?!

It was the day of the arrival – of the new students! Shifu had been looking forwards to this! Master Oogway had told the young panda that he would learn even more if he was studying alongside fellow students.

Hungry for more knowledge and wisdom, Shifu had of course been happy to hear this.

Exiting the barracks, Shifu hurried towards the Hall of Warriors. Hopefully Oogway hadn't started the introduction yet – even better, maybe the new students hadn't even shown up yet!

Making his way across the courtyard of the Jade Palace, Shifu quickly entered the Hall of Warriors. Hurrying up the long hallway, Shifu made his way to the end.

There he found his Master in front of the many scrolls of the Jade Palace. Walking in a half-circle around the Moon Pool, Shifu quickly looked up, catching a glimpse of the legendary Dragon Scroll.

The scroll was what dreams were made of; a mystical scroll, kept safe from the world in the jaws of a golden dragon statue. Shifu knew the legend about it and the Master to use it, the Dragon Warrior. Who knew, maybe Shifu was the one!

"Master Oogway!" Shifu panted as he finally got to his Master. Shifu was about to apologize for being late, but was hushed by the old tortoise Master. Shifu lowered his ears, believing that he was way too late and felt how his cheeks grew warmer and warmer with embarrassment.

"There is no reason to be shouting, Shifu," Oogway said calmly, surprising Shifu. "The sound travels at the same speed, no matter the distance between us."

"But… am I not late?" Shifu asked confused. "Haven't the newcomers arrived?"

"No, not yet, Shifu," Oogway said, as the old tortoise picked up one of the countless scrolls. After looking into it for a while, he slowly put it back on the shelf. Soon after Master Oogway repeated this, picking another scroll.

"Eh… Master?" Shifu asked innocently with his hands behind his back.

"Yes?" Oogway asked.

"What are you looking for in those scrolls?" Shifu asked, having always been somewhat impatient. "Maybe I can help you – that way you'll find it sooner."

"That is not necessary, young one," Master Oogway said calmly.

"But the new students…"

"Exactly," Oogway said with a smile. "You will be the one to show them around."

"Me?" Shifu asked surprised.

Master Oogway nodded, looking at his young student with a smile. "I have faith that you will be the perfect person to do the job."

"You really think so?" Shifu asked, ears perking up. The red panda always got excited when Oogway said such things, always wanting to make his master proud.

"Of course, Shifu," Oogway replied. "If I did not, why would I be saying so?"

Just as Master Oogway finished, someone knocked on the door to the Hall of Warriors. Shifu's ears perked up and the red panda hurried down to open the door.

Shifu opened the door and was faced with a leopardess. She was covered in golden fur all over with black spots and she wore a short-sleeved, blue Kung Fu jacket with black trims as well as black pants.

"Eh… hello," Shifu said, trying to sound confident – as if he was used to greeting visitors, which he definitely wasn't.

"Hi," she said. "So… are you Master Oogway?"

"No, my name is Shifu," Shifu introduced himself.

"Ai Long," the leopardess introduced herself as the two quickly bowed for one another.

"But you've come to the right place – if you look for Master Oogway, I mean," Shifu explained, somewhat awkwardly. "But please come inside."

Ai Long came inside with a giggle and Shifu shut the door. As the two walked down the Hall, someone suddenly knocked on the door again. Shifu stopped and told Ai Long to go ahead, then walked as fast as he could back to open the door.

"Hello, welcome to Jade Palace," Shifu greeted the rooster that stood outside.

"Hi there," the rooster said casually. He was covered in brown and crimson feathers and wore green robes with brown trims. "So this is it?"

"Yes, it is," Shifu said with a smile. "My name is Shifu. Please come inside; Master Oogway is waiting."

"Thanks," the rooster said. "Oh, and my name is Yun."

Shifu and Yun walked down the hall towards where Master Oogway was waiting, but Shifu didn't get far; soon it knocked on the door again. With a sigh, Shifu hurried down to open the door… again.

"Hello, welcome to Jade Palace," Shifu repeated himself.

"Yeah, that's nice, shorty," the elephant said. He stepped inside, almost stepping on Shifu. "I'm here for Master Oogway – no one else."

"I figured," Shifu muttered, somewhat annoyed by the way the elephant acted towards him. The elephant wore dark gray robes with black trims and they seemed to be made of some quite fine material.

Shaking his head silently, Shifu followed the somewhat impatient elephant into the Hall once again. Finally Shifu and his three new companions were gathered in front of Oogway.

It was still somewhat strange to Shifu – the thought of studying alongside other students. His entire life, he had been the sole student of Master Oogway.

"Very well," Master Oogway finally said once all four students were gathered. The old tortoise was about to continue, but suddenly someone knocked on the door again. "Oh, it seems there is one more student, who will join us. Shifu, would you please…?"

"Of course, Master," Shifu said, ears dropping in annoyance at the fact that someone was just arriving late like that.

"Hello, welcome to Jade Palace," Shifu said for the fourth time that day. He was somewhat surprised when he was met by a pair of clear, purple eyes. There was a natural shine of intellect and power to them – none like he had ever seen before.

"Hello to you too," the female owl said. From the looks of it, she came from a somewhat rich family – her robes were violet with a golden trim, and she seemed to wear a fiery red dress beneath those. What surprised Shifu the most was how much younger she looked compared to himself and the three other students that had recently arrived.

"… So… you're also here to study?" Shifu asked.

She nodded. "Yes, I came a long way… Oh, my name is Fenghuang… by the way."

"Fenghuang… My name is Shifu," Shifu introduced himself with a smile. Smiling at him, Fenghuang followed him into the Hall of Warriors.

"Wow… just look at this place," Fenghuang said with an impressed tone of voice, looking around on the various ornaments and artifacts of the hall. Even though there wasn't really much besides a few weapons and a few wall scrolls. "All of this stuff…"

"This is the Hall of Warriors," Shifu explained, smiling at how amazed the young owl looked. "All of these things belonged to passed-away Kung Fu Masters."

"So it's like a museum in their honor?" Fenghuang asked impressed.

Shifu shrugged. "Well… I suppose you could say so."

Finally the two got to the Moon Pool, still talking, which was only interrupted by Oogway clearing his throat.

Blushing and with his ears lowered, Shifu walked up so that he stood in the middle of the line that he and his new fellow students formed. The five stood there for a few seconds before Oogway started talking.

"And now that all of us are here," Oogway started slowly. "I suppose a presentation is appropriate. My name is Master Oogway."

Everyone but Shifu bowed to Master Oogway, since Shifu didn't feel like the introduction was aimed towards him.

"You have all come here to learn, haven't you?" Oogway continued, supporting himself by his long staff.

"Master, I am willing to follow you," the leopardess said in a wise-sounding tone of voice, bowing for Oogway. Everyone else bowed as well to show that they were willing as well.

"Very well, students," Master Oogway said in a calm tone of voice, a smile on his face. "From this day on a new era starts."

"A new era?" Shifu asked surprised. Did the old tortoise really mean that the mere presence of the five students combined was somehow the background for a new era to begin?

Master Oogway nodded again, tapping his staff onto the floor a couple of times. "The era… of the Furious Five."

Following that, there was a brief silence. No one spoke – no one dared speak. But finally that silence was broken by Fenghuang. "Furious Five...? I like the sound of that."