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"Fenghuang, I have a letter for you," the palace messenger said upon entering the kitchen where the Five were currently eating breakfast. It was clear to all that the relationship between all the individual members had gotten better; Lumang and Shifu weren't killing each other, but they weren't quite talking to each other that much.

"Who's it from?" Fenghuang asked after swallowing a mouthful of rice.

"Your parents," the goose said, about to hand her the scroll he had.

"My parents?!" Before anyone could react, Fenghuang nearly ripped it out of the goose's wing. Fenghuang quickly opened the canister that the scroll was contained in and threw it aside.

As Fenghuang read her letter, everyone simply watched her, waiting for her to react or do something at all. The silence was almost painful and all they could do was watch her.

Fenghuang quickly sped through the letter. Her eyes then widened and suddenly she dropped the scroll. The scroll landed on the floor and Fenghuang looked like she could faint.

"What is it?" Shifu asked, somewhat shocked by her reaction.

"My dad…" Fenghuang said, still looking like she could faint any second.

"What about him?" Yun asked.

"Is he…?" Ai Long asked, fearing the worst right away.

"He's coming…" Fenghuang said, letting herself fall back into her chair and slide a little down, so that only her head was visible above the edge of the kitchen table.

"Coming?" Shifu asked.

"Here!" Fenghuang said.

"But that's great news," Ai long said. "I mean, I haven't seen my family since I got here."

"Yeah, but your parents aren't my dad," Fenghuang groaned. "He's going to complain about just about anything! He's going to say that I'm irresponsible – even when I do take responsibility!"

"Ah… I don't believe he's really that bad," Ai Long said.

"Ha, just wait," Fenghuang said with a groan, getting back up into a more proper sitting position.

"Stern parents?" Lumang asked.

"Parent," Fenghuang corrected him with a sigh. "Anyways, we should go get ready for training, right?"

"Agreed," Shifu said, bluntly ignoring what they had been talking about mere moments ago. Ai Long on the other hand was worried about her friend.

"Are you really sure it'll be that bad?" she asked the eagle owl as the five students made their way towards the training hall.

"I'm certain," Fenghuang replied.

"Hmm… maybe, but isn't it just a bit nice to see him again?" Ai Long asked. "A tiny bit?"

Fenghuang didn't reply, just chose to basically ignore Ai Long's question. Ai Long was still worried about Fenghuang, but decided to not talk about it if Fenghuang didn't want to.

Shifu was somewhat worried as well. He thought it sounded like Fenghuang had a very strict father, who expected way too much of his daughter. And obviously Fenghuang didn't seem to feel like her father was proud of her in the slightest.

Shifu, always wanting to make his Master proud understood her. Just then, Shifu decided to help her. Walking over to Fenghuang, he whispered, "Hey, Fenghuang?"

"Yeah?" she replied.

"I think I know a technique that will make your father proud," Shifu whispered. Fenghuang's eyes widened slightly and she now looked way less depressing.

"How?" she asked, almost sounding desperate.

"Well, there's this technique that was developed by Master Dog," Shifu said. "It has been classified as impossible, but…"

"And how did you believe that I would ever be able to master that?" Fenghuang asked, somewhat annoyed.

"The archives… they have information about that kind of stuff," Shifu said.

"Wait, isn't the archives off-limit for us students?" Fenghuang asked surprised.

"Well… in theory yes, but it wouldn't be the first time that I'd look there," Shifu said, scratching the back of his neck. "Besides, I have been looking through stuff with Oogway before."

"Oh~, so you're going to break the rules to help me?" Fenghuang asked with a smirk. "How sweet of you!"

"Hey, don't get any ideas," Shifu said with a blush. His reason was solely to help a friend in need!

As training started, Shifu excused himself and made his way towards the Hall of Warriors without saying what he was up for – Oogway had of course seemed a bit suspicious. But eventually he had let Shifu go.

Shifu hurried through the Hall of Warriors and eventually came to the Moon Pool. Passing it however, Shifu made his way to the large shelves, which were packed with countless scrolls.

Quickly knowing where to look, Shifu easily climbed all the way up, swiftly swinging from shelf to shelf. Soon Shifu started searching, opening and closing several scrolls before finding the one he was looking for.

Hurrying back to the training hall where the others were waiting, Shifu found that Oogway fortunately wasn't there. Perfect! This meant that he and Fenghuang could practice the move without the old Master questioning it!

"Fenghuang," Shifu said once the eagle owl landed beside him after having trained with the Gauntlets of Wooden Warriors. "I found it."

"So, what is the move called?" Fenghuang asked.

"Shifu opened the scroll and looked. "The Thundering Wind Hammer."

"That sounds cool," Fenghuang said, chuckling. "I just hope it is actually as cool as its name."

Fenghuang got to a space in the training hall, which wasn't taken up by any big training mechanisms and asked Shifu what to do. Shifu looked at the scroll, reading the description of the move, then reading the guide to how to perform it. Seemingly it required a high level of Chi Energy… and that would also require a lot of experience.

"First, you have any idea about how to use Chi Moves?" Shifu asked. Fenghuang shrugged.

"Kind of… I haven't really trained it too much, but I do know some."

"Great." Shifu read the guide once again. He didn't sound that complicated to perform, but it was the Chi channeling itself that made the move hard to perform. "First, it says that you need to rotate around your own axis as you gather Chi Energy."

"… What, like seriously?" Fenghuang asked with one of her long eyebrows raised, a very confused look on her face.

"Yes," Shifu said. "At least that's what it says right here."

Fenghuang just sighed to herself, knowing that she would for sure look silly when doing this. But if it was such a special move, why not just give it a try? Even if it didn't work, it would most likely still be worth it.

"Okay, here I go," Fenghuang said, spreading out her wings. Fenghuang moved her wings to the left, then thrust them to the right, immediately starting to spin around in circles at high speed.

As she did, Fenghuang suddenly felt immense energy run through her body – she had experienced this before – the first time she had fought alongside the others!

"What's next?" Fenghuang managed to ask, still spinning around.

Reading through the scroll as quick as possible, Shifu replied, "Then when you feel like you've channeled enough energy, stop spinning and release it."

Fenghuang did her best to stop, which she did manage to, but she accidentally tripped over her own feet and Shifu eventually had to catch her.

"Ugh, that went about as well as I expected," Fenghuang groaned as Shifu supported her by his arms.

"Don't worry," Shifu said as he helped Fenghuang get to stand upright again. "We still have time to practice. Did the letter say anything about when your parents would-?"

"Fenghuang!" Shifu almost jumped out of his fur and immediately let go of Fenghuang. Looking towards where the voice had come from, he saw an Eagle Owls. He, assumingly Fenghuang's father, had brownish feathers all over as a pose to Fenghuang, who was covered in gray ones.
He also wore some incredibly expensive-looking clothes; Fenghuang's father wore flaming red robes with golden trims and though Shifu wasn't quite sure what, it seemed like it was made of some very fancy, expensive fabric.

Shifu had never thought of Fenghuang as the daughter of rich parents, but now… Now it was clear to him why she had described her father the way she had. He was probably very strict and if so, it was probably because he also knew Kung Fu.

"What on Earth are you doing?" her father wanted to know.

"Training, what else would I be doing?" Fenghuang asked, surprising Shifu by the way she defied her parent with such a tone.

"You call this nonsense training?" her father asked. "I send you to the Jade Palace so you can train and what do I see? I see you in the arms of some… some…stranger!"

"Actually he was just helping me train," Fenghuang said casually. It was obvious that she was already tired of her father's company.

"Master Huoyan, what a surprise." They all turned their heads and saw Master Oogway approach them. The old tortoise had spent all morning meditating by the Moon Pool, so of course he hadn't heard about Master Huoyan's visit.

"Master Oogway," Huoyan said and bowed quickly and shortly. "I simply came to see how my daughter is doing. It seems that she lacks quite a bit of self-discipline."

Fenghuang said nothing now that Oogway was there, but Shifu noticed that the young owl was scratching the floor with her talons.

"Fenghuang?" Oogway asked surprised. "Pardon, but I do believe that she is one of the most gifted students I have had in a while."

"Why did I catch her fooling around when everyone else was training?" Huoyan wanted to know.

At first Master Oogway said nothing. He briefly looked at Fenghuang, then back at her father. "I do believe that play is also an important part of training."

"But Master," Fenghuang started. "I wasn't playing around, I…"

"Silence," Huoyan growled. "I am truthfully sorry for the trouble, Master Oogway, but she's coming home with me, right now."

Ai Long, who was training with the Gauntlets almost got hit in the face when hearing this; similarly, Yun almost became a grilled chicken in the Field of Fiery Death.

"I will be waiting outside, Fenghuang; go pack your stuff," Huoyan said and walked towards the exit. Fenghuang was just looking down, anger and sorrow in her eyes. She had wanted to come to Jade Palace all her life and she finally had come! But of course her father just had to crush her dream!

"Fenghuang?" Fenghuang turned her head all the way around and saw Shifu stand in the door to her room. "I'm sorry."

"Nah, it's okay," Fenghuang sighed and continued gathering her stuff. She didn't really have a lot of things in her room except some clothes and a few wall scrolls.

"No, it's not," Shifu said. "It's my fault – if we hadn't tried to do the move, you wouldn't have fallen and your father wouldn't have seen you fail."

"Don't blame yourself," Fenghuang said stiffly. "It was solely my own fault."

"But… Now what?" Shifu asked.

"I don't know," Fenghuang sighed, still not looking at Shifu. "I think I'll just go back to being Fenghuang… without Kung Fu training of course."

"Aren't you sad at all?" Shifu asked worriedly. "You sound like you're just going to give up."

"Of course I am," Fenghuang said, stomping her talon against the wooden floor, leaving quite a mark. In a much softer tone, she said, "But there isn't anything I can do about it."

"But…" Shifu stopped and sighed.

"Shifu, can I… can I have a moment alone?" Fenghuang asked with a gloomy tone of voice.

"Of course," Shifu said, leaving. As soon as Shifu was gone, Fenghuang just sighed, taking a look around her room, one final time. It was unbelievable that she would never get to see this place again. Unbelievable… no unbearable.

"Goodbye, guys," Fenghuang said, sounding depressed. It was clear that this had come sooner than any of them had expected; the only one who didn't seem utterly crushed was Lumang… but that was probably just his 'tough-guy' façade, who knew…

Huoyan didn't seem too thrilled with the goodbye and told his daughter that he would be waiting by the gate.

"We're going to miss you," Ai Long said and hugged Fenghuang. "Please write us."

"I will," Fenghuang said with a reassuring smile. She then turned to Shifu. "Goodbye, Shifu – just… stop blaming yourself, okay?"

Shifu nodded, although he still felt like it was his fault. "I will. I'll miss you."

After hugging Shifu as well, she said goodbye to Yun and Lumang as well. Lumang was the only one who didn't seem to care and just stood there with his arms crossed. Fenghuang had to fly up and hug him from the side because of this.

Lastly was Master Oogway. Fenghuang didn't hug him as she felt that it wasn't appropriate to do to such a Master as Oogway. Instead, she simply bowed and said, "Goodbye, Master Oogway – it was an honor to be your student."

"Oh, but we will see again soon," the old tortoise said mysteriously, followed by a light chuckle. Fenghuang was a little confused, didn't quite believe him, but she just smiled and made her way towards the gate as well where Huoyan was waiting.

Once she got there, the two exited the gate, Fenghuang looking back at her friends one final time. She then took off and alongside her father the two hovered downwards towards the village.

The two hadn't been flying for a long time before it happened. They had just gotten out of the boundaries of the village when suddenly something hit Huoyan. It was a piece or rope with two metallic spheres attached in each end. As it had ensnared the older owl, he fell to the ground.

Fenghuang was just lucky enough to dodge the next rope that was thrown towards her. Diving towards the ground at high speed, Fenghuang landed and saw that the ones who had attacked them were a gang of mountain cats.

One of them walked over to Huoyan, took a hold of the rope that held him captured and lifted his face towards his own. "Give us all you have."

"We have nothing of value," Huoyan said. Then suddenly one of the mountain cats saw Fenghuang, who was carrying a bag – the bag with her belongings.

"Liar," he growled and walked towards Fenghuang.

"Fenghuang, get out of here," Huoyan growled, not believing that his daughter could even fight. Fenghuang knew this and in anger and annoyance towards her father, she kept her ground.

"A brave little bird, huh?" the mountain cat said and tossed Huoyan to the ground. "Let's teach her not to be so 'brave', shall we?"

As the gang – about twenty or more – closed in on Fenghuang. The first one charged her with a tackle, but Fenghuang took a half step back and kicked him in the chest with a powerful kick.

She then hovered in the air for a moment, kicking his cheeks several times. Then with a powerful kick, she managed to kick him away.

"Fenghuang…" Huoyan had to admit that he was impressed by her technique – of course, she wasn't nearly as good as he was, but he was truly impressed.

"I can take care of myself," she told her father. She then took off and flew towards another mountain cat and kicked him several times in the chest. "You might want to take all my decisions for me… but I am grown-up enough to take some myself."

With no more words, Fenghuang started fighting the bandits off for real. She blocked a punch with her one wing, then spun around in a circle and hit him in his face with her other wing.

Fenghuang once again got into the air, did a backflip, hitting a mountain cat that tried to ambush her from behind. She then used her wings to block punches from the mountain cats as well as punch them.

Just as it was going perfectly, something suddenly landed behind her with a loud "Begowk!"

Turning around, Fenghuang found Yun, splatted out on the ground. "Yun, what are you doing here?"

"I… we, we didn't want to just let you go," Yun said. "I guess we thought we could somehow convince your father to let you stay?"

"We?" Fenghuang looked up and suddenly saw the others. "You're all here?"

"Of course," Shifu said, a small smile on his face. He then noticed the bandits, but it seems we have something to take care of first."

"Furious Five, use these!" The Five looked up and saw three palace messenger geese come flying. The three geese dropped something, which the five were just barely able to catch. These things were all wrapped in robes and the five quickly unraveled them.

"… Weapons!" Fenghuang said surprised. Master Oogway had sent them weapons!

"Finally!" Lumang said, swinging his Long-Handled Sword about a little. The only downside to these were the fact that they were made of wood – which was probably because they were still novices and hadn't had weapon training before.

"I like it," Yun said, having received a Straight Sword. Likewise, Ai Long had gotten a Wind-and-Fire Ring and Shifu had a Staff. The Five had had some weapon training with some of the palace's training weapons, but they guessed that these were gifts for them to own. Fenghuang however had something different; wooden wing blades.

She could somehow slide her wing feathers right into very, very thin slots in the wood… but they fit perfectly!

"Now, that's unfair!" one of the mountain cats growled. Suddenly he drew a dagger and the other members of the gang also seemed to carry weapons, though most were just random parts of wood or metal.

Swinging her wings about a little to get used to the wooden blades, Fenghuang stepped forwards. "Let's deliver some pain, guys."

At this they all broke out into small team-fights. Shifu and Ai Long took on one part of the gang of bandits.

Charging forwards, Shifu swung his staff about, doing several techniques that were meant for intimidation. It also did seem to work. Suddenly a mountain cat with a wooden club charged Shifu. Shifu blocked and spun around and smashed his new staff against the cat's torso. The staff was a little bit taller than he was, but nonetheless, it was the perfect length.

Shifu jumped into the air, did a front flip and smashed his staff downwards against one of the cats' shoulder. Coming up with a good name, Shifu decided to call it the Jade Dragon Fang.

It sure did seem to harm the cat's shoulder quite a bit, but nothing that Shifu would really worry about.

At the same time, Ai Long found that her Wind-and-Fire Wheel was perfect for blocking incoming attacks. As she would block, she would use her free hand and her legs for attacks. Hitting a cat in the face with a few powerful kicks, Ai Long jumped backwards, spinning around in a circle once she landed, hitting several cats in the face.

"Oh, how I love this thing," Ai Long said, swinging it about a few times before proceeding with the fight.

Meanwhile, Lumang and Yun took care of another group of mountain cats. Even with the wooden blade, Lumang was already fond of his Long-Handled Sword. Not only did it allow multiple ways to hold it as well as space enough for Lumang to hold it, but it also proved to be good for heavy slash-attacks.

Similarly, Yun's Straight Sword proved more suited for quick and short slashes. Blocking several attacks, Yun and his Kung Fu-noises easily overpowered the mountain cats.

"Whose idea was it to even give a chicken a sword?" one of the cats asked with a snicker and tried to stab Yun with a dagger.

"I'm not a chicken! I'm a rooster!" Yun jumped into the air and held his sword with his talons, then making himself spin around in circles at high speed. "Take this: Ya-Ya-Slash!"

"You just named your attack slash?" Lumang asked, confused by why Yun would say two of his usual Kung Fu-noises before the word 'slash'.

"No, it's called the Ya-Ya-Slash!" Yun replied.

In the middle of the fight, Fenghuang fought against the leader and a few minions. The leader's dagger was something that she would have to watch out for, but Fenghuang swiftly dodged all of his attacks.

Finally, as he slashed downwards, she managed to stop the blade by clashing her wings together on either side.

"You'll need more to stop us," the leader snickered.

"Something like this?" Fenghuang asked and kicked him in the chest area. He stumbled backwards, but Fenghuang was soon at it again. She jumped up and grabbed his shoulders with his talons. Bringing him about a foot into the air, she let go and quickly did a spin midair and kicked him in the stomach so that he hit the rest of the little group she was fighting.

Okay, it's now or never – I have to succeed. Fenghuang landed and brought her wings to the right, then spun around to the left at high speed. This time it was different from earlier, she felt a great power rush through her, almost making her gasp from the sensation. She had experienced this before, but this time she didn't freak out and lose control.

No, she kept going. Finally she stopped and brought her wings forwards towards the mountain cats. "Thundering… Wind Hammer!"

Fenghuang felt the immense Chi Energy finally escape her. She could feel it run through her wings and before she knew it, a bluish purple light escaped her wings. Soon a wave of energy shot at the cats that were all taken by surprise and even blown away.

"The Thundering Wind Hammer," Huoyan said impressed, having watched his daughter fight all along. When Fenghuang came over to free him, he asked, "How did you learn that?"

"I don't know, I just did," Fenghuang replied, somewhat absent.

"But it is an impossible move," Huoyan said.

"Dad, I am capable of doing so much more than you think," Fenghuang said determinedly once she had helped her father up. "I realized this while I was here."

"I have made a mistake, it seems," Huoyan said surprising Fenghuang – this was the first time her old father had ever admitted that he had made a mistake. "And I only realized this too late. I have never been good at realizing my own mistakes. That is why your mother left us."

"I know," Fenghuang said with a sigh.

"You do?"

"Of course," Fenghuang said. "A few years back, I found the letter she wrote you."

"Fenghuang… I'm sorry," Huoyan said and embraced his daughter. The two stayed like that, didn't talk for a while and completely ignored the battle that was raging on around them. It seemed like an eternity.

Suddenly the moment was interrupted by Shifu. "Eh… Master Huoyan? It's not to ruin the moment or anything, but… eh… the bandits are gone now."

"So you're going to stay?" Ai Long squealed happily as the five sat around the kitchen table.

"Yes, of course," Fenghuang said as Shifu brought the dinner onto the table – it was his turn to cook. "My dad saw me perform the Thundering Wind Hammer."

"The Thundering Wind Hammer?!" Yun asked impressed.

"Quite impressive, Fenghuang." The Five turned their heads and saw Oogway in the door. "And it seems that I was right also. Welcome back."

"No, not welcome back," Fenghuang said with a smile and a gleam in her purple eyes. "I was never really gone."