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Warning: There will be some violence and death in later chapters, language.

Chapter 1 – The Beginning - BC

The tall dark haired vampire had travelled the seas in search of something. He had heard it when he was human and then more so when he was a vampire.

It was as if someone was calling for him, singing him towards where his life would change. Though no matter how long he searched; he could not find the thing he longed for the most.

His brother didn't believe the words he spoke, as only he could hear the melody in the wind. His coven worried as they watched him turn to insanity almost as he scoured the maps for places he hasn't travelled. Vladimir hoped that at a glance he could find the place that called him so.

Come, come my love…
Follow thy voice
Come, come my love…
I have been searching for you…
Come, Come my love…
My love… Oh, My love…

The chant was continuous sometimes changing in emotion and words; but he knew it was for him. Someone was calling him to them. He knew deep down that whatever called him was something of the sea. He had heard of the legends, the tales of horror. Mermaids some say… Sirens another; but he feared not.

Since he was a vampire now, not even the claws or teeth of the sirens could destroy him. So with a dreaded heavy yearning heart, he left his home of Dacia to search for what called for him.

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