(A.N.- There will be a few other side parings in this story, but RusCan is the major one. First story posted, hope you like it!)

All Canada had wanted to do was find out where he would be sleeping at night.

This World Meeting was being held in America, never a good sign. Canada had been one of the first to arrive and had been greeted enthusiastically in a (very painful) hug from his brother. Then, as always, as soon as other nations showed up he was ignored. France, his own Papa, hadn't even looked in his direction as he was too busy messing with an annoyed looking England and trying to allow him to sleep in his bed for the night.

The reason for this (other than France just being himself) was that the pipes had burst in a little more than half of the rooms in the hotel where they were all staying at so the countries all had to double up and sleep with a buddy. In a one bedroom room. Obviously France was having a field day. After a minute, America had somehow gotten England to agree to bunk with him. France had sulked off somewhere with wine (no one had wanted to be his buddy fearing for their vital regions). Japan was looking flustered and cornered, whipping his gaze back and forth between a calm Greek and furious looking Turk. Sweden was hovering behind his 'wife' and it was assumed by all that he was bunking with Finland. Germany already had Italy hanging off of his arm and looking secretly pleased about it while Italy 'Veeee~'d away happily. No surprises there. Romano was cursing colorfully at Spain (who was munching on a tomato and watching this with a happy expression) and ended his tirade with a very dramatic huff of 'FINE!' and stalking off mumbling even more curses under his breath. It was then that Ukraine noticed him across the table. "Canada! How are you? Who are you staying with?" She asked in her excited, high voice while her… assets… moved freely and of their own will. Canada's gaze never once strayed downward from eye contact as he looked up at her from across the table. He had been (partially) raised by a gentleman after all (ignoring the fact he didn't 'swing that way' as Alfred would say). "I-I'm fine Ukraine, hello. And no, I'm not currently p-paired with someone in sleeping arrangements," he mumbled, stating something he thought was rather obvious. Who (other than her) would notice him, let alone extend some sort of act of friendship towards him? "Who are you with?" He asked politely, looking around. Turkey now had Greece in a headlock and Japan was panicking. China was no better, as a now slightly drunk France was getting a little too touchy. "Me? Oh, I'm with my baby sister! You've met Belarus right!" Ukraine answered happily. At the mention of her name, the terrifying country looked up and cocked her head to the side, wondering why her big sister was talking to herself. Shrugging she went back to sharpening her knives, smiling while she did so. Belarus reminded Mathew of Russia when she smiled like that. Shuddering he nodded in answer to Ukraine. He hadn't noticed Hungary sliding up behind him, blinking and noticing him with surprise. Who was he again…? That one nation with the polar bear, she couldn't remember his name though. Never one to be shy she put on a polite smile and tapped the slightly taller blonde on the shoulder.

Canada jumped up at the unexpected contact, spilling a now grumpy Kumajiro from his lap. He turned around with wide lavender eyes, a pleasantly surprised look on his face to see Hungary. "Hello Hungary. Did you need something?" He asked quietly, his second sentence being overshadowed by Ukraine's cheerful chirp of a greeting to the other girl.

Some part of Hungary felt bad about the fact that this nation knew her name and she had no clue who he was, but that part wasn't getting her attention. No, she was too busy thinking about how absolutely CUTE this younger-looking nation was with his wide light purple eyes and wavy, soft looking golden hair. There was an errant piece of hair in a perfect curl sticking out from the side of his head. He looked almost exactly like America (except for the eyes and curl) but acted TOTALLY different. He was just so undeniably uke. He was adorable. Hungary was just about to get into thinking about who he would look good next to when she realized she still didn't know his name. "I'm sorry, but what is your name again?" she asked as politely as she could, smiling apologetically at the mysterious nation. "I'm C-Canada," He mumbled with a slight stutter, forcing his smile not to falter. He had been expecting that question after all.

Hungary thought about it and after a second, sure enough, it rang a bell. "Canada! Yes of course, America's brother! How could I have forgotten…" She trailed off, scanning the room avidly for someone she would play matchmaker with Canada.

Canada winced, nearly unnoticeable, at the comparison. Of course, he was Alfred's brother, nothing more. Hungary looked like she was thinking about something, so he looked around the room for his beloved polar bear, not wanting to disrupt her thoughts. Of course the little ball of white fluff had ambled his way over to the sushi that had been brought by Japan and was eyeing it curiously. That bear….

Mentally huffing in frustration, Hungary was running out of options. Japan (her partner in matchmaking crime) and her had nearly everyone sorted out into parings. Only a few were left for good reasons. Belarus, Ukraine, China, Rus- That's it! Russia! How could she have overlooked the largest, and admittedly creepiest, nation in the world! Looking for the signature white scarf, she wasn't seeing any sign of him. Sighing she turned around towards Canada again and let out an 'eep'. Russia was right behind the boy facing Ukraine, looking at in profile at Canada curiously.

Snapped out of his thoughts by the noise, Canada followed Hungary's gaze (which was slightly scared he noted) over his shoulder. He was face to face with the buttons of a tan jacket and a white scarf. His breath hitching, he looked up at the Russian who was smiling down at him. "Hello comrade Canada. You are a friend of Ukraine's, da?" He asked, tipping his head to the side questioningly.

With his breath hitching in his throat, the North American country nodded. "Y-yes. H-hello Russia," He said, doing his best not to seem scared. Why did the largest nation have to be so intimidating all the time! Canada didn't think that Russia meant to be, but still. And there was the fact he had known Canada's name. Just that alone somewhat brightened his day, and that he was getting to talk to so many people. Russia was looking at him, amused it seemed, when Ukraine clapped her hands. "Oh! Canada, I don't think little Ivan has a buddy for the night either! You can be partners!" She said, ignorant of how suggestive her words sounded. She also failed to notice the horror stricken face of Canada and Russia's blank look. Hungary snuck away trying to stop her nosebleed, seeking out Japan immediately.

This could not have been more nerve-wracking. Right after Ukraine spoke her idea; Germany called all the countries to the table for the meeting. Returning shakily to his seat, he watched Ukraine and Russia leave him to go to their seats, returning the small wave of farewell from Ukraine. Russia didn't look at him. As different countries began sharing their ideas about various subjects (not all plausible ideas) he couldn't keep himself from sneaking glances at Russia. Kumajiro waddled his way back into Canada's lap smelling suspiciously of sushi.

Russia looked like he was paying attention to the meeting as always, hands folded neatly in his lap. His eyes were a few shades darker violet than Mathew's and were blank, his thoughts hidden. On either side of him was China and Lithuania. Both of them looked terrified of the large man and were scooted as far away from him as possible, perching themselves on the edge of their seats. Canada wondered if Russia minded. After all, if everyone was scared of you (foregoing Belarus and Ukraine) it was almost as bad as being ignored, if not worse. People noticed him, but they stayed away anyway. Sure, Russia had a terrible reputation because of his past but didn't they all have some things they weren't proud of? Russia wasn't really a people-person so he couldn't exactly try to mend his reputation. The poor guy was probably lonely.

With his sympathy successfully plucked, Canada vowed to do his best not to be scared of Russia anymore, and help him if he could.