Lucy was standing outside in the robe Mike gave her. She was watching Sandy pulling on Mike as he waved good bye. Sandy and Mike where going on a honeymoon for a week, leaving the mansion to Lucy. Of course the cook would be there and a butler. Lucy stood there watching as the limo drove down the driveway. Lucy watched until the limo was out of sight. She turned around and walked up the stairs and opened the front door. She closed it behind her sighing. It was going to be a whole week with her basically by herself. She was walking into the kitchen. She walked up the cupboard and opened it up grabbing a box of cereal. She almost dropped the box startled.

"Why don't I make you some pancakes?" the chef asked.

"No thanks" Lucy said holding her chest afraid her heart was going to pound out of her chest. "Can you hand me a bowl?" Lucy asked. The chef grabbed a bowl and handed it to Lucy. She walked past him to the sink.

"Lucy. The milk is the fridge."

"I know." Lucy said holding her bowl of cereal under the sink.

"Hold on!" the chef said standing behind Lucy with some milk "Can't I at least make you put milk in your cereal?!" Lucy shook her head and put tap water in her cereal. Lucy took her bowl and sat on a stool eating her cereal. She turned her head around to see the chef looking at her with a confused look. Lucy wasn't naked underneath the robe. She was wearing a bra and panties. But her clothes were being washed. They were giving the washer a challenge, so Lucy is going to wear a robe instead.

"Are you going to offer to make a lunch and dinner too?" Lucy asked.

"Yes that is what they pay me for."

"How about you go home? I can make myself food, so it's not fair to you to be here and do nothing, you could be with your family." Lucy said.

"If you say so. But I am leaving my number here encase you change your mind or want some cooking advice." The chef said writing down a telephone number. "Here" he said handing it to her. She took it and looked at it. Then at the chef who was packing his things to leave.

It was dinner time. Lucy had been up in the guest room all day. She had been writing in a spiral notebook. She didn't eat lunch. She decided to go eat dinner. She walked down stairs. She opened the fridge and pulled out some cheese and some ham. She set them on the counter. And she went to get some bread. She made herself sandwich and put everything away. "She ate her sandwich and then placed her plate in the sink and washed it along with her bowl and spoon from this morning." Lucy had turned off all the lights except the room she was in. She only went to three rooms, her bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen. She repeated the same routine: bowl of cereal with tap water, a ham and cheese sandwich for dinner, only dirty those same dishes she used on the first day and washing them in the sink. The rest of her time was spent either going to the bathroom, showering or sitting on her bed writing. She wasn't even aware the butler was there.

Sandy and Mike were giving each other a kiss on the lips as they walked towards their home. They had just gotten back from their week long honeymoon. The butler greeted them.

"Where is the chef?" Mike said looking into the vacant kitchen.

"Ms. Lucy sent him home." The butler replied. Mike and Sandy went into the kitchen and saw it was perfectly clean. They opened the cupboard to see only one box of cereal had been opened. They opened the fridge all the milk jugs were still unopened. They saw some cheese and ham was missing. They continued walking seeing some bread was missing as well. They saw the hand cleaned dishes in the sink. They continued walking through the house. Nothing had been touched. The TV and computer in Mike's den were both off when Mike turned them off before he left. They made their way upstairs slightly disturbed by what they had seen so far. As Mike opened the door to Lucy's bedroom they saw her sitting on the bed writing in that notebook. She didn't notice them standing and watching her. Mike took a step then noticed the bra and panties were lying on the foot of the bed.

"Lucy we are home." Mike said. Lucy looked up at them. She grabbed her bra and panties and ran into the bathroom. They both stood there confused. Lucy stepped out a few moments later.

"Sorry" Lucy said sheepishly.

"Were you 'naked' the whole time?" Mike asked. Sandy elbowed Mike.

"Yeah after the cook left." Lucy said ashamed. Mike walked up and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, there is nothing to be sorry about. We aren't mad… I feel bad you feel you have to be dressed for us." Sandy glared and shook her head. "I mean if you rather not wear them, when you are in here of course you don't have to wear them." Lucy looked up at Mike. "If you want you can take them off." Lucy lifted each leg removing her panties and shortly after took off her bra. She was about to set the bra on the bed when she looked at Mike. Mike just gave her a gentle smile. Mike made a confused face. He heard Lucy's stomach growl. "Lucy can you open you robe for me?" Lucy looked at him scared. "You can put those back on if you want. I just want to look at your STOMACH" Mike yelled over his shoulder at Sandy. Sandy just rolled her eyes. Lucy opened the robe. Mike placed his hand on her stomach. Sandy walked up and stood next to looking at her stomach also. Mike looked up at her face. Lucy didn't like the look on his face. Mike grab each end of the robe then tied it shut. "Let's go have some dinner shall we?" Mike said taking Lucy's hand.

"I do not want her bare vagina and ass on my dining room chairs!" Sandy snapped.

"Fine she can sit on my coat." Mike snapped back.

Sandy sighed "Ok, I have no problem with that."

As they were sitting at the table eating dinner, Sandy and Mike were exchanging glances. They were concerned about paying Lucy's rent for an apartment while she was going to school and working, but seeing how she lived even when she has everything she could ever want. They were a bit hesitate.

"Lucy? You said you wanted to go to college?" Sandy asked. Lucy looked up at Sandy she had shame on her face.

"Yes" She said weakly.

"What do you want to become?" Sandy asked.

"I always wanted to be a teacher."

"What kind?"

"I want to be a kindergarten teacher… but who would let a former stripper teach their kids?" Lucy said with great sadness in her voice looking down at her food. Sandy looked at Mike. Mike started sweating.

"Michael" Sandy sat placing her hand on his. "We should tell her."

"Your kicking me out aren't, you?" Lucy asked not even looking up.

"Lucy, I would."

"Would what?" she looked up at Mike.

"You said, who would let you teach their kids. I would, if you went to school."

"Really? Lucy asked not sure to believe him or not.

"Yes Lucy we would. And Lucy… there is something you should know."


"Lucy, Sandy and I are going to have a baby." Mike said wrapping his arm around his wife.

"Oh when?"

"Nine months from three days ago." Sandy said. "We would be honored if you were her teacher." Lucy just stared in disbelief. "How about tomorrow you and Michael look at colleges for you to go to?" Sandy explained. Lucy was about to speak.

"No Lucy, we aren't joking." Mike said. Lucy got up from her chair. Sandy and Mike exchanged confused glances. Only to be caught off guard as Lucy hugged them both. They all joined in for a group hug.

As time passed Mike did find a college that offered the education that Lucy needed and it wasn't too far from their home. Lucy stayed living with them. She was a huge help and a wonderful nanny to little Samantha. Mike took time off to help Lucy get her driver's license, after passing the driver's test on her first try Mike had to catch her as she burst into tears when Sandy and Mike bought her a car. Lucy brought it up from time to time when little Samantha wasn't around when she was moving out. Sandy and Mike always changed the subject. One day Lucy put her foot down and forced them to talk about it. They told her she was going to live with them permanently, well if that is what she wanted. She decided to stay. After seven years Lucy did return to a normal health and a healthy weight and eating habits. Sandy and Mike had three kids; all three grew up loving their aunt Lucy.