Beware of characters being somewhat OOC and innuendos cheesy enough to make you want to cry *ha-ha-ha* courtesy of Gin of course. Also, mentions of intimate activity throughout the chapter, but nothing explicitly written (yet) and implications of Aizen/Ichigo for this chapter only.

I would like to thank Chiyoo (guest reviewer on The Moon and The Ocean) for suggesting a storyline with a more aggressive Byakuya... I assure you, when Byakuya finds out what is going on he is going to be very aggressive with Ichigo, in all the right ways!

Chapter One: The Beginning of Everything:

Betrayal was something that didn't bother Ichigo, since joining Division Five and being privy to Aizen's true identity betrayal was merely something he had come to accept and understand.

He disliked Tousen's ideals about justice, the man was as corrupt as the God he swore fealty to and was twice as cold-hearted. He was, however, a fantastic teacher; Ichigo did respect how the man tutored his prodigy Hisagi, although it was quite clear that the Fuku-Taichou would never betray Soul Society, even for the sake of making his Taichou proud.

Curiously, he found Gin's company welcoming and enjoyable. The silver haired male was as sly as a fox and as deadly as a snake, but he had an excellent sense of humour.

He had been encompassed into this fellowship of traitors only recently, Aizen had poached him in his fifth year at Shino Academy and he had been proving his loyalty ever since. He was being brought into the fold concerning certain of Aizen's plans, including the plan surrounding a certain object created by Urahara Kisuke.

Fascinating and terrible as they were, he was surprised by the risks involved in Aizen's plans, although he had planned everything perfectly, Aizen seemed to leave an awful lot down to chance.

Like the fact that Gin and Tousen wouldn't kill each other before his plans were completed.

"Why go to tha' trouble of bein' all proper in a fight... When ya can just stab 'em in the back?" Gin whined.

"It is dishonourable to attack your opponent from behind." Tousen stated, "Not that a man like you has any honour to consider."

"Aww Tousen! Why do ya have to be so harsh to meh?!"

Ichigo rolled his eyes as the two Captains bickered like children, sipping his tea as he waited for Aizen to arrive to the meeting. Having learned early on that Aizen was a man of impeccable punctuation, he had taken to arriving extra early to these meetings.

He glanced around as the door opened to reveal the cinnamon haired male; his eyes were wide and warm - the best article of his facade. As soon as the door slid shut and was locked, his eyes became narrowed and became colder; more calculating, and manipulative.

"Ah, I see you have already arrived. Excellent." He sat down at the small table they were congregated around and picked up the cup of tea which they had left for him; they sat in silence for several long minutes, a normal factor in this meetings, before Aizen cleared his throat and began to speak again, "Ichigo, how is your Bankai coming along?" he asked the orange haired Shinigami curiously.

"Progressing slowly," he answered with a grumble, "I have reached the point of calling Zangetsu into a fully manifested form, but beyond that things are going slowly."

"I see," the brunet sighed, "A pity, it would have been a great help if you were able to use Bankai. But it will come in time; if you are at that stage already I am certain it will not take too much longer."

There was a pause while he sipped his tea, chocolate brown eyes flicking between his three accomplices in a calculative manner.

"I have discovered recently that Division Six's Taichou, Kuchiki Byakuya, somewhat suspects me of being less tha than trustworthy." He told them with a sigh, "As such I believe it would be a good idea to place someone we can trust to a degree within Division Six to inspect whatever evidence Kuchiki has which has made him so suspicious," his gaze slowly moved to Ichigo, "Are you up to such a task?"

The strawberry looked up at him, "Of course I am," he said instantly.

"Excellent. Then I will fill in the necessary paper work and have you transferred by tomorrow." Aizen announced.

"How will we conceal tha' true purpose of tha' transferral? All tha' Squads know that Ichi~berry is a good boy who loves working under ya, Aizen-Taichou." Gin asked, poking Ichigo's cheek as he spoke.

"Easily." Aizen responded with a sip of tea, "Only this morning Kuchiki put out an application for a new Squad member with seated officer experience. It is most unfortunate, however I believe their third seat was viciously killed yesterday morning." He added.

"What a coincidence." Ichigo murmured with amusement.

"Indeed." Aizen stared at Ichigo for several moments, "Of course, as Gin so rightly suggested, everyone knows that you are a loyal subordinate who loves working for me-"

"I said under ya, Aizen-Taichou!" Gin said in a sing-song tone.

The brunet sighed, "Yes, I know you did Gin, I was simply trying to avoid embarrassing Ichigo with your innuendos."

"I wouldn't bother... They're mostly spot on anyway." Ichigo said bluntly as he finished his tea and raised an eyebrow suggestively at his superior.

"Indeed..." Aizen smirked at him knowingly before clearing his throat, "As I was saying, you shall have to make it believable Ichigo; the last think I want is for you to come under scrutiny as well."

"Don't worry Taichou; I can be very convincing when I have to be."

"Oh I am aware of it."

Gin looked between them for a moment before he chuckled, "Shall Tousen 'nd I leave ya two it so ya can say your goodbyes in a more... Horizontal position, Aizen-Taichou; Ichi~berry?"

"No, there will be no need for that Gin." Aizen responded quickly; his expression heated as he looked at Ichigo, silently stating that there would be time for such activities later.

It was just an hour and a half later when Ichigo arrived at Division Six's gates, carrying the filled out application form which Aizen had filled out; he was admitted by the guards and looked around the Barracks.

There were small green verges every so often which housed a couple of trees, usually cherry blossoms, and the rooms were well presented and had an elegant appearance to them. There were no Shinigami wandering aimlessly around the walkways like in Division Five, it seemed as though Kuchiki Byakuya's desire for order extended to his subordinate's free time as well; as he walked he encountered two training grounds, one which was a lot larger than the other and they were packed with training Shinigami, which somewhat explained the lack of them on the walkways.

He sighed and found his way to the Seated Officer's office and continued a short way on from there, seeing the Fuku-Taichou's office and finally, the Taichou's office.

Striding up to the door he paused momentarily as he heard voices on the other side, they sounded like Kuchiki and Renji.

"After yesterday's shocking discovery of our third seat I am more certain than ever that Aizen is more than what he appears to be, I am almost certain that the person who applies to fill the post will be from Division Five. So depending on who it actually is we may need to watch our backs Renji." Byakuya's stoic voice carried through the wooden door and made Ichigo smirk.

Renji's voice baritone echoed next, "I agree Taichou, but I'd still like to bring Ichigo in on this; he should know what sort of man he is working for..."

"I know he is your friend but we cannot risk it. If even a drop of information reaches Aizen my investigations will be over before they have even begun."

Ichigo pulled back and considered his options for a moment before he shrugged and knocked on the door loudly, he waited until he heard Kuchiki call for him to enter and he then slid the door open and bowed to them both as he entered.

"Kuchiki-Taichou, Abarai-Fuku-Taichou... Aizen-Taichou sent me to deliver this to you." He strode forwards and flourished his application form in front of the raven haired Taichou.

"Ah, of course I had been expecting some forms to come back in today but I must say that no one seems to have any spare Division members. Yours is the first back." The noble responded, unfurling the paper and scanning his eyes over it, "Well... You are very qualified for the position and Renji has vouched for your skill many times over, so much so that my ears ache constantly in fact."

Renji pinked at the cheeks slightly, "Sorry Taichou."

"It's fine." He said simply before he set the application down and stamped his Division's Crest onto the bottom left corner, "Very well, welcome to Division Six Kurosaki Ichigo. The former third seat's room as been empties of his belongings and the furniture replaced, it is ready for you to move into, as is the office you passed on your way here. A plaque with your name on it will be nailed to the door tonight, ready for you to begin your duties tomorrow. Is that acceptable?"

"Absolutely." The orange haired male answered, looking him straight in the eye, "I look forward to working... Under you, Kuchiki-Taichou."

The raven haired male's eyes seemed to widen momentarily, almost as though he detected the hint of an innuendo in the other's words before the surprise was hidden behind his facade of dispassion again, "Likewise. Dismissed Kurosaki-san."

He inclined his head and backed away, exiting the room with a smug smirk twitching at his lips as he began walking eagerly back out of the Division, now that he had begun his task, it was time for his goodbye with Aizen.

"Yo, Ichigo wait up!" Renji called, jogging towards his friend.

Ichigo almost groaned but stopped and looked around it him, "Hey Renji. What's up?"

"Nothing, nothing. I just wanted to catch up. We haven't spoken much since the graduation ceremonies," he trailed off and looked at him, "How are you?"

"I'm fine." Ichigo responded, "Things have been pretty busy, I've been training to obtain Bankai."

"Wow that's great! How close are you to getting it?"

"Aizen-Taichou doesn't think it'll take too much longer now; I've reached a full manifestation." The strawberry began walking along side him as they headed towards the exit, "How are you?"

"That's brilliant Ichigo! Well done mate, I'm happy for you! I can help you if you need it, so can Taichou, he doesn't mind giving up paperwork time if it is to train with a half decent opponent." He grinned before shrugging, "It's not bad with me either, being Fuku-Taichou has a lot of responsibility but I like it; working with Kuchiki-Taichou isn't so bad either."

"Even though he took Rukia from you once?" he asked.

"Ah well... That's all sorted out now, ever since I achieved Bankai and slightly thrashed him in a fight, things have been much better." He shrugged, "And he is nicer to Rukia too now."

"Well that's something I guess." He had to restrain a snort at the thought of Kuchiki being nice to anyone but his own reflection.

They walked in silence together for a short while, it was comfortable and unstrained. Renji was observing Ichigo the whole time that they walked together, he was curious about the changes he saw in his friend, changes which made him wonder if this was the same guy he had grown up with.

Once upon a time, Ichigo had been a shy and bashful child who blushed easily and spent a lot of his time slouching over to hide his small and weak frame, he had been a meek child; slightly plain and his ego was barely big enough to fill and egg cup. But now Ichigo was confident, almost arrogant on some occasions; he stood tall and proud, his form muscular and firm; he was a strong and very attractive young man, almond shaped chestnut eyes framed by thick lashes and a lightly tanned face enclosed with shaggy sunset orange hair.

Renji sighed and looked away, his Taichou had noticed Ichigo as well; having known him from the time that he had adopted Rukia; in the few personal conversations he had shared with his Taichou he had come to realise that Byakuya's interest in Ichigo wasn't purely professional, there was lust too.

In his opinion, that lust was dangerous for the both of them. His Taichou had not cared for anyone in such a way since the death of his wife and Ichigo... Ichigo was frivolous and very wild when he wanted to be. Hinamori had told him several slightly disturbing things about Ichigo's relationship with Aizen-Taichou and they sent chills down his spine to think of Ichigo entertaining Aizen's diabolical sexual fantasies.

... Okay so he didn't know if Aizen had diabolical sexual fantasies. And he didn't know if Ichigo entertained them. In fact he didn't even know if Ichigo was interested in other men. So... Maybe he was making assumptions because he didn't want Ichigo or his Taichou to get hurt.

"You have been staring at me for about fifteen minutes now Renji. Should I be in fear for my safety?" Ichigo said suddenly, looking at his friend in amusement.

Renji jolted and pinked slightly, "N-No! I was just... Thinking about how much you've changed since we were in Inuzuri."

Ichigo snorted, "Yeah, back then I was a pathetic little runt."

"You shouldn't be so harsh on yourself. We were all pretty weak back then." The redhead sighed, patting his friend on the shoulder, "Tell you what, why don't we go out for a drink tonight. We'll invite Rukia and a couple of others as well, make a night of it!"

"As nice an idea as that is Renji... I am afraid I must decline." He replied as they reached the Division gates, he turned to face his friend, "I have a prior engagement. But we can go for a drink anytime now, and seeing as you will be my superior I expect you to pay." He smirked.

"What was I thinking... You haven't changed at all."

"See you tomorrow." He winked before disappearing in a flicker of Shunpo.

Renji stared at the space Ichigo had occupied just seconds before and sighed heavily, "A prior engagement huh?" he shook his head and turned his back on the entrance and made his way back towards his room to sulk.

Ichigo sat down opposite Aizen on his desk, resting back on his hands as he gazed at the brunet running his hands up and down the inside of his slightly parted thighs slowly and tauntingly. The strawberry's eyes glazed over with desire and his cheeks dusted with blush as he watched him.

"So Kuchiki believed the agenda of transferring you to replace his third seat?" Aizen asked, not ceasing the movement of his hands.

"Of course," he replied breathlessly, biting his lip, "Although, before I went into the room I overheard him and Renji talking. He thought perhaps that you might send someone to apply, though he didn't assess that it would be me, I think Renji's belief in me is hiding the possibility that I am a traitor from Kuchiki's eyes."

"That's very good," he glanced up at the face of his subordinate, "Continue your friendship with Abarai at all costs, if it conceals your true purpose from Kuchiki it will be most helpful."

"Yes, Aizen-Taichou." He responded mechanically.

"Excellent. With that out of the way, I do believe we agreed upon a more horizontal farewell didn't we?" the brunet breathed as he slowly stood up, pushing his hands up Ichigo's thighs until he gripped his hips firmly.

"Yes I believe you mentioned something of the sort." Ichigo murmured, watching him unflinchingly as he removed his glasses and swept his hair back off his face.

"Mm, indeed I did." He said before claiming his mouth roughly and brutally.

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