Notes etc: See chapter one


"You do not even know my name?" Five screamed in her face, then looked back at the street, shaking his head in disbelief. Marta was afraid of him. She had felt his muscles more than once under her fingers and when he had grabbed her face back in her house – her beautiful house, now burned to the ground! - she was sure that he could break her neck with just one vicious twist. "You have seen me so often, you have seen me naked and you do not even know my fuckin' name?"

Shearing backed away from him as close to the door of the car as she could get.

"What did you call me?" He wanted to know and tried to suppress his anger.


"F...Five?" He didn't believe his ears and it saddened her to no end that she didn't have another answer to him. Tears welled in her eyes, the last 48 hours had been living hell and now the only man on this earth who was on her side yelled at her and was obviously disappointed. She felt really bad. She had seen him as a lab rat. He had always been right, but she was interested in him as well. He washandsome and he wascharming. But she never had dared to let him get closer to her. 'Stupid Marta.' She would have loved to know him better. Be his friend. "You pierce me with your needles, you make your stupid tests with me and after all I'm just a freakin' number to you."

"I was there for the science." The beautiful doctor tried to defend herself but it sounded lame in her own ears. He was right. He had stirred a nerve in her but she had never even thought about asking his name. "What is your name?"

"Aaron." He said. Such a wonderful name. It suited him so well. "Aaron Cross." She would never forget his name.

"I'm so sorry, Aaron." Marta tasted his name on her tongue and found it tasted good to her. The agent shook his head and let his hand rest on her knee for a second before grabbing the wheel again.

"S'okay, Marta."


Now it was all over and they were on the fishing boat. Marta was in their tiny, little cabin and slept. She had been more than tired when they had come aboard and had fallen asleep within seconds. Aaron wasn't able to close his eyes and after some time of just watching Marta he stood up again to grab a chair on deck. He let his feet rest on the railing and his head fall back against the back of the chair, staring up at the stars while the boat slowly went on and on. Just like he and Marta.

Aaron remembered the night in the hotel room in Manila. It had been so small but it only brought him closer to Marta. For some minutes they had been so close and he could still feel her forehead rest against his when he closed his eyes. She had touched the back of his head, gently played with his hair and he had felt a calmness that he had never felt before. The agent had slowly realized that he loved to be touched, he loved to be close to Marta.

The other side was that he really trusted the doctor. She had once been a scientist who had examined him out of scientific interest but now they were so much more. Aaron was there to protect Marta, he would do everything to keep her safe, she was so precious to him. And Marta was there to hold him, to reassure him that things would be fine. Some day. Some faraway day. Yet this promise lingered and he hoped that she was right. Never had Aaron Cross dared to think about a normal life, about friendships and relationships but she had changed him in so many ways. Maybe there was an end to all this fighting.

Hope had never been in his vocabulary. It simply didn't matter because he had lived for the moment. Now he thought about a future and a smile crept to his lips, slowly curling them upwards. This was also new: the smiles when he was lost in his thoughts. So many changes… The best thing was that he was off his meds now, he would never need them again. It kind of made him a free man, more independent than ever before. All thanks to Marta. She had given him the injection in this dark lab below the plant in Manila and he had been so thankful and still was. Her huge brown eyes had locked on his full of worries, but she was brave and had done the right things in the right time more than once. In her eyes he could see that she cared. More than before. More than when he only was her lab rat. Now Marta saw him as a person and it seemed she liked the person who was underneath Five.

Aaron's ears caught a shuffling sound, like naked feet on the deck and he sat up and turned around only to face Marta who now stood in front of him with her jacket pulled tightly around her shoulders. She shivered, the night was cold and she looked around for a place to sit but Aaron occupied the only chair. "I couldn't sleep without you. It was so cold…" Marta said sleepily, her voice trailing off when she noticed what she had said. With a slight blush she turned to look out over the water.

"Come here." Aaron said and opened his arms. It would be nice to hold her now and just hold her without a reason. Not because she was sick. Not because he had caught her after she had jumped down from somewhere. And not because they pretended to be lovers so they wouldn't be noticed. Just because. Marta came over with a slight smile and Aaron was surprised when she sat on his lap facing him, her legs dangling left and right from his own. His arms encircled her on their own, a normal reaction, natural by now and she let her head rest against his shoulder while he put his feet back onto the railing. Marta inhaled deeply, his rich scent calming her and she relaxed fully in his arms. She felt his heartbeat against her chest.

"I'm so sorry, Aaron." She whispered near to his ear and her breath sent shivers down his spine. He was confused by her words. After all he had dragged her to Manila and into more trouble than necessary.

"What for?" He wanted to know, his voice a low rumble in his chest.

"I never asked your name back then. I was just a scientist doing my work and… well… you are a person after all but I just saw you as something to examine. At first. But you were so different from the other Outcome agents. I'm so sorry, Aaron." She sounded like she really, really meant it. And she did.

"Don't be." The man said, turned his head towards her and kissed her temple gently, his lips just brushing her skin. "S'okay now, Marta. I don't care."

"You sounded as if you cared when I told you that you were… Five to me for such a long time." Aaron closed his arms more tightly around her, trying to pull her closer to his warm body. She snuggled closer, getting more comfortable, her forehead now resting against his neck where he could feel her inhaling, exhaling… Gods, he was so glad they came out of this alive.

"Maybe I was a bit disappointed…" He confessed. It made Marta lift her head and look into his eyes.

"A bit disappointed? I thought you would kill me…" The woman snapped but then broke into a silent giggle. "I knew Five was dangerous."

"I was never a danger to you, doc." Aaron said and let one of his hands glide into her soft brown hair that hang loosely over her shoulders, gently wrapping the strands around his fingers. The woman gave a sigh and closed her eyes while falling back onto Aaron's shoulder.

"I should have known, it was always so clearly in your eyes…" Her voice was hushed now, her face was buried between his neck and shoulder and she enjoyed that he idly played with her hair and lulled her back into a comfortable slumber. She still felt Aaron's hands in her hair and on her back, rubbing soothing circles and for the first time in what felt like ages she relaxed.

With a content sigh Aaron let his head fall back and again he stared at the stars. He knew other people prayed or believed in God, but he didn't. Maybe it came with the meds because he remembered that Kenneth had prayed from time to time. Now he just wished that he could safely hide Marta and himself from all their followers, from Byer especially. They should travel to Africa, Cape Town, maybe and from there he would try to get deeper into the continent with smaller planes that would not be registered on the screens of Byer and all the others. It might work. When some time had passed they could maybe even go back to the US, some huge city where nobody would take a second glance on them. Maybe, maybe, maybe… He wasn't sure if he wanted to do all this to the woman in his arms, she deserved more than being on the run with someone like him. Carefully he buried his face in her hair and inhaled her scent with every breath.

He sat there with Marta for the rest of the night and watched the stars and the water, all the while holding the woman, caressing her hair and skin while she slept so peacefully. When the sun began to rise Aaron got up and carried her back to their cabin to lower her on the bed. After so much trouble over the last few days he didn't dare to wake her up now. Carefully Aaron lay down next to her draping his arm over her waist, cuddling close to her back so that she would stay warm. And so that he could breathe in her scent while he slowly drifted off to sleep.


They were at the airport of Shanghai. Marta was sitting in a huge Café, nervously looking out of the window where she could see the planes starting and arriving every minute. This airport was a bee hive. Full of people who were talking in so many different languages that she had given up trying to understand what they were saying around her. Aaron had left her alone for a few minutes, getting their tickets and had told her that it would be safer if she waited for him here. She was so tired. This was the fifth airport they were at in the last few days. Aaron had taken her around the world. Literally. For their safety he wanted to make sure that their trail was concealed as good as possible and then he wanted them to vanish in Africa. Marta didn't care where they were headed as long as Aaron was with her and as long as they would get some time without running or hiding or fearing that they might be caught.

The former scientist was well aware that she had barely a chance left. Three options were there from which she had chosen: Going back to her old life and most likely getting killed sooner or later in some strange "accident". The second option was a new identity. Aaron had offered her to make her begin a new life far away from trouble, new name, new house, new friends. But without him. She was scared of being without him for several reasons. He could protect her, she wanted to be sure that he was alive and she simply wanted him by her side. Aaron gave her a feeling of peace that she never had experienced before simply because he was there with her. With him by her side she was able to sleep even while they were followed by Byer and his men.

Impatiently Marta let her gaze roam over the crowd in front of the café but Aaron was nowhere to be seen. It always made her edgy when Aaron was not with her, she was afraid that they would catch him. And it would drive her mad to lose him. With sudden clarity she knew that she would do everything to find him and get him back if they ever caught him… He would do the same for her.

"Hey there, pretty lady." A deep voice greeted her from behind, so close to her ear, that Marta jumped up from her chair in sudden alarm. It wasn't Aaron but a tall man with shoulder long hair, a beard and glasses. He wore a suit and a tie, looked like a salesman or something, business all over. Marta's strong reaction to his words confused him, she could see that but ignored it. "I just wanted to know if I can invite you to a coffee. A beautiful lady shouldn't sit here on her own." Out of nothing an arm found its way around Marta's waist and she was pulled against a hard body. This time she didn't flinch for the second he touched her, she knew that this was Aaron who had appeared by her side. With a sideways glance she saw that he looked like he was ready to kill the man in front of him for just looking at her. Woah, that surprised her a bit but flattered her even more.

"This lady's mine." He hissed, being so possessive that Marta raised her eyebrows with a smirk. Aaron pulled her closer to him, like he wanted to glue them together at the waist. The man in the suit held up his hands.

"Calm down. She just sat here on her own and I thought she would like a coffee." He said and backed away from them, clearly afraid of Aaron. He better should be. If someone tried to get too close to Marta he would make sure they left her alone for good.

"Easy, Aaron. He just offered me a coffee…" The woman said and turned towards Cross. Said man just led her out of the café and towards the gateways.

"Flight takes off in thirty minutes. Let's not use more time." Was his tight answer. The doctor feared that they might be in danger of being captured as he acted so strange but once they sat in the plane Aaron relaxed.

"What was wrong with you?" It were the first words they spoke since they had left the café. Aaron looked into her eyes, his expression still annoyed, like he was angry with her. "Have we lost our luggage?" Aaron had urged her to use this sentence when she wanted to know if Byer's men were close. The agent just shook his head no. "So? What upsets you?" With another glare Aaron looked at her for a second then turned to the tiny window.

"When this man came towards you… I nearly freaked out." Aaron said, his voice barely a whisper and Marta had problems hearing him at all.

"Because… you thought…?" Saying it out loud was forbidden but he knew what she wanted to ask and turned to face her so suddenly that she nearly jumped, but she stayed where she was while his face came close to hers. "Aaron…?" She was afraid that Byer's men were at their heels, that their running had been in vain.

"No, Marta… That's not the point it was just…" He stopped again but with a stern look Marta urged him to talk. "I hated the way he looked at you." Aaron breathed so that Marta barely caught his words. Was there a blush on his normally so well controlled face? She wasn't sure for he turned away from her again, clearly trying to end this conversation. On the arm rest between them Marta saw Aaron's arm, his hand a fist and she let her hand glide over his lower arm, then forced his fingers to open and laced them with her own. He instantly looked at their hands, his grip getting harder but Marta didn't say a word. In fact it was reassuring to have him hold her hand like this. After a few seconds of hesitation Aaron pulled her hand to him and kissed her fingers one after the other with feather light kisses. "Don't ever leave me."



They had arrived in Africa, their final flight was two days ago and Marta sat next to Aaron in a huge Jeep while they were driving through the woods and open country. She wasn't even sure where they were. It didn't matter. Aaron was with her and he seemed very sure that no one had followed them. Out here no one would find them nevertheless, this was like nowhere. The woman looked out of the window, they came closer to the coast, she could already feel the wind and the smell of the open sea and loved it. Aaron turned his head to watch her for a few seconds and smiled. She was here with him and they would be safe for maybe some months even. He yearned to spend some peaceful time with her, he wanted to get to know her better though the agent already knew a lot. But that was not just because he had seen all those things, it was because Marta had offered so much of herself to him.

The coastway offered Marta a pleasant view over the ocean and for the first time since this all had begun she felt the tension in her head drain away. Aaron was by her side and he would make sure that they were safe, so she looked forward to what he had planned for them and patiently followed him wherever he might lead. When the sun began to set they arrived at a small house by the coast. It was secluded and well hidden, Marta hadn't seen it in the distance and now that that they stood in front of it, it seemed like the most beautiful house she had ever seen. It was painted in white, small but enough for the two of them. The door was painted in light blue and the roof was flat and as yellow as the sand of the beach that surrounded this house. There were palm trees in front of it and a huge wall of rocks to the right, the house fitted into the landscape and melted with it. They wouldn't be found here.

"It is amazing." Marta said with awe. Aaron grabbed their backpacks from the backseat of their car and went to the front door to open it.

"It is a bit small…" Aaron said apologetically when they stepped inside but Marta didn't mind. The living room was just behind the front door with huge windows that looked out over the ocean and the doctor could see the kitchen at the far wall. Small, but so cozy. She went further into the house and looked around. The bathroom was next to the kitchen and had a bathtub in the corner of the room. Towels were draped over the rim of the tub and she decided to take a bath as soon as they had settled here. She took a step back only to back up against Aaron who stood directly behind her. Without a word she turned and smiled up at him, then went to the bedroom. The semi double stood against the wall and faced the other. A Window let in the sun and Marta reckoned that it would be nice to wake up with the rays in her face.

"I know it is small." Aaron said from behind her. "If you want me to sleep on the sofa I will do so."

"No." Marta said without hesitation. It was nice to have someone sleep next to her, it gave her a feeling of safety and she didn't feel alone any more. She never had experienced this with another man and it calmed her to know that the agent would sleep so close to her. Aaron gave her a smile, an honest one that really reached his eyes and it made her heart beat faster. Yes, she would love to be close to him.

"Mind if I take a bath?" Marta asked and he simply shook his head.

"I will see that you get a proper meal after it." He promised. Marta hadn't thought about eating, the last few days had been such a strange haste with small snacks on the plane but now she realized that she was really, really hungry. She wondered if Aaron was a good cook.

"Thank you, Aaron." She said, grabbed her backpack with the few things she carried with her and vanished into the bathroom.

The hot water was a blessing, her last bath was ages away and her last shower had been in a dirty hotel room near some airport. She didn't even remember the name of the city or country. It didn't matter now, for the moment they were safe and could stay here. The thought made her relax and she closed her eyes, feeling dizzy from the hot water and the tension that just left her. Maybe she drifted off to sleep for a few minutes but a slight knock on the door brought her back. Suddenly she was alarmed, the last days had left her at full attention to everything that might be a threat. She calmed down.

"Yes?" She said loud enough for Aaron to hear and he opened the door to step into the bathroom. She hadn't thought twice that she was naked in the bathtub and only noticed it now when Aaron slowly let his eyes drift over her body. Shit. She sank deeper into the water and tried to cover herself with foam when Aaron's eyes locked with hers so they wouldn't stray down her beautiful body once more.

"I just wanted to tell you that our meal will get cold if you stay in here for too long." He said. Again Marta felt the hunger. Aaron hesitated before he added "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to…" His voice trailed off and again Marta could see just a small hint of red on his handsome face. Marta broke into laughter which only seemed to confuse him more.

"It's okay, Aaron. You've seen me in even worse conditions."

"I…" He stopped and turned on his heels to stalk out of the bathroom and left a very amused Marta behind. She really didn't care if he had seen her naked. He had seen her with her clothes all dirty, he had seen her when she was afraid and he had even seen her cry. Crying felt more like being naked to her than actually being naked. So this was just fine with her. At least this had brought her the pleasure of seeing a speechless Aaron. Giggling she got out of the water and grabbed a towel. She didn't bother to pull on her clothes, she needed to clean them before putting them on again and as she had nothing left, she stepped into the living room with just the towel that went down to her knees. Well, he had seen her naked now, so this shouldn't be a huge problem.

Now it was Marta's turn to stop and stare because on the small dining table in the corner she saw more than just the bread she had expected but a real meal. He hadn't been joking when he had promised her something good. It smelled great and her stomach gave a low rumble. Aaron placed one last plate on the table with fruit on it and she slowly got over, her mouth agape.

"This is awesome." She smiled at him and sat down on the chair that he suggested. "Where did you get all these?" She wanted to know, gesturing towards the plates with meat and potatoes. It seemed so strange that he had bought it within the last hour as they were far away from civilization.

"I gave the instruction to place some food within the fridge so that we have something until we can go and buy something." Aaron really thought through everything.

They ate in a comfortable silence, neither of them feeling the need to say a word. The food was great and Marta enjoyed every bite of it. It had never occurred to her that a normal meal might feel like pure luxury. When they were finished Aaron carried the plates away and Marta wanted to get up to help him.

"Stay seated. You look tired as hell." She was but wouldn't go to bed so soon. She wanted to enjoy the peaceful silence and the soft sound of the waves that carried over to the house from the ocean. With a satisfied sigh she closed her eyes and buried her face in her hands. A few minutes passed, then she felt two hands lightly rubbing her shoulders. "You seem so tense..." The man muttered and brushed her damp hair away. "Come over to the sofa." Aaron said and stopped, much to Marta's disappointment.

She opened her eyes and watched Aaron as he sat down on the armrest of the sofa and waited for her to come to him. She obeyed, padding over on her naked feet to sit down in front of him. Again she felt his strong hands on her neck and shoulders. He began massaging her, gently loosening the tension in her neck. Marta wasn't able to hold back the moan that escaped her lips whenever it got better. Soon the woman was lost, her thoughts had stopped running and she simply enjoyed what Aaron did to her.

He didn't stop and after some time she felt not only his hands but also his lips on her neck. Softly he brushed her hair away and placed feather light kisses behind her ear which made her shiver. This was the best thing she had ever felt, she wanted more and tilted her head so he had better access to kiss her. And Gods, how he did. Soon she felt small bites and gentle licks of his tongue when he tasted her skin.

The massage had stopped and now his hands glided down to her hips while he slid from the armrest to press his body close to her back. She loved the warmth he radiated and felt completely at ease in his strong arms.

"Aaron...?" Marta asked silently, finishing with a sigh when he kissed the nape of her neck before looking up.

"Yes Marta?" She turned her head to look at him but he never knew what she was about to say because he couldn't resist her slightly parted red lips and kissed her hungrily. It wasn't a soft kiss, it was all the desire and lust that had built up in both of them while they had been sealed so closely together. She turned further to return the kiss and felt light headed. Where had he learned to kiss like that? It stole her breath.

"Marta." Now she looked up when she heard him breathlessly saying her name. "When I asked you to never leave me... I meant it. Don't ever leave me." He sounded so vulnerable that it made her aware how much they already had fallen for another. She kissed his lips lightly.

"I won't, Aaron. I can't." When she knelt in front of the man who wasn't able to keep his eyes off her and his hands wandered to where her towel was held together to slowly open it and let it fall from her body. Though he had seen her before he was speechless.

"Beautiful." He mumbled before crashing his lips against hers again. Marta yearned to feel Aaron's skin on hers, grabbed his shirt to pull it over his head. The man hated to break the contact with Marta but when he encircled her with his arms again they both moaned at the sensation. Grabbing her shoulders Aaron brought them to a standing position and urged Marta towards the bedroom while kissing her hard.

Marta stumbled and fell against a wall so that Aaron used the opportunity to press himself against her, bringing his body so close that Marta fought for breath. It didn't matter, she just wanted him. All those small touches they had shared, his gentle kisses when she was upset, his caresses when she couldn't sleep had been too much for her. She was sure that Aaron wasn't used to being touched and it was clear that he had enjoyed it every time Marta had shown him affection. It was so unlike her to instantly trust some one but with Aaron she just felt great. They seemed meant for each other.

"Wait." Marta whispered between his hot mouthed kisses and with all the strength he could muster he looked up into her eyes and placed his forehead on hers, breathing heavily, nearly going mad with desire for the woman in his arms. She simply looked into his gray eyes and loved how he watched her this very second. His hands lay on her hips and while his thumbs gently brushed her skin he pressed their bodies together. He wanted to feel her now, he wanted to know that she was alive after all they had been through and he wanted to mark her as his possession. No one would ever take her from him. Not now, not ever. That Marta had stopped him clearly irritated him.

"What, Marta?" He asked, his voice hoarse, nearly unable to speak at all.

"Just wanted to see your handsome face." She mouthed. Aaron's head fell to her shoulder where he placed open mouthed kisses and his hands roamed over her hips and down to her legs, then up again over her hips and sides to her breasts. Her breathing got faster, she wanted all of him and so her hand trailed down his well shaped stomach and lower to open his jeans with shaking hands. He realized that she was trembling like a leaf and helped her open his jeans to step out of them once they were down his legs.

"Bed" He whispered before kissing her again and Marta nodded. She was nervous, she was thrilled, she was out of her mind and all instincts. The woman let herself being lead to the bed and gently Aaron lowered her onto the mattress. For a few seconds the agent stood in front of the bed and marveled at her beauty. She was perfection, her skin so soft, her face slightly flushed with desire, her breasts heaving with every excited breath she took and her arms open to welcome him.

"Come to me, Aaron." She pleaded and he knelt down on the bed to crawl above her. She gave him such a warm smile that his heart melted and made him lower his body onto hers. He grabbed her hands in a firm grip and pressed them down onto the pillow over her head, preventing her from touching him.

"You're mine." He breathed. Marta's mind went blank when she suddenly felt him slide into her with one strong thrust followed by another. The loud moan that fell from her lips didn't register but Aaron groaned deep in his chest when he heard it. He was here with Marta, she was so alive, she was so warm, so soft and felt so wonderful underneath him that he was amazed how much he had fallen for her. She was his.

Marta tried to struggle to get her hands free but Aaron held them firmly. She yearned to touch him, to pull him closer yet he didn't let go. Both of them didn't last long, desire built up fast and Aaron wasn't gentle with her, each thrust into her sliding home directly. She saw stars, the raw desire made her completely forget who she was. His. Nothing more and it was all that mattered and Aaron made that very clear right now. With a deep moan Marta's hands twitched in his grip, her body shaking uncontrollably. She was so damn close.

"Look at me!" She was amazed that he could still speak but she obeyed without second thought, his intense eyes locking with hers when she shook and came underneath him. Another thrust, then Aaron buried himself deep in her and trembled, passing the point of no return all the time looking into her eyes like he wanted to see what was in her head.

They breathed hard still looking at each other. Both had known that it would come to this sooner or later, the tension had been clear from the beginning. Aaron wanted her since he had first seen her in this cold lab, when he had been just Five and she had been the scientist with the needle. All the time his thoughts had revolved around stripping her naked and take her. But there was so much more between them now and Aaron was more than happy about the affections they shared. It made him aware that he was more than just Five. He was Aaron Cross and here in his arms, underneath him was the woman he would give his life for. It was too late now, they could never go back to being just friends. They never had been just friends, though friendship was a part of their relationship.

Aaron let go of Marta's hands and let his head rest on her shoulder where he had collapsed seconds ago. Instantly she encircled him with her arms to bury her hand in her hair, to play with it, while the other rubbed over his back, feeling his muscles move under his smooth skin whenever he moved. He was perfection. Soon they rolled to the side. Aaron behind Marta, cradling her close to his body, his face buried in her hair, his eyes closed and enjoying the feeling of her naked body in his strong arms. They both felt safe and they both fell asleep as soon as they closed their eyes.


It was still dark when Aaron woke up. It hadn't been some suspicious noise that woke him, or something that alarmed him, he just woke up, feeling so content and safe like never before in his entire life. When he opened his eyes he broke into a smile because Marta lay in his arms, curled up and sleeping peacefully. She trusted him so deeply that he nearly didn't believe it. No one had ever trusted him. He was an outcome agent and everyone sensed the danger that surrounded him. Marta didn't care, she even felt safe around him.

And she was safe. He would kill everyone who tried to harm her, Marta was his now and he would do everything to make sure she was okay and happy. The agent couldn't believe what had happened a few hours ago. Maybe it had been a dream and to make sure that it wasn't Aaron let his hands trail over her stomach and sides. She really way was naked in his arms and his heart beat faster when his hands roamed over her body.

Marta woke to the sweetest caresses, then she felt the kisses that Aaron placed on her neck, his breath warm on her skin. She turned around in his strong arms and opened her eyes to look into his handsome face. Marta's hand reached out to gently touch his cheek and he closed his eyes, clearly enjoying her touch.

"You cannot sleep?" Marta assumed, her voice heavy with sleep. Aaron looked at her and smiled. He was unbelievably sexy when he looked at her like this and Marta felt a tingle in her stomach. It had always been there when he had said or done something sweet – which he had done often without noticing.

"No, I just woke up and you were here with me..." His voice trailed off and he leaned in to kiss her gently. It wasn't one of the hungry kisses they had shared in the evening but a slow and sweet kiss. He tasted her lips, opened them slowly and explored what lay beyond. She tasted like honey. Now he wanted more, he wanted to feel her again, her skin under his fingers, her warmth all around him... "Sorry, Marta." He whispered when they came apart for air and she looked at him with a silent question in her eyes. "I didn't mean to be so rough."

Marta gave a slight chuckle which caused him to flinch. Had he done something wrong? Or said?

"Aaron..." There was so much tenderness and caring in her voice, he didn't believe it, he hadn't deserved such a sweet and innocent creature in his arms. But here she was, her hands drawing a senseless pattern on his chest, smiling like he was innocent like her when he was a monster... "I didn't complain, did I?" He shook his head. "So nothing to be sorry for."

"I will make up for it." His words sounded promising and when Aaron sat up to kneel above her, Marta rolled onto her back to look up at him. Her tiny, soft hands grabbed the sides of his face and her thumbs gently caressed his cheeks. For a few minutes they just lay there, Aaron taking in the sight of the woman below him. "Gods, you're so fuckin' beautiful." When she chuckled he looked up, his half closed eyes confused. "S' true."

"You said that before." Aaron shook his head, came down to shower her cheek with feather light kisses and shook his head.

"No. I never told you." And she should hear these words every day for they were true. He had never seen a woman more beautiful than Marta. No person, no woman had ever held his trust like she did. This was new but so good. He couldn't stop kissing her, he wanted her to know that she was precious to him though he had never learned how to deal with these feelings.

"When you were poisoned. Before you passed out you told me... The same words." When Aaron came closer Marta couldn't resist the urge to playfully bite into his neck which caused him to give a moan that rose from deep within his chest. "You're sweet." She whispered. Never had he heard that before. People had called him many things before. Killer. Murderer. Monster. Dumb. Stupid. But sweet was so much better. It didn't hurt. His lips searched for Marta's and when he found them she opened his instead and he melted into her arms. "Sweet." She whispered again between two kisses.

"Marta..." He was at a loss of words but they weren't necessary any longer. This time Aaron was slow and gentle, it was like his hands mapped her whole body and he watched her writhe underneath his loving fingers. She held him close to her, his warmth like a cozy blanket, his kisses tasted so sweet and his gentle movements nearly drove her insane.

When the sun came up Marta lay on Aaron's chest and her fingers drew a senseless pattern on his bronze skin. With a warm smile she sat up so that the blanket fell from her body. Aaron couldn't turn his eyes off her while his hand reached out to slowly run down her side.

"I should make us some coffee." Marta said and with light surprise Aaron sat up to caress her cheek with his knuckles.

"Don't get up now." He begged and kissed her. "Stay with me."

"I need coffee to wake up." Marta said and threw one leg over the man next to her to get out of the bed. She didn't come far because Aaron grabbed her hips and forced her to sit on his lap, his arms around her, his head buried between her neck and shoulder. He loved her smell.

"You need to stay with the man who loves you." Was all he said and he closed his eyes. He was so afraid of her reaction to his words once he noticed what he had said that he began to shiver slightly. It was the truth though he hadn't meant to tell her now. Marta could destroy his heart within seconds.

"Aaron..." Her tiny hands grabbed both sides of his face and she forced him to look into her eyes but he kept his own closed firmly.

"Don't say anything. I know I don't deserve you."

"Look at me!" The woman commanded and he obeyed, looking at her so afraid that she wanted to weep. "You deserve this like any other person on this planet. I love you, Aaron."


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