When Alex lives in an idealic world of her own, she finds out that she was adopted aftet her biological parents were killed in a tragic accident.

It opens up so many doors.

She realizes that she is apart of some big prophecy, some thing that has already decided her fate much before she has even learned to walk.

And sometimes, she gets the guy ; the love of her life.

Other times, though, she does not have such luck.

She has to deal with her problems alone, no accpetance from anyone.

Or maybe she doesn't, because sometimes everyone already knows.

They already know her biggest secret, even before she's shared it with anyone (which she highly doubts she would ever do in the first place, but still. Can you believe it?)

And they accpet it.

Oh, and she especially loves the times when he's the one that doesn't live with the family, and she falls in love with him first, and that makes it okay, doesn't it?

Most of the time he is responsible about everything, just like in real life, but other times he really learns to let loose, and she just loves it.

But it's when he's being himself ; dorky, charming, caring, that makes her heart flutter after skipping a beat. It's so adorable. There was even this one time when a whole group of fans from this book series based on their lives actually thought they would make a good couple. (Really!)

Sometimes they have kids (which she can't decide how to feel about, because on one hand it overjoys her, but on the other, it really just makes her want to cry her freaking eyes out) and sometimes they get married (but that rarely happens, because try and get a big group of people together in one room that would actually support them; she dares you) But there was this one special time when they they had a kid together ; she was so beaufitul. And she time-traveled to the time of the dark angels to try and save their relationship. It was too amazing for words.

But, Alex isn't dumb. She knows those things could never actually happen. No matter how much she wanted wished, prayed (whish was that even the right thing to do? Most definitely not) for things to be different, she had to face the fact that they couldn't. Because the main factor in most of her dreams was that they were not related.

But in her favorite dreams, it didn't even matter if they were related or not, because no one cared. They didn't. Love was love, and people could look past imperfections.

In real life, they were brother and sister.

Alex Russo and Justin Russo would never be together in real life (no one would be okay with love)

No. She would never be that lucky.