Law had been staring at the object in his hand for a while now, contemplating whether he really should get rid of it or not. Whitebeard's Den-Den Mushi contact frequency sat there unmoving, staring back at him and reminding the pirate captain of the promise that had been made to him just a few weeks ago. Everyday Law would see it in the exact same place he had stuck it the moment he arrived back on his ship and the paper usually only caught his eye from the corkboard he had pinned it on, but now the pirate was heavily contemplating its true worth. After all, Law was positive that even when faced with the most horrifying of obstacles in his path he wouldn't call for help from an outside source. He liked to work with the things that were at his immediate disposal, not having to rely on faraway trump cards.

A knock suddenly came to the captain's medical office but he didn't need to hear the voice to know it was his first mate.

"Come in, Bepo." He called out, not even bothering to turn away from the paper in his hand. The bear entered and headed straight for the man.

"Captain! It's terrible; Shachi and Penguin are fighting again!" The first mate said in a panicked tone. Law cocked an eyebrow and sent a glance over at his friend who was obviously overreacting for a matter so trivial. If those two weren't arguing over some little disagreement on a regular basis then the captain would think something serious had actually happened. But the pirate wasn't given the chance to ask what his subordinates were bickering about this time as something very akin to an explosion ripped through the air and shook the floor he was standing on. The captain then gave his full and undivided attention to the other pirate in the room.

"What the hell was that?" He asked the bear.

"The Marines! I told you Shachi and Penguin were fighting!" His friend replied in alarm. Law's expression changed from an inquiring glance to complete confusion.

"Don't you think you should have mentioned who they were fighting in the first place? !" The captain questioned exasperatedly. He didn't even bother waiting for an answer and ran right out of the door, crumpling the paper in his hand and tossing it over his shoulder just before he left. Bepo watched as the object sailed through the air into the garbage bin and stared at it, knowing exactly what it was and wondering why Law would discard it.

The captain came outside to find Penguin calling out orders for half of the crew to prepare to dive under water as Shachi shouted for the other half to load the undersea torpedoes. All looked to be fine and dandy, what with the underwater warfare strategy in progress, and if it weren't for the figure standing on deck of the Marine's ship several hundred feet away the pirate would gladly allow things to transpire at their current pace. Trafalgar internally cursed his bad luck for somehow calling to attention this unexpected guest and activated his Devil Fruit powers as the enemy continued to fire canon balls closer to his ship.

"Room." The captain said as he unsheathed his nodachi and watched for oncoming attacks. Canon balls were launched clear across the water and would have hit the submarine too if Law hadn't quickly intercepted them, slicing the projectiles in two and causing them to veer off in different directions before they had a chance to make contact with his vessel.

"Captain! We're clear to dive!"

"The torpedoes are all loaded, Captain!"

Law grimaced when the reports were relayed to him and he managed to slice one more steel ball in half before it blew a hole in his submarine. The pirate glanced up at the opposing vessel and frowned even deeper as he could no longer see the man in charge of the Marine ship out on deck.

The enemy was currently out of sight and that could only mean the other man was on his way over for a fight face to face.

"Everyone, inside! As soon as that door closes prepare for submersion and steer the sub across to the enemy ship." The captain ordered just before cutting down three more steel balls. A chorus of men all saying "Aye aye, sir!" was then heard as his subordinates filed inside to comply with their captain's commands. Law didn't budge and continued to watch for the enemy who would soon be making his way across the stretch of ocean to the pirate's ship.

"Captain, we're all set. Come on!" Shachi called from the doorway he had been instructed to depart through. Trafalgar glanced over his shoulder and noticed no one left outside, only Shachi could be seen standing on the other side of the entrance. He smirked coolly and raised his hand to the same height as his shoulder before rotating his wrist one hundred-eighty degrees and using his powers to shut the door that lead inside of the submarine. If his crew was loyal and smart enough then the sub would be diving below the ocean anytime now.

But it seemed he might have been just a little too late. Ice suddenly erupted from the Marine ship and began stretching across the expanse between his and the enemy's vessels, scattering over the surface and sending a cold chill through the air.

Admiral Aokiji was on his way.

Before he could shout for his crew to hurry up and submerge the ship already, water began crawling up the sub's exposed sides and sliding over the deck. Law quickly jumped to the highest peak on his ship and watched as the Marine Admiral dashed across the icy surface on his way to meet up with the rookie pirate captain. Just as his shoes were about to be completely covered in water, Trafalgar leapt from his sub to the approaching ice, narrowly dodging the admiral and sliding to a halt. Law turned to face his opponent and let an arrogant smirk spread across his lips.

"What brings you 'round these parts, Mr. Admiral?"


Today had been rather uneventful and the lack of anything going on was seriously driving the second division commander up a wall.

Quite literally since he had actually tried to see how far he could sprint up the highest wall on the ship without any aid from his powers or otherwise.

Ace sighed and conjured up a few fire balls, jugging five in his hands as he strolled through the halls of the Moby Dick in his quest to find something productive to do. If either Marco or Thatch could see him now he'd be getting an earful of a lecture, nagging him that if he left any more scorch marks on the walls of the ship he'd be forced to repaint the whole thing by himself. Portgas didn't blame them for making that threat since there were definitely some sizable burns etched into various parts of the huge vessel, and of course none were from Marco even though he was also able to control fire.

That goody two-shoes.

"Brr brr brr"

Ace stopped in his tracks, dismissing his fire as he heard the sound of a Den-Den Mushi on the other side of the door he was in front of. Fire Fist took a look around his current location, realizing he was currently outside of his captain's room and that it must be Whitebeard's snail ringing on the other side.

"Brr brr brr"

The second division commander wondered where his captain was at the moment but came to the conclusion that the man obviously wasn't close enough to hear the snail. Ace decided he should probably enter and answer the call. After all, the captain only gave out that frequency to specific people so whoever was on the other end must have something important to say. The pirate entered his captain's room just as the Den-Den Mushi called out once again and he picked up the receiver.

"Hello?" Ace answered politely, waiting for a reply.

"HELP US!" The voice on the other end called out, causing the division command to recoil from the volume.

"You idiot cry-baby! Give me that!" Another voice yelled in the background and Ace assumed the new person had snatched the receiver from the first. "This is Shachi from the Heart Pirates. Is this Whitebeard?"

Fire Fist blinked in confusion, wondering why the Heart Pirates were calling. Were they in trouble…?

"No, this is Portgas D. Ace speaking." The pirate replied as he thought of different scenarios currently going on at the other pirates' location.

"Fire Fist, huh? Well, we're in a bit of a predicament and could use your help if it doesn't inconvenience you." The man on the other end stated, hope for an affirmation to the request in his voice. Ace considered his schedule for the day before responding.

"I'm completely free, what do you need me for?"

A minute of silence passed on the other end and the pirate momentarily wondered if they might have gotten disconnected. Just as he considered hanging up and calling them back Shachi spoke again.

"Our captain is in a bit of a pinch and could use your help." The man said. Ace waited for a moment, expecting the other to continue but he didn't.

"What's going on over there?" The commander questioned as he worried for his friend's safety.

"Admiral Aokiji is currently attacking and the captain is fighting him alone. I don't think we can get out of this without your help, Ace." Shachi stated in a worried tone.

"Send me your location and I'll be there right away."


Law breathed heavily following his intense workout of dodging several large and sharp pieces of ice thrown his way along with many other close calls delivered by his opponent. Blood trickled down the pirate's cheek and dripped off of his jaw after spilling from the fresh and deep slice running practically from his nose to his ear, reminding the man that he needed to pay closer attention to his surroundings. Just as Trafalgar began regaining some of his composure Aokiji rushed him again, sending many deadly and accurate blows to just about every vital area on the captain's body. He managed to evade and block them for a while but eventually tripped on the uneven ice which left him wide open. Law was sent tumbling across the ground after having taken the full brunt of the Marine Admiral's fist to his gut. The pirate could hear his nodachi skidding across the ice as it left his grasp and stopped further away from him than he would have liked it to.

Casual footsteps approached and the captain coughed several times, trying to quickly regain the air in his lungs. Aokiji stopped several feet away and spoke.

"I'm only here on business, Surgeon of Death. My direct orders weren't to kill you specifically, only that if there was anybody in these waters I am to escort them elsewhere. But with pirates I'm encouraged to use force." The man stated evenly, giving away neither joy nor grief in his tone. Law chuckled and began pushing himself up from the frozen ground.

"A faithful dog as always it would seem." The pirate said as he stood and brushed himself off, relinquishing the ice that had dusted his clothing before it had a chance to melt. "I'm really starting to wonder if any of you government hounds can actually think for yourselves." Law stated, crossing his arms and a sending a smug grin to the man in front of him. "Then again, it would be much more difficult to brown nose your way to the top when straying from orders, hmm?"

Aokiji had had enough of his impudence and before Trafalgar had a chance to make another smartass remark the marine was in the pirate's face again, but this time Law was actually able to grab the fist that was aimed for his nose.

"You're slipping, Mr. Admiral." The captain teased with his same arrogant smirk. He raised his other hand and placed his thumbs together before calling out one of his favorite Devil Fruit moves.

"Counter shock"

Lighting erupted from his hands and caused Aokiji to swiftly retreat or get intensely shocked by his enemy. The marine managed to escape with minimal burns but was now intent on finishing the other off. He charged once more only to stop when an explosion shook the ice the two men were standing on. The marine glanced over to see the men aboard his ship scrambling around and assumed Trafalgar's submarine had something to do with this.

Law also heard the noise and immediately jumped to the conclusion that his mates were trying to draw the marines' attention away from him so he could somehow escape, but another unexpected attack had also happened at the exact same time. Pain shot through the captain's abdomen, running up his spine, through his brain and to every corner of his body as the sensation alerted every cell in him of the throbbing in his midsection. Trafalgar clasped a hand to where the pain was greatest and pulled it away, noticing that blood coated his palm and a few fingers.

A gun shot? The pirate internally questioned as he tried to suppress any noise of pain that was trying to escape from his mouth. But that theory made no sense; he was currently facing away from the enemy ship and the wound was only spilling blood from the front side of his torso. Not to mention he didn't even hear a gun shot, regardless of the explosion from his crew. Law sank to one knee, no longer able to support himself as he pressed his hand to the fresh wound once again. Just as he thought things couldn't get much worse footsteps quickly approached and he only managed to conjure up enough strength to look up quick enough to watch as Aokiji slammed a fist into his jaw.

It seemed the marine wasn't going to take notice to his new crippling injury.

Trafalgar slid across the ice and coughed bitterly, hacking up more blood; a mixture from the split skin of his lip, in his mouth and the injury to his gut. The pirate's vision swam and his hearing was having a hard time discerning the pounding in his head from the noises outside but he managed to role out of the way as an ice javelin was sent gliding through the air to skewer him as a present from the marine admiral.

The skittering of something metallic moving slightly across the ground came to man's ears and when he cracked his eyes open he could see it was his nodachi. Law quickly took hold of the sword and held it over himself to block an attack just as Aokiji lunged with a katana made from ice in his hand. The pirate grunted from exertion as the injury to his abdomen throbbed and sent twinges of pain across his body, warning him of the possible consequences from applying so much strength in his weakened state. But it was all to be a futile attempt; Law wasn't strong enough and the marine's blade was drawing dangerously closer to him with every passing second. Just as the pirate captain was about to give in and accept his dismal fate a blast of heat flashed in front of him and the admiral was suddenly gone.

Trafalgar took a moment to see if maybe his mind was playing tricks on him or if he had actually died but the shooting pain in his stomach told him otherwise. Law lowered his blade as he came to the only logical conclusion and when he rolled his head to the side he found his hypothesis was indeed true. Jogging up to the injured pirate lying on the ground was none other than Portgas D. Ace.

The second division commander of the Whitebeard pirates came skidding to a stop next to Trafalgar, stumbling a bit as he tried to steady himself on the ice.

"Jeez, you look terrible Lawsy!" Ace announce with a stupid grin on his face. Law frowned, wondering just what divine providence had managed to bring this idiot to his rescue. Then again he did have the Yonko's contact info in his medical office, he just needed to know who made the call.

The only people that came to mind were his trio of miscreants, but this time instead of reprimanding those guys for their dumb decisions it seemed he'd have to find a way to thank them.

"What the hell took you so long?" The captain asked as evenly and loudly as he could, which was pathetic at best. Fire Fist seemed to finally notice all of the blood and injuries on the other pirate which made his expression drop. But the commander was unable to aid his friend as he suddenly had a very angry marine admiral to deal with. Ice spears where shot through the air and threatened to run straight through Ace, but of course he managed to dodge every one of them.

"Portgas D. Ace, what are you doing here?" Aokiji asked a bit peevishly as he locked his attention on the only other person standing. But it seemed he had only traded his previous opponent for one that was able to move efficiently. The same haughty grin spread out over Fire Fist's lips as the man's entire demeanor gave away his arrogance.

"Just stopping by to visit a friend, maybe bake some cookies or play a little poker." The younger man replied with a shrug of his shoulders. But the marine was unamused by the joke and charged at his new opponent. Law watched as the battle between fire and ice began, vaguely wondering what his next plan was going to be. He definitely needed to get away from the marines; maybe if he could somehow call Bepo and get his submarine to surface near him? He could leave Ace to defend himself against the marines (which wasn't much different than what he was doing now, considering the horrible pain in his abdomen coupled with his inability to move) and hell, Ace probably brought that dinky little boat that only he can operate correctly since it was created to accommodate his Devil Fruit powers so he had the perfect escape vessel.

But Law's thought process was cut short as Portgas came sliding over to him suddenly, skidding across the ground on his lower legs and face while the man's butt stuck gracelessly in the air. The commander slowed as he approached, the top of his head just barely running into the pirate captain's foot when his momentum stopped.

"What in the hell are you doing?" Law asked as Ace pushed himself into a kneeling position, rubbing his head when he sat up.

"Damn, he's a pretty tough guy." Fire Fist stated practically to himself.

"Are you kidding? You can melt every one of his attacks." The captain retorted. Steam rose from the division commander as he evaporated the water inhibiting his ability to make flames.

"Well why don't you give it a go? Let's see how you like it when he drenches you at every chance he gets." Ace replied in a snarky tone.

"Is that supposed to be an excuse? The great Fire Fist Ace is now making excuses?" Trafalgar countered curtly. Ace frowned comically and leaned over the other man so he was looking directly in the other's eyes, pointing his index finger until the tip was just brushing the end of Law's nose.

"I'm trying to help you out of this predicament, you know. Keep making those cheeky retorts and I might just leave you be." Fire Fist threatened loosely with no intension of backing up the claim. But the statement caused Law to shut up and Ace smiled snootily before return his attention to the marine who was sending yet another attack directly at the two.

"Hiken" The pirate called out as his fist combusted into flames before colliding with the ice spear that would have skewered the both of them unless something had been to stop it. The projectile was reduced to nothing but steam as Ace stood up, flashing an arrogant smirk at the admiral. But just as he was about charge at the enemy a thin film suddenly encompassed the three men in a circle.

"Hey Law, is this–" Fire Fist questioned as he glanced around at the tinted dome.

"It's not me." Trafalgar interrupted, also glancing about. Aokiji also seemed mystified by the new sight but all three weren't prepared for what came next.

In the blink of an eye Law, Ace and Aokiji were transported to some island, no longer standing on ice but on solid earth. The three men quickly looked about the place, taking into account the fact that they were now on some tropical island surrounded by palm trees and bamboo stalks with other varying vegetation growing to the point where even the sky couldn't be seen. The warm air was inviting after the freezing environment supplied by the marine admiral but the arrows pulled taut against bow strings pointed directly at the pirates and marine officer were not. Ace raised his hands over his head in surrender as he took a gander at the men currently threatening to impale him and the two others with the sharp objects. They had tanned skin and toned muscles with nothing covering them but a loincloth and a few tattoos.

"Hello." Fire Fist attempted to say pleasantly, hoping this wouldn't have to turn into some sort of fight since he already had an admiral and critically injured man to deal with. But of course the pirate was wishing for too much.


AN: ;~; don't make fun of me, i know this story turned out just like the other ones x_x yes for a while this one did say "completed" but obviously i have commitment issues and an over active imagination so... expect another chapter :)