Hermione snuggled deeper into Draco's arms, which tightened across her shoulders at the movement. She tried not thinking about what was going to happen in the next few days when they got the all clear to leave Draco's very cosy apartment on the beach. The last week and a half had been some of the craziest and orgasm-inducing of her life. To top it off – she actually realised how well Draco and her got along when they tried. Their common interests went way beyond the usual; and of course sexually – it was unsurpassable. Hermione had well and truly been fucked out – but she wanted more.

They never spoke about leaving, both of them skirting around the issue of the real world – because in all honesty how could they possibly work out there?

Draco was currently spread out on the L shape part of the lounge, half sitting up with his back against the couch – Hermione was lying next to him, leg caught between his and her head on his chest. Over the last few days they decided a 007 marathon was the perfect way to pass time when not screwing each other senseless. As the closing credits on the latest movie ended, Hermione looked up at Draco.

"I need to know how to ride a motorbike – racing across rooftops looks like fun."

Draco chuckled and pulled her chin up, kissing her sweetly. But, as soon as his lips captured hers the familiar fire raced through them. Were they not capable of touching each other without wanting to rip every shred of clothing from the other? Apparently not.

Moaning into his mouth Hermione slid herself onto his lap – cupping his face in her hands and tracing her tongue across his lips.

"I'll teach you," he smiled between her small licks.

Hermione let herself for one moment to believe that to be true – but they weren't fools, they had very different lives outside of this room – no matter how great the sex – once back in the wizarding world, things would return to normal. Hermione wasn't an idiot – Draco was not the monogamous type. Pushing the strange feeling welling up inside of her away she pushed herself onto his quickly hardening cock. Merlin – he had to be the randiest wizard in the world – it took nothing for her to get him hard.

Before she could even think about her next move – Draco had completely disrobed her. Admittedly she was only wearing a bathrobe – as was he, but still – he moved like the wind. Suddenly he was lifting her higher – frowning down at him he smirked sexily and her heart pulsed – crap he was gorgeous.

"Trust me…" was all he said as his hands slid around her backside and she found herself standing, a foot on each side of his hips. Her mouth formed a small 'o' when she realised what he was about to do. Heart racing she let him pull her forward. Her knees hit the back of the couch, either side of his shoulders. His grip on her arse didn't falter as he leant forward and ran his tongue right through her pussy. Hermione moaned deeply and leaned into his expert ministrations. Merlin, what Draco couldn't do with his tongue wasn't worth knowing about.

Hermione found her hands placed flat on the wall in front of her – to stop her from falling to the side, because to hell if she was going to halt what Draco's mouth was making her feel. His tongue swirled and licked while his lips nipped and teased her tight nub. Hermione felt her breath come in small lust driven pants as the familiar rush of orgasm started in her limbs. One of his hands held her arse in place while the other snaked through behind her to slide two fingers deep inside of her, pumping slowly. Hermione cried out and grabbed his blonde head while she rode out her orgasm – the third for the day. She swore she was the most sensitive person on the planet at that moment.

Her knees buckled and she found herself on his lap again, smiling lazily she spoke into his ear, "you always surprise me, I've never come so quick in my life…"

"Poor, Granger – it's not over yet…"

Before she could say anything, he'd pulled her down onto his stiff cock. She was so wet he slid right to the balls in one movement. Hermione felt his growl of arousal through her as a sharp spike hit her in the stomach. She was still horny, never had this happened before Draco – she was still too scared to admit how she would live without this feeling. Maybe they could organise a 'not trying to kill each other anymore' with benefits scheme…

Draco thrust upwards as Hermione slammed herself down onto him, it was wet and sloppy and the most amazing sensation of her entire life – she couldn't get enough of watching Draco fall apart in front of her – knowing it was her doing it to him. His grey gaze caught hers and he leant his head back on the couch, eyes hooded and full of hunger. As he pounded away into her she found she couldn't take the intensity of his stare anymore – it was too….raw.

The minute she looked away Draco used his strength and flipped them so Hermione was laying beneath him, her legs came up to capture his hips in their grip. She realise a second later what he'd done – now they were face to face, she couldn't look away – she had no escape. He thrust into her again; sweat starting to sheen on his upper lip. She leant up and licked the saltiness away then kissed him.

Draco pulled away from her lips as he slid into her hard, "No, I want to see you come for me – don't look away, Hermione."

Hermione caught her breath as his thrusts came harder and faster – she didn't know if she could do this – it was too personal – it was too…soul baring. But she didn't look away, their gazes were captured as his fingers slid between them to tease her clit – Hermione cried out and couldn't believe she was about to come again – only Draco could do it – this frightened her as she looked into his depthless grey eyes.

Shuddering deep inside of her, Draco came a second before she did – neither could keep up the intensity and both of their eyes shut, but Hermione had seen enough. She'd come to the realisation she could very easily fall in love with this exasperating wizard – her life was over.

Three weeks - it had been bloody three weeks and he'd had no word from the infuriatingly sexy Hermione Granger, she'd not returned any calls or messages and Draco had the sneaky suspicion he'd been used. Well, she did warn him – but he swore there was more to it after their two weeks at his beach house.

He thought he'd been obvious with what he wanted, hell – he'd made love to her at least three or four times a day. Draco's thoughts halted…no, he screwed her – not made love. The lie stared back at him and huffed in a knowing way. He couldn't even escape his own mind – fine then, what he'd experienced with Granger at the beach made him want to make her a permanent fixture in his life. This was the first time he'd ever wanted more from a witch than just a casual bumping of uglies. Although, Granger had the most beautiful…

"Draco, I want to thank you."

He was pulled from thoughts by his head EMS Sales Representative, Nathan. "For what?" he asked while pushing thoughts of Granger's nakedness away.

"For the set-up." He watched as Nathan's handsome face flushed a deep shade of pink. Draco couldn't help smirking at the younger man who was obviously trying to keep it professional but was struggling.

"The set-up…?" Draco frowned, knowing exactly what Nathan was on about – he just enjoyed watching people squirm. His thoughts touched lightly on Granger and how much he thrived on teasing her – he missed it – he missed her.

"Um, yes – Christopher told me it was you who gave him my number – and…well…."

Draco laughed and patted Nathan on the shoulder, putting the poor man out of his misery, "Ah, yes - that. It was my pleasure, Nathan. I mean you did sell him an EMS after all– and that alone funded the new wing at St Mungo's."

Nathan flushed red again, "I'm not wanting to date him because of that. I mean, it's great we could use the proceeds to help the hospital but….well; he is one of the most amazing men I've ever met. Funny, gorgeous, loyal and he has the wickedest tongue that…"

"I get the picture." Draco smiled, annoyed that somebody was getting laid and happy, but also very pleased he could give back something to the wizard who'd saved both he and Granger, Christopher deserved it. Nathan was a wonderful man, they would be good together.

After gushing for another five minutes Draco managed to get rid of Nathan feigning a very important meeting he had to prepare for. Which was actually the truth – he had a meeting, although he didn't need to prep for it.

He sat back heavily in his leather chair and placed his feet up on the solid desk and grabbed his mug of coffee. Sipping slowly he wracked his brain for any idea on how to get Granger to call him back without looking like a fifteen year old girl. He wasn't a needy child constantly wanting attention…he stopped that train of thought – because he kind of was.

Draco knew Granger was a proud witch – she'd spent her entire life scowling at him and she wasn't about to let loose and see what could happen between them without a fight. She wouldn't come on her own free volition – he would have to trick her – and once he had her in his clutches – he knew she wouldn't be able to resist his charm. He realised a moment later that he was spending an awful amount of time trying to think of ways to win her over to the dark side – well the Malfoy side in any case. He also knew it would be worth it.

As he drained the rest of his espresso-grade coffee and placed the mug back on the desk it suddenly hit him – he knew exactly how to get Granger's attention without looking like a twat.

A few Owls and phone calls later Draco sat back smirking - she couldn't escape him now.

Hermione stood before the large doors to the Minister of Magic's office, her heart thumping. Why on earth had she been summoned? She'd already been debriefed and checked over for residual effects from the ordeal she and Draco had gone through. Her stomach clenched as she quickly thought on the blonde wizard – the blonde wizard she was finding it impossible to forget – no matter the distance she'd managed to put between them.

She knew she was probably being a little unreasonable – returning his messages wouldn't have been hard. But, Hermione wasn't sure she wouldn't just fall into his arms and beg him for another night of sex she wouldn't forget – hell, she was worried she may ask him for more than one night and look like an idiot when he laughed in her face. She already had two weeks-worth of orgasms she was trying to push away – it was not working. If anything it was making her more and more in lo…..lust with him. Damn imagination – it couldn't have been that mind blowing…

The doors opened before her and she walked in at the behest of a small intern. As she strode over to the large desk which took up almost half the window before her she almost stumbled to a stop, Draco Malfoy looking as gorgeous and self-assured as ever, stood there. He was wearing a deep blue navy Muggle suit and a smirk she knew only too well. Hermione's heart started to beat erratically – damn him – he was too much, her senses went into over-drive.

"Minister," she managed to greet an octave higher than she'd have liked.

"Ah, Ms Granger. Now you're here, let's just get straight to business shall we?"

She nodded once and ignored, well tried to ignore Draco who had come to stand frustratingly close to her. His hand brushed her thigh when he moved into position – her brain short circuited.

"As you know, Herbert was found bled out a few days after you were found, due to a gunshot wound to the leg."

Hermione frowned – she hardly remembered the incident at all; everything was a little blurry from the office to their rescue. Draco's finger brushed against her skirt touching her again, she almost jumped away red-faced. There were a few memories she remembered in vivid colour and sound though, Draco's low guttural moans as he came was just one example – him shooting Herbert was not one of them. She realised the Minister was still talking – and she mentally slapped herself to pay attention – which was bloody impossible when Draco kept brushing against her – was he doing it on purpose?

"Now unfortunately his plan has somehow leaked out into the wizarding community. I'm not concerned with most of my constituents – but there are some who may think that finding the second half of the lost key to The Grindle Chest could benefit them – and as you know the second part to it is hidden somewhere in the world."

Hermione already knew about the half key – somehow Raul had flared the chest to life for a few seconds using only one half before being crushed under the weight of the stairs. She also agreed with the Minister that people may try and attempt to find the second part of the key and use it – maybe not for the same insane reasons as Herbert – but imagine what a wizard hell bent on destruction and mayhem could do by going back into the past. The only thing she didn't understand at the moment was why she was standing here being told this. The Minister soon enlightened her.

"So, Ms Granger since you both worked so well together - I want you and Mr Malfoy to find it."

"Excuse me?" Hermione blurted then went bright red as she realised how she had just addressed the Minister. "I'm sorry – I mean to say, why me? Isn't this something an Auror or a specialist should do?"

The Minister's eyes flicked to Malfoy for a second before replying and she felt a small not unwarranted bubble of anger begin to stir. Draco had something to do with this.

"I was under the impression, Ms Granger that you are indeed a relic hunting specialist – or is Relic Collections just a front for illegal activities?"

"No, no of course not." Hermione was scrambling for words – she hated to be put on the spot. But, as she took a deep breath she realised this was definitely right up her alley. But why in hell did she have to partner up with Malfoy – although the thought was not as unappealing to her as she'd hoped. They worked well together – yeah, a little too well. Focus Hermione – the Minister's talking again.

"Right, that's settled then – both of you have the full co-operation of the Ministry and all resources are at your disposal. I don't need to remind you that this small task force I've created must be kept secret." The Minister handed them a piece of paper each. Hermione glanced down and saw Christopher's name amongst another three names – they had a task-force? What in hell had Malfoy gotten her into? Although for the first time in a month excitement began to build at the thought of playing a spy again.

Hermione was still standing there reading the fine print as Draco made goodbyes for them and led her from the room while she was still trying to process what had just happened.

When the large doors closed behind them, Hermione took one look at Malfoy's smug face and spun, stalking away from him. It was too much – how in hell would she be able to work in close proximity with him without wanted to rip off his clothes and have her way with him?

"What is your problem?" Draco grasped her arm tightly and she scowled down at it.

"Nothing, I just hate being put on the spot – if you knew me at all, you'd know that." She ripped her arm free and headed for the elevator.

"Bloody hell, Granger – what do you think I've been trying to do since we got back. I've done everything I could to get to know you – but you froze me out - ignoring me like I'm scum on the bottom of your boot."

She stopped at that and turned slowly, different feelings warring within her. She didn't know whether to be nice or pissed off – what if he was playing with her, isn't that what Malfoy's did, lull you into a false sense of security before betraying you? She knew immediately she was underestimating him – he had been kind and sweet and fiercely protective of her when the chips were down. Hermione knew the fault lay in her – not him.

"We can't be seen together – what would the wizarding world think?" It was a lame excuse even to her ears. She turned and hit the elevators call button.

Suddenly Draco was right up in her personal space gripping her shoulders and making her face him, her breath caught at the proximity. "When have you ever cared what the world thought?"

"I don't, but I have a certain image to protect for my work in the antiquities field and well…"

"Yes," Draco egged her on annoyed.

"Well…you clearly sleep around and party too hard - it would look bad for me." Hermione couldn't look him in the eye – she was lying through her teeth, it was her feelings for him not his reputation that made it hard.

"And how exactly do you know this?" he asked, brow raised and she could see him fighting off a smile.

"I just…everyone knows it, Malfoy."

"Oh really?" he was now laughing at her, eyes crinkling in the corners and she felt her resolve melting.

"Well, don't you?"

He didn't reply, just shook his head. "For somebody so smart, Granger – you are ridiculous obtuse when it suits you."

As he leant forward the bell dinged behind her and she managed to stumble back into the small space of the elevator – Draco pushed in with her and she caught herself on the bar at the back. Within a second he was pressed up against her – she had nowhere to run – and to be frank, she didn't want to.

Groaning at the friction Draco was creating Hermione looked up into smirking grey eyes and felt her own mouth rise to mimic him. His lips caught hers a moment later, and what started out as a sweet kiss of longing soon developed into a hard lust-filled exercise in domination

She felt the lift grind to a halt as Draco reached behind him to push the emergency stop button, his lips never leaving hers. Suddenly it was too hot, it had been too long and both of them began to pant hard against the other. Draco's thrusting was making Hermione groan in need, she needed this, she craved it and Merlin how she'd missed feeling his weight pressed against her. In a small corner of her mind she allowed herself to admit she actually missed Draco as a whole.

Deftly she let her fingers find the fly to his pants and she snaked her hand inside grasping his thickness. He growled into her mouth while hiking her leg up to catch on his hip, which inadvertently bunched her skirt up to her waist. His fingers quickly slid in the side of her panties and she called out his name throatily. This seemed to just make his fingers dance quicker as his open mouthed kisses along her jaw made her lose her sane thoughts. She didn't even care they were in the Ministry's elevator network.

Fiddling with his pants she undid them and pulled his briefs down far enough so his hard prick sprung free, he hissed as the air hit him. And before she could blink, he was there, right at the place she craved more than life itself. His finger pulled her panties to the side as he slid into her without preamble. This was not the long exploratory screw they had enjoyed at the beach house – this was the meshing of lust and passion which had been forced dormant for three weeks. Why in hell had she been ignoring his calls when they could have been doing this every day? She wouldn't make the same mistake again. If he wanted her – he could have her – all of her.

Draco thrust long and deep, Hermione threw her head back against the elevators wall as she called out his name, over and over again until it sounded like a prayer. The smell of lust and sex filled the space and Draco's grunts and Hermione mewls made the perfect backdrop to the slapping of their flesh. She felt reckless and fulfilled and as the wave of white heat began to reach its crescendo Draco sucked hard on the sensitive skin below her ear – she exploded.

Calling out her name Draco's erratic thrusting became almost frantic as he finished off, coming deep within her. Panting heavily and grasping each other as if they were lifelines they finally caught their breaths. Hermione let her head fall back again and shut her eyes – now what? What in hell was she going to do? She'd just proved to herself that working with Draco would be impossible, she wanted to fuck the living daylights out of him at every chance – it would be a horrible idea to be in the same space as him constantly.

Then she felt Draco fingers on her chin, lifting her head forward his lips captured hers again in a slow and sensuous kiss which started her hormones swirling again.


"Hmmm," was all she could manage as he left another feather-light kiss on her bruised lips.

"You like me a little, admit it."

Her eyes opened slowly and she saw the small vulnerable gleam in his, it made her chest pulse. "I like a lot of things…you may or may not have made the list – it's yet to be determined." she countered with a grin.

"What would help me get on that list?" He asked grinning in return as he finally let her go so they could adjust their clothing.

While she realigned her skirt so the zip was at the back again she hit the emergency button so they started their trip back to the foyer. Noticing Draco's hair sticking up she leant forward and brushed it behind his ear, his lips caught her wrist and she felt the floor beneath her fall, or maybe it was the elevator finally moving. Merlin she loved touching his hair. "Well for starters do you have a car here? That would help to begin with."

The doors opened and Draco motioned for Hermione to follow him, he really did look handsome in the Muggle suit – it was cut to perfection and she felt her face redden when she realised she'd just had her hands down the front of that suit moments before.

Draco preceded her to a large limousine parked out the front and she snorted unladylike, Malfoy just raised an eyebrow at her. "Pretentious much?"

He smirked while placing a hand on the small of her back; leaning in he whispered in her ear, "Come on now, Granger, haven't you always wanted to have sex in the back of a limo?"

Her stomach clenched at his cheeky grin and he held the door open for her. She slid in easily noticing straight away the black privacy screen was already up, she felt her pussy pulse and couldn't understand how Draco did this to her.

A few seconds later he slid in next to her spreading his long legs out in front of him – he looked so at home in the luxury of the town car. "So how is this going to get me on your 'like' list?"

"You can't Apparate into my apartment directly, so we needed a car to get there," she said as she slunk off her chair and straddled Draco, who only too readily pulled her up flush against his chest. "And by my reckoning another thirty or so orgasms may just get you on the very bottom of that list."

"Thirty? Is that so?" he drawled as he thrust upwards slightly, making Hermione flush with renewed passion. She was still sensitive and sparks flew through her tingling pussy. "Get up and turn around."

The order in his voice made her tighten up and she complied without even thinking twice. She ended up on her knees, with her elbows resting on the seat before her. Draco lifted up her skirt until it was once again bunched up around her waist and before she could wriggle in anticipation her underwear had been slid off – she looked over her shoulder and saw Draco put them in his suit pocket. She raised an eyebrow in question he just shrugged with a sexy half smile.

Groaning slightly as she felt the car tackle traffic, Hermione waited for Draco's next move. It came suddenly in the form of a tight slap across her arse, she gasped. Dear god, he was going to kill her with lust – she was drowning in it as another sharp bite of palm teased her, making a small groan escape her lips.

"Interesting," was all Draco said and she glanced around again, knowing her eyes were blown and Draco just watched her with something akin to wonder in his eyes. "Oh, Granger you are going to like me just fine."

With that he pushed her back so her breasts were pressed into the seat before her and he slid into her wetness once more. Biting her lip Hermione managed to barely keep in her loud groan – she didn't want the driver to hear her – even though she was certain he knew what was happening in the back at any case.

The car twisted and turned down the small London streets as Draco's thrusts kept up a slow and torturous pace, he knew she loved it hard and slow – until all her nerve endings were frayed and she was a ball of sensation. Before she could let herself go with the orgasm she could feel slowly building the car came to a halt.

Draco immediately slid from her and pulled her back against him pushing her skirt down.

"What?" Hermione asked distractedly and a little disorientated. How could he just stop in the middle of that? Hermione's pussy began clenching in need – she wanted his cock buried deep inside of her again – now.

"We're here – now take me upstairs or I'll fuck you on the sidewalk if I have to." Draco's voice was gravelly and she knew he hadn't wanted to stop either. Stumbling from the limo she got them inside – although she didn't remember the trip up the stairs full of touches, pushes against the wall and sleight of hand dipping into his pants to grasp his hard wet cock.

Once inside they stumbled to her large bedroom and they both hopped around undressing as quickly as possible. At any other time Hermione would have laughed at their rush – but not today. Today she wanted him thrust so deep inside of her she couldn't remember her name.

They fell in a hot sweaty wet tangle on her bed, bodies sliding against each other, sending little shocks and shards of lust through her. Draco's hands and tongue was everywhere, licking teasing and bringing her to the brink more times than she could imagine, not one coherent thought came to mind – she didn't know where he ended and she began, it was beyond mind blowing.

Just when she thought she would scream from the complete and utter perfection of the lust hazed moment Draco pushed his hard cock into her so hard and fast it made her eyes roll back in her head. Then he stopped and looked down at her, his face was flushed red, his blonde hair still glowed with the dying light from outside and Hermione caught her breath at his complete and utter perfection. And here he was – with her.

As he leant down to kiss her, she heard one word escape his throat, as if it were torn out, "mine."

Hermione's chest clenched as his lips finally devoured hers. She knew she was lost in that perfect moment in time – she was his.

Their frenzied lovemaking lasted through the night – every few hours one would wake and slowly tease the other into orgasm. Hermione had never been so tired or so completely sated in her entire life, and she wanted more. This was suddenly more important than breathing – being here with Malfoy. Finally they managed to get more than a few hours' sleep, and in the early hours of the morning Hermione awoke wrapped up in Draco's strong arms.

She lazily stretched against him and snuggled deeper, never wanting this moment to end. Thoughts of a future with Draco crowded her mind but she wasn't going to worry about all that now – she had a lifetime. Feeling Draco stir she looked up into his twinkling grey eyes and couldn't help but love the fact she was on the receiving end of his playful and unguarded gaze.

"You ready for our new adventure, partner?" he whispered and pressed his lips to her crown before leaning back watching her.

Hermione smiled and leant up kissing the corner of his mouth and knew this was exactly where she was supposed to be – to hell with what the world thought – she was going to carve out a path for herself and if he wanted to create one next to her – she was more than happy with that. She couldn't wait for the adventure named Draco Malfoy to begin.


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