Chapter One

July 4th 2030

"Remind me to apologise to mum next time I see her." Kat said, as she orbed into the lounge of the Manor with her one-year old daughter, Patsy, on her hip. Her cousin, P.J, looked up from her place on the settee, the Book of Shadows sitting in her lap, glasses perched on her nose. She looked remarkably like her mother, Phoebe Halliwell, in that moment and Kat smiled.

"What for?" She asked, taking Patsy, whose arms were raised, reaching for her 'Aunt', (It was easier for the children to call their parents cousins Aunts and Uncles, as oppose to second cousins.)

"Well, I put little missy Patsy here," She nodded at the little girl, who was laughing at the pictures of the mermaids in the book, "down for her nap when she orbed out of her bedroom. She was at the park, on the swing."

P.J laughed. "You're lucky she was in the country."

"You didn't start beaming internationally until you were old enough to know about Hawaii." Kat sat down with a sigh.

"Yeah, well you orbed to Ireland, of all places, when you were seven!"

"That's because we had to do a school project on a country and I got given Ireland! I wanted too-"

"You wanted to get first-hand experience, I know."

Both cousins laughed.

"So, who's in the house?" Kat asked.

"Well, Mum and Aunt Paige are upstairs, working on a potion and Aunt Piper is in the kitchen, with Lindy, talking about Jake. As far as I know, no one else is in the house."

Jake was Melinda's boyfriend. They'd been together almost six months but lately there had been more demon attacks than normal, meaning that Melinda had to use the 'family emergency' excuse a lot more. Several times over the past week or two, she'd asked her parents what they thought about her telling him about their family secrets.

"How's it going?"

"Well, they stopped screaming about a half-hour ago so I can't really say. That can be either a good thing or a bad thing."

"Hmm." Kat agreed.

"I'm leaving!" Melinda shouted, the kitchen door slamming behind her.

"Guess that's that question answered." Kat said, standing up. P.J sat little Patsy on the sofa and followed her cousin out into the hall. Melinda passed them on her way to the door.

"Don't you dare, Missy!" Piper said, throwing up her hands. The door jammed as Melinda tried to open it, frozen and she glared at her mother.

"I'm not a child anymore, mum!" Melinda said, giving up her fight with the door and turning to confront her mother.

"Oh, yeah? Then stop acting like one!" Piper retorted.

"What's going on?" Paige asked, as she and Phoebe descended from the stairs.

"Your niece is acting like a spoiled brat."

"Mel?" Kat looked at her cousin for an explanation.

"Your aunt is being a bi-"

"Lindy, don't!" P.J warned, stepping into her cousin's path, putting herself between her cousin and her Aunt.

"You just don't get it, do you?" Lindy said, walking down the hall, towards her mother, until they stood face-to-face. "I love him! I love him and I know he wouldn't say anything! How many people did you guys tell? Dan, Jason, Kyle, Dex, Glen, Nate! I bet you can't say you loved each and every one of those men, huh?"

"Hey, Nate was under a spell!" Paige said, "And the point is none of those relationships worked, Lindy. And you can't tell everyone you date!"

"That's my point! You did!" Lindy said, fixing her Aunt with a serious look, "What about Uncle Henry? If you'd never told him, would we have Kat, Tammy or Junior? Well, would we?"

Neither her aunts nor her mother had a reply for that one nor and Lindy simply scoffed. Piper looked at her daughter for a moment more before turning on her heels and stomping up the stairs. Phoebe followed and Paige looked sympathetically at her niece before following.

"Kat, unfreeze the door, please." She said, not looking at her cousins. Kat hesitated before gesturing at the door. It swung open and before P.J could talk, Lindy was gone.

"What do we do?" She asked Kat, who shrugged and walked over to pick her daughter, now sleeping, up off the sofa.

"I don't know. My initial thought is that we let her be, at least for tonight. This isn't one for me, this is one for Parker. She's the real Cupid in the family. Meanwhile, I'm going to put this one in bed so I'll see you tomorrow, sweetie." Kat kissed her cousins cheek and P.J bid her goodnight, kissing Patsy's curly, blonde head before Kat orbed them both out.

P.J sat back down on the sofa and began flipping through the book. She shivered, noticing a draft. Her bare legs, covered only by a pair of pyjama shorts, prickled and she stood up to go and shut the door.

The moon shone, full and bright above, and P.J walked to the stairs outside and sat on the top step, ignoring the cold. It was peaceful, for once, quiet. It felt good to be able to sit and listen to the silence for once. She had let her guard down, didn't have to worry about Demons for the second and knew that she was as safe as she could possibly be with The Charmed Ones upstairs. Yet still, there was something unsettling about tonight. Something made her shiver that had nothing to do with the cold and P.J felt herself being drawn back into the house.

She stopped when she caught sight of herself in the mirror. Her dark brown eyes and dark brown hair, mixed with her pale skin and trim yet curvaceous figure drew men to her like moths to a flame. None of her cousins had ever had difficulty finding romance, it was keeping it and trusting it that was the problem. Out of everyone, however, P.J was the only one who had never had a long term relationship, no matter how much she wanted one.

Chris had Bianca; they'd been married for almost two years now. Their marriage, however, was on rocky roads at the moment. From what Bianca had told her, they were having difficulty conceiving. They both blamed themselves. Piper told Bianca, however, of hers and Leo's trouble conceiving and how they now had three beautiful children and, for a while, Bianca had perked up about it but lately P.J had seen their marriage slipping again and hoped they'd be able to fix it soon. She liked Bianca. Melinda, of course, was with Jake. Their problems had been made evident tonight and P.J did feel for her cousin, but she also couldn't help but see their mother's perspectives on the situation.

Kat, of course, was married with her beautiful daughter. It had come as quite a shock when Kat announced that she and her magic-school sweetheart, Ben, had eloped, or orbed, and had a Vegas wedding. Paige had been pretty crushed. When Patsy had come along eight months later, however, no one had to guess why the wedding had been put through so quickly. Still, their little family was getting along just fine and P.J couldn't remember if she'd ever seen her cousin so happy.

Parker, the 'real Cupid' of the family, was so obsessed with finding everyone else love that she barely had time to look for herself. The difference between Parker and P.J, when it came to love, was that P.J was looking for it whereas Parker was more than content to help others find it. P.J was also the only person Parker had ever failed to find love for and it frustrated her cousin no end.

Tammy was in a relationship that she'd been in for six years, with a mortal. He knew about her magic, but hardly anyone in the family knew that he knew. P.J and Melinda had been sworn to secrecy by Tammy and Henry had overheard his daughter telling them, but Tammy had begged her father not to tell anyone and, begrudgingly, he had agreed. P.J knew how much it pained him to lie to her Aunt and several times she'd had to remind him that, technically, it wasn't lying unless she asked him directly. What she also knew, however, was that that argument wouldn't stand in Aunt Paige's court, if she ever found out, which she was bound to at some point. When she did, Tammy had better be prepared for a serious ear-beating.

Junior was happily living with a mortal girl who had no idea about the family's secrets and, as far as P.J knew, Junior had no plans to change that in the near future.

As for Paris, she'd had so many boyfriends over the past year or two that at one point, her mother had suspected there was magic at play. It turned out, however, that Paris was just a natural beauty, like her sisters and cousins.

The lack of her love life was what had prompted P.J to move into the Manor in the first place. She had decided, once and for all, that she was to stop obsessing over finding love and wanted to throw herself into her Wiccan duties. She'd been getting through quite a lot of demons lately too.

Since her cousin, Wyatt, had become the Sources right-hand man, there was even more at stake when it came to fighting Demons and so her family found it even harder to let anyone go off alone to fight them, which was why P.J had been keeping her little vendettas pretty much on the down-low. She walked over to the cabinet where her aunt kept the good china and opened one of the drawers. Her cousin's face stared up at her. Aunt Piper had been more affected by Wyatt's betrayal than anyone else in the family, obviously, and she'd taken down all of the pictures of him from around the house.

"Do I play on your mind often, little cousin?"

P.J whirled around and there, in the middle of the lounge, stood Wyatt.