Chapter Three

"You're telling me my son was here and I didn't know?" Piper asked, pacing back and forth in the lounge.

As soon as P.J felt that it was safe to move, that her cousin wasn't going to orb back in and kill her, she'd called her Aunts and her mother down the stairs and then called for everyone else who could transport themselves. Eventually, the entirety of the Halliwell family, witch, cupid, hybrid, human, sat in the lounge. They were spread about the sofas, chairs and on the floor. The only people who stood were P.J and the sisters. She felt like she was in court.

"He tried to kill me." P.J said. "He fired an energy ball at me."

"That doesn't mean he tried to kill you." Melinda insisted, "He knows you have High Resistance, he knows it wouldn't kill you. He was trying to scare you, yeah, but not kill you."

"Mel, he wants the book. That's what he came for."

"Wyatt's not stupid, P.J. He knows that evil can't touch the book and he knows that he's evil." Aunt Paige said, as if she was trying to convince herself. Everyone else in the room looked as if they wanted to believe it too, but they were all finding it hard.

"I know...I know that no one wants to believe this." P.J said, looking at the floor. "Wyatt is...pure evil. He's the successor to the Evil throne and he's gone. For good. He tried to kill me."

"I was the Sources Queen at one time, P.J." Phoebe said. Coop, beside her, looked uncomfortable. "I fought back from it and I came back. Your cousin in strong. I believe, and I think we all want to believe, that he can do it too."

"He said he knew how to get the book. He said that...that Chris and I should watch out." She looked at her cousin, who looked at her in confusion.

"Why only me and you?" Beside him, Bianca took his hand as if she wanted to hold onto him and never let him go. There was fear written on her face, confusion on Chris'.

"I don't know, Chris. He didn't exactly stay and explain his evil plan to me." She said, with a poor attempt at making a joke. She was trying to lighten the mood but it didn't do any good. The air was tangible, hot, suffocating.

"Well I think we'd better find out, and quickly." Paige said.

"I agree." Parker nodded. "If you guys need to watch out, seems to me like he's got plans for the rest of us." She looked around at her family, pushing her hair. she was the only blonde in the family other than Patsy and Wyatt, out of her face as she did so. Several of them nodded and others looked scared.

P.J looked at her Aunt Piper. She'd never seen her look so...lost. How many times had she been forced to go through the loss of a family member? Grandma Patty, Grams, Aunt Prue. They'd all died, leaving her alone, head of the family. Then Phoebe had turned evil, almost leaving her and Aunt Paige alone, almost letting Cole kill them. Phoebe, of course, had come back. Then, when he had gone to the past to save them all, Chris had died. P.J looked at her cousin. That notion always confused her. And now she was being forced to admit that her son was evil, that he may be conjuring up a plan which could hurt the vast majority of their family.

"I need a drink." Piper said, walking out of the lounge and into the kitchen. Leo sighed.

"I've got it." Paige said, following Piper. Phoebe looked at Coop, squeezed his hand and then followed.

"Hunnie. Are you alright?" Phoebe asked Piper, walking through the still swinging door. Piper had walked over to the window and was looking out at the moon.

"Would you be? If P.J was evil? Or Kat?"

She referred to both of their firstborn children and struck a nerve with both of them, attempting to try and help them to understand her feeling. "No, Phoebe. I'm not alright."

Paige walked over to Piper and put a hand on her arm, rubbing it comfortingly. "Sweetie, I'm sure it's going to be OK. You know, in the end. We always come back from this."

"My son is the successor to the Evil throne." She quoted P.J from earlier. "Phoebe, you may have been the queen, but he will be the centre of the Evil universe, the leader of every Demon which will come after us. He's exactly what Chris came back to us to stop him from becoming and Chris died doing it."

"We know, Piper." Phoebe sighed. "We know."

"Do you? Because like I said, your children are paragons of goodness."

"So are two of yours, Piper!" Paige insisted.

"Two out of three, Paige. Not exactly a full deck."

"Do you guys have any idea why Wyatt told Chris and P.J to watch out?"

"I might have an idea..." Phoebe said. She was biting her nails out of nerves. Piper and Paige both looked at their sister, who sighed. "I think it has something to do with the Nexus."

"The Nexus!" Piper exclaimed. "What about it...?"

"Other than P.J and Chris, all of the other kids were born in the house."

"Dammit! Phoebe's right." Paige said.

After Chris' birth, Phoebe, Piper and Paige had agreed that their children should be born in the house, at the sight of the Wiccan Nexus, to ensure that the children would be more powerful so long as the Nexus stayed in their hands. When Phoebe was having P.J, however, there were complications which meant that it was impossible for her to be born at the house.

"So Wyatt wants the Nexus." Piper said, in a rather absent voice.

"I think so, sweetie." Phoebe stated.

"OK. Then we just have to come up with a way to ensure that he doesn't get to it."

"Sounds easy." Paige said, sarcastically.

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