Hey, guys!

I'm sorry if I got you excited about another chapter and you came to check it out and ended up with a dumb Author's Note. I hate when authors do that, don't you? So I apologize for that.

However, I need you people's advice. I am seriously considering writing a sequel to this story, but I first wanted to make sure it would be welcomed. I know that sounds a bit selfish, or whatever, but I thought since there's no point continuing a boring or stupid storyline, I would ask.

If you don't think there should be a sequel, review and tell me so. Don't worry, I'm tough, I can take it. If you think there should be a sequel, let me know. And if you have an idea for what it should be titled (if you want a sequel) let me know that too. Anyway, my point is, I just want to if I wrote a sequel whether or not it would be appreciated.

So! Review, because I have no idea what you guys think otherwise!


Fae Luna