"…. you only have until Friday to agree to my demands, or you will never see our son again!"

That was the call that forever altered my life.

Chapter 1.


I was young when my Mother suddenly died and I had to move from my much-loved home in phoenix to live with the Father I hardly knew. Sure we shared phone calls and Christmas and birthday cards, and I did spend a week with him every summer vacation, but that was the extent of our time together.

Fast-forward to that awful summer day when I was 15. I was doing what all normal teenage girls do, begging my mom to let me go out with a boy who was much too old for me. She was adamant that I was not allowed to go. "THAT'S SO UNFAIR, I HATE YOU!" I screamed as I stormed up to my room, stomping up the stairs like an elephant and slamming the door for good measure. Unbeknownst to my mom, I snuck out of the house that day, and met with the boy anyways.

When I came home the house was empty, I found a note on the kitchen table: B, I know you snuck out. Call me when you get home, I'm out looking for you. Not wanting to get in any more trouble, I did as asked and called Renee's cell. It rang and rang, and then went to voicemail. I tried again, and it did the same. Maybe the battery died?

It had started getting dark, and I was starting to get a little worried. Mom hadn't called, it wasn't like her. Another hour passed, I was waiting for her to make dinner, but she didn't come home. Another hour after that there was a knock at the door. I opened it to find 2 police offers on the doorstep… "Are you Isabella Swan? There's been an accident."

I will never forgive myself. The last words I said to my mother were in anger, and over some boy who didn't even matter to me, I just wanted to go out. It was my fault my Mother was dead. If I hadn't of snuck out, she wouldn't have gone out looking for me, and she wouldn't have been hit by that idiot running the red light, and she would still be here, now.

Everything after that evening until the time I arrived in rainy Forks was a blur. Charlie was Called, and he came right away. I had to Identify her body. We made funeral arrangements. Family and friends came from all over to say goodbye. There were so many casseroles brought to the house and so many flower arrangements delivered I didn't know what to do with them. The house was packed up and sold.

I moved to dreary, rainy Forks, Washington. I supposed it matched my mood. I was never able to get past my last words with my mother. The last exchange I will have with her, forever, were words said in anger. I have so much hate towards myself for it. It never leaves me, it consumes me. I will forever burn in hell for it.

Charlie did his best for me, but being thrust into full-time father hood, suddenly, to a self loathing, depressed 15-year-old girl is not easy.

Charlie registered me for school, took me to therapy, and brought me with him to meet his friends and their families. This is how I eventually met Jake.

Jake. The man who eventually gave me my reason for living, and damn near killed me at the same time.

I met Jake for the first time that fall. Right after I turned 16. We seemed to hit it off, right off the go. Jake was someone I felt I could go to for anything. The best part? Jake's dad, Billy, was best friends with Charlie. Charlie felt Jake could do no wrong.

Charlie Encouraged our friendship, constantly throwing us together for Holidays, Birthdays, and any kind of event that ever happened. There were weekly dinners, parties, and, eventually, first dates and our graduation from high school. Jake asked Charlie for permission to marry me the summer before my 19th birthday, and he proposed on my birthday itself. I thought I loved Jake (having never experienced love before) and I said yes. We went to a motel in Port Angeles that night, and I gave him my Virginity.

The sex left A LOT to be desired. It was painful, and messy, and not at all enjoyable for me, but I was sure that's just how it was supposed to be. Jake left to serve in the military 2 weeks later, with the promise that we would Marry when he returned from his tour, and the unknown gift of our son, Seth. They say it only takes once, right?

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