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When he picked up the phone, he could hear Castiel's audible moans and murmuring of Dean's name. Castiel's voice was cuter than any other person's; he may be a dom in bed but his voice is that of a slutty sixteen year old girl.

When it was clear that Cas had cum, the vibrator was suddenly off and Dean felt so empty. He should feel good that it was over, but just listening to Castiel pant and breath heavily was making his spent cock twitch when the blond boy was tucking himself back into his pants.

"Be at my apartment at six-thirty. We're going to my stepsister's play. Wear something sexy."

Dean could almost hear Cas smirk. "Already planning it, baby."

Dean dropped his keys on the dresser by the front door and walked into his apartment. He spotted Sam on the couch playing some war game. He gave his little brother a quick salute before announcing he was going to take a shower and get dressed.

Hurrying into his room because there had been more traffic than Dean had expected, he was running short on time. He ripped off his work tee and slid his jeans down his legs and turned the hot water on, stepping under the stream a moment later.

The blond boy thought he heard a slam from the bathroom but ignored it, passing it off as Sammy probably throwing something against the wall again because he lost a fight. Dean finished up in the shower and shaved, wrapping a white towel around his waist and exiting the bathroom.

Out in the hall was Sam standing at the doorway talking to someone. They were standing in the doorway and Dean quickly checked the foggy digital clock in his bathroom before getting another look at the stranger. Tickle his anus and call him Samantha, it was Castiel.

And fuck did he look delicious in his slim dark jeans and white button down and black blazer. His hair was in his signature messy style, but something told Dean that he had styled it too look like that on purpose. He was laughing and smiling at a joke that Sam must've told him when the older boy looked past Dean's little brother and caught sight of the cleanly shaven and dripping wet blond boy.

"Dean," Castiel acknowledged, and at this point Sam whipped around to see Dean standing at the end of the hall with his towel in a tight grip in his hand.

"Heya, Cas. You're right on time." The clock had said six thirty, and they had to be there at seven for the play to start at seven thirty. They were already running behind on time, so Dean blushed a bright pink and dismissed his self into his room to get dressed.

He hadn't really recognized the fact that he was a little touched when he saw the boy that he had had this crush on for so long and then finally got a shot at him (even if it was completely and utterly smutty), and his little brother sharing a conversation so easily.

The blush still lingered on his cheeks when he was done dressing in a pair of denim jeans and a white tee with a gray V-neck sweater. It was dressy casual since it was only a high school play, nothing professional.

He came out and looked at his little brother who was wearing ripped jeans and a maroon tee. Dean gave the dark haired boy the stink eye. "What are you going to a skate park? Go put on some khakis, you doof," Dean commented and Sam rolled his eyes dramatically and left the room, leaving his cell phone on the couch as he went to change his pants.

"Hey, Gorgeous," Castiel said and Dean felt that familiar flush on his cheeks. Up close, the younger man could now see that the blazer was very dark purple velvet and, shit, the man smelt heavenly, Dean observed.

Cas pulled him in for a hug and Dean eagerly pressed his lips up to the dark haired male. Cas leaned in and wrapped an arm around the small of Dean's back to bring their bodies flush together, his tongue seeping into the blond boys mouth—

"Cas!" Dean whispered urgently. "Sam's going to come out," he said as he broke apart from the older boy. The blush was still present on his face when Sam walked out of his room slid on a pair of Vans. "Sammy?"

"I'm ready," he said and went to pick up his phone on the couch. All three boys filed out of the apartment and Dean locked it behind himself and then headed down the rest of the stairs to the car park.

Castiel had never seen Dean's car before, so he was a little startled at the old beauty that the three of them stopped in front of. "Wow," he breathed.

"She's a beauty, ain't she? This is my baby." Dean said with pride, shooting a wink at the still stunned Castiel. The moment that he had taken to pause and admire the car, Dean's little brother had rushed in front of him and taken the front seat.

"Hey—!" Castiel hollered but it was too late.

"You snooze you lose," Sam taunted and buckled his seat belt, childishly sticking his tongue out at the darker haired boy who slid into the back seat.

"Sorry Cas," Dean said as he dropped into the driver's seat and revved the engine. It was six forty-five so they had a little less than twenty minutes away, and when they arrived at Jo's high school they parked and rushed out of the car to go into the large auditorium's foyer. There Sam and Dean saw the familiar faces of Bobby and Ellen Singer, the people who had raised them when they had no one else. Ellen had gotten married to Bobby more recently, about ten years ago or so, and Jo wasn't related to him in any way other than their stepdaughter-father relationship.

Bobby was dressed better than usual, Dean had to admit. No ratty old baseball cap, torn crew neck, dusty jeans. He was wearing a pair of slacks and a lavender button down. Ellen was wearing a simple black dress but she looked beautiful like usual, in a motherly way Dean thoughtfully noted before he gave himself shudders.

They both hugged each other and Ellen commented on how much Sam had grown while Dean still had his 'Ken Doll' look which made him scowl and Castiel laugh. That's when Cas was introduced into the conversation.

"Who's the boy?" Bobby demanded, a little rudely, but hey. That's Bobby for you.

Cas cleared his throat and extended his hand. "Castiel Novak," he introduced and Bobby took the hand and gave it a hard shake.

"Bobby and Ellen Singer. Wait a moment," he paused and a brief look of recognition flashed over his face. "You're the kid that Jo said that Sam said that Dean won't shut up about!" he said, feeling proud of himself for saying that without getting tongue-tied.

Dean blushed immensely and punched Bobby on the arm. "Shut up, old man!" he cried but Bobby was on a role, laughing now. Ellen rolled her eyes and looked at her husband, muttering, 'Here we go…'

"The one with the cute butt?" Bobby provoked. "So tell me, which one of you is the girl?"

If Dean thought he was blushing at first, that was nothing compared to now. Even Cas was blushing and uncomfortable, shifting his weight to his other foot. "Mr. Singer, I—"

"Bobby, son," Bobby requested and smiled kindly at him. "It's nice to meet you and I'm just yanking your chain. You don't need to answer that, it's clearly Dean who's the girl—"

"Fuck you, you old coot!" Dean screamed this time, catching the attention of more people now. Bobby laughed some more and shuffled away, trying to keep the tears of laughter from spilling out of his eyes. Dean was hitting him with hard fists. Bobby finally cried Uncle and Ellen grabbed the blond boy's hand.

"Alright, alright that's enough boys. We gotta get in there or they're going to lock us out," she said and a still chuckling Sam and Bobby headed inside while Ellen apologized profusely for her husbands cruel jokes to Castiel and Dean (mainly Castiel). Dean was still blushing but shook it off. As they were entering, Castiel placed a comforting hand on Dean's lower back and a shiver ran down his spine. Uh, how long was this play again? Because he sure as hell didn't want to pop a boner at his kid sister's play.

They sat down in a line—Bobby, Ellen, Sam, Dean, and Castiel. The two boys' hands found each other's under the line of sight of any of the other people they arrived with. The play was All Shook Up, meaning lots of sex jokes, alcohol jokes, and corny love songs.

Jo was the lead of the play as Natalie Haller, the talented mechanic who falls in love at first sight for the newcomer bad boy Chad who was played by a boy called Adam Milligan as Dean read from his program. There were other funny characters including horny drunk girls and mostly the rest was just the ensemble characters.

It was a long two hours but it was funny and cute watching Jo up on stage without a speck of stage fright and the most beautiful singing voice that Dean had never even noticed in his stepsister before.

After it was over, the whole cast came into the foyer and the fans and family members alike took pictures with the actors. Dean saw Jo first and she ran up to him and attacked him in a bear hug. The blond boy smiled and laughed as he took her into his arms and hoisted her small frame into the air.

"Hey, sweetie, how are you?" he asked, kissing her forehead. It was something that Dean could never really rid—calling Jo little pet names like Sweetheart or Sweetie or Honey. In his eyes he would always see her as the adorable little seven year old that would beg Dean or Sam (but mainly Dean) to take her to the park or read with her, etc.

"Great! I'm so glad you're here! Is Sam?" she asked eagerly and when she caught sight of him right behind Dean, she squealed in delight and gave him a glomping bear hug too. He asked her question after question about what it was like to be up there on the stage and Jo answered excitedly.

"Mom! Bobby!" she cried next and gave them both hugs. Castiel walked out after and she sent him a long look and her jaw dropped. "Is this… Who I think it is?" she gasped.

Jesus Christ. Was it possible for Dean to, I don't know, not blush when someone brought up Castiel?

Castiel sort of half smiled in this cute boyish way and gave her a wave. Jo squawked in delight and threw her arms around his neck in a hug as well. Cas smiled and hugged her back. "Nice to meet you," he said and smirked at her.

"God, he's much hotter than you told me on the phone," Jo gossiped to Sam who shrugged. This statement, though, caused Castiel to blush and rub the back of his neck.

"Alright, how about a group picture?" Ellen suggested and asked a woman standing near to take a picture of them all. Jo tucked in between her mom and stepdad and Sam stood in the back because of his now profound height (stupid growth spurts) while Cas stood behind me and wrapped an arm around Dean's neck. The blond boy could feel him breathing behind him, which raised the fair hairs on the back of his neck.

The flash went off and all of them smiled widely before the girl returned the camera to Ellen and hurried off to talk to other cast members. Ellen took the digital camera in her hands and looked at the picture and chuckled. "It looks great. I'll print it and send it to you boys," she said, talking to Dean and Sam.

It was already ten o'clock when they were leaving. Jo had a opening night party for the cast and crew members to attend so she went off with a group of friends while Ellen and Bobby headed off to their car down the street, complaining about how lucky Dean had by getting such a good parking spot right out front.

The three boys now piled into the car. Sam didn't make a comment when Castiel raced to the front to ensure that he got shotgun. Dean just smirked and laughed at him while Sam hadn't seemed to notice as seeing the shaggy haired boy had his phone held up to his face.

"Hey, Dean. Could you drop me off at a friend's house? There's some party tonight," he asked. Dean looked over at his little brother and shrugged.

"You going to come home or stay at someone's house?"

"Probably Ash's," Sam said, yanking the backseat door open and plopping in. Dean nodded and agreed. "Just take me to Jake's house."

Dean did so, driving a little out of the way from their apartments to drop Sam off at his friend Jake Talley's house. Sam stepped out and waved at his older brother before he jogged towards the door. Dean took off heading down the road and then a warm hand found it's way onto his thigh.

Ever so slightly Dean rested his head back on the back of his chair. He bit his lip and dared a glance at the boy beside him.

"Sorry about the intrusive family," he said apologetically and Cas shrugged.

"It was uncomfortable, but I was glad I got to know more of your family, Dean," Castiel said nonchalantly. He looked at Dean with his deep blue eyes and leaned forward to steal a kiss from the younger man's lips. His hand lingered some more and rested on Dean's crotch.

"Cas!" Dean said, taken completely by surprise. "Driving right now! Do you want us to get in an accident?" he cried, a blush creeping over his face.

"Sorry, babe," Cas said, leaning his face in so he could nuzzle the hair on the back of the blonde's head. "You're so cute; I just want to take you home and pound into you so hard…"

"Caas," Dean whined. He was getting hard off of Cas' dirty talk alone. "Please… Driving…" his breath got caught in his throat and he let out a little choked sound.

"You know I'm actually quite glad you clumsily spilled your coffee onto my computer," Cas said, running his fingers through the longer hairs on the top of Dean's head. "We would probably still go to class together and never know the other existed."

"I, um, I always knew you existed," Dean muttered nervously. "I watched you from afar… As stalker-y as that sounds."

"I wouldn't mind having a stalker if it were you," Cas admitted, placing a kiss on the shell of the younger man's ear. They were nearing the apartment complex now and Dean was grateful because he was beginning to feel the wetness of his leaking precum down his cock. He had neglected to put on a proper pair of briefs because he, yet again, couldn't find a clean pair since Cas had just did his laundry that morning and he had yet to retrieve it.

"You're too sexy to be true," Dean chuckled and pulled into the parking garage. He got out right as the dark haired man did and they gave each other enticing looks of want and lust. They took the elevator this time to their floor and entered Dean's apartment.

"I want to fuck you on the couch. Then in the kitchen, and then the bedroom," Cas said with devious narrowed eyes. Dean gulped and Cas rushed him all at once, pulling the V-neck sweater and tee off in one go, and their lips met as Cas furiously tried to undo Dean's button and zipper.

Dean moaned heartily into the kiss. He imagined the two of them fucking roughly on the couch, the place where Dean and his little brother usually sit to cool off on a hot day as the window allows a stream of air to blow in or late at night they will stay up and play video games with each other. They were now going to violate that place. And it would be one of many.

Castiel looked excited when he saw that Dean wasn't wearing any boxers. "Gone commando, have we? God, you're sexy as fuck." Cas' lips were on his once again and the pants slid down his legs before Dean could even turn around and close the door behind them.

Dropping to his knees, Castiel took his cock in both of his hands and began to rub Dean off, kissing the tip. Already with the sight of Cas below him with his shirt and blazer undone and his magnificent and creamy lean chest on display, Dean was ready to explode.

Plus, Cas had this technique where he would pump his hand and mouth over Dean's length at the same time to compensate for extra space. Cas pulled his mouth off and licked all the way down the blonde's shaft until his balls were in the blue-eyed beauty's face and his slipped them into his mouth and sucked hungrily. Dean cried out and slid his hands into the older boy's hair and held him close to his throbbing cock.

"I'm gunna cum, Cas!" Dean cried and guided the man's skilled mouth back to the head of his cock. "Please, Cas, give it to me…!"

Castiel proceeded to lick the tip of Dean's cock, sticking his tongue into the seeping slit before he ran his mouth down the length of the cock, fitting the dick in as far as it could go. Dean was shocked and surprised at the man's level of skill when he began proficiently deep-throating Dean.

Screaming and writhing before the man, Dean was slowly coming undone. "Come on baby, blow your load all over my fucking face."

That was pretty much all it took for Dean to thrust hard into the dark haired man's mouth and hit the back of his throat, making him successfully hit that delicious orgasm that he so dearly craved. "Fuck!" Dean screamed. He yanked on Cas' hair hard and rode his mouth as he allowed the waves of the ejaculation to flow over him.

By the time that Dean pulled out of his mouth, the boy had tears in his eyes and was greedily swallowing the rest of the semen down. "So delicious, Dean, always so good…" he moaned before he was back on his feet and leading Dean over to the couch.

Cas' hands gripped every pillow and/or messy unfolded blanket and threw it onto the ground and then reached out to Dean who he threw not so gently onto the nest on the floor so that the upper half of his body was hanging over the side of the couch and his legs rested where Cas was sitting on his calves.

Dean already had no pants on so there was a clear shot at Dean's aching hole that had a bit of wet cum splashed on it. Cas took off his blazer and button down all together and tossed it across the room and bent his back forward in such a way that his mouth made easy contact with the younger man's hole.

Dean cried out at first in alarm and pleasure. "Fuck! Cas! Aaah—!" Dean moaned at the top of his voice; he had no Sammy to worry about listening in, no other neighbors on this floor either. (There were only three apartment rooms on each floor and the third was unoccupied on this level.)

Cas sucked and prodded, fucking his ass with his tongue alone. "Tell me you've stayed loose all day," he murmured hungrily, hot breath making Dean's asshole twitch.

Dean choked back a groan. "I had to finger myself at work but I got interrupted before I could cum," Dean sputtered brokenly, half sobbing now.

"Awh, poor baby. Well then, allow me to give you what you couldn't achieve yourself," he said with an evil glint in his eyes as he stuck three of his fingers in his mouth and sucked on them, his cheeks caving in when he finally let them escape with a loud 'pop'.

Dean groaned and only arched his back more so that he could get in a more comfortable position (since he had most of his pressure on his neck and shoulder blades—not to mention all the blood rushing to his head now). He pushed his ass farther into the air and Cas got a great grope of his fleshy mounds and sucked on them before giving each cheek a hard slap. Dean cried out, the pain intense but was also getting him off. His cock was now completely hard again and the more the slaps came, the more precum leaked out of his cock.

Cas attacked with one hand now, pushing in two fingers at once and Dean howled like a dog it was so much and so sudden. The third one came a couple thrust after and poked something that pushed into Dean's prostate and made Dean scream.

"You never took it out?" Cas asked, laughing and scissoring his fingers not purposefully inside of the younger man's ass to get the toy out. It was small and about twice the size of a fish oil pill but the same kind of shape.

"I forgot after I fingered myself at work," Dean blushed immediately and Cas' jaw dropped.

"You mean you couldn't even feel it when you were sitting on your ass for almost two hours at the play?" this made Cas smirk sadistically and give Dean's ass another hard slap. "So fucking sexy, Dean. Your asshole is the best."

The fingers plunged in some more and too much resistance was being put up so Cas removed his fingers and spread the hole wide, making Dean sob, and gathered up a wad of saliva and spit it into Dean's open hole.

His fingers were wet and lubed again and Cas pushed them in. He leaned back on his haunches and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down so that they wouldn't rub obnoxiously against Dean's ass or Cas' upper thighs. He spit into his hand and gave his hard cock a few tight rubs before he positioned his tip at Dean's entrance and penetrated him.

Dean's shrill yell ringed all through out the apartment living room and Cas leaned forward—only God knows how flexible this man really was—and pressed his lips to the crying boy's below him to lovingly silence him. "So hot, Dean."

Every time that Cas thrust into him now, it would push Dean's shoulder's father into the covers and pillows and sends shocks of pain down Dean's spine. The intimate pleasure Dean was feeling in between his thighs, however, was too much that it seemed that Cas was overcompensating for something.

The pain was oddly enough doing it for the writing blonde boy, and he found the more that it hurt, the harder he would squeeze his cock as he jacked himself off that the more real it felt. Dean was slowly draining and he felt his orgasm drawing dangerously near.

"Cas—I'm—again!" he cried and Cas' grunts and thrusts came more often and harder into Dean.

"God, fucking into your slut hole is so fucking hot, Dean. I can't even imagine doing this with anyone but you now." Cas smiled devilishly. "Look at what you've done to me."

"Mmmmh!" Dean groaned, feeling his body tense up. "I want you to fuck me so much that my ass conforms to the shape of your cock...!" Dean shouted and Cas chuckled some more as he rolled his hips into Dean's. His hot hand enveloped Dean's and helped the younger man jack himself off and it was just so sweet and sexy at the same time that Dean had been thrown over the edge as he shuddered to a near stop and bit his lip, feeling sure that the skin broke.

Castiel followed closely after, sounding like he was praying to God as came inside of the boy he pulled out and helped Dean scrambled off his aching shoulders and onto his knees so that he could ram the cock into his cute little mouth that was dotted with freckles every here and there around the skin.

Dean licked the saliva and cum off of the long and hard member before it was becoming limp and used. Cas hauled him up to his feet and brought him with him into the hall, kissing him breathlessly along the way.

The kitchen came next and Dean was easily hoisted onto his marble counter top and he braced himself on the cupboard door as a quickly hardened cock was ramming into Dean once again and hitting right at his prostate on every single thrust. The blond boy believed that if he held any tighter to the cabinet door that it would break off, like the plates and bowls that were digging into the middle of his back at the moment. Dean screamed his release just a short four minutes later. He wasn't even ashamed at how easily Cas had been able to let him have it out and Cas didn't seem to be too disappointed with how short Dean had lasted with his amazing cock slamming into that sweet spot inside of him.

Making sure that he didn't leave a mess on the counter (because fuck, that's so fucking unsanitary) the younger man was lead by Cas into his bedroom next. The older boy turned around and shot Dean an excited and horny wink as he lifted Dean into the air and tossed him onto the bed.

"Fuck, Cas, I don't think I can go another round…" Dean admitted sadly, his cheeks heating up in embarrassment.

"We don't have to. We can sleep for now. Did I tell you? I got you this pink little cock ring—"

"Don't make me change my mind, Cas," Dean said exasperatedly although his mind started to wander towards the idea of more toys that Cas had bought him.

"I mean, I wouldn't mind…"

"There is a time and place for everything," Dean said profoundly, snuggling under the covers next to Cas. They cuddled under the covers so that Dean was half lying on Cas' chest and the dark haired boy had a tight hold around the younger man's upper back.

Dean sighed in content.

"You know, I really like you, Castiel," Dean said, almost sounding like he was talking more to his self rather than the other boy in bed with him.

"If you keep talking like that I'm going to turn you over and have my way with you if I have to force you," Cas said, leaning in and pressing a kiss to Dean's temple.

"Caaas," Dean heard his own whine and then blushed at the slightly embarrassing noise. He was half hard again and if he brushed his hand over a few inches to the left, he would be able to feel Cas' arousal. "I'm trying to be serious."

"Oh?" the older man asked, turning his head so that he could get a good look at Dean's freckled and adorable face.

"I mean, I liked you since you moved in next to me. Not lying."

"I know you're not, Dean," Cas spoke in a husky voice. "And I've gotta say, I like you too," he said, a quirky smirk rising his lips. "If not love."

Dean sucked in a harsh breath of air. Fuck, admitting one's feelings was difficult but hearing the other admitting to their feelings in unison was a whole different ballpark.

"I mean, I'm not one for chick flick moments, but…" Dean grumbled with a huge scarlet blush on his cheeks.

"We're not chicks, so no worries," Cas said, leaning in and kissing Dean's closed eyelid. "God, Dean. You're just too fucking cute. I sometimes feel like this is too good to be true."

He sighed in content too.

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