Another from my Say Anything AU. :3

Hope ya'll enjoy!

It is a million o'clock at night and no one is home.

Dick is already hot and sweaty, he smells like leather and the gym and is in need of a good shower. They barely made it through the front door, tripping on the steps. They do not know when their parents are going to be home, but for the time they are alone.

Adrenaline is high for the both of them, one from soaring across the stage and the other from catching two armed burn outs.

"You going to put on a show for me?" Jason breathed hoarsely into Dick's ear.

Dick smiled mischievously and under the shadows he looked like an incubus ready to suck the life from his next prey. "A private show, just for you." he peppered kisses up and down Jason's neck, and traced the curve of his ear with his tongue, "But I'm a bit sore, you think you can help me undress?"

Jason mutters a stammered a, "Yes." his hands fanned over the blue fabric, slowly peeling it off his boyfriend's body.

Dick's breath was heavy, with each touch of Jason's fingers against his flesh sent sparks of electricity through him. It was exhilarating. There was no lights on in the trailer, but there was enough energy in the air that Dick could see everything clearly. He could see the expression on Jason's face, the shine in his gray eyes.

Jason grabbed Dick by the face and pulled him close, he tasted his lips, dry lips and explored. Stretching his arms up, Jason caresses the back of Dick's neck, and lightly tugs at his matted black hair. Dick grinds his hips into Jason, all because he wants to hear the teenager moan and is successful.

Its a soft moan, low, almost inaudible but loud enough for Dick to hear his own name being desperately called. It is arousing, and that enamoring longing to be touched envelops Dick and he wants more but he has to be careful.

The acrobat claws under Jason's shirt as his teeth nibble bruises into the younger teenager's neck.

Suddenly the lights come on, Dick hears his father let out a curse and his mother gasp. Jason presses a hand against Dick's shoulder and the man stiffly backs off. The pair smiled up at their parents, although each of them turn a bright red color and Jason was shaking.

"What the hell was that?" Mary broke the silence and placed her hand on her hip, her eyes darted right toward Dick. "This is the third time this week we've caught you two in the act. Either you guys get better at hiding, or calm your raging hormones down. You know, I've had quite a lot of people ask me questions about both of your hickey marks. My sons are not incestuous whores, tomorrow morning I'm going to show you how to use make up to cover those marks. You know," she continued, absolutely irate about constantly walking in on Dick and Jason. "I bet if Jason was a girl you would have already knocked him up."

John turned away to shield his face because he was about to start laughing and he did not want Mary to see. Jason's jaw dropped at her statement and Dick gave in and quietly began giggling.

"But Mom we haven't even -" Jason began but she cut him off.

"No." Mary crossed her arms, "Both of you need to calm down and stop attacking each other every second of the day. Dick is not going to die if your mouth isn't always on him."

"Can Jason and I go sleep in a hotel because -" Dick tried to change the subject but he too was interrupted.

"No."Mary denied him. "You two are sleeping here."