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First, I want to do somethings crystal clear.

English is not my first language, and I never did an English school. All my english is provenient from gaming, and recently from reading fanfics, so grammar MISTAKES ARE EXPECTED. However, I will do my best to keep it low.

This is my very first fanfic, don't lose your time with non-constructive suggestions. Ideas and constructive criticism are very welcome, though.

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PS: I recommend watching the game ending before start reading.

Right after "DOTD" ending...

"We made it Cynder! We saved the world!" Spyro shouted from hapiness, while flew to the grasslands of Avalar, with Cynder right behind him.

"I can't believe it!" She cheerfully shouted back.

"We're free!" He shouted again.

Cynder just smiled to himself.

Spyro then dived to land in a small grassy hill. He sat down then, and Cynder did the same aside him.

"Look around, everything seems so beautiful now." He smiled, while gazed to the blue skies, and the surroundings bursting with life.

"You did Spyro. You should be proud." She smiled to him.

"No, WE did Cynder. You always were at my side." He strongly replied. She blushed a bit.

There could be no greater reward to all their effort, than seeing such a beautiful landscape, when just moments earlier their world was broke to pieces.

They stayed some time quiet, just enjoying their first moment alone without worrying about Malefor, without being chained together, or any other worries. Their first peaceful moment. The sun was already going down, the wind was blowing gently, and only the sound heard was their breaths and the sound of the wind stroking the tree's leaves.

Suddenly, Cynder broke the silence.

"Spyro?" She called.

"Yes?" He asked and looked with a smile to her, who was gazing the sunset.

"Where are we going now? What are we going to do?" She asked, confusedly.

"We are free now Cynder, we can go anywhere, and do anything we want." He replied keeping his smile. "We have peace at last." He finished with a happy sigh.

"This moment...is so perfect, I never thought I would ever have a moment like this, watching the sunset, felling the gentle wind in our backs and the smooth grass in our paws." She said calmly, with a satisfaction tone.

"And its much better with you." Spyro said smiling, but someway shyly.

"Oh..." She blushed. "Thanks Spyro..." She replied, surprised and embarrassed by his commentary.

"So... Cynder..." He blushed a little too, and she turned her gaze to him. That made him even more nervous. "I think... I owe you an answer." He finished with a shy smile.

She felt her body freeze only in thinking in what he could be thinking. She opened her eyes wide, her heart began to race, and she could feel her body temp suddenly rising.

His heart began to race as well and he felt the blood rush to his face "I...I…wanted to say..."

"Yes?" She asked in a tone of joy and getting closer to him.

"...That I love you too Cynder... I always had, since the first time I looked in your eyes." He forced himself to say, but could not put himself to look her in the face.

Cynder could not contain herself, the dragon that saved her life, the only one who cared about her, just expressing his feelings for her. She hugged Spyro strongly, and laid her head over his shoulder, and held herself to do not cry from emotion.

He just smiled to himself, and hugged her back.

However, while Cynder hugged him, some thoughts seemed to suddenly flood her mind.

When she released him, she was looking sad. Spyro got worried by that sudden change of mood, and asked her, raising her chin with a paw.

"Something wrong Cynder?"

"Spyro... After all I done...All the mistakes I made, and knowing who I was, how can you still love me?" She said, deeply sad, and couldn't hold some tears of sadness.

"Cynder, you can't blame yourself for you past, you know that wasn't your fault!" He confidently said.

"But Malefor was right, I freed him! I caused all that!" She whimpered.

"Everyone makes mistakes Cynder, and you are no different! Now we defeated him! You defeated him! Why do you still feel bad for that?" He insisted.

Cynder just started crying lightly. That just broke Spyro's heart. He hugged her again, and she did back, crying over his shoulder.

"It's okay now Cynder... We saved the world, Malefor is gone, you don't have to worry about you past. All that is gone now. Now we have to think about our future, together!"

She then released him again, and started drying her tears with a paw.

"Cynder..." He called, still a little worried and sad for seeing her crying.

She just looked to him, with her wet and saddened eyes.

He then gave her a small smile, and asked. "Are you with me?"

She smiled back, and replied "I'm with you."

"Then you have nothing to worry about."

"I love you Spyro..." She whispered.

"I love you too..." He whispered and smiled.

Cynder then dried her last tears, and to his surprise she pressed her lips against his, and started kissing him, slowly and passionately, hugging him closely within her paws.

He just froze at the begging, and widened his eyes. He didn't know what to do. The only thing he knew was that it was very good, and he stayed enjoying the feeling.

After some seconds, Cynder broke for a small while before going into another kiss.

"Kiss me." She whispered and smiled. Her eyes still somewhat wet.

"What?" He asked, not knowing yet what should he do.

"Just kiss me." She whispered and dived for another kiss.

This time Spyro followed her, instinctively put his paws over her cheeks, and started kissing her. Soon his eyelids dropped. She just smiled to herself, and continued their kiss.

When they broke it, she nuzzled him under his jaw, with her forehead, getting a giggle from him. She then got to his side, and laid her side on his. He put a wing over her, and pulled her against him, and gave her a small lick on the cheek.

Just then both stayed enjoying their first day in peace...

Some may ask: "What? He told her already?"
And I say yes, because Cynder already told him at the end of the game and he already liked very much her at that moment. I will not pretend that it didn't happen, and I see no why for keeping them like friends until Cynder gets hurt, almost die, or something like that to tell her that he loves her.
It makes sense, doesn't it?
Thanks for reading, you are awesome! o/