"Amphars? Oh my!..."

"...Are you okay?"

Amphars just grunted in his sleep.

"Wake up Amphars!" A female voice spoke.

He twitched and opened his eyes. "Oh crap, that light!" He put a paw in his eyes. "Every day this happens to me!"

"Thank god you are ok. You spooked me a bit now." She said relieved.

"Uh…where am I?" He asked trying to figure who was talking, but his vision was blurred.

"You are in my doorstep! I just woke and found you here." She laughed.

When he could see again, he figured that he was on the floor, at the dragoness' doorstep. She was sat right in front of him, gazing at him curiously, and tilting her head. He saw her white chest and belly, and her light-blue scales, and realized that she was the dragoness that Cyril told him, the one who he looked at in the class one day ago.

"You... are my classmate, aren't you?" He asked. She nodded her head with a small smile. "Cyril told me good things about you. You name should be…"

"...Grace!" They said together.

"Yeah, you know me." She chuckled.

"Nice to meet you Grace, but I wished that it was in a better occasion." He chuckled and she chuckled back.

"Now, what happened to you?" She curiously asked tilting her head again.

"It's Flame… do you know him?" He asked and she nodded positively. "Well, something happened and he flew from the temple. I was searching for him. When I noticed that he wasn't in the temple anymore, I tried to head back to my room, but I was too much tired. Then I fell asleep here." He said, already getting on his feet, and by doing this he noticed that he entire body was hurt, because the way he slept, and by sleeping on the stone floor.

"God, I'm broken!" He said and she chuckled.

"You tried to find him and just stopped when you used the last of your energy looking for him? That's impressive!" She said gazing at him.

"But I didn't find him after all." He hung his head in shame.

"But you did you maximum trying that. That's quite a feat, and you should be proud." She said lifting his head with her front paw.

He looked in her light blue eyes and she looked in his silvered yellow ones. He felt his body freeze for a second, then blushed and turned his gaze away to the ground.

She just gave him a small smile.

"Well, thanks for that." He smiled back.

"You are welcome. And that wasn't a bad first met after all! Now enough talk and let's go have some breakfast. I think you earned it, and you should be hungry." She said and released his under chin.

"Well, let's go then." He turned and walked his way to the mess hall. She followed him.

"She really liked that much of what I did? Well, that is…unexpected." He thought to himself. "Crap, she's beautiful!"

While they were walking he said giggling a little, without looking back. "Well you name makes sense after all."

"Why?" She asked smiling to herself.

"Great, now I have to explain it." He thought to himself. "Because you talk graciously." He replied, while his body froze again.

"Thanks." She said with a giggle, seeing that he embarrassed himself, even he doesn't showing it.

When they reached the mess hall, they spotted Spyro and Cynder, taking their seats to eat.

"There is Spyro and Cynder, I will take a seat with them, do you want to join us?" He asked a little embarrassed.

"It's good for me." She replied. He then, took some food in a platter from the cooker moles, and sat in front of Spyro and Cynder.

"Hey Amp, good morning. Did you find Flame?" Cynder asked.

"No Cynder. I just searched for him in the entire temple, and found no sign of him." He said saddened.

"Oh...I hope he's ok." Spyro said sadly and Cynder nodded her head.

"Yes." Amphars sighed.

Then Grace approached them with her food. "Well, she's Grace. She found me asleep on her doorstep, after I searched to Flame." He chuckled.

"Nice to meet you Grace." Spyro and Cynder said. "He was at your doorstep?" Cynder asked.

"Yes. I had to wake him up. He must have really tired himself last night searching for Flame. I told him that it was pretty nice of him." Spyro and Cynder agreed.

"Wait. Where's Ember?" Amphars cut the conversation looking the surroundings for her.

"The pink dragoness? She should be already up at this time." Grace said.

"Do you know her?" Amphars asked curiously.

"I saw you three walking together." She said. "The red one should be Flame, isn't it?"

"Yes, you are right again." He giggled and she only smiled to herself.

"Maybe she is at her room. Amphars, why don't you go there and take her a platter of food?" Spyro asked.

"Well I will do, soon I finish my meal." He said taking a bone.

Some bones gnawed later he got up from his seat and walked to the moles to take a platter for Ember. Grace stayed talking with Spyro and Cynder. They told her a little about him, and about themselves.

Amphars walked to Ember's room with the platter in his mouth. When he reached it, he put the platter on the ground and called for her.

"Ember it's me." He said and knocked in her door. She opened it, looking embarrassed.

"Ember I don't know what happened yesterday night, but you need to eat. I have some food for you here." He pulled the platter that was on the floor to her.

"Ok Amp. I just don't want to exit my room. Thank you, you are sweet." She smiled lightly.

"I'll talk to Spyro. Then I will come back to talk with you. Meanwhile eat this, will you?" He said, gazing at her.

She just hung her head.

He turned back and headed to the mess hall again. Once there he called Spyro. Spyro then got up and walked to Amphars.

"So tell me, what happened to her be so embarrassed?" He asked.

"Look, I think we could tell Grace too, after all she already know part of this, and she looks a nice girl." Spyro said, and Amphars agreed. He didn't want that anyone more than them to know about that, but Spyro was right after all.

They headed back to their seats and Spyro explained everything. Since when Cynder talked to Ember, until the moment he shouted to Amphars come. Grace was taken aback, but tried to not show it. Amphars don't seemed too aback although.

"I see. In some way I expected that to happen, since she wanted you badly, and because of her age. She would never do this Spyro. She had always been a cute and sweet girl, she didn't think in anything when she did this." Amphars said confident, defending his friend.

Spyro nodded only his head.

"Look, I will talk to her. I'm sure that she will want to talk to you later. She looked very embarrassed."

"Ok then." Spyro replied.

Amphars got up and walked off to talk to Ember.

"He must like her, and to help his friends very much, by taking the front to solve a problem this way, since isn't even his problem." Grace said. Spyro and Cynder agreed and turned back to finish their meals.

"Ember?" Amphars poked his head into her room. She was in her pillows, laid on her back, gazing at the ceiling. She had already finished her food.

"You can enter Amp..."

"Look, you know that wasn't you fault what happened, don't you?" He asked while entering her room.

"How couldn't it?" She asked rolling off the cushions and getting to her feet.

"I know that a girl like you never would do that with someone already compromised."

She said nothing. Just hanged her head in shame.

He raised her head with a paw and said. "That was nothing you could do, you lost control of yourself. Cynder is a girl just like you and I'm sure that she will understand, and Spyro is not mad with you, he was very comprehensive. So don't be sad Ember. No one is mad at you and soon no one will remember about what happened, ok?" He then released her head and she nodded.

"Okay, that's better. Now Ember I need to talk something with you."

She only looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

"Do you like Flame?" He asked.

"Of course I like him Amp. We three always walked together." She replied surprised by his question.

He then sighed. "That's not what I'm talking about. The way I like you isn't the way he likes you, you understand?"

She tossed her head back a little and widened her eyes. "Are you saying that you want to be more than my friend? I mean, I…" Amphars rolled his eyes and interrupted her before she could say something more.

"No Ember, what I'm saying is that Flame loves you." He said strongly. "So I will ask again: do you love him?" He asked more directly this time.

She was silent a few seconds and then said. "Amphars… I do not know what to say. I mean, he's cool and handsome but I never thought of him as a mate…Well I do thought, but I never thought that could happen." Amphars raised an eyebrow in the last part.

He couldn't lose the opportunity to joke. "What…" He tried to contain his laugh but it escaped a little interrupting him. "What you thought about him nasty girl? Were you daydreaming with him?" He then laughed freely and she blushed her gaze a little.

"It was not that Amphars!" She said angrily.

"Wasn't it?" He thought to himself.

"I know Ember, I was just messing with you, and trying to relax this conversation a little." He laughed.

She then sighed and turned back the subject. "I don't know Amphars. I'm a little confused right now. For now, call Spyro here please, I need to apologize to him."

"Sure, I will call him. I know that was sudden, so think about it." He said and exited the room.

"I'll." She replied while he did this.

When there, he called Spyro from the mess hall entrance, who got up to answer the call.

Right before Spyro got up, Grace caught Cynder's attention, and said. "I think I can understand Ember, Cynder. Spyro is a special dragon, and he is pretty nice if you don't mind. I have sure that most dragonesses here would like to have a hero like him as their mate." Cynder just laughed.

"And by what Amphars said, she should be very…heated, and we all know how it is. That could explain what she did. And if I'm not talking too much, or putting my nose where I should not, I think you shouldn't be mad at her after all." She finished.

"I think you are right, I won't be mad at her. Thanks Grace." She said with a smile. Grace only nodded her head and smiled back.

"You look like Amphars. Since me and Spyro met him, Flame and Ember, he were always the most respectful of them. He was even a little formal on presenting himself." Cynder chuckled in the end.

"Oh, really?" She asked looking at her. Cynder only nodded her head.

While Cynder and Grace were talking, Spyro reached Amphars who told him that Ember would like to see him. Amphars then walked to sit back on the bench close to the two females while Spyro was heading to Ember's room. They had just finished their conversation.

"So… Is Spyro going to talk to her?" Cynder asked.

"Yes, that's it." Amphars replied.

"And about Flame?" Grace asked.

"Well…Spyro will talk to the guardians to send some cheetah search parties to find him. And we can fly around the city, since he must have felt tired before get too away."

"I want to help you to find him." Grace said, confidently.

"Do you want to go with us?" Amphars asked surprised.

"Yes. Since I think you could use some help, and I can help, I see no why to don't."

Amphars was surprised by the dragoness initiative to help others. That was something that not even him would do, in her place.

"Ok then, I will call you when we are about to take off." He said and she nodded her head.

Meanwhile, Spyro reached Ember's room.

"Ember?" He knocked the door.

"Enter Spyro..." She sadly replied.

"You wanted to talk to me?" He asked entering the room.

"I want to say that I'm sorry Spyro, I couldn't stop myself. I'm very ashamed." She hung her head.

"Ember, I know that wasn't you fault, so don't be sorry. Amphars told me and Cynder about you, he defended you very well." Spyro chuckled at the end.

"He is a good friend." She said and Spyro nodded his head.

"Now Ember, let's just forget about it. Right now we have to focus on finding Flame."

"Finding Flame? What do you mean?" She quickly gazed at him and rose an eyebrow.

Spyro felt like he shouldn't have said that, but since he had said already, he explained.

"Amphars didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?" She asked, getting worried.

"Flame saw everything last night, and he burst off running away."

"Oh my dear god!" Ember gasped and put her paws over her head, ashamed.

"I just can't believe I caused all this... mess!" She whimpered, and her eyes started to get wet. "How can i explain what he saw? How!?"

"Ember, calm down! We'll be searching for him soon! Come with us, and think about it later."

"I'll do it." She said, sniffed, and then dried her wet eyes.

"Good. We will take off soon to search for him. Now, will you come with me to the mess hall?"

"No Spyro, I'll stay here. I wont leave my room for now." She hung her head. "You can call me when you are about to take off."

"Ok then." He sighed and exited the room.

Spyro then headed to the guardians' chamber.

"Guardians, Flame has gone missing." Spyro said entering the room and gazing at them.

"What? How?" Terrador asked surprised and worried.

"I can explain that later. Right now we need to find him." He strongly said.

Terrador nodded his head. "I will talk to Hunter. He will put some cheetah parties to find him."

"We will search for him too. We are about to take off."

"I see. Since still morning you have a good window of time to do that, so good luck." Terrador finished.

"Thanks Terrador." Spyro bowed his head, turned, and exited the room. He headed back to the mess hall to call everyone. When he reached there, he stood on the entrance of the mess hall and signalized to Cynder to come with his paw. She warned the others and they walked to Spyro.

"Are we good to go?" Spyro asked when the stopped.

"Yes we are. Also Grace will be helping us too." Cynder replied.

"I see, thanks Grace, I knew you would help someway." He bowed his head a little. "Now let's get going. Me and Cynder will start searching from the north to the west. Amphars, Grace and Ember, you should be starting on the south to the east. Don't get to away from the city. He couldn't have fled for too long."

They agreed all together.

"Amphars, go with Grace to Ember's room. She is waiting for a call." Spyro said.

"Right, let's go Grace." He said and she followed him.

They parted and Spyro and Cynder exited the temple and took off. Meanwhile Amphars and Grace reached Ember's room.

"Ember! Time to go!" He said entering on her room. She was on her balcony, looking at the city.

"Alright, let's go then." She said and leaped though her balcony. Amphars and Grace leaped too. They flew to the south to start their search.