Sunday morning Emily is up early with Rocky. She is relieved that Jen finally had a full night's sleep. She prays her wife will sleep as long as she needs to let her body catch up on all it has missed the last 2 weeks. To that end, she has both baby monitors in her pocket as she changes her daughter.

"So, Rocky, how about we skip church today so Mommy can sleep? Something tells me God will understand she needs the rest after the last two weeks. Don't you?" Rocky just smiles and claps her hands. Emily grins at her. "You are so agreeable."

"MOMMY! MAMA!" Henry's voice comes over the monitor.

Emily lifts up her daughter and puts her monitor on its charger. They walk over to Henry's room.

"Hi, Champ. Let's be quiet so Mommy can sleep, okay?"

"'Kay, Mama," he whispers.

Emily grabs a pull-up from the dresser. "Let's go potty, Champ."

Henry hops off his bed and runs to the bathroom, Alaska right behind him. He sits down on his little potty and Emily claps when he does his business and has a clean pull up from the night.

"You have been so good at pottying, Champ. I hope when it's Rocky's time to learn you'll be a good influence on her."

He nods proudly. "Henry help. Henry good. Love Wok."

"And she loves you, Henry." She hands him the new pull-up. "Put this on and your pajama pants. How does pancakes sound for breakfast?"

"Pancakes! Yum!" he agrees.

Soon Henry and Rocky are enjoying pancakes as Emily checks a text that had come across while she was cooking. She frowns and gives Hotch a call.

"Hi, you needed me to call you? Is it a case?" she asks with concern.

"No. The funeral for Detective Hicks is tomorrow. The other officer who died will be buried Tuesday. I was wondering if you wanted to go with me on behalf of the FBI?"

Emily slowly runs a hand over the silky hair of her daughter. She swallows but her voice is still croaky when she answers. "Yeah, I'll be there."

"Okay. I'll make the arrangements to fly out of National. I'll email you the itineraries and hotel information later."

"Right. Thanks for asking, Hotch."

"No problem. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday."

Emily hangs up and sits down with her own plate of pancakes. Henry gives her the Big Blue Eyes treatment. She grins.

"These are mine, Champ."

He lets out a big, heartfelt sigh, his bottom lip protruding out in a "JJ Pout". It's worse than an unsub with a gun. Emily cuts up half a pancake and slides it onto his plate. He smiles.

"Thanks, Mama!"

"Mama!" Rocky says.

Emily looks and sees a sticky little hand reaching towards her. She rolls her eyes and slides some more pancake onto Rocky's highchair tray.

"Fine, I'll just eat half a pancake. But don't even think you two are getting my coffee!" she teases.

"Coffee! Yum!" Henry says with a sly grin.

Emily just laughs and grabs an apple to supplement her breakfast.

When JJ finally makes it downstairs it is nearly noon and Emily is now fixing lunch for the kids. Emily smiles at her wife.

"Hey, baby. Feeling better?"

JJ nods. "I think my body needed sleep more than I realized." She gives Emily a kiss. "Thanks for getting up with them."

"My pleasure, sweetheart."

"Hi, Mommy!"

JJ walks over to the table and gives both kids kisses. "Good morning, my sweets. What are you having for lunch?"

"Hot dogs!" Henry says happily.

"Yum! Think Mama might make one for me?"

Henry nods. "Si, Mama make!"

"Gee, thanks for volunteering me, Champ," Emily kids him.

JJ walks back to the counter and pours herself a cup of coffee. "Thanks for keeping this hot for me."

"Actually, heard you in the shower and brewed a fresh pot for you."

JJ kisses Emily again. "Thank you, Em."

"My pleasure, Jen."

When the hot dogs are done boiling, Emily brings them to the table. JJ cuts one up for Henry as Emily dices one for Rocky. JJ looks at their son.

"So, mustard or ketchup, Little Man?"

"Yes!" he says.

JJ laughs and puts some of each on his plate as Emily doles out some mac and cheese for him. JJ puts a small dollop of ketchup on Rocky's plate and shows the little brunette how to dip a piece of hot dog in it. She can't help but chuckle when, on her own, Rocky just slams her hand into the ketchup. JJ looks at Emily with a smile.

"And that's why I just gave her a little."

"Good call," Emily agrees.

When lunch ends, Henry asks if they can all go for a swim. Emily checks the temperature and sees it is a "balmy" 109 in Virginia with a heat index near 120. It's also an ozone red alert day.

"Sorry, Champ, not a good time for it. Maybe this evening we can go."

Henry lets out a deep grunt. "But wanna!"

"I know you do, Henry, but it's too hot outside. It's not good for you and Rocky to breathe out there in that kind of heat," she tells him.

He drops to the kitchen floor and starts to cry. JJ and Emily exchange a look. Emily nods that she'll take care of it. JJ lifts up Rocky and goes to the playroom. Emily kneels down beside Henry.

"Henry, enough. There is no reason for this tantrum."

"Wanna S'IM!" he screams, slapping his legs for emphasis.

Emily raises an eyebrow. "Scream at me again, young man, and we won't go later. In fact, you won't be allowed to swim for a week."

He looks up at her in shock. "NO!"

"Then calm down and let's go play in the playroom. If you keep having a tantrum: no swimming."

He flops over onto the floor. She can see the war waging in his mind: tantrum to get his point across vs. loss of swimming privileges. Emily calmly waits him out. He finally sits up.

"S'im later?"

Emily nod. "We can swim later if you're a good boy."

Henry stands up and lets out one of his heartfelt sighs again. "Henry good," he says dejectedly.

Emily pulls him into a hug. "Yes, he is. And I love Henry very, very much."

He gives her a hug. "Love Mama."

"So, tantrum over? Ready to go play?"

He nods. "All better."

She smiles and kisses his cheek. "Good. Come on: let's go see what Mommy and Rocky are doing."

That afternoon, when the kids are down for naps, Emily pulls JJ close.

"I talked to Hotch this morning. We're flying up to Hartford tomorrow."

"Funeral for Hicks?" JJ guesses.

"Yeah. And the patrol officer's on Tuesday. Will you be okay? I sort of said I'd go before I asked you."

"Of course I'm okay with you going to their funerals."

"Jen, I didn't mean about me going to the funerals. I mean your dreams and stuff."

"Em, I'm past the red zone for the PCP. It should be gone completely. And I know if I need you, you're just a phone call away. I'll be fine for one night. Promise."

"Okay. As long as that promise includes calling me if you have a nightmare I'll feel better about going."

JJ gives her a kiss. "It most definitely does, Mrs. Prentiss."

"Good, Mrs. Prentiss. Now, how about we watch a movie until the kid wake up?"

JJ raises an eyebrow. "Cars?" she asks.

Emily glares at her. "On second thought, how about I turn you over my knee and spank you. And not in a fun way."

JJ laughs and pulls her wife into the living room to watch a movie that is DEFINITELY not Cars.