On Sunday morning JJ steps back inside after waving goodbye to Will, Helen, Henry and Rocky. With a trip to the Capital Children's Museum in the works they figured Rocky would have fun, too. Helen promised to keep an eye on the week old chin injury and, being a trauma surgeon, the Prentiss women figure she knows what to watch for.

JJ hugs her wife. "So, what should we do today? Dec's back home, the kids are gone, maybe we could just spend the day in bed."

Emily grins. "Actually, I have a plan. Trust me?"

JJ laughs. "Do I have a choice?"

"Nope. Get in jeans, your combat boots and a comfy shirt."


Twenty minutes later the similarly dressed women are driving towards the Blue Ridge. JJ just assumes they are going on a picnic along Skyline Drive but Emily has more than just that in mind. When Emily pulls into a parking lot advertising motorcycle and ATV rentals JJ's jaw drops.

"Emily, what the hell?"

"You said you trusted me. Don't stop now."

JJ reluctantly follows Emily inside. Emily pulls out her credit card and license at the counter.

"Reservation for Prentiss," she states.

The man pulls it up. "Okay. One Gold Wing for the day."


"Emily, what the hell are you doing?"

Emily signs the paperwork and turns to her wife. "I didn't buy it. Just wanted to…take you for a ride." She steps to her wife. "I always had this dream of riding with the woman I love behind me on the bike."

JJ looks down. "Did you…ever ride with Weston like this?"

Emily lifts JJ's face. "Never. The only person who ever rode behind me was Tom and that was in college when his beater of a car broke down."

JJ smiles. "Really?"

Emily nods. "Really."

"Then let's ride, Mrs. Prentiss."

"Okay. But first, I know it's hot, but you need a safety jacket just in case."

Soon the women are in new helmets and new jackets with back and shoulder Kevlar inserts. Emily gets on and starts the large Honda. JJ stares skeptically.

Emily extends her hand. "Climb on, baby."

JJ takes a deep breath…and her wife's hand.

When they take a break 2 hours later for lunch, JJ is smiling ear to ear.

"Oh, Emily! That was so much fun!"

Emily takes her hand. "I told you it was."

"And the view along the Parkway was just…so beautiful. Can we do this again in the fall when the leaves are turning?"

Emily shrugs. "That depends."

"On what?"

She rubs a hand over JJ's stomach. "On whether or not you are pregnant."

JJ shivers excitedly. "Right! Good point. But we can do again when I'm not, right?"

"If you insist. In fact, if we owned one we could- -"

"Don't push your luck."

Emily chuckles. "Ah. Right. Had to try."

After lunch, they once again weave their way over Skyline Drive. By the end of the day they are both sore but also incredibly happy. As they get in the Lexus to go home, JJ pulls her wife over into a deep kiss.

"Thank you for today, sweetheart. I had a wonderful time."

Emily strokes her wife's cheek. "Me, too. I can't believe we managed to get two wonderful 'us' dates in a row."

As if on command, her phone rings. Both women groan as they recognize it as being Hotch's tone.

"Hey, Hotch," Emily answers on speaker.

"Been trying to reach you two all day. Are you okay?"

"We're fine. I rented a motorcycle and took Jen for a ride through the mountains. We're getting ready to drive home. What's up?"

"Wheels up at 7 a.m. tomorrow. Agents assisting police with a missing child found evidence they may have stumbled on a serial child pornographer and killer."

"Oh, God," JJ gasps.

"Agent in charge is Pete Cartwright. He requested our team specifically."

"Not surprising," Emily says. "Info emailed to us already?"


"Okay. We should be home in two hours and we can look over it. We'll see you at the airstrip in the morning."

"Good. Oh, and, I'm glad you all made the most of your day."

Emily smiles. "Thanks, Hotch."

"It was good that we were taken out of rotation for two weeks," JJ agrees. "I think the whole team needed it."

"I agree. We'll be better on this next case thanks to this break," Hotch says. "See you in the morning."

As Emily hangs up she looks at her wife. "So, ready to get back at it?"

"I am. Are you?"

Emily nods. "Yes, I am. It's just…it's who we are."

"Yes, it is. Let's head home and start to read up on a man who we will bring to justice."

Emily nods and points the Lexus towards Chateau Prentiss. Time to get back to work.