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Chapter One:Lust


It all began with a catsuit.

Weird, right? I mean, it's not like I ever really noticed Raven before. Don't get me wrong, I didn't not notice her, I just never really cared all that much. She was quiet and reserved and mature, you know, like that freaky girl in high school everyone avoids because you think she's plotting to bomb homeroom or whatever... yeah, totally not my type. She stood in the back and said her magic words and did her freaky demon Voodoo stuff, and that was it. I usually disposed of her with a red X over her mouth and ran off to fuck with Bird Boy's head and flirt with Starfire (which was an awesome way to grind Bird Boy's gears). And that would be the end of that.

And then she donned that catsuit, and suddenly I realized she was there. And not just there, but very, very female. It's weird, because you would think that her old uniform would have been more attractive (after all it showed way more skin, with the high-cut bottom), but the leotard always reminded me of a ten year-old's dance recital, and that wasn't even kinda sexy. But seeing her step out of the shadows covered neck-to-toe in skin-tight neoprene and Kevlar, looking like a woman... it was a damn miracle I didn't pitch a tent right there.

She crossed her arms over her chest and stood there, staring at me with a stare that reminded me of a librarian who caught you being too loud in the research section. I licked my lips and let my mind wander. Yeah, I had some fines I needed to pay, and I should learn to pipe the fuck down and keep my mouth busy with something other than talking.

Lucidity washed over me and I jerked in surprise. Good God, was I really having this fantasy right now? About Raven? What was wrong with me? Focus. I needed to focus or she really was going to catch me this time and I might actually have to hurt her. And, let's face it, while handcuffs could be fun, they weren't on me. Those silver bracelets were much better suited to someone with daintier wrists. I closed my eyes and bit back a groan. Seriously, I needed to focus.

"Well, if it isn't the little demon. Nice uniform change." I grinned at her, knowing she wouldn't be able to see it behind my mask, but her powers could probably feel it. "Any reason for the change in threads?"

"Does it matter?" She sighed and rolled her eyes, cocking her hip to the side. I wanted to stand there and stare at the long line of her leg all night. That girl might not have been packing the ungodly sized tits her teammate did, but that didn't make her any less sexy, and I found myself wondering what it would have felt like to have those strong legs wrapped around my waist. I'm not usually a tits guy, but show me a pair of shapely legs and a fine behind and I would be chasing that skirt all night. Raven was clearly no exception.

"Okay, X..." She tapped the toe of her heeled boot, reminding me that I wasn't alone and probably shouldn't be thinking about her body in the middle of a possible fight. Her eyes narrowed at my mask. "Come on, let's just get this over with so I can go back to doing what I want to do, rather than being stuck chasing you around a museum."

"Awe, come on." I moved a step closer to her, closing the space between us. "You enjoy the chase."

She raised an eyebrow and snorted inelegantly. "You always capture me first so you can run after Starfire and rile Robin up, that's not exactly a chase. That's you wanting to annoy Robin and get your hands on Starfire." She rolled her eyes. "I'm not an idiot."

"I never said you were." I forced a smile into my voice to hide my surprise. Okay... so she did notice my battle strategy. Not good. I shrugged it off, moving another step closer. "You have to admit though, he's so much fun to tease, Sunshine. Just one little quip and he's a flailing hot-head trying to defend his woman's honor. It's freaking hilarious."

"Yeah, and then I have to hear him whine about it all night." She shook her head and rubbed her fingertips to her temple. "Goddess, your teasing has almost caused me to inflict bodily harm on him."

I shrugged again, crossing my arms over my chest as I watched her. "Well, he deserves it for always having his panties twisted so tight. He should learn to loosen up. You know, enjoy that fact that he has a super hot girlfriend and all."

Raven cringed, as if I stirred up bad memories. "Trust me. He does."

"Ah. Kinky." I laughed and moved even closer to her, watching the dim, yellow light of hall play against the curves of her body. She shifted a little, as if she was suddenly aware of the fact that I was devouring her with my eyes. I moved behind her, debating on whether or not I should rip that cloak off of her. I couldn't see her fine, shapely ass with that stupid fabric in the way. "You're strangely reserved this evening, are you giving up already?"

"No. I'm bound by my hero obligations to make sure that you are chased and captured, no matter what the cost." She gave a half-hearted shrug and waved me off. "I'm just bored of the same routine, and you're taking up some of my valuable time."

I smiled again, letting the insult roll off my shoulders. "I can give you a new routine if you want. It'll keep you limber." I suddenly had a hundred more interesting uses for the tacky X I held in my hand, and none of them revolved around putting it on her mouth. I had more interesting uses for that particular part of her body.

Her eyes widened just slightly, as if I was projecting my thoughts. Behind the mask, I winced. Empath. I needed to remember she was an empath and could probably feel whatever I was feeling at this moment. Including sexy librarian fantasy... I suddenly had the image of Raven in a pencil skirt, hiked up around her waist, sitting on a card catalogue cabinet as I buried my face between her thighs. I had the strangest feeling that that archaic piece of furniture was the perfect height for that.

Ugh... I was doing it again. Focus. I had a job to do, and I needed to focus on that. Not on those gorgeous thighs. But still, I couldn't help myself. "I mean, if you're interested in a new routine, we can start now. The rest of your team is..." I paused. I was so wrapped up in my sexy librarian fantasy that I didn't notice the lack of other Titans. Bird Brain should have come bursting through the door by now, shouting his stupid mantra and telling me that I was going to be taken down. Or, whatever. I looked back at her. "Where is the rest of your team?"

"Cinderblock." She gave a half-hearted shrug. "No matter what we do to keep him in jail, he always breaks out. I think we've rebuilt his cell twenty times."

"Wait." My stomach dropped. "Are you telling me that I am being out-villain-ed... by Cinderblock?" I stared at her in shock, not quite believing what she was saying. I had style and finesse and brains, and yet the rest of the team was chasing after a giant concrete monster? My ego was seriously shattered by that revelation. "Ow. That hurts. I would have figured that Bird Brain would have made you drop everything to chase after me."

"He did. I was winning against him, and then we got your call. The police are no match for you, and they're too busy evacuating East End where Cinderblock is wreaking havoc..." Her eyes turned to me and darkened in a mixture of annoyance and boredom. "So, you get me. Congratulations, surprise, good luck, and all that nonsense."

"So, I get you all to myself? Alone in a big empty museum?" My librarian fantasy was starting to morph into a museum curator fantasy. Laying her down on plush carpets in one of the fine art galleries just before opening time... the thrill of getting caught naked and exposed to patrons, surrounded by historical artifacts. Thank God I had my mask on, I'm pretty sure I was drooling now.

"Sure. If that's how you want to see it." She rolled her eyes, and sighed again, ignoring whatever emotions I may or may not be projecting towards her. "Can we get this whole fight thing over with? You're really starting to annoy me, and I could be useful in other locations in the city."

"Awe, come on, Sunshine. I'm pretty sure you can be useful right here. I mean, after all, you are the one who is going to capture me, right?" I leaned on the wall next to me, trying to take in her body, and keep it for further memory. She looked the same as before, it was really just an updated uniform. Her hair was still purple cropped at her shoulder, and her skin was still frighteningly pale... but damn, she was downright gorgeous. For whatever reason, the catsuit and heeled boots seemed to immediately transform her from a teenager into a woman.

I felt her eyes sweep down my body before a blush erupted on her cheeks.

A smirk split my lips at her shocked expression. Did she like what she saw, but was too ashamed to admit it? Nope. It would have been too easy for that. My body had finally reacted to the perusal of her own body, and it was showing right through my suit. Damnit.

She cleared her throat and looked away. "Do you need to take care of that?"

I tried to play it off, but I knew she could see right through me. "Adrenaline does some crazy things to a man's body."

"Adrenaline..." She took a step back, her eyes searching for something to look at other than my problem. She cleared her throat and settled her stare on a Ming vase in the corner. "For the sake of my sanity and my innocence, I'm going to go with that explanation."

Innocence? Oh, God. The thought of her body being completely virginal was even more of a turn on. My mind wandered again. Sexy museum curator was now giving private history lessons and every questioned answered right was a piece of clothing removed, which landed the blushing virgin in her white underwear trying to teach a history lesson. Yes, Miss Raven, I'll tell you all about the Greek Gods. In fact, I'll start with Eros and Aphrodite, how about that?

God, it didn't matter what was showing through my suit or not. I was going to get close to her if it took the rest of my life. I just had to see what was hiding underneath that very interesting catsuit. I moved closer to her, but she didn't back away. Good, let her think she had the upper hand. It might give her some peace of mind.

"Awe, come on, Sunshine. You can't tell me you've never seen this problem before. I mean, you prance around town in a leotard fighting evil." I eyed her again, another smile peeling across my lips. "I mean, you used to prance around town in a leotard. The catsuit is a nice upgrade. It makes you look more like a woman and less like a kid."

"I didn't wear this for you… and I don't prance." Her eyes narrowed and she took a step back, frowning. I could see the magic gathering at her fingertips. Bad idea to piss off the magic user in a room full of priceless history and art. She snarled at me and raised her hands, black magic crackling there. "Look, if we're done with this silly banter, can we get on to the fighting part? I'd like to actually go somewhere and be useful to my team."

"You can me useful to my team." I didn't wait for her huffed response. I moved.

Raven, in spite of her awesomely freakish powers, is pretty easy to predict when it comes to a battle. She usually shifts right into battle mode and all logic will roll out the door as she fights. I mean, I've seen this girl pick up a whole building just to attack a baddie before. Not cool, Raven, not cool. What if there were people in those buildings? Today was no exception, she picked up the Ming vase with the intention of hurling it at my head, but I'm too quick for her. I ducked the priceless item and rolled into her, knocking her feet from under her and throwing her on the plush red carpet. It would have been perfect for a morning frolic, too bad it was past midnight.

Against my better judgment (or maybe because of it), I applied the tacky red X to her mouth before she could spew off another incantation and send me into next week. I held her hands to the ground and straddled her soft hips as I sat up to look at her underneath me. God, she was hot. Even when she was glaring death rays at me.

"Now, Raven. If you had just behaved, I could have left the X off." I pressed my lips close to her ear and breathed deeply. She smelled like tea and shadows, if that was even possible. "But you just had to go and prove yourself the hero, didn't you?" I tugged on her earlobe with my teeth, and felt her still beneath me. Shock. I traced her ear with my tongue as one of my hands slid down her arm and back again. "Oh come on, Rae… you knew this would happen. You can't just waltz into my territory in your new catsuit and play games with me, and then expect me not to jump you. Tsk Tsk."

Her eyes softened just a little, but she still glared. She hated the X over her mouth, not that I blamed her. I didn't really like using it either, but there was something exciting about restraining her.

"You did wear this for me…" I pulled her arms over her head and smacked another X over them like shackles. She was helpless, which really wasn't one of my secret fantasies, but was still hot just the same. Completely at my mercy, and open to me pleasuring her all night. I was seriously drooling now. "Admit it, Raven…" I ran a finger from her clavicle to her bellybutton, tracing the seams of the fabric over her nipples. "And you asked Robin to let you come take me out, because you wanted to show off that fine ass."

Her eyes narrowed and she bucked her hips against mine, trying to throw my weight off of her body, but I wasn't going to move. Not when I had those round hips between my thighs, or those breasts under my hands. Even through the Kevlar, she felt so damn soft. I could see her lips desperately trying to form her magic words, but nothing came out, and I smiled.

"You're jealous that Starfire got all my attention, and you only got a few short words and gag." I cupped her breasts and squeezed, smiling down at her as her eyes widened in shock. "I guess you're right, it really isn't fair. But, I suppose I could make an exception for the handcuffs, if you promise to play nice…"

She mumbled some behind the X, and I was glad her lips were sealed, because I was pretty sure her words were not for the faint of heart. I pulled out a pocket knife and sliced through the X on her wrists. It was a stupid idea to put those on anyway, I needed her to touch me.

I brought one of her arms to my mouth and suckled on the soft, tender flesh, trying to take away the pain from the adhesive. She even tasted good. Behind the X on her lips, I could hear a desperate pant. A signal that the game was over and we needed to move forward or something was going to explode. Not that I blame her, this game was killing me too.

I ripped my mask and the X off of her mouth at the same time, and then pressed my lips to hers before she had a chance to make a noise. She stiffened for a moment, shocked at our intimacy (this kiss wasn't usually part of our game, call it a Pretty Woman rule). But, her lips were soft and sweet and she tasted like tea, and I just couldn't help myself. I pushed her lips open to taste her further, running my tongue against hers. She moaned, her fighting subsiding as I kissed and touched her. There was a moment's hesitation before she wrapped her arms around my neck, and pushed against me.

Her thigh rubbed against my erection and I moaned into her mouth. That was the last levee, and the flood waters were now spilling over the sides.

My hands reached behind her and yanked at the hidden zipper to her uniform. Okay, the suit was nice. It was now coming off. To hell with the game, we were done with it anyway, and now we both wanted to get to the main event. I pulled almost desperately at the fabric, fighting to get it off her body. Let me tell you, neoprene and Kevlar are not your friends when you are trying to get someone undressed in a hurry. They are your worst enemies, but damnit, I was going to get her naked if it was the last thing I did this evening.

Finally her limbs and breasts sprang free, exposing her almost naked body to me. I thought I was going to lose it right there. She was wearing white underwear, just like she was in my fantasy. God, yes, she was so hot. I leaned down and pressed open-mouthed kisses to any exposed skin on her chest, just wanting to taste that ivory skin. She moaned as my mouth closed over her nipple, and sucked on it right through her bra. I grabbed one of her free hands and shoved it between her legs as I fought with the rest of her uniform. I wasn't going to have her lose her libido because her uniform was a fucking bitch to get her out of. Besides, I really liked watching her touch herself.

I sat there and watched her fingers feather over her underwear, as if ashamed by the fact that she was touching something so intimate in a place so public. Who the fuck cared? I was going to pleasure her until her screams brought down the pink marble all around us. I yanked at the rest of her uniform, freeing her lower half finally. Pushing her hand out of the way, I dipped a finger under her panties, touching her wet sex. Her breath hitched as I stroked her gently.

Smiling, I leaned forward and whispered against her ear. "Never send a prude to do a rake's job." With that I yanked off her panties and pushed another finger inside her. Her back arched and her fingers dug into the carpet as she moaned again.

"God, Jason…"

I love hearing my name on her lips. It was such a turn on, and I couldn't control myself anymore. It had been far too long since we had been like this before, and my desperation was sinking in. Yes, I admit it, I was desperate for Raven. Crazy, right? Imagine my mind as I came upon that shocking revelation. I spread her legs wide and stared at her naked sex in the dim lights. I would never get tired of looking at her, and I certainly wouldn't get tired of tasting her. I licked my lips and dipped my tongue into her center, drawing one, long stroke over her. She was dripping wet, and honey coated my tongue. Her fingers threaded through my hair and she moaned, arching her back and forcing my mouth deeper. I could seriously lie here all night and pleasure her, as long as I got to listen the gorgeous sound of her voice.

I slipped two fingers inside her again, feeling her muscles clench at the sensation. My own body was quivering in response. She was tight. She was always tight. I mean, not that I had a chance to stretch her or anything. I was always cock-blocked by something, usually…


Raven swearing? Yes, also a fucking turn-on. My erection tightened again, straining painfully against my suit, but I refused to move. I was having far too much fun on the gallery floor.

Raven pushed at my hair, this time in frustration not desperation. "My communicator is going off."

"Again?" I groaned and pulled back from her as she hunted through her clothing for it. This was why we never got a full run all the way around the bases. The body was willing, but the leader made it damn near impossible to actually see home plate. I growled, knowing I sounded angry, but not exactly caring. I was in a hell of a lot of pain. "I swear, Rae, he's got some sort of freakish Robin-sense that alerts him to the fact that we might actually be having fun. This is the third time this has happened." I grabbed the communicator out of her hands before she could open it. "They're getting blue."

She gave a one shouldered shrug and opened her hand for her communicator. She still stood there in a bra and no panties, proof that she was just as annoyed as I was. If she wasn't annoyed, she would have been embarrassed and already clamoring into her clothes. "So, fix it yourself."

"That's not the same and you know it." I dropped the communicator into her hands, letting one of my hands slide between her thighs and part her wet lips again. "One of these days I'm going to fuck you six ways from Sunday, and you're going to enjoy every minute of it. Now…" I slid my fingers over her clit, and watched her lips tremble as she fought the moan building in her throat. "Give him a call. Just like this."

"You can't be serious."

"Oh, I am." I dropped to my knees and replaced my fingers with my tongue. She was ready to come any second, and I was going to watch her fight it. Call it payback for giving me a seriously terminal case of blue balls. "Open the damn communicator."

I heard it click open. "Raven."

Robin's confused voice crackled over the tiny speaker. "What's wrong with your camera?"

Ah… so she turned off that function. Good for her. After all, she wouldn't want her team to see her half-naked with my mouth over her clit, now would she? Heaven forbid that they see their saintly demon in a less than perfect light.

"It's got a glitch. I'll have Cy look at it later."

"Whatever." I could almost hear the eye-roll from the other end. "What's your status? We've got Cinderblock behind bars again, how are things coming with Red X?"

I had to fight a smile at the unintentional pun. Oh, they're coming.

Raven managed to keep her voice free from emotion, but her eyes fluttered closed. "Under control. I'm chasing him from the museum right now, but he's got a head on me."

I bit back growl. Well, I would have a head in her if Bird Boy wasn't so damn adamant on getting in my fucking way of fucking Raven.

"How far?"

"Less than a block."

Her knees were trembling, and I could feel her muscles start to tremor around my mouth. Oh yeah, she was just on the brink, fighting every second of it. God, I couldn't wait to feel her come. It was like a drug to me, and all I wanted to do was feel her pushed over the brink again and again.

"We'll be over in a few minutes."

Raven rolled her eyes, and her free hand ran over her breasts before sliding southward. "I can handle it, Robin. He's just Red X."

I nipped at her clit, feeling her jump in response. I wasn't just anything, and I would show her that.

"You lost him last time, and the time before that." Robin's voice sounded annoyed and frustrated, just like I was going to be if he didn't shut his trap and get off the communicator. "You've been losing him, Raven, and that isn't like you. We're going over for support."

"It was an accident, Robin. I make them sometimes, I know that's a hard concept to realize."

Raven's free hand clenched my shoulder, and I felt her powers push against my psyche, her emotions suddenly feeding mine. I almost lost control then. See, this is the best part about being with an empath, I get to feel her pleasure if she lets me. One push of her powers, and suddenly I'm feeling everything she is. And let me tell you, the male orgasm has nothing on the female. It's way more complex and rich. Like drinking a 100 dollar bottle of wine after you've drank only Boone's Farm. Fucking amazing. I felt every lick and bite and touch, and my fingers teasing her clit as my tongue slid deep into her, and then… ugh. I almost moaned and broke our cover. It felt so good when she came right into my mouth.

"Whatever. I'll see you in ten."

"Robin out."

She snapped the communicator shut and finally screamed, her emotions sending a shockwave through the gallery and breaking random artifacts throughout the room. It was such a boost to my ego to know I could make her lose control like that. She glared down at me as I lapped the rest of her up.

"Not funny, Jason."

"Awe, come on, Rae... You enjoyed it. I mean, you stopped the guards from even thinking about coming in here, so clearly you were interested in doing something." I stood up and looked down at her, cheeks flushed with the memories of what we just did. Even sometimes I couldn't believe how bold we were. Thank goodness for her powers, otherwise security would have found us with our pants down (both metaphorically and realistically). "It could have been worse. Of course, it could have been better. Maybe next time I'll actually get to get my dick wet and finally take your V-card."

"Goddess." Raven rolled her eyes. "You're so vulgar."

She bent over and pulled on her panties, turning around and letting me see the show from behind. I had to bite back a laugh. Where was this seductress coming from? She was normally a shrinking violet after I ate her out, embarrassed that she actually felt pleasure (because that was a sin or something). Not that I was complaining or anything, I mean… seriously that was one gorgeous ass. Really, I could stand here all night and watch her get dressed and undressed.

She shimmied into her suit and smirked at me. "I see you had a good time though."

I stared down at my pants and groaned, staring at the wet spot between my thighs. That was the bad thing about feeling everything Raven does. She makes me look like a kid watching his first porno. "Not quite the same… but those powers of yours are something else…" I zipped up her uniform and pulled her cloak around her shoulders.

She straightened her hair and shrugged at my comment, immediately returning to her stoic, detached self. "Yeah, I guess." She pulled the hood up, and indication that she was embarrassed. "But my powers are a two-way street and I'd like to feel your release too."

Had she just poetically told me that she wanted to feel me come? Oh God. I was going to get hard all over again. Have you ever tried to escape the Titans while running with a major erection? Yeah, neither have I, and I'd like to keep it that way, but Raven was going to make that damn near impossible. "I can make that happen if you just get Robin to stop interfering."

"Ha. Good luck with that." She walked over to a broken case and pulled out some ancient necklace, and then tossed it to me. "Wanna get a head start?"

I looked at the gems before looking at her. "What makes you think I don't already have my loot?"

I could see just her lips move into a knowing smile. "Because, not a single case was broken into when I came in… and you haven't been able to keep your hands off me since last month when we started this. You were waiting for me."

"Maybe." I pulled my mask back on and smiled behind it. "Maybe not… but I did get to admire some very precious jewels."

Color bathed her cheeks again and I gave her sloppy salute before racing out of the room.


So… that happened.

This is quite a shock to anyone who has read my other stories. A little vulgar, I know, but I think this might be the only one in this series that is so crass. Maybe. I'm not sure. We'll see.
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