So, I don't normally do this, but in the event any of my dearest readers enjoyed SEVEN and aren't following me, I have a sort-of sequel to SEVEN. It probably won't be a smutty as the original story, but I promise there will be sexy moments in it. It is me after all. However it will be significantly more plot-driven.

Anyway, here's a sample of the prologue, the full story can be found on my profile page.

Dirty Laundry

Jason felt like his body was filled with lead and his legs were going to give out on him any second as he trudged down the hall. Behind the closed doors, he heard echoes of television programs and joyful conversations from couples or families. What he wouldn't have given to have been with his own girlfriend tonight, watching the same bad TV. Oh, that's right, she was in fucking Dubai. He bit back a curse and turned the corner of the hall. If he knew that dating a superhero was going to be (technically) a long-distance relationship, he would have walked away before his heart had the chance to love her.

But, it was too late for that now.

He rolled his shoulder to try and get any kinks out of his muscles, and pulled out his cell phone, reading through his emails for any leads, but nothing yet. Three meetings today, and not one of them had given him a definitive answer on whether or not they would hire his services. There had been a lot of "we'll think about it, but you're very expensive". Of course he was expensive! He was fucking Red X. He was the best. If you wanted a job done right, on time, and professionally, you called him. That was common sense. You don't buy a Ford and expect a Ferrari, you just buy the damn Ferrari and are happy in the first place.

Biting back another curse, he glared at the empty space in front of him, feeling like his hallway was never ending. At the end of the day, he knew his patience was wearing thin. He had grown tired of being suave and charming and business-like, and he knew he'd flubbed a few of his normally well-received lines in this last meeting. It was his own fault he hadn't given the full package during the meeting, and he was just going to accept that. Besides, it was just a dry spell of jobs, he'd get back up on his feet soon and the jobs would be flowing in.

At least he hoped.

Raven gasped as he pulled her back onto solid ground, rolling her under him as the rain continued to beat down on their bodies, washing away their pain until nothing was left but the pure, unadulterated feelings they had for each other.

Jason nuzzled her neck, listening to her breath mingling with the thunder rolling around them. He smiled against her skin. "You're home."

"I know."


Across the city there was the wail of sirens and alarms as a museum case was broken in the dead of night. Jewels were stolen from underneath the bright, beautiful lighting, plucked from the shards of glass like the last few daisies from a field. If a person was trained to look hard at a crime scene, they would see that it was messy and tactless, as if a juvenile was playing some kind of game no one else was aware of. His steps were noisy, his movements flailing and awkward, and his destruction of the case was completely unnecessary.

As the perpetrator made his way to the door, he turned and let himself be caught on film.

Smiling under the mask with the caricature of a skull on it, he saluted the camera before running off into the night, a bag of jewels tinkling musically at his side.


Obviously there's more that happens, but you have to read Dirty Laundry to see what it is. Anyway, if you care, great! If not, thanks for reading just the same.

See you on the other side!