There were a few heartbeats of silence which filled the shed, during which Agatha's mind went into overdrive. Ok, so I currently have a man with a spear trying to kill in my backyard. There is a woman with a sword in the shed with me who's asking if I'm her master, whatever that means. To add to this perfectly normal confusion, the man was somehow able to keep up with me in my skates, and the woman, in addition to appearing out of nowhere managed to knock him back over a dozen feet with just one swing of her invisible something. They do not seem to be using the same rules of physical motion that normal people should. My desire to study this is currently being hampered by my desire to live however.

Oh if I survive, the laws of physics are going to get a serious talking to!

"Upon your summoning, I have come forth. I ask of you again, are you my Master?" The woman in front of Agatha said, snapping her out of her thoughts.

Quickly switching mental gears from analysis to survival, Agatha blurted out "If that means you'll save me from that other guy then yes I am definitely your master!"

The woman nodded at this. "This completes our contract. I am Servant Saber." She glanced out of the shed to where she had knocked spearman, her face hardening. "I will now deal with the intruding Servant." With that, she dashed out of the room faster than Agatha could follow.

Agatha blinked before she hurried to the doorway to see, and she found the woman and man already engaged in fierce combat by the time she got there. Like the fight she had seen earlier that night, the two were moving at speeds that defied normal human limits. This one was made even more a sight by how the woman was wielding an invisible weapon. Or was it one made of air? Whichever the case, as Agatha's eyes tracked the woman's two handed grip make an overhead swing that was only barely deflected by the man's spear, she decided to consider it a sword for the time being until she had more information.

Realizing that she was useless in her current state, Agatha ran back into the shed and towards a trunk she kept in the corner. She threw open the lid and began frantically searching amid the various prototypes and mothballed projects for the item she was looking for. She eventually found it in an object shaped like a modern pistol, save that the body and barrel were enlarged and rounded, and there were a few extra knobs and lights on the side.

While she did not actively consider the possibility of conquering the world, Agatha thought it would be remiss if she never built a Death Ray in case she changed her mind later.

Of course, while this was one of the most advance pieces of technology she had ever built, she had never really pursued it any further than the prototype for a number of reasons, the least of which being she had no use for one (up until now anyway). The Degeneration Rector inside require unstable elements to work properly (she had made do by acquiring old smoke detectors that contained Americium-241), and she hadn't figured out how to keep said reactor from breaking after a small number of uses. The thing could only fire three or four shots before it became a paper weight (with a possibly radioactive core). Normally Agatha would be hesitant to use it given how fragile it was, but considering how the two people outside were fighting at a super-human level, now seemed like the best time to give it field testing.

Agatha ran back to the door, planning to give the swordswoman some support, but quickly found when she got there that the two were moving too fast for her to get a clear shot. The swordswoman blocked a series of rapid jabs, dancing back from the red spear until she stopped, pivoted, and swung at the spearman's side. He had no choice but to jump away, not knowing if the invisible blade was long enough to cut him. The swordswoman then sprang forward to push the advantage, launching a flurry of slashes from all angles.

The spearman was fast enough to block, but in spite of his speed he was still knocked around a little bit by the blows, as if he was weaker that the smaller woman in front of him. Still, he knew how to use that speed to his advantage, as he managed to drop underneath a high arching strike and spring upwards, driving his spear at the woman's head. She leaned back to avoid the blow, the spear scraping along the front of her breastplate before she gracefully back flipped a short distance away.

There was a brief pause between them, and the man began to chuckle. "Well, I just keep meeting more and more interesting women tonight. I haven't had this much fun in ages!" He cocked his head to the side and gave a grin. "You've definitely got some skill with that blade of yours, little lady. Of course, that's assuming that is a blade, but I think it's a pretty safe bet to say that you're the Saber of the War. Still, I'd like to have your real name before I kill you."

The woman stood still with her body firmly in a ready stance, her invisible weapon held out before her. "I am indeed Saber, but I am not foolish enough to give my identity to my opponent this early, Lancer."

"Aw, that's too bad." The man said as he slipped into a stance of his own, spear held high and angled downward. "Because as much fun as I'm having now, I'm going to have to get serious. Maybe if you live, I'll let you know who I am." The air around the man seemed to become charged, and a veritable aura of lethality bled off of him as he began to say "Gae-!"

It was of course at this moment, when the man was both standing still and distracted, that Agatha shot him.

It was also coincidentally the moment when Agatha realized that she might have wanted to take archery rather than judo considering how the blue beam of hyper-kinetic death missed the man's center of mass entirely.

This was made somewhat worse by the fact that the spearman somehow noticed the shot just before she made it. Still, it was not a total loss, as the beam ended up clipping through part of his arm and the spear. Agatha expected that it would deprive him of the limb and his weapon at the very least, making it relatively easy for the swordswoman to deal with him. This lead to her being very surprised when the after image faded from her eyes and the man was perfectly fine! Well, the spear did not look to be damaged in any case, though the jumpsuit and skin around the upper arm was very burned. Still, it should have turned it to dust!

The man was also surprised, but for the opposite reason. "Gah! The hell was that, some kind of mystic code? Why the bloody hell did my resistance only block some of it?"

The swordswoman was also surprised, but she managed to keep focused on the man in front of her. "So, you are one of the heroes of Ireland. That explains a great deal about your temperament."

The spearman gave her a scowl and moved to get back into a fighting stance before he suddenly paused and gave an exasperated sigh, relaxing his body as he stepped away from her. "Great. I barely even start to get to the good stuff and my master's calling me back already." With a sudden burst of movement, he flung himself backwards through the air, landing neatly on the walls around Agatha's home. "For what's worth, I'm glad that you turned out to be a Master!" He called out to Agatha. "I'm really looking forward to seeing you ladies again!" The was another quick jump and the man disappeared from sight,

Agatha stood in the doorway to the shed for a moment longer before her body slumped, and she leaned against the frame as she tried to compose herself. It was also then that she took the time to truly feel the injury on her torso. She winced as she clutched a hand to her midriff, a small amount of blood seeping through the fingers. The cut was relatively shallow, but the blow that had come before it probably fractured a rib.

"Master, are you alright?" The woman in blue asked, walking up to her with a look of concern.

"Worse for wear, but I'll live." Agatha replied. She turned to face the other woman and truly looked at her. Her bearing and regal presence were still there, but she was in fact rather small and slim, and her clothing only severed to make her seem more out of place. There were so many things Agatha wanted to ask and say to her, and she eventually settled on gratitude first. "Thank you for saving me."

The other woman brushed this off. "It is only natural for a Servant to defend their Master. There is no need to thank me for such." She gave a small frown. "Though I would ask that you refrain from attacking enemy Servants in the future. Though it wasn't ineffective and you did have the sense to stay back, it would be best if you left the fighting to myself and stayed out of danger completely."

Agatha simply blinked at this and decided it was time to get some answers for this crazy night. "Okay… I don't want to sound rude or anything, but I really have to ask now: Who the hell are you and how and why are you in my home?"

The woman titled her head to the side in confusion. "I told you, I am Saber. Since you do not know my true identity, I can only assume that you did not use a Catalyst. As for how I am here… you summoned me." The frown returned. "Though it seems out bond is incomplete. I can only feel a small portion of your prana of what I should. Were you interrupted during the summoning by Lancer?"

That… answered nothing. In fact it just left her more confused than before.

Before Agatha could ask more, Saber (as she had called herself) suddenly looked off to the side. "There is another Servant approaching. Stay here, I will deal with it." Then in a manner similar to the man who had left moments before, she ran towards on of the walls enclosing the yard and gracefully jumped over.

Agatha was left gaping for a moment, but it was brief as she felt something snap inside of her. A superhuman man had tried to kill her twice today, she was injured and exhausted, and the one person so far who might have been able to explain just what the hell was going on had just walked away from her. With a small growl, she switched on the hover skates and dashed after the woman.

It was generally good form for a scientist to get as many facts as possible before jumping to conclusions, and Agatha was going to gets some answers so she could make some god damn conclusions.

She spun up the compressors in her shoes beyond the normal max and gave a great jump when she reached the wall of her estate. She did not manage the grace of the previous two who had done so, but she managed to land on the other side in a semi-competent roll. When she pulled herself up, she was alarmed to find that the woman in blue was now rushing towards a new man, but this was one Agatha recognized. Clad in red and black and wielding a pair of sabers, he was the man that had saved Agatha from the spearman earlier that night. And from the look of things, he and Saber were about to try to kill each other.

A sudden jolt of panic and worry surged through her at the thought of her two saviors coming to harm. "No!" She cried out, and on instinct she fired another blast from her Death Ray at the space between them, hoping to keep them from fighting. Of course considering that the pair was some ways down the street and at an angle from her, there wasn't much space for that. Fortunately she was luckier than her last shot and the two moved out of the way of the beam before it hit them, instead letting it disintegrate a sizable hole in the nearby wall behind them.

It also turned their attention towards her, allowing her to close the distance between herself and the pair before they got over their confusion at the event. Saber started to yell at her "Master! I told you not to-!"

But Agatha wasn't having any of that right now. "I am not in the mood for this!" She shouted, resulting in more confused looks. "I have had I very bad night, and if I don't get some explanations as to who you people are and why you keep trying to kill each other and/or me, I will take you apart to see what makes you tick before I stuff your remains into specimen jars!"

That… might have been a little too much, she thought to herself as the blank looks continued. To be fair she was having a pretty bad night. She was also feeling a little nervous as the light on her Death Ray which was meant to warn her about the structural integrity of the reactor was blinking red, but they didn't need to know that.

There was a long moment of silence between the three of them before a new voice broke in with haughty laughter. It was female and rather familiar to Agatha. "So, I suppose that makes you a magus. I must congratulate you on keeping it a secret from me for so long, Emiya-kun."

Agatha turned her head and was more than a little surprised to see Rin Tohsaka, the school idol and her supposed 'rival' standing behind the man in red, a confidant smirk on her face. Her black hair was done up in its usual pig-tails and larger wave in the back, but she had traded her school uniform for a red sweater and a short black skirt with matching stockings. Agatha could only say one thing. "Rin? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Oh? This is my property, so I think I should be able to do what I please with it. You on the other hand do not have that luxury. I must say, I don't know why you seem so confused about this. It's almost like you know nothing about the Holy Grail War, despite the fact that you are clearly a Master."

"…I have no idea what any of what you just said meant." Agatha said flatly before she grumbled. "Seriously, why can't anyone make sense tonight?"

It was Rin's turn to look confused until her eyes suddenly widened, and then her hand came up to cradle her forehead. "You… really don't know what's going on, do you?"

"Not a clue." Agatha admitted. "Would you be so kind as to start explaining? Also, I would really appreciate it if we could not try to dismember one another tonight. I think I've had enough of that already."

Rin gave her a calculated look, clearing apprising the situation to figure out what to do. Eventually she gave a sigh and began to saunter over to Agatha's house. "Very well. I suppose it would be good manners to let you know what you've gotten yourself into."

"Master! I do not approve of this!" Saber said. "She is an enemy Master and not to be trusted!"

"And I have no idea what that means." Agatha countered. "In spite of everything else, she's probably the only one of you here that can explain this nonsense to me in terms I can understand." She gave a small smile to her and the man in red. "Besides, the two of you have already saved my life once this night. I'm sure I can count one you if she tries something funny."

The two in question looked at each other in surprise, but before any questions could be asked, Agatha was already walking towards her house, right behind Rin who had already let herself in.

To all appearances, Rin Tohsaka was perfectly calm, but to say that this was not the case would have been an understatement. She was in fact quite angry. She had gone through the trouble of ordering Archer to save Agatha from Lancer and following the Servant back to the Emiya residence to both protect the girl and wipe her memory. However, not only did she arrive to find that Agatha was a magus, but she had used the time Rin's Servant had bought her to summon a Servant of her own! And a Saber, just to add insult to injury!

To think that there had been another magus living in Rin's territory for so many years without her knowing. She had suspected at first when the blond haired foreigner had showed up to school with a number of strange gadgets that defied explanation, but she had somehow never detected any presence of magic from her or the objects, so she had dismissed the other girl as an oddity and moved on. Or tried to anyway, as Agatha turned out to be quite brilliant in her own right, and the two butted heads academically a few times. It was little more than a play between the two of them, never really serious despite what the rest of the student body believed.

Of course, now that the truth was revealed, that meant that Agatha had just changed from an oddity to a true rival.

At that moment, Rin needed to keep control of the situation. Agatha currently had the advantage, this being her home turf and that she had the more powerful Servant, but she was clearly in the dark about a few things. If Rin played this right, she should be able to manipulate the situation to her advantage somehow, or at the very least get some information on Agatha before slipping away to fight again another day.

Walking into the Emiya household, Rin only felt herself pass through a light Bounded Field. It was a subtle thing, and at first glance all it seemed to do was act as a sort of alarm system and nothing more. Then again, she had never noticed anything magical about the girl or her mystic codes at all up until this point, so it was prudent to assume that she had some way of masking their magical presence. The interior of the house was a wreck, most likely from an altercation with Lancer. "It looks like you had some trouble here, Emiya-kun. Since you have been so kind to be my host, I will clean this up for you." Rin then pricked her finger with a pin and applied some of the most basic magecraft she knew to make repairs to the scene before her. As the drop of blood hit the floor, gouges in the wood healed, fabrics mended, and furniture righted themselves to their proper places.

For some reason, Agatha looked at the room in amazement as this happened. She turned to Rin and asked "Is your blood filled with nanomachines? If so, how did they replicate and spread so quickly without consuming any visible amount of matter?"

Rin looked at the other girl dumbly for a moment, having no idea what any of that meant or how to respond. This wasn't the first time she had a conversation with Agatha that ended up using terms she was almost certain were made up on the spot, but she had hoped that Agatha's knowledge of magic would give them some common ground. Now Rin was forced to conclude, in light of all the evidence she had seen thus far, that Agatha's particular branch of Thaumaturgy was very obscure and just plain weird.

Rin decided to ignore the question for the moment. "Anyway, perhaps we should get to the matter at hand. There is much to discuss as you do not seem to understand the predicament that you have gotten yourself into."

"Oh! Yes, of course." The two girls seated themselves on opposite sides of the dinner table, and were shortly joined by their Servants who sat by their master's sides (or in Archer's case, leaned casually against a nearby wall). Agatha then said. "Ok, now in the simplest terms possible, can you please tell me who these people are and just how they can… do what they do."

Rin smirked as she took a lecturer's pose, enjoying the chance to one up the other woman when it came to knowledge. "You truly are ignorant of the Heavens Feel Ritual if you can't realize that these are Heroic Spirits before you." Another blank stare on Agatha's part caused Rin to sigh condescendingly. "Very well, I shall start from the beginning and give you the briefest summary I can manage. You have inadvertently joined a ritual known as the Holy Grail War. Every 60 or so years, 7 magi are chosen to be Masters, and they are allowed to summon Heroic Spirits from the Throne of Heroes to do battle for them. They are summoned into the Servant containers that allow them to use the majority of power which they still held in life, thus accounting for their noticeable amount of power. The 7 masters then do battle with one another in secret until only one Servant remains, upon which the prize appears, the Holy Grail itself. The Grail can be used to make any wish you desire, so you can see why you are now in such an enviable position, Emiya-kun."

There. That was the most basic and general summation Rin could give. It certainly left out a great deal of important details, a fact that Agatha had not missed judging by the frown slowly spreading on her face. In truth, this was part of Rin plan; she would tease Agatha with bits and pieces of what she needed to know, and then carefully reveal more if it would be advantageous to herself. Without all the facts, Agatha would be reliant on her to get through the war, thus giving Rin a huge lead. After a few long moments of contemplation, Agatha seemed to come to a conclusion and was ready to ask her first question. The precise and calculating machine that was Rin Tohsaka's mind could adapt to anything that Agatha would throw at her.

"So, if I understand this correctly," Agatha said in a flat voice, "Your saying that everything that's happened to me tonight is because of… magic? You can't possibly be serious. There's no such thing as magic."

It was then that the precise and calculating machine that was Rin Tohsaka's mind suffered from catastrophic failure and collapsed into a pile of metaphorical rubble. "…Huh?" Was the only thing the magus could say in response.

"I mean, honestly, using all that archaic and mystical terminology." Agatha continued. "I understand how fantastic all of this seems but that's no reason to assume that you should just tell me 'it's magic' to avoid explaining it all. I'm a big girl and I know of Clark's Third Law, thank you very much. Now try again and don't skimp on the science."

"…bwuh?" Rin's speech centers were still scrambling to find the proper response. She looked around at the other two present to see if she had simply gone crazy, but fortunately the two Servants were looking at Agatha with the same bewilderment and confusion that she felt.

"Master, how can you…" Saber started to say before she trailed of, not sure of how to address this. "How can you possibly say that there is no such thing as magic?"

"Wait, you too?" Agatha said as she turned to the other blonde woman. "This doesn't make any sense. If magic isn't just the stuff of fairtails, then why have all accounts of it and other mystical things completely disappeared in the past 500 years or so? Besides, if there was such a thing as magic, people would use it to make their lives better. The sheer potential for profit and the betterment of mankind would be so vast that for it not to be used or notice would mean that magic was either mostly and practically useless, or that all wizards themselves are just idiots."

The room was dead silent for a long moment. Then there was suddenly a snort. Three heads turned towards Archer, whose hand was clasped over his mouth and his body shook with barely contained laughter. It was a battle he lost, as soon the laughter escaped from him and he was bent over, holding his stomach at how hard his guffaws came forth.

Rin ignored her insolent Servant in favor of trying to figure out the impossibly before her. Agatha had to be toying with her. There was no other explanation. But… she seemed to certain. And no magus would make a comment like that about why they remained a secret with a straight face. Every magus knew that mysteries were finite, and too many people using them would dilute their effect to the point of uselessness. "That… you can't just…" Rin fumbled for a bit before she latched on to the obvious contradiction. "If that's the case, than how do you explain summoning Saber?!"

Agatha frowned and glanced over at her Servant. "I don't know about 'summoning'. All I know was that I was about to be stabbed one moment, and then there was a flash of light and she appeared. Not sure how that happened but I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation."

Rin gaped at her some more before she pointed incredulously at the object Agatha still held in her hands. "T-then how do you explain your mystic code?! How does that work if not for magic?!"

"Mystic code?" Agatha asked in confusion as she glanced down in her lap. "Do you mean my Death Ray? Because I can tell you that works by amplifying the weak nuclear force to massively accelerate elemental decay. The energy and alpha particles produced are then combined with the surrounding atmosphere to create a beam of high energy plasma."

"That's just a load of nonsense!" Rin retorted. "Your clearly a magus! I knew that there was something weird with all of your inventions!"

Agatha's face twisted in anger. "I am a scientist," she seethed. "Everything I've made I've done using the laws of physics. I don't care what you or anyone else says!."

Rin was completely speechless. The woman before her honestly believed what she was saying, as nonsensical as it was. A master of the Holy Grail War was a magus who didn't believe in magic. What had her family taught her? Rin didn't know much about the Emiya family other than that it was only comprised of Agatha's father who died a number of years ago. Given that Agatha was clearly adopted also caused that theory to lose credibility. Was it truly possible that she was some kind of first generation prodigy or psychic that had accidentally summoned a servant?

As unlikely as it was, that seemed like the only possible answer that made sense. Yes, Agatha had to be some abnormality that by pure chance had been chosen by the Grail System. Now having a logical premises to start from, Rin started to regain her composure. This was made slightly difficult by how Archer kept laughing and had by now fallen on the floor, but she persevered (She briefly considered kicking him, but decided against it as it would probably just hurt her foot). "Okay… while your naivety and denial are certain amusing, it doesn't change the fact that you have summoned a Servant. A Saber no less." Rin had to fight to keep her eyebrow from twitching as she said that. How in the hell had a novice summoned the most powerful Servant completely by accident?! Rin was an experienced magus from a long and powerful lineage, was a near prodigy in skill and power, and the best she had managed to do was summon some defective Archer who couldn't even remember who he was. It was just unfair. "You are now part of this War whether you accept it or not."

There was a silent minute where Agatha said nothing, just looking at each of the other three in the room with a look of great concentration. Eventually, she spoke. "This is all highly unbelievable, but there are several facts I have observed tonight and must accept. Fact: you two," she pointed at the Servants in the room, "Have display super human levels of physical ability, as well as the man in blue. Fact: the man in blue said he had to kill me because I had seen too much and he could not leave witnesses. Fact: you," she pointed at Rin, "have also shown an ability for which I have no ready explanation. Fact: I also have no ready explanation for how Saber appeared in my shed." Agatha sighed. "What I can conclude from this at the moment is that the lot of you have extra-normal abilities of an indeterminate nature, that you value secrecy to the point of silencing witnesses, and that there are a number of you which are intent on fighting each other." She sighed. "I guess I have to listen to what you have to say, at the least."

"Finally, you say something that makes sense." Rin muttered to herself. "Right. In any case, we have to go to the Church now. The Moderator for the War is there and you need to tell him you've joined."

"What? No I won't. Why would I want to be a part of this nonsense?"

Rin blinked. "Um, because the winner gets a wish, remember?"

"A… wish." Agatha said dryly. Her voice took on a slightly patronizing tone. "Is this grail of yours actually a genie's lamp?"

Rin shot a glare at the other woman. "Don't be snide. It is much more complicated than that, but in essence, yes."

Agatha frowned. "What are its limits?"

"As far as I know, it has none."

A snort. "Oh really? So if I wished that hydrogen had no valence electrons instead of one, would that work?"

"Uh," Rin said, trying to remember enough of chemistry to figure out just what that meant. She usually just forgot about subjects she didn't care about after that particular class had ended, and pretty much every science save geology (as it related to her gem craft) fell into that category. "I would think so." She eventually said.

"Because that would massively restructured the shape of the entire universe and at the very least destroy all life as we know it." Was the flat response. "I've seen things tonight that will make me need to broaden my horizons a little, but I'm not going to believe the 'magic cup' is capable of altering the entire universe. The energy requirement alone would create a black hole."

"Fine! Then don't wish for that!" Rin said in irritation. "Look, the point is that you can use it to get anything you want."

"And it will perfectly interpret my command?" Agatha asked, still skeptical. "I have read far too many stories where wishes have gone horribly awry to not think there won't be some hidden price attached. Besides, anything I actually want I will obtain someday with my own skill. Just wishing for it to happen would make it pointless. In short, I really don't see the need to go along with this."

Whatever Rin was going to say was cut off when Saber slammed her fist into the table, the wood creaking under the force. "That is unacceptable, Master! I will not allow you to just throw away the Grail!"

"Not allow me?" Agatha said incredulously. "I believe I can do what I please. Besides, why do you care so much?"

"Because the Servant who wins the war is also allowed a wish!" Saber said. "It is not just yourself you are fighting for!"

"Oh," the other woman said in surprise. "Well, I'm sorry about that. I'm just not sure there's anything that I want that's worth getting into a series of death matches and dealing with what by all accounts is some kind of nebulous reality warping device."

"But the Grail choose you! There must be something you desire!" Saber insisted. "A past mistake you need corrected, to change something now which you don't have the power to do on your own, to bring back someone you have lost…"

"None of that-" Agatha started before she cut herself off, her eyes going wide. "Wait, bring back someone I've lost? Do you mean… back from the dead?"

Rin interjected at this point. "Now this I can absolutely assure you the Grail is capable of. The entire basis of the Servant system uses an incomplete version of one of the true Sorceries; Heavens Feel, the materialization of the soul. These two", she gestured to the Heroic Spirits in the room. "are legendary heroes from the past, given temporary bodies for the duration of the War. The Grail itself will hold enough power to create a permanent body to attach the soul to."

Agatha hesitated, look at the two in question. "Is this true?" she asked, and they nodded. She looked off to the side and brought her hand up to her mouth, her face bearing an expression of uncertainty and conflict. "I… I don't…" she trailed off, trying to find words. Eventually she turned back to the rest of the room. "I… need to think about this. And I will consider your feelings on the matter, Saber." She added.

The Servant nodded stiffly, this concession satisfying her for the moment.

"Good. Then can we go to the church now?" Rin asked.

"Of course not. I said I'm considering it. Besides, I don't want to go outside again tonight. I already know that there's at least one person out there who wants to kill me, plus who knows else when the find out I've become involved in all this. I'm not leaving my house until I have a full spread of sentry guns and trip mines set up."

Rin was about to argue with the woman some more, but the headache that had been building ever since she had started this conversation was telling her to quit while she was ahead. The magus dropped her face into her hand. "You know what? Fine. I've had enough of this craziness tonight." She got to her feet, Archer getting up off the floor behind her (he had finished being amused by the situation, it would seem.) "Just remember to be wary from now on, and don't expect my help in the future. We are both Masters after all. There can be only one winner."

Rin turned to make her leave, but stopped when Agatha called out "Wait!" When she turned around, she found that Agatha was not looking at her but rather her Servant. "Thank you for saving me back at the school."

Archer looked surprised at this before his expression settled into its usual scowl. "You shouldn't thank me. If I had known you were going to become a Master, I wouldn't have done so."

"Oh," Agatha sounded a little disappointed , but pressed on regardless. "Still, even when you thought I was a civilian, you didn't have to save me. From what I've been getting so far, most of the people involved in this 'War' would think the correct and easier thing to do would be to let me die. It's nice to know that there are people out there who try to save everyone that they can. I don't know if I could do that."

In the span of a few moments, Archer's expression shifted rapidly between anger, confusion, and then settled on something unreadable. He then turned on his heel and stormed out of the building, leaving the three women left to think what was that about?

The light from the summoning circle faded, and Medea, the Witch of Betrayals, drew her first breath in centuries. The Grail filled her mind with information of the age she was summoned to and she suppressed a small chuckle of mixed mirth and contempt. Magi have become so pitiful since my time, she thought to herself. I'm not sure if I'll be able to stand one of them giving me orders.

Well, it wasn't like she would be totally out of options if her Master did turn out to be… undesirable. Medea certain had other ways of reaching the Grail if necessary.

"Welcome back to the land of the living." A voice said, snapping the witch out of her musings. She chastised herself lightly, as it would be prudent to see just how useful her Master could be before she went about killing the person.

Said person was a woman, a little on the short side with what some might call a stout figure. Still, it did not detract from her appearance, as she had ample curves in just the right places. She had long blond hair which framed a round face, the slightly wide mouth on which was currently upturned in a smirk.

Medea replied with a smile of her own, though it held no warmth. "I am Servant Caster. Am I to assume that you are my Master?"

"You assume correctly. We are going to accomplish such great things my dear Servant." The woman said, putting a hand on her hip. "Though if I may inquire as to your identity? I had no reagent belonging to a great hero to work with, so I had let the Grail chose a Servant for me."

Medea hummed for a moment. "Are you sure that would be wise, Master? Who knows what might happen if someone managed to coerce the information from you." The Servant didn't think the other woman wouldn't push the matter, but she simply wanted to make it easier for herself if and when the time came to dispose of the woman in front of her.

Indeed, her summoner simply titled her head at this. "Oh you coy girl you. I assure you that I happen to know a thing or two about coercion, so if you would please tell me who you are?"

Medea gave a theatrical sigh. "Very well. I am Medea, Witch of Colchis. Now if I may be so bold as to ask your name?"

The other woman merely gave an amused titter. "Fair's fair I suppose. I never really cared for name of the family I married into, so you my dear," she said with a growing grin on her face. "may call me Lucrezia."

A/N: I have re-written parts of this chapter due to some of the feedback I got. It's subtle, but I hope is makes the characters a bit more believable.