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Chapter 21: I Don't Want to Be Caught up In Your Love Story!

Sting pulled at the collar of his shirt, feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. Next to him Rogue was looking fine, calm, and pleased. The sun was beating down on them, but the breeze carried the coolness of the stream that ran next to them. Yet, the blonde boy still pulled at his shirt uncomfortably.

Up near the platform that was set on the green, vast expanse of meadow was Natsu, who glanced at the priest in front of him excitedly. In the front row were Salmon Top's father, aunt, and uncles, looking happy and content for him. Rogue leaned over sideways to talk to Sting.

"Are you fine with this?"

"Better than ever," Sting replied, "after those years of chasing after her, I've come to realize that she truly…loves…that idiot."

"It took you a few years to realize it," Rogue muttered, "Maybe you're the idiot."

"Love does some crazy stuff to people, Rogue."

"Shh!" Chie hissed, grabbing onto Rogue's hand affectionately. She had been eagerly anticipating this day for months, happy for her blonde friend, and had spent nights even to plan this day with her. The black-haired boy interlocked his fingers with Chie's, and shrugged to Sting. He turned just in time to see an old-fashioned, sparkling white, horse drawn carriage pull up to the equally white carpet that led to the platform in front. The door opened slowly, and out stepped Jude, his face looking older and more wrinkled, but cheerful. He lifted his arm and a delicate hand protruded from the inside of the vehicle. Bit by bit, Lucy emerged, adorning a strapless, glittering white wedding dress that conformed to her body perfectly. She held a bouquet of snowy white flowers in one hand; the other hand was used to grasp on firmly to her father's left elbow. The blonde stepped down gracefully, smiling at the guests whom she had invited to her wedding day.

There was Gray, who had Juvia closely holding onto his elbow; as the blonde watched, Gray turned slightly to kiss the blue-haired girl lightly on the forehead. Then there was Erza who held hands with Jellal, and Levy, who was standing closely to Gajeel. Wendy was in the front row, right next to Romeo Conbolt, a close family friend with whom she was dating with. Hughes, Mary, and Coco had also come, looking much older than they had when they had come before.

"Let's go, Lucy," Father whispered, and she nodded serenely. Together, they approached the platform and Natsu looked at her with a light blush over his cheeks. He looked strikingly handsome in his white suit, and as she faced him on the little makeshift stage, she wanted to avert her gaze.

"Ten years later, and you still look wonderful," they muttered under their breaths, and blushed when they realized their whispers could be heard by the entire assembled crowd.

Somehow, in between all the heart squeezes and heart thumps, they managed to exchange their vows.

"Do you, Lucy Heartfilia, take Natsu Dragneel as your husband?"

"I do."

"And do you, Natsu Dragneel, take Lucy Heartfilia as your wife?"

"You bet I do!"

A short sigh of exasperation was heard from Grandine at his reply, but she stared on with a smile.

"You are now husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Salmon Top leaned in and the tension of the crowd broke as his lips pressed against hers for about the trillionth time in her life. With a single sweep of her arm, her left hand, which now wore a sparkling and jeweled ring, threw the bouquet of flowers into the air. A single cheer arose into the sky as everyone rushed to congratulate the two newlyweds.

"And that's the love story," Natsu finished, leaning back into the couch to relax. A little boy with blonde, spiky hair and onyx eyes leapt up onto the couch.

"That was one GROSS story," he announced in his ten-year-old voice.

"Oh, shut up, Taiyou!" snapped a thirteen-year old girl with long wavy salmon hair and chocolate brown eyes. She peered up at Natsu, "So Daddy, who caught it?"

"Who caught what, Luna?" the salmon-haired man asked, puzzled.

Taiyou gave a snort, as if he were saying that his father was really stupid. "Who caught the bouquet, flame brain."

Natsu swept Taiyou up into a headlock and answered simply, "Wendy did. Shortly after, she got married to Romeo."

"How romantic!" Luna swooned, and Taiyou made a gagging motion. His older sister slapped the back of his head and he growled at her ferociously.

"Don't fight you two," a stern voice said from behind them. They looked up frantically, and relaxed when the mystery person turned out to be a blonde woman with brown eyes.

"Mother! We just heard about your guys' love story!" Luna yelled excitedly, gesturing to Natsu.

Lucy frowned at him. "Oh, Salmon Top, how could you ever bring up such a story?"

"Back from the grocery store, eh?" he replied, changing the subject with ease. He leaned in and kissed the blonde lightly on the mouth.

"Oh, that is so gross! Are you guys, like, trying to scar me for life or something?" Taiyou said moodily.

"That's enough out of you, young man," Lucy giggled, heaving him up into her arms. "One day, you'll fall in love too, and YOUR kids will be the ones gagging over your story."

The doorbell rang from the entrance hall.

"That should be…everyone…for the reunion party," Lucy concluded, putting Taiyou down onto the floor. She smiled toothily at Natsu.

"And maybe, kids, you'll get to hear THEIR love stories," the salmon-haired man and blonde woman said in unison.

"Alright!" Luna said gleefully, but Taiyou made a face. Wrinkling his nose, he opened his mouth widely to speak loudly.

"I don't want to get caught up in their love stories!"

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