Welcoming the Darkness

Chapter Six



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Stepping lightly, Allen gripped onto the side of the car, searching with his fingers for the door handle. Sighing in frustration, he was about to give up when, finally, he felt something of a different material that he presumed to be the handle. Curling his fingers around it, he pulled and stepped back so he wouldn't hit himself with the door, like he's done once before – or twice.

The rise and fall of his chest was more obvious in his nervousness and he willed his heart to beat just a little slower. Of course, this wasn't his best choice of the day, to get in a car with someone he barely knew but…it didn't seem like the man wanted to hurt him. Although, for someone he barely had time to be acquainted with, Timcanpy had taken an unusual liking to the latter and acted as though he wanted to play with him, as far as the cursing and swears pouring out of the man's mouth could possibly mean.

Sliding half into the passenger seat, after snaking his hand down the back rest and base in search of anything he might possibly crush under his weight, Allen deemed it bare when he didn't knock into anything. He barely registered the sounds of a door opening and slamming shut before something wet and hot ran down the left side of his face.

His hand shot up and cupped the left side of his face, letting go of the door in favour of finding the source of the action. Puffs of hot air blew into his face and whatever had ran down his face was now gliding over his right hand, startling him into jumping backwards. Stupidly, he had forgotten he was getting into a car and slammed his head on the roof of it. Just as he was about to clutch his head, the door attempted to swing close and hit him on the ass.

As he let out a yelp of surprise, trying not to hit something else, Kanda just gave him a glare from the other side for head-butting his car – not that he cared much for the ridiculous vehicle. He also glared at Timcanpy for licking the blind kid and startling him in the first place.

"Oi, get in the car and don't hit anything else, got it," he growled impatiently.

A quiet "yes, sorry" was his only answer. Snorting at his obedient attitude, a change from a little while ago, Kanda yanked Timcanpy backwards by the scruff of his neck, allowing the younger teen to get into the car without any more stupid interruptions for the day. The elder was tired and pissed that his brother never showed up, meaning he had to do all the work himself – plus his brother's load.

Lazy bastard… Kanda swore inwardly, gritting his teeth and glaring out the window.

Placing one foot into the car, Allen kept on hand on the door and one on the top of the car to make sure he didn't hit his head again. Using his memory of what the inside of cars should be like – he hasn't been in one for a long time – he reached for the glove compartment and then the seatbelt after closing the door. Successfully grabbing that, he drew it over his chest to where he remembered the hold used to be placed, except he couldn't find it.

A whine of defeat sounded from next to Kanda and the dark-haired male glanced over to see if the brat was done with seating himself in the goddamn car by himself. Clicking his tongue in annoyance, he swiftly snatched the seatbelt out of the other's grasp and snapped it into the hold before he could react.

"If I'd have left you, you would've taken forever to just put on your seatbelt…" Kanda grunted for an explanation, although still managing to sound like he was pissed off. Absentmindedly, Allen wondered whether he was actually pissed or if he always sounded like that.

Closing his eyes, the white-haired teen listened to the sounds of the person beside to him start the car. A shudder of life ran throughout the car's metal structure and he couldn't help the stiffening of his muscles. It had been so long since he'd taken proper transport. And he still couldn't get used to the feeling of moving but notquite 'moving'.

Releasing Timcanpy from his iron-grip now that the brat was appropriately seated, Kanda watched the boy flinched when the mutt seated itself in his lap and licked his cheek again, making himself known this time. Dark midnight eyes watched the other teen smile down sheepishly at his dog before trailing over the hands that clutched handfuls of fur with a tightness that looked like it hurt. Although the grip only got tighter when he finally stepped down lightly on the gas pedal, the dog still didn't react and just settled down comfortably between the younger and the glove compartment.

Brushing it off as nothing serious, the breathing coming from the latter quickened and he kept an eye on him even as he drove just in case something did indeed happen. Not that he cared. He was only making sure he wasn't the one held responsible for the kid if something went wrong, whatever it was.

Fingers tightened and slackened with every inhale and exhale respectively. Allen's history with cars wasn't a good one and, even though he was wearing a seatbelt, he was still scared of crashing, or hitting someone, or–

"Your breathing is starting to get really annoying. Calm down, nothing bad is going to happen."

He really wanted to believe him wholly, but the nagging feeling was still there and he couldn't rid of it entirely. Laughing sheepishly, Allen rubbed the back of his neck and released Timcanpy's fur from his unintended abuse, before stroking it with care.

"I'm just…not used to being in a car. Not really anyway. It's not like I can see where I'm going in the first place…" the teen muttered, his hair obscuring the top half of his face from Kanda's direct line of sight.

Raising an eyebrow in question, Kanda remembered the brat wouldn't be able to see and turned back to focus on the road. He said nothing bad would happen and he was sure to make certain of his words. Instead, he grunted in reply to the boy's confession and didn't question him further – not that he had asked any questions in the first place.

Resting in a comfortable silence, Allen noticed the person to his immediate right hadn't said anything more. He also came to be aware that whoever it was hadn't even commented on his appearance, at all. This whole day he had been called a 'freak' or 'monster' but for the whole time he had talked to the man, he'd only been called 'brat' or 'moyashi'.

Whatever that meant, he groaned to himself, though the way it was spoken sounded very familiar, yet he couldn't put his finger on it. Other than that fact, it also came painfully aware neither of them had mentioned their destination. Well, his destination to be exact.

Fidgeting in his seat, Allen finally found it in himself to speak, breaking the contented silence with a draw out word:


"What." Kanda barked the word out as if it was a statement but the latter quickly replied, hoping the man hadn't already passed his desired street.

"It seems I never told you where to drop me off," the younger mumbled hastily, hopefully not angering the man in any shape or form. He had no reason why he felt as comfortable – or uncomfortable, it was quite hard to pinpoint the correct feeling – as he did around him but he wasn't going to start complaining. "Have we already past Noah Street? Because that's where I'm heading."

"Noah? That's one of the areas with the highest sale demands," Kanda glanced at him from the side with an even gaze, face still in the direction of the road. Not that it mattered to the Japanese teen, but he hadn't expected a brat to be living in such an expensive area. Then again, he was blind…

"Ahh….well, my guardian likes to live in luxury….and all that." Allen muttered, his tone giving the impression he didn't want to dabble more on the topic.


Both didn't say another word and Allen noticed that he never did answer his question, "so…"

"No, we haven't passed it, now shut up."

So Allen promptly shut his trap for good measure, even when he was itching to give a snappy retort to that command. Though sitting next to – and possibly screaming at – the only other passenger of a car you were currently in wasn't such a good idea while said person was the one at the wheel of a car he knew nothing of. Who knows what he would do if Allen just suddenly started an argument? Maybe a crash or – not all that likely, but still not limited to – throwing him out and driving away, leaving him to wonder just where in the hell he was.

Shaking his head a little, the white-haired teen just sighed in defeat and sat in silence, stroking Timcanpy's fur. In it, he could feel some twigs and leaves, probably from when he had dashed off. Had he run into a bush or something? That seemed unlikely for Tim to do – not that Allen hadn't heard of him doing it before…on numerous accounts.

While he pondered on this, a sweet but musky smell assaulted his nose and his eyes widened when he finally noticed. It hadn't been there before – or maybe he was just paying very little attention – but now it was pretty much everywhere. The smell wasn't bad really….okay, he would admit it actually smelt quite damn good. Addictive, even. It was kind of an earthy scent that had hints of…flowers? No, it was more specific than that…

.Lotus? Great, I'm going crazy now… Smelling things that aren't even there…

He didn't know how he knew that particular scent, although he didn't have time to dwell much on the topic before the person next to him asked – snarled, was more like it – where he wanted to be dropped off, past the turn at the corner.

"That's alright, I can walk from here."

He noticed the silence where the latter was probably giving him a disbelieving look. "Really, Timcanpy will guide me. If he wants to eat dinner, he will." From his lap, said dog barked loudly in the affirmative.

Kanda scoffed but didn't say or do anything against his decision. If the kid wanted to get out, so be it. He just wanted to go home and sleep without his father there to annoy the shit out of him every few minutes. "Sure, get out."

Allen just raised a brow at those uncaring words. So…he wanted him to leave now? Or was he always like that…? Forgetting about it, the blind teen felt the left side for the handle of the door so he could get out and finally go home. When he found it – a lot easier this time around – he turned back to thank the man but was silenced by Timcanpy, whom decided to show his affection with a slobbery greeting, turning his grateful words into a strangled whine.

"Augh….." he groaned, wiping his mouth with the sleeve of his shirt, "thanks for the ride, I guess."

"Just hurry up and get out," the Japanese teen grunted, not even looking at the boy as he stumbled out of the car with his bear-like dog before softly closing the door behind him. Once he was alone in his own car, Kanda just looked out the passenger window to catch a quick glance at the blind kid, smiling down at his dog. Realising what he was doing, he scoffed, face contorted into a grimace, "…I'm turning into a goddamn softy…"




Falling face first onto his plush – as plush as he could image it – bed, Allen sighed. He was home again. Finally.

"Sleeeeeep– wait…"

Pushing himself off the bed, he leaned on his bent elbows to grab at the backpack he had discarded upon immediate entry. Finding it was out of reach, Allen called Timcanpy to help him retrieve it. He waited for a few seconds and no reply came. He called again and the sound of the fridge being pawed at filled the silence.

"Right, food…"

Huffing, the white-haired teen rolled from his laying face-down position on his bed to his back, not noticing the distance covered included the air after the side of his bed, only to realise the hard way – bed mattresses don't necessarily go on for forever.

"–Ouch!" Smacking face-first into the floor sure gave him a wake-up call and he placed a hand on his stinging nose, finally getting up off the floor with a few more pained groans, "ow, ow, ow, ow, ow…."

That's when he decided to remember everything else he still had yet to finish. Groaning once more, he nudged Timcanpy's body out of his way and opened the fridge door, snatching whatever he felt was the right ingredients, and then setting them out on the kitchen top to prepare. It wasn't regularly that he allowed Tim to eat dog food – he always believed that his dog should get to eat good food too – and today was another day he felt he deserved something better than dry dog treats as a 'meal'.

Minutes later and food for the both of them was ready. Placing a dish of pasta and sauce on the floor beside the table, Allen dug in, cleaning everything Timcanpy didn't. Today the blind teen felt lazy, so deciding to leave the dirty plates in the sink for later, soaking them in water so they didn't stain, he head off back to his room without his guide dog to help – tripping on various things in his way, while also smashing into a wall thrice – Allen kicked his shoes off, threw his clothes onto the floor and crawled into bed, content.

"Oh right…I should ask later how Lenalee looks….Lavi too," he mumbled absently, pressing further into his blankets.



"Why didn't I do everything before I went to bed!? Arghh!"

The ringing of the phone got Allen out of his rushed state for only a second, standing in the middle of the living room and staring off into the direction he assumed the phone was at. Its location was truthfully unknown and thus, he dived down onto the floor – it was covered in junk he either knocked into or tripped over in his hurry – scuttling along with arms outstretched to grasp the damn thing.

It was only a while later when he heard the piercing ringing of the phone getting closer. And then it literally hit him. Cursing, he sat up and picked the phone off the floor, pressing the second left button while scolding Timcanpy for dropping it on his head.


"Allen? Oh good, for a second I thought my brother had given me the wrong number…!" A rather familiar voice chirped happily.

"….Lenalee? How did you get my n– Did you just say Komui gave you?" he groaned. 'Komui….you don't hand out private information so easily like that….' And then he realised something: "Uhm, may I ask why you're calling?"

"Oh Allen…" he heard her sigh on the other side, "…have you checked the time yet? You're late! I was wondering if you were alright or not – although seeing as how you've answered my call, you're still at home."

Shit. "Wh– Uhh, how late am I right now?" Allen asked quietly. He hoped his first class' teacher was a kind one.

"Nearly eight minutes – it's not that bad but you'll take, what, around fifteen to just walk here–?" In the background he could hear another voice shout: "so move that butt o' yours and get over here, Allen! Lenalee is freaking out– ow! Lenalee, that hurt!"

Yep, that was definitely Lavi with her.

.wait, if I'm already late….

"Why is Lavi with you? Doesn't he have class!?"

"Ah, that doesn't matter right now; he's got a free periodJust hurry up Allen! Class is starting!"

"Eh!? Y– Yeah, I'll be there soon, bye."

He didn't wait for an answer before hanging up. Allen dropped the phone and rushed back to his room – tripping over a few more things on his way – before sprinting – and falling in a rather odd fashion – down the stairs to the front door. Whistling for Timcanpy, he was pleasantly surprised to find him beside him in a few seconds with something in his mouth that was brushing against his leg.

"Oh, my wallet! Good job Tim, let's go!"

His run to school was, thankfully, an uneventful one where he didn't trip – that badly – and made it to the building within the first twenty minutes where the staff would usually close the school gates so that the late people had to walk past the front office and sign in late.

"Um, the room….! Oh no, the room! I don't even know what building I'm in….!" Too busy wracking his brain for the room number and building, Allen was oblivious to the figure creeping up behind him until am arm found its way around his shoulders, freaking him out, yet not so much as to elicit a scream from him – only a strangled noise.

"Allen! So good you could make it just in time~" An eccentric voice bellowed proudly, not caring that classes had started not long ago and that they were currently standing right outside of one.

"K– Komui?" the white-haired teen asked hesitantly, taking into account the voice beside him. What was the principal doing wandering the halls of the school. He should have been doing paperwork at his office…

"Indeed! It is I!" The man announced boldly, a happy gleam in his eye. "My sweet Lenalee messaged me saying that I should meet with you and escort you to your classroom since she had to stay in class! Now because your last escort wasn't of any use–"

'…Chaojī,' he guessed, accidently missing a bit of what Komui was explaining.

"–nalee wanted to show you around, you'll have to settle with me~"

Did she have to get the principal to do this…? Oh god…

"But," he went on without waiting for Allen to interject with his own comment, "I don't have much time to help you, so it seems I'll have to get someone else to help you out– oh? Who is it I see there?" Raising his hand over his eyes, Komui squinted to get a better look, and then grinned evilly – not that Allen could spot that, although he felt a shiver go down his spine.

"Well, since no student should show up late to school, I'll ask whoever happens to be walking by at the time– look, there's someone now!" the childish principal faked innocent as he grabbed whoever it was that was walking along by the arm, earning a low growl.

Said growl startled Allen and he jumped a bit at the voice that followed:

"Komui – you bastard – what do you want."


"Ah~ Kanda, always so nice to talk to you! How was moving out of Tiedoll's–"

"Fine," the dark-haired teen snapped irritated from being stopped by the overly happy moron that was clinging to his arm. "I said, what do you want. Answer me or I'm leaving."

It couldn't be…

"About that–"

"Get to the point."

"–I was wondering if you'd be able to help this young boy to his classes for today~" Without waiting for a reply, he sped off. "Thank you, Kanda, bye-bye~"

This can't be him…

"Komui, you idiot, get back here! I didn't agree to anything!" Kanda called after him with a scowl, inwardly cursing and swearing to himself that he'd murder that guy later. He heard a shuffling and turned his predatory gaze to the person he was 'asked' to lead around when he froze.

Allen had kept quiet the moment he heard that growl from the person Komui had pulled aside, recognising that voice. Please don't make it be him… Not…that it could be. I mean, he can't possibly be in high school – and this high school specifically? No way!

While Allen was reassuring himself that it wasn't who he thought it was, he didn't notice the person moving closer until he felt a hand on his shoulder, turning him around to face the latter.

Please, anyone but–


And that was when he too froze, the exact same word the latter had thought the day before seeping into his mind.




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