Patricia's Maid: Chapter 11

Sorry, but I'll mark this story as complete now. Patricia got it on with real Konata instead of maid Inata, and there's not much more to tell. This would just be an endless girl on girl orgy with some spanking and seduction of new victims in between. Which is fun, but I have written quite a lot of that already. So here's the last little bits I had written for the next chapter.

デリミタ デリミタ デリミタ

So we took a bath together. And Yutaka learned what that meant. Lots of kissing, fondling, and caressing. Afterwards I pleased Yutaka on her bed with my mouth and fingers while Konata made sure her upper body wasn't feeling lonely. We didn't stop until she pleaded for mercy.

While all of this was very nice, I wanted more. Not from Yutaka – her body was too frail for the things I planned to do. And I didn't think Yutaka had any masochistic tendencies.

And, while punishing Inata-chan had been pleasant, she was maybe a bit too submissive. A bit too … experienced. Sort of. Used to cosplay and stuff. So I needed someone new. Someone who didn't know anything. Someone who would react more.

So it would have to be … Kagami Hiiragi!

デリミタ デリミタ デリミタ

Konata dragged a large guest futon out of the closet and set it up on the floor in Yutaka's room. She thought we were all going to sleep together? Well, I certainly had nothing against it.

I noticed Konata had not yet worn her pajamas. Then again, neither had I. I had not brought any, in fact.

When I lied down on my side, Konata snuggled up against me, and buried her face into my cleavage. "What, you're going to sleep like that?"

"Mmm … yeah …" she mumbled.

Well, it felt nice. And it was kind of chilly so it was nice to have a warm, silky smooth girl body against mine.

The door opened, as Yutaka came back from brushing her teeth. "Onee-chan, that's not fair!" she complained. "I-I mean, I'd liked to sleep with Patty-chan …"

"Sorry, there's only one of me for you to share. Can't you spoon me?"

It would be very nice to have a warm, silky smooth girl body on my both side. Needless to say, Yutaka had failed to find any clothes as well.

"B-but I wanted the front …"

Oh my, what a slut she is, indeed. I always thought Yutaka was far naughtier than she appeared. She often spent time surfing on the internet. I bet she knew about certain web sites on which a 16-year old girl should not really be.

"You guys …" I sighed. "Konata, turn around. No, not like that. I mean, facing me, but your feet that way."

In this position, facing me but "upside down," she could still put her face into my cleavage. When Yutaka snuggled up to me, she hugged my thighs and put her face into my crotch.

Wow, what a weird position. But they both seemed to love it, and I liked it a lot too. Konata would only need to bend her hips and open her legs and I could … and if I parted my thighs, Yutaka could … anyway, we were all too tired now. Even I drifted to sleep despite having two girls on me.

デリミタ デリミタ デリミタ

Imagining their sleeping position was very enjoyable. I even toyed with Daz3D to test it out. Didn't actually make accurate models of them, but their heights (and cup sizes) were approximately correct.

What would have happened: they would have gotten Kagami. And then all the others, one by one. With Hiyori watching and drawing everything and bleeding profusely through her nose. And everyone would have lived happily together in the end.

Come to think of it, this fic reminds me of "The Way of a Man with a Maid" by Unknown (1908). Read it. It's fun, though the writer didn't know how girls actually make love. :D