The Trouble with Akbadain.

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SPOILER ALERT for Professor Layton 6. There will be, if slightly jumbled, references to places and happenings in the sixth game, but since I can't exactly speak Japanese, I don't really understand some of what's going on.

This story takes place directly after Mask of Miracle ends, during the cutscene following the credits. It is completely AU from the point where Reinel (DIE! DIE! DIE!) steps out of his car to confront Descole, and then says something really evil which I can't for the life of me remember. Also, some of the theories in this story will be completely made up by me and won't be at all true to the actual Professor Layton storyline.

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Chapter One - The Infinite Chase.

He stared down at the man, fists clenching and unclenching as he tried to contain his anger and disgust.

Bronev Reinel. He was now even more warped than Descole remembered. The Scientist glanced sideways at his butler and spoke softly:

"Be ready,"

Then he called to the Reinel in a louder voice, "Your views on world domination disgust me. But you're going to have to try harder than that to capture the Azran Legacies. Especially when I'm inside one of them."

And in one liquid movement, Descole dropped behind the wall and away from the eyes of Targeant, motioning for Raymond to follow him as he heard Reinel's cries of "Get up there! Don't let them escape!" and the noise of the helicopters as they flew down to where the unfortunate twosome were standing.

"Master?" said Raymond, as Descole began running his hand up and down the wall in front of him, stopping when his long slender fingers reached a gap in the stone work, and tugged. There was a low grating sound as the stone swung out as if on a hinge and the wall before them glowed a brilliant blue. Descole stepped back as the wall parted to form a doorway, and then he turned to his butler.

"Raymond," he said, sounding monotonously calm, "Do you have any smoke bombs on you?"

Raymond nodded, producing a handful of dusty looking spheres from his inner pocket. "Aye, master. About five or so."

"Good," The scientist looked over his shoulder as the first Targeant soldiers stepped onto the upper wall, "They'll come in useful later on. Now, quickly, follow me!"

And they vanished into the darkness of the corridor.


Reinel arrived to his soldiers gathered around the entrance. He stood in front of the doorway for a second, head tilted to the side as though contemplating it, and then a smirk began to play upon his lips, half hidden by his thick beard.

"You will pursue those men until you catch them," he informed the waiting army, "The older one is disposable. He can be killed upon sight, but only if the other one is with him. He must be brought to me as relatively unharmed as possible. Is that clear?"

There was a chorus of "Yes, sir!" and the soldiers began filing in to break into a steady jog. Reinel watched them for a moment before he held up his hands and followed them in, the flow resuming behind him once he had entered.

"The Infinite chamber of Akbadain," he muttered to himself, "All the more fun for a chase."


It was not long before he heard the telltale 'clunk, clunk, clunk' of metal clad feet behind him, and this made Descole run even faster. Behind him, he heard Raymond giving the occasional huff or puff, but his butler had not yet slowed or stopped. Descole had to admire his perseverance.

The eerie blue glow was barely enough to light the way down the slippery, black tiled passage, and they could feel the walls around them slowly beginning to warm up from their bitter cold the further down they ran.

The echoing feet of Targeant were growing louder, and in an attempt to allow himself to run faster, Descole unfastened his heavy cape and let it drop to the floor. He could feel Raymond's eyes on his back as he picked up the pace, but ignored him. That is until Raymond finally stopped running, wheezing a little, and standing right beside another gaping doorway. Descole stared at it and then him in confusion for a moment, before the eyes behind the mask darkened.

"Master," his butler began, "I can create a diversion. Keep going forwards. I'll wait until those men come into sight and I'll duck into this side passage. They'll follow me believing I'm with you. Please," he continued, as Descole looked like he wanted to protest,"They're after you, not me. It will give you more time to get away. Take these," he dug around in his coat pocket and then pressed the smoke bombs into Descole's hand, "you'll be needing them. Now go."

Descole seemed frozen in place. Then he shook himself and stared at Raymond in a bewildered manner. "Don't get caught," he said finally as the sound of Targeant became clearer. He walked backwards a few paces, then, after nodding at his butler, he continued his run. Raymond watched him go, relaxing slightly as he disappeared from sight, and turned to wait.


Reinel froze upon catching sight of the cape, effectively halting the rest of Targeant in their tracks. The cloth around the neckline was warm to touch, and this information brought another smile to his face.

"We're catching up."

Targeant doubled their pace.

It was not long before an excited cry was heard from the front, and the entire army surged forward, the message rippling back through the ranks: "We've got them now, they're within range!" and Reinel stopped at the opening as his soldiers streamed past him and into the side corridor, fingering the cape slung over his arm, all the while staring down the winding corridor they had originally been following.

"You fools!" he bellowed after a few more seconds of this. "That was a diversion! He's headed this way!"

The significantly small number of soldiers that heard this remark turned their heads to their commander and changed direction, heading down and past the little opening with Reinel at their head, still fingering the abandoned cape.

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