The Trouble with Akbadain.

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Chapter 3 - Eternal Life.

Raymond often disagreed with his master's choices - they often ended up in death-defying stunts, injuries, and more enemies than the poor butler cared to remember. This particular choice - running into the heart of the Infinite Chamber rather than leaving quietly - was bound to leave his master with a large amount of all three. And so he had created the diversion.

Unfortunately, it hadn't really worked.

Raymond knew from the chaos behind him that Reinel hadn't followed the majority of his soldiers - from the little that Descole had told him of the man, he knew that Bronev Reinel wouldn't allow such disorder.

And now Raymond knew that his master was in grave danger.

It took all of the butler's willpower not to turn around, charge through the ranks of soldiers, find his master, grab him, and run. Of course, doing so would only make things worse for both of them - Raymond knew that he wouldn't be able to make it through the soldiers. He would be captured, brought to Reinel, and then perhaps be used against Descole. His master often acted cold hearted and distant, and making threats against others was not exactly an unusual occurrence, but Descole never really acted upon said threats, and Raymond had seen definite, almost open signs of emotion before. There was no doubt that Reinel had guessed this, and the butler came to the conclusion that escaping, if possible, would benefit both of them until one of them came up with an alternative. A rescue, perhaps.

And so Raymond continued to run and run and run, but was faced with a slight problem:

He wasn't nearly as young as he used to be, and Targent definitely wasn't made up of old men such as himself. Raymond was already wheezing, and the army was slowly gaining on him. It amazed him how long these men could run for - how long his master could run for - without breaking into so much as a sweat. Raymond knew that he couldn't hold out for much longer.

He jumped at the first chance he got - a crevice, large enough to fit a man, and barely noticeable to those who weren't looking. Raymond squeezed himself inside, making himself as small as possible, and then waited, not moving, barely breathing.

Seconds later, the Targent soldiers tramped past, each and every one of them staring straight ahead, not bothering to look to the side.. He waited with bated breath as they disappeared from sight, their footsteps fading away into nothingness. Raymond allowed himself a sigh of relief.

Thugs, he thought, shaking his head slowly as he pulled himself from the crack, They're either very unobservant, very stupid, or both.

He redirected his route to go down the way he had come, but now a little more cautiously. There was now one more thing on his mental checklist:

Rescue his master from his fate.


Reinel couldn't help a feeling of satisfaction as Descole finally stopped struggling and went limp - the drug Reinel had injected when he had attacked him finally taking its toll. However, there was a little voice screaming at him in the back of his mind that this was wrong. This was very, very wrong.

Naturally, Reinel ignored such voices. As one would when they were so close to achieving their ultimate goal.

"You there!" he said sharply to a group of the Targent soldiers. He then inclined his head at Descole. "Take him and leave. Make sure he is guarded at all times. Then give the order to secure the area - I will follow you up shortly. And do not," Reinel's tone was suddenly very cold, "take his mask off if you value your life."

The soldiers scurried into action, and soon all but a few had left, taking Descole with them.

"The rest of you," Reinel continued to the remainder of men, "will search this chamber from top to bottom. You should know what you're looking for."

"Yes, sir!" came the reply, and they all spread out along the chamber. Reinel, meanwhile, walked to the edge of the drop and looked down at the steaming pool beneath. With a smirk, he turned back round and slowly made his way out of the chamber and into the corridor.

"Infinite chamber indeed," he muttered as he left. "Indeed."


The first thing he felt when he awoke was the cold. Not your usual cold, however, but the kind of cold that pierces your heart and then freezes you from the inside out.

The next thing was how hard and smooth the ground beneath him was. Then how heavy his eyelids were, and last of all, how painfully slowly his eyes brought everything into focus.

He was lying in a large, empty, polished marble room. No furniture was in sight, the walls were tall and smooth, and there were no windows.

Then it all came rushing back to him. The chamber, Reinel, and losing consciousness due to being -

Descole sat up very quickly - a big mistake. His head spun and throbbed and room wavered in and out of focus. "Drugged," he moaned aloud, although it sounded raspy and dry, and his throat felt like sandpaper. He clutched his head until the spinning stopped and then waited a while before he made another move, pushing himself up the wall until he was on his feet, and then taking a few unsteady steps to test himself.

He eventually came to the conclusion that it must have been a very strong drug used upon him.

Leaning on the wall, he examined the room again from a standing position. It was, indeed, empty, and the only particularly noticeable things that he could find were the metal door on the other end of the room, and his cape and feather boa neatly folded in the middle.

Descole growled under his breath - one of Reinel's not-so-subtle reminders about what had happened down in the chamber. The leader of Targent obviously knew that Descole wouldn't be able to make it to the center of the room for a while yet - and he knew that the cape was something Descole would long for after experiencing the bone rattling cold inside of him for a while longer.

There was a rattle of chains and bolts from the other side of the door, and the man himself walked in. Descole had been expecting this, but it didn't stop him from emitting a low snarl.

"Oh, come, come. There's no need for that." Reinel spread his hands out in front of him. "I was just coming to say hello."

The eyes behind the mask flashed with anger. "What do you want?"

"Well, you do get straight to the point." The older man crossed his arms and leaned casually against the now closed door. "You already know what I want."

Descole blew out through his nose in frustration. "Stop beating around the bush, Reinel, you know what I mean. You already have the three Azran legacies. Why shouldn't you just kill me now? What more could you want?"

The words were carefully chosen, and Descole deliberately avoided the topic of the fourth part in gaining the Azran power. But there was a gleam in Reinel's eyes that told him that the other man did know of it, but was unwilling to share such information. Descole watched as the smile grew of the Targent leader's face.

"Why indeed?" He said, starting to pace slowly around the edge of the room, Descole watching on warily, "I suppose you deserve to know. It does ...involve you after all," Reinel's smirk was manic, "I'm surprised you don't know of it yourself. There is another part to gaining the Azran power " Descole raised an eyebrow, "One of the more important steps. Human blood directly descended from the Azrans themselves must be spilt upon an altar, and there before the altar shall be a door, which shall open upon the sacrifice, and he who enters shall have the ultimate life - an immortal, indestructible life. I know the location of the altar. All there is left to be done is to go there."

"And the ...human sacrifice?"

Reinel came to a stop a few meters from where Descole was standing, his eyes now reflecting all the insanity within.

"As your mother's eldest child, the Azran power flows strong in you. And that's why there's no sense to be killing you ...just yet."

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