*I know the whole future generation Halliwell coming back to save the world is so overdone, which is why my story is different. She doesn't want to change her future, she is strictly sent to protect the sisters. Besides, there is a major twist coming up soon. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I had writer's block. So here is a longer chapter to make up for my writer's block. I'll try to update the story as soon as I can. Still don't own Charmed...

It was nightfall by the time that Mel reached the manor. The walk helped her to clear her mind. She thought about her future and the Halliwells. The sisters were going to keep asking her questions, even though they knew that she would not be able to answer them. On her walk, she wanted to make up a story, one that explained her origins. However, she hated lying, especially to her family. So she decided to tell them the truth-just without any details. She took a deep breath, walked up to the Manor door and knocked.


Deztrix followed Mel all the way from the herb shop. He wanted to stop her and snatch her up so that he could enact his plan. However, he knew that he had to earn her trust before he tried anything. And he knew that the girl would have to gain the Halliwells' trust as well. So, he stood back in the shadows and waited.


Piper and Leo had just sat down to a lovely, romantic dinner when they heard the knock. The boys were upstairs sleeping. "What now?" Piper asked standing up. "It is probably just Mel or one of your sisters." "Or Leo, it could be a demon or some other magical being, sent to destroy our happiness." " Piper, calm down. No one has been sent to destroy our happiness, and demons don't normally knock." Leo replied laughing at his wife. " Can't we just have one uninterrupted dinner? Is that too much to ask for?" "One day we will. I promise you that." Leo said before smiling and kissing his wife on the forehead. "We should probably answer the door now," Leo continued.

Piper reluctantly agreed and open the door. Mel was standing there shivering from the cold. Piper almost slammed the door in her face but stopped herself and let her in. "Hi Piper and Leo. I know that I am the last person you want to see right now. And I hope that I am not interrupting anything, but I really won't hurt you." Piper sighed and looked at the girl. She then exchanged looks with Leo. Piper decided to try to give the girl a chance.

"Mel, have you eaten anything yet?" Piper said looking back at Mel. "No, I haven't had the chance to yet." "We were just about to sit down for dinner, would you like to join us?" Piper asked her. "Yeah sure, I am starving." Mel replied. She couldn't even remember the last time she had a home cooked meal. The three of them then went to the kitchen to eat dinner. They mostly ate in silence, lost in their own thoughts. Piper looked at the girl and sighed before attempting to make conversation with the girl. "So Mel, is there any information you can tell us, so we can get to know you better?"

"Um, well, I am nineteen years old. I am a witch. I come from the year 2026. My birthday is March 21. I am currently attempting to get my degree in business. My parents divorced when I was four. I have two older brothers. I don't really talk to one of my brothers. My other brother and I are really close." Mel answered Piper. Piper could sense that Mel was holding something from her and was about to ask more questions, but decided not to because didn't want to pressure Mel; she didn't want to push her away. They finished the rest of the meal in silence. Piper kept glancing at Mel, still confused who the girl was. She thought of a way to watch over Mel. She was going to ask her to move into the Manor.

"Mel, do you have a place to stay? I mean if you want it there is an extra room upstairs" "Um sure, that would be great considering I don't have any plans or money for that matter," Mel responded taken aback by Piper's sudden change in attitude towards her. She wasn't going to question it, in case she suddenly changed her mind. "Perfect, I will go get the room ready," Piper said standing up taking the dishes. "Piper, let me wash those, you cooked the meal," Leo chimed in, after not saying anything all dinner long. He had been carefully watching Mel the entire time. Mel got up and quickly thanked Piper for dinner and for letting her move into the Manor. All she wanted to do was go to sleep so she could be well rested for the next day.

She followed Piper up the stairs to the room. "Here is the room. I will have breakfast ready in the morning," Piper said as she turned to leave. "Piper, before you go I would like to tell you that I will live here under one condition, I mean, I am so grateful that you are letting me stay here, but I will not stay here unless this one condition is met," Mel said before Piper left. "What is your condition?" Piper asked looking at Mel. "No questions about my life when Phoebe and Paige aren't here." Seeing Piper's confused look, she quickly explained, "I don't want to be bombarded by the same questions by all three of you." "Okay that seems fair," Piper replied. "Goodnight Piper and thank you for understanding." "Goodnight Mel." Piper responded before shutting the door.