Dreams of Fire

Chapter 1~

It had all happened in a matter of seconds. The little girl standing in the middle of the road, a ball in her hands. The car coming toward her, the demon finding his legs moving, and before he knew it he was standing beside her. The teen grabbing her thin little arm and pushing her out of the way. The screeching of tires, a high-pitched rattling of the car horn, and then nothing. Of course there was pain, of course he had felt his head hit the cement, but after that there was nothing. Nothing but darkness, and that's all he could remember. All he believed he'd ever remember.

"What do you mean they said no!"

A soft sigh left the male's lips, his tail lashing behind him as he ran his fingers through his snow-white hair. Leave it to the Vatican to piss off the only deadly female demon within Assiah. The young woman and given everything she had for the damn idiots and now they were repaying her by denying the only request she had. Now he was never going to get any sleep tonight, not with her demonic pressure flaring out like it was. She was going to kill someone if it got too far.

"They said they don't have the funds." The male spoke calmly.

"Funds my ass! They just bought new equipment for the research division in Russia!"

"I will point out they need them. Theirs were rusted and falling apart on the inside."

"I could care less about that! How am I going to move along with this project if they can't give me the funds?!"

Another sigh left the male, as rubbed a hand over his face and gazed at the young woman in front of him. Standing at a height of five feet two inches and weighting less then a hundred and ten pound, the red-haired demon was passing around her office in an angered trace. Her long red hair reaching down to her knees and swaying behind her with every step, as her blue eyes glared down at the carpet and her tail lashed out. The girl wearing a black tank top and skinny jeans, a pair of general black tennis shoes on her feet and a studded belt around her waist. Yet despite her appearance she was the complete opposite of how she dressed. She was kind, gentle, and put a smile on everyone's face, but that the moment she was seconds away from blowing up and destroying her office. Something the male wasn't looking forward to.

"Look, Scarlett. The Vatican had a good enough reason to deny your request. The Russian Branch needed the equipment and all you asked for was money to start your project. They're needs out weighed yours."

"And that's what pisses me off." Scarlett spoke. The woman finally reaching a stop in her pacing as her head turned and her eyes met his. "I've been working on this project for centuries with Drew and we're so close. We just need the funds to finish. We'll be able to help so many demons find peace and healthy lives, instead of killing people. I just need the money."

Of course at that moment all the male could do was give her a small smile and pull her into a hug. The woman excepting the embrace, as she wrapped his arms around his stomach and buried her face into his chest. Her muscles relaxing for once in the past ten minutes and putting her at ease. Ease the male was glad for, as he gently rubbed her back and waited till she separated herself from him. A small thank you falling past her lips and a smile appearing on her face. A look the male was glad for, while she picked up the forgotten papers off the floor and placed them back on her desk. A soft sigh leaving her lips and her head turning toward him, before her eyes met his.

"Thanks, Nekoyoma. What the hell would I do without you?" She spoke jokingly, while the male chuckled.

"I have no idea, Scarlett." He replied.

"Well, despite my major break down and the almost clear destruction of my office, I think I'm going to sleep this off. Then I'll review my request and resubmit it."

"Sounds like a plan. I'll leave you to it."

A nod left the woman, before her back turned toward him and she started to settle down behind her desk. The male quietly leaving the office, shutting the door behind him, and letting out a held breath. The weight on his shoulders easing a little and the chatter in the halls reaching his ears, before he headed down the halls and to a closed door. The white-haired demon pulling out a key and using it on the closed door till he heard an audible click and pulled the door open. The male taking his key back and shutting the door behind him, before he placed his keys in the bowl beside the door and toed his shoes off. A soft meow reaching his ears, as his cat walked over to him and walked around near his legs. The tabby rubbing it's head against the male's leg a purring in delight, before Nekoyoma let out a chuckle and picked the fur ball up off the floor. The man carefully cradling the cat in his arms and a soft meow leaving the creature's mouth, as he gently scratched the top of the creature's head and walked into his bed room. The purr of his cat reaching his ears and the rattling of the dryer echoing through out the house, while Nekoyoma settled down on the bed. The cat jumping out of his arms to let him undress for bed and settling at the end of the bed, as per normal for the creature, whilst the male pried off his jacket. His tank top, jeans and socks following soon after, before he pulled the sheets aside and settled down on the mattress. The male finding his cat bounding over and curling up next to him the next moment, and a small chuckle leaving his lips as he pulled the covers over the two of them. The rattling of the dryer the only thing that was heard after that, before the man closed his eyes and fell prey to his awaiting dreams.

It happened within moments. One moment the male was walking down the sidewalk and the next a scream reached his ears. His legs instantly moving and his instincts on high alert, as he turned the corner and his blood ran cold. Laying in the middle of the street and limp against the cement was a boy around the age of sixteen. His deep blue, nearly black, hair askew over his unconscious features, as blood slowly poured out onto the road. Nekoyoma rushing over to the boy's side and barely paying any attention to the mother cradling her daughter in relief, before he gently brushed the hair out of the boys face. The male able to catch the deep gash on the side of his head, and the torn and roughed up skin on the right side of his face. Just as well as the awkward angle his leg was lying. Poor boy had been hit by a car and by the looks of the scene the car had long since gone. Probably scared shitless that they had hit another human and had ran. Yet that didn't phase him as much as the sirens in the distance. Seems like someone had called an ambulance, and they were just in time. Seems like the boy was slowly bleeding out according to the puddle of blood slowly growing by the second. Of course none of that stopped him from tearing off his own shirt and wadding it up into a ball. The male gently lifting the boy's head and being careful not to cause more injury to his body, before he pressed the cloth against the huge gash in his head.

The sounds of the sirens getting louder and the screeching of tires reaching his ears. The opening and slamming of doors sounding not long after, before humans were suddenly by his side demanding to know what happened. Of course all the male could do was tell them he had heard the scream and came to find the boy in the middle of the road. Yet it seemed by the way they whisked the boy away moments later that they cared less about how he had found the boy and more to how severe his condition was. And it was within moments that they packed the boy up in the ambulance and drove off without saying a words to him. They just left him there in the middle of the street without a damn shirt. Of course that didn't stop the rain to suddenly come pouring down at him, nor the sudden darkness around him. The scenery suddenly fading and a rocky terrain coming into focus, as the male blinked in awe at the sudden anomaly and didn't see the boy sitting on the ledge a ways away from him till he shifted slightly.

Nekoyoma's attention being drawn to the boy, as he turned his head and noticed the mop of deep dark blue hair. Bright sapphire eyes and a black tail reaching his gaze, before he realized the boy was a demon and started heading toward him. The male having no trouble with the difficult terrain, as he carefully made his way up to the boy and stopped just below him.

"Hey, are you alright?" Nekoyoma called out. Within an instant the boy jolted and looked around. His frantic actions lasting only moments, before he looked down and his eyes locked with Nekoyoma's electric blue ones.

"I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" The boy asked, one of his eyes brows quirking up in confusion while he stared at him. "Who are you anyway?"


"Rin." The boy spoke, before he gazed out into the canyons in the distance. "Why are you here, Nekoyoma?"

"Hell if I know. This is my dream and my head likes to play tricks with me."

A moment of silence passed between them the next. A troubled and confused look appearing on the boy's features, as he turned to look at him and his troubled look only sharpened.

"Your dream, I thought this was mine."

Silence struck the air again, as Nekoyoma gave the boy a weird look and ran a hand through his hair.

"No, I'm pretty sure it's mine Rin." Nekoyoma spoke, before he suddenly felt his body getting lighter and looked down to see his body slowly fading.

"Seems like it's my dream." Rin chuckled, as he gave him a small smile. "Glad to meet you Nekoyoma."

And before he could reply to the boy's statement, he faded away completely.

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