: Glowing crimson eyes blinked open and peered out into an unfamiliar setting. A dark, partly-moonlit room came into view as the young man's focus adjusted. Everything seemed so monochromatic in the dead of night - colors dimmed and were tainted nearly past recognition. He sat forward, lifting his head from his pillow, bringing his face into the shadows. Finally. Finally he was able to gain control over the body that was by all account, rightfully his.

It took only moments for the boy to shed his pajamas and re-drab in the regular black and orange clothing his lesser-half had grown so accustomed to over the years. Hastily he brought his feet to the floor, panning the unkempt room in disgust. He passed over the cold floor swiftly, and paused briefly at the bedroom mirror. Looking back at him was his own face, of course - but the bright blue eyes reflected were in no way his own.

It felt so right - to be on the outside looking back in for a change. This time trapped in that frail layer of glass was the Idiot of the Hidden Leaf himself. The dark aura-ed look-alike drew a single claw-like nail across the layer projecting his captor. He grinned wickedly and treaded on with nothing more keeping him.

Through the brisk dusk air he roamed eagerly. From rooftop to moonlight, he was going to make this night his! However, in the midst of his long awaited reign, he remembered something important - Plans that the weaker one had made earlier… 'He was to meet the one named Gaara at the forest in front of the Village Gate before sunrise.' The Kazekage was then to begin his journey back to the Hidden Sand so surely he would've liked a departing word with his closest friend. Despite these plans not being his own, he did intend to honor them. After all, what kind of "friend" would he be if he didn't?

The village sat exceptionally still at this hour, allowing "Naruto's" quick trip to the front gates an easy one. With just one or two straying villagers in his path, he'd simply avoid for now. God, how he loathed them… They'd all just have to wait and be dealt with when he didn't have any "prior engagements".

It wasn't long until he arrived at their discussed destination. Stopping stealthily on a branch, he glanced down to see as planned, the red-haired boy standing out among green foliage. Surely with Gaara's applicable senses, he went shortly undetected. All exposed other than true intentions…

Darting from the trees, Naruto made contact with the ground just behind the un-expecting Gaara. Gazing off together in the same direction, he settled a firm, usually amicable hand on the Kazekage's shoulder.

"Gaara..." He whispered into the ear just inches from his lips – his words carrying a playful malice…

Then suddenly, with an unnecessary and extreme amount force, Naruto caught hold of Gaara's wrist and twisted it up behind him. Using his body against the other's, Naruto forced the Kazekage forward, pinning him against the nearest tree.

"…Good ta' see ya…" He chuckled heinously.


The instinct to retaliate had yet to accommodate the mind of the Sand's respected leader. In fact, the flow of thought seemed to come to a halt entirely when his check made friction with the bark of that tree. Gaara writhed in his hold. The amount of strength lifting and twisting his limb was forcing it into a direction it was never meant to withstand.

"Na-Naruto!" He struggled, scrambling for both words and actions. "What are you doing?!"

With the mere seconds he had to ponder, no explanation could justify the actions of his dearest and closest friend.

Then something clicked. This WAS Naruto after all: The famed Leaf "Knuckle-headed Ninja". Perhaps this was just an attempt at some friendly "rough play".

"This is bold, even for you, Naruto." He stated un-amused. "I can imagine how you'd joke with the others, but keep in mind that I am the Kazekage. Release me, now."

: "Kazekage". That word rang unsavorily in Naruto's ear. He released his grasp on Gaara as if to obey his command, then took a few steps backwards. Gaara's hands fell heavy to his sides, attempting to shake off what had just happened to him. Before he could even turn to question, Naruto had maneuvered his hands into a sign; producing two shadow clones. Each clone grabbed one of the Kazekage's arms, forcing him back up the same tree.

"Oh, well allow me to apologize then, "Lord Kazekage"!"Naruto began mockingly. "Too rough for the Hidden Sand's top guy, huh? Heh heh heh…" His mockery was quickly accompanied by dramatic and sarcastic movements. "Ya know a village is only as strong as its leader, Gaara. If this is enough to make you snivel, I can only imagine how pathetic the scum under your rule are!"

Those words set Gaara's stomach on fire.

Sneering, Naruto's body began to contort in a monstrous way. He chuckled, balling up a fist, he sent it soaring straight into Gaara's cheek.

" GAAH…!" Gaara reeled as blood dribbled from his quivering lip. "W-why, Naruto…? Why are you doing this?!" He was almost in tears.

Naruto's manor changed suddenly. Almost regretful, he took the back of his hand and caressed Gaara's sore face. Stroking the spot of impact gently as he spoke – words countering actions.

"You used to be so strong, Gaara... So POWERFUL! But look at you now... You sure have changed, ya know that?

We were the same once – You remember, don'cha, Gaara? How they hated us… TORTURED us…?! You used to DO something about THAT!

'HE' abandoned me – 'HE' refused to listen to REASON! But YOU...!"His tones began to escalate.

"YOU did what 'HE' was too WEAK to do! You accepted your gift… and BOY, did you use it...!"

The clones pull grew tighter on Gaara's arms as he spoke more passionately.

"You're… You're just so PATHETIC now!..." Naruto's hand recoiled, clenching once again with rage.

"The ones who used to hurt you… hurt US…! You BEFRIENDED them…!" Naruto appeared to be getting lost in thought.

"You betrayed me, Gaara…" He growled. "You were the only one who provided me hope in this wretched world!" Snapping out of himself, Naruto promptly returned with a dismissive laugh.

"Aha~ Well, like it matters now, ya know?" An errant grin overtook his face. "Maybe there's still a way I can straighten you out!" Only he knew the context behind his own deliberately vague words.

: Infuriated and hurt, Gaara could do nothing but submit to the will of his captor. His face ached and his heart throbbed. Adrenaline and panic were taking their courses as "Naruto's" disgusting words repeated in his mind over and over again. Naruto? No. This wasn't Naruto. The poison this creature spat would NEVER be uttered by Naruto Uzumaki. Not in a million years!

Everything Naruto was – everything he spoke was passionate and seeping with hope and love. This was the defining feature Gaara admired most about him. It was Naruto after all that inspired the Kazekage to become what he was. A goal he'd shadowed after his hero himself. Sure he'd reached the finish line before the zealous Leaf shinobi, but it was clear there were no hard feelings; perhaps a playful rivalry, but nothing contemptuous. So that couldn't have been it. No…

This utter nonsense… "Abandonment? Loneliness? Hate?" Jinchuuriki as they were, Naruto NEVER allowed those emotions to overcome him, unlike Gaara once did as his younger self. Gaara had been spared from these very afflictions thanks TO Naruto. "Strength"? The REAL Naruto knew of TRUE strength! Not EVER as hatred, but as love! This "person" was nothing more than a monster!

Gaara had come unprepared for conflict sand-wise. His gourd had been left behind unbeknownst to him he'd need it during this "meeting". Armed with a concealed kunai knife or two, they were far from his reach. And unable to form hand signs, he could not use the ground below them to create new sand for his defense. So what was he to do? What were the intentions of this "anti-Naruto" anyway? Where was his friend?

"Who are you?!" Gaara growled as he struggled pointlessly. "Where is the REAL Naruto Uzumaki?!"

: "Real N-?" The monster chuckled.

"The REAL Naruto?!... I AM the REAL Naruto! You of ALL people should know that, GAARA...!"

Gaara's body was forcefully turned to face his captor – back to the tree – one clone at each of his sides- arms restrained tight. Step by step, Naruto came to a halt inches from his prey. Elevating a talon-lined hand, he placed it firmly over Gaara's pounding heart.

"You don't go through what we did without being a little… 'angry' about it, ya know?"

Piercing through each layer of cloth with one claw-like fingertip, Naruto carved a curved path down the side of Gaara's ribs. Following in his wake was a trail of dark red.

Gaara hissed in pained discontentment.

"How do you think 'He' went through such a childhood - one so similar to yours - and ended up so kind-hearted? Huh?!"

"Well, it's because he had…" The nail stopped, dislodging itself from Gaara's flesh. "ME."

"All those traumatic experiences - without me to absorb them ALL… there's NO WAY 'He'd' be the same…!" Naruto's voice escalated to one of disdain.

"And what do I GET? – An ETERNETY to spend in SILENCE?! Locked away to be shunned with Kurama?!" His voice calmed as fast as it had risen.

"Not anymore…" His eyes glowed with bitter excitement. "I'm here now… And it's MY turn to experience all this world has to offer! And you BET I'll be paying back the ones who hurt us, Gaara!"

Naruto loomed in toward the restrained Gaara, nestling into the side of his crimson locks. He spoke now with a discretionary whisper – secret-telling, despite their solitude.

"You like him, Gaara. And you KNOW what I mean by THAT."

Gaara's eyes widened with exasperation.

"But you like to speak of him using only that overused term: "friend"."

"What are you talking about?!" Gaara bellowed.

"Oh, come on!" Anti-Naruto raved. "You sure talk about him enough. Even your siblings are making bets about it…! It's always, "Naruto Uzumaki" this and "Him" that... Just about everything you ever do or think about has to do with "who" in some way? 'Him'! You've even shadowed your own life after him, Gaara. What would you or anyone else call that?! Obsession, in the least!"

"He IS my friend! The one I owe my very LIFE to! Of course I feel eternally indebted to him!" Gaara retorted.

The dark Naruto simply snickered. "Indebted? To the extent you need to touch yourself to thoughts of him?"

Gaara's face turned bright red.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH A! So that IS true?!" The dark Naruto tore at poor Gaara mercilessly. "Man… What's WRONG with you?! You take pathetic to a whole new level!"

Quickly, and unprovoked, Naruto slammed his hands onto Gaara's shoulders, thrusting his knee deep into the Kazekage's gut. With excessive help from his ever-present clones, they forced Gaara down to his knees.

Naruto couldn't help but grin wickedly as he stared down at Gaara's waist-high head. A new urge ensued.

"So you wanna fulfill a great debt, huh, Gaara?" He began to slowly lower the waistline of his pants with his thumbs.

"Let's say you could start HERE."

Naruto shed enough to reveal his obvious excitement.

He offered his half-erect cock up to Gaara, letting it linger near his reddened face.

"Oh, and do mind the teeth…" He ordered; eyes glowing hungrily in the moonlight.

"Cause I'm sure when he gets this body back, he wouldn't appreciate you damaging it…

Ya know…?"