Dr. Parker sighed.

The reason he was sighing at the moment was that rather than quietly reading like he usually did, The Boy was sneaking peeks over his history book at today's rather routine consult, obviously planning something involving the pair who had come to him because the husband had an abysmally low sperm count and enough money to get through the front door. The last time the boy had gotten into mischief, he'd damn near been sued, and a particularly influential client had sworn to never darken his doorstep again. A particularly influential client who had influential friends with money.

There were days that he fully regretted getting that map of the entire human genome off of that alien and sharing it with others who believed as he had back in the Sixties when he was young and stupid, and today was shaping up to be one of them. If Singh and his wife hadn't up and died after naming him their child's guardian in spite of his serious dislike of children, things wouldn't be nearly as stressful as they were at the moment. At eleven years old, Khan was a bit old to claim as an example of his work despite the fact that he had had been one of the lead scientists on the project that had created the boy and a number of others like him. Part of the reason Khan was too old to claim as his work was because he and the others hadn't published their findings out of fear of moral panic leading to legal retaliation before the law finally plodded along far enough to catch up to the advancements they'd pioneered. Officially, the first test-tube baby was younger than Khan who had been created because Singh and his wife had Money with a capital M and had been willing to bankroll the entire Augment project so long as they gave them the one thing their money had so far been unable to buy, a child of their own.

A superior child of their own.

After the couple who had been one of several who had bankrolled the project that had produced about a hundred children that were superior in every way had died under somewhat mysterious circumstances, he had been stuck with their child, their child whose eyes seemed to say "Someday soon Doctor, it'll be your turn..."

There were times when he wondered if the blood of that madwoman Sarina Kaur who had carried Khan to term for Singh's wife had gotten into the boy. That madwoman who had planned on destroying all humans but the Augments and leaving the world to them. That madwoman who had been in the process of developing a virus when she'd been caught. That madwoman who had tried to claim Singh's child for her own.

Singh's child who was now his ward because Kaur was dead, and nobody sane would hand the boy to that woman were she alive anyways.

Khan Noonian Singh wouldn't be in his custody too much longer however. He was planning on dumping the brat at Oxford at the earliest available opportunity. Unfortunately, the new term didn't begin for another couple of months, and Oxford wasn't the type of place that one could show up at mid-term even it it weren't currently the Long Vacation no matter how much money you had or how powerful your friends were. He knew, he'd tried dumping Khan there twice before the Trinity term had ended. While the faculty and administration had been impressed with the bratty and overconfident wunderkind's scintillating brilliance, they hadn't made any exceptions. Not even for the potential bragging rights they would receive for having the little brat in their student body.

The sound of a throat clearing brought Dr. Parker out of his musings on how much he would dearly love to be rid of Khan and back to the reality of his two clients who were expectantly waiting for him to get on with things.

The Potters, who were much younger than his usual clientele, had both looked over and smiled at Khan upon entering the waiting room of his somewhat posh fertility clinic. He knew exactly why, as the boy was the exceedingly handsome sort that would grow up to be a heartbreaker, and rather exotic in appearance to boot. Just about everyone who encountered the superficially charming and exceedingly brilliant boy who was everything people said they wanted in a child but later learned they didn't smiled at first. Fortunately, the couple who was standing there waiting for the show to get on the road hadn't noticed that Khan had been glancing at them as if they were bugs under a microscope.

He was glad of that, as he didn't want his clients to become unsettled and go elsewhere as Lord and Lady ******* had after Khan's little prank. Aside from the fact that he needed clients in order to gain funds for his research, there was the little fact that he was very close to a breakthrough that would hopefully create a new generation of Augments who wouldn't be born with that thrice-damned arrogance that plagued Khan and his ilk.

"This seems like a rather boring place to keep a kid cooped up for the Summer." James Potter said after he called the man back for the examination that was necessary for him to form his own opinion of the case and develop an effective plan for treatment that would result in the birth of healthy offspring for the young man who was less than a decade older than his ward.

Personally, he didn't think the young man before him was old enough or near ready enough for such a responsibility as a child, but he was a customer with money, and the customer was always right. No matter how stupidly wrong or pigheaded he or she may be.

"It is." he replied to the young man's statement, choosing to refrain from making his opinion of the who situation known lest he lose someone else and the funding that came with him.

"Unfortunately, I can't send him elsewhere since I have nobody who can watch him." he continued, wishing once more that that was not the case. But, none of the women on the team behind the Augment project who matched his intellect had been interested in romance, and his naturally abrasive personality had driven everyone else away long ago.

Potter, whose file said he was nineteen and whose eyes said a thousand, gave him a sympathetic smile, a smile that seemed to say that he almost pitied him, which was the last thing he needed.

"I'd offer to bring him home with me and Lily if I thought you'd take me up on it. I know that look of mischief well, seeing as I wore something similar until...circumstances forced me to grow up." Potter said, wearing a nostalgic expression that was out of place on such a young face.

Somehow, he doubted Potter knew "that look" since Khan had looked more as if he were trying to figure out how to best dissect Potter and his wife than as if he were plotting mere mischief. If Potter had worn such a look during his youth, he would have to border on...

A brief fantasy of himself chucking a bit of dirt on a small coffin as he said "And they seemed to be such nice people..." intruded and, at that moment, considering how trying Khan had been since he'd moved in with him at his parents' request, he actually considered it.

"You know, if I knew you any better than I did, I'd take you up on your offer." he replied as reality reared its ugly head.

Despite the fact that he viewed Khan who was completely uncontrollable as a failure didn't mean the others did. They'd have his hide if something were to happen to the boy who would likely "prove" the efficacy of their scientifically created "Master Race" by trying to rule the world, which seems to be every megalomaniac's benchmark for success. He knew for a fact that at least one of the other scientists who'd occasionally tutored the boy had been feeding the brat ideas that he'd picked up in Nazi Germany. Odd now that he thought about it, considering the fact that the scientist who had been feeding Khan those imbecilic ideas was the reason why Khan was the token Indian in a batch that was almost entirely Caucasian rather than one of a sizable number of ethnically diverse superbrats who met and exceeded the ideal for their respective parent races.

"It's just as well." Potter replied, cutting through his musings. "My Lily-flower would kill me if I did something like that without consulting her first."

That probably wouldn't have been the end of it if Mrs. Potter hadn't struck up a conversation with a certain charismatic brat who was hanging around the waiting room while Mrs. Potter awaited being called back for her own exam. The exceedingly young woman's maternal instincts had apparently kicked in during the conversation that had started off with the War of the Roses and meandered from there. A discussion with her had oddly enough revealed that despite her lily-white appearance, her and Khan's mothers were something to the order of third cousins twice removed, providing him with the perfect excuse to foist a certain genetic experiment off on a pair of total strangers who apparently lived in a microscopically small town in the West Country.

After the consultation had ended for the day and certain matters had been settled, Dr. Parker had fought to keep the grin off of his face as he told Khan to go back to the flat and pack his things because he'd be moving in with Mr. and Mrs. Potter until school started. It would seem that the day was shaping up to be much better than he thought it would be.

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