Khan's eyes narrowed as Harry promptly handed over the earring he'd snatched from his mother's dressing table the instant she'd ordered him to. The boy was unusually obedient for a one year-old, and he had some strong suspicions as to why. When the time came, the second generation of Augments, however many of them Dr. Parker had created, would need a good leader to look after them for the rest of their lives. A leader who wouldn't exploit this mess Parker had made.

The question was, how deep did this forced obedience go, and who would it work for? Anyone? Everyone? Just parents and people in authority?

"Something wrong?" Lily asked, having looked over at him and noticed his disquiet.

"Nothing." he said, probably a bit too quickly considering his distant cousin's expression. He'd been keeping everything about Harry's Augment status from the Potters because they had more than enough to worry about and there was always a small possibility that they might reject their son if they learned that he was a genetic experiment. While they hadn't rejected him, there was a big difference between having a distant cousin who was a science experiment and discovering your son was one.

Before Lily could interrogate him any further, the fire in the fireplace flared green and Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew ran into the home carrying Sirius Black between them calling out "Prongs and Poppy are right behind us!" over their shoulders as they raced into the kitchen and set the obviously injured Black down on the kitchen table.

Once again, the war against Voldemort had intruded on the home the Marauders had made together. This home was an Order safehouse, not the cottage in Godric's Hollow which they had been forced to vacate in a hurry less than an hour before it was attacked by Death Eaters however. While it was fully furnished, that was about the only good thing that could be said about the safehouse which had sat empty since the passing of its prior owners who had been Order members two years before.

As Lupin and Pettigrew tried to keep Black still, the fire in the sitting-room fireplace flared green once more and James Potter fell out, his messy black hair looking decidedly singed. Rolling out of the way of the fireplace rather than immediately standing out of habit, Potter vacated the area in front of the fireplace just as the fire flared green once more and the Order Healer Poppy Pomfrey stepped out, dusting ash off of her robes. As Potter stood up behind Pomfrey, it became obvious that he had a recently healed cut on his face. Both Potter and Pomfrey promptly headed to the table where the injured Black was and began treatment.

Khan, unable to do anynting in this situation, stood aside and kept out of the way. This wasn't the first time that one of the Marauders had come home injured, nor would it be the last. While Voldemort was going about taking over the world in completely the wrong way, the war wasn't going too well for the forces opposing him.

Part of the problem was that Voldemort's supporters had infiltrated just about every segment of society. Part of the problem was that Voldemort and his followers spread terror before them, making the people of the community the war was being fought in too terrified to fight back for fear that they and their families would be killed for defying Voldemort's forces. Another part of the problem was that the Order rejected help from a full quarter of the population due to the house they had been sorted into in school due to some seriously stupid biases. Former Slytherins and individuals who believed many of the beliefs that the Death Eaters claimed to espouse but didn't care for Voldemort or his methods and individuals from "Dark" families who hadn't defied their families until they had grown up and left the house had been soundly rejected by the Order when they had offered their help.

The only reason Black had been accepted by the Order was because he had defied his family at eleven and had Gryffindors from "good" "Light" families such as the Potters vouching for him. Even with all of these glowing references, there were a number of Order members who viewed him with suspicion and a number of Order members who had flat out stated that they didn't believe that Black belonged because of the family he had come from. The family he had run away from when he was sixteen.

Honestly, considering the fact that the maniacal Lord Voldemort wasn't a complete idiot, odds were that if he was going to plant a spy in the Order it would be someone who was a Gryffindor from a good family. Not every Slytherin or member of a "Dark" family was a Death Eater, and not every Death Eater was a Slytherin or a member of a "Dark" family. While the Death Eaters were predominantly former and current Slytherins, former Hufflepuffs, former Ravenclaws and, on rare occasions, even former Gryffindors had been unmasked as Death Eaters after they'd either been captured or killed.

If he were running things, he would go about things differently.

He wasn't running things however, and nobody would listen to a thirteen year-old if he had tried...

Lily suddenly tossed Harry into his arms, startling him out of his musings on the way the civil war that was raging in the British Wizarding Commnity was going and the failings of the Order. Apparently, Black had been hit with something serious and things weren't going all that well. All hands would be needed, and even then things might not turn out well.

They couldn't take Black to St Mungo's because they couldn't be certain of the loyalties of the Healers there and, even if the Healers followed their oath, it was possible that they wouldn't prevent another Death Eater from slipping into Black's room and killing him. A muggle hospital was completely out because Black's ailment was "magical" in nature. The only option they had right now was all that was there, and maybe Ted Tonks later when he got off his own shift at St. Mungo's.

Knowing that there was nothing that he could do at the moment other than watch Harry as Lily had wanted him to, he carried the squirming baby up to the makeshift nursery that had been put together in a spare bedroom when everyone had first moved into the safehouse. As soon as he got the little boy settled on the floor, he grabbed one of the boy's toys from the toychest that had been filled with donations from Order members whose children had outgrown them. The stuffed dodecahedron whose sides lit up with different colors depending on how and in which order they had been touched was supposed to be educational somehow, but no matter how many times he'd watched Harry play with it and how many times he'd fiddled around with it himself, he had not been able to divine the lesson it was supposed to teach.

The sounds of a desperate struggle to save Sirius Black's life drifted up from downstairs as Harry distracted himself with the dodecahedron that glowed blue as Harry randomly slapped different sides of the plush object. Such injuries were often the result of war however, and Black had signed up for this fight knowing that he could be injured or possibly even killed by Death Eaters at any time.

Personally, Khan thought the stated reasons behind the Death Eaters' actions were stupid. Anyone with even a basic knowledge of genetics and any knowledge of what Wizariding Society did with at least some of their Squibs would know exactly where Muggleborns came from. That, and neither the Muggleborns nor the Purebloods were superior to the other. Each group possessed the same abilities with neither being more skilled than the other.

If anyone amongst the human race was superior it would be him and the other Augments. While they were incapable of magic, they were smarter, faster, and stronger than any Wizard except for maybe some half-breeds. If Harry were added in, the whole Wizards having something the Augments lacked would be a completely moot point.

If he were to try taking over the world, he wouldn't use massive amounts of violence the way Voldemort and the Death Eaters were. He wouldn't sell inferior people the idea that they were superior due to their breeding because, to put it simply, they weren't. While he would be in charge, he wouldn't be an utter despot who reveled in death and destruction like Voldemort. Instead of allowing his followers or anyone else in his territory to run around wantonly killing people because of their origins, he would provide order. Instead of the chaos and bloodshed that typified the world these days, he would provide order.

He would provide order.

A scream that was suddenly cut off by a silencing spell rent the air disrupting Harry's play. Things apparently weren't going well downstairs. Things upstairs wouldn't be going well soon either if Harry's expression was anything to judge by. The boy was now ignoring his toy in favor of casting worried glances at the door of his nursery.

"Pa'foo?" Harry said worriedly, looking like he was about to cry.

"He'll be fine." Khan said as he moved from his perch on the changing table and sat down next to Harry.

The doubtful look the baby who wasn't able to articulate what was going through his head or show how much he understood gave him showed that he didn't believe him. But, considering the fact that he didn't entirely believe it himself, it was understandable.

Harry held his arms up and out to him, clearly wanting to be held and comforted, more disturbed by the silence that was coming from downstairs than the earlier noise.

"Happy Birthday Harry," Khan said, trying to keep his dark emotions out of his voice as he pulled the small boy into a hug. "As soon as things downstairs are over, we'll have cake and ice-cream and you can be the one to give Black a piece."