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The Runaway Bride: The Bride

A red-haired woman in a wedding dress joined her father at the end of the aisle of the church, turning, ready to walk down it, beaming, wanting nothing more than to get married. Her father took her arm, but she switched positions with him after a slight cough, "Sorry," he muttered.

The organ began to play as she sighed happily. The congregation stood, her fiancé catching her eye from the front of the church and smiled at her. They began to walk down the aisle at a slow march…but halfway down, she started to glow, literally glow. Her fiancé's eyes widened in shock as did the congregation seeing the golden light surrounding her, shining out from her. She looked down, seeing herself glowing, and started to scream before disappearing in a puff of golden dust which zoomed upwards and out of the ceiling, through space and time, and straight into the TARDIS as it lingered just beyond a supernova…


The Doctor looked around, completely flabbergasted as to how the woman had appeared there.

Even Angel seemed confused, looking between the ginger and the TARDIS rotor, "But...how did you do that?" she asked the woman, frowning as she started shaking her head. She glanced at the rotor once more, "What's going on girl?" she asked the box quietly.

The Doctor though, just gaped at the bride, "You can't do that, I wasn't...we're in flight! That is…that is physically impossible! How did…"

"Tell me where I am," the woman cut in, "I demand you tell me, right now, where am I?"

"You're inside the TARDIS," Angel replied, turning her attention away from the console to stare at her, slightly shocked, slightly frowning.

"The what?"

"The TARDIS," the Doctor repeated.

"The what?"


"The what?!"

"She's called the TARDIS," Angel explained gently, seeing the Doctor getting frustrated and the woman angrier.

She didn't want to worsen the situation. She didn't want to alarm the woman any more than she already was. She could only imagine how jarring it was for a human to randomly appear in a place as...other worldly...as the TARDIS. Well...she really couldn't imagine it. TARDISes felt like home to her, just warm and inviting and familiar. She could never feel overwhelmed by them.

But humans could, she knew. Rose had told her about what it had been like to see the box, Mickey had as well, and she'd seen Adam and Jack's reaction to the old box herself. Humans...tended to not know what to think and ended up 'freaking out' as Rose had said once.

"That's not even a proper word!" the ginger snapped, "You're just saying things."

"No, really," Angel shook her head, offering the woman a reassuring smile, "It's an acronym, stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, T-A-R-D-I-S, or TARDIS. You see?"

"How did you get in here?" the Doctor turned to the bride, repeating a bit of Angel's earlier question.

"Well, obviously, when you kidnapped me," the woman spouted angrily.

Angel's smile fell, her thoughts drifting back to Jackie, how she kept claiming that they had 'kidnapped' her in the TARDIS. She closed her eyes a moment, turning away, trying to gather herself, trying not to let the Doctor see her starting to cry. He hated when she was upset, loved seeing her smiling and laughing because it meant she was happy and her happiness, to him, meant more than anything, much like his did to her. He was already irritated with the bride, he'd be even more so if he saw that the woman's words had upset her. Even if it had been her own memories that were the upsetting part. And...she needed to be strong, for him, something was going on, something powerful enough to pull a human across space and time and through the defenses of a TARDIS...that was something fearsome. He'd need her strong, at his side, facing this with him.

She took a deep breath, her hand resting on the console as she tried to calm down. She looked down though, when she felt the console warm slightly beneath her hand. It wasn't the panel that held the Heart of the TARDIS, but she knew it was the TARDIS's way of letting her know she was there too, she could even hear the soft hum of the engines, the TARDIS trying to comfort her.

"Thank you girl," she whispered, patting the console.

"Who was it?" the bride continued on her tirade, unnoticing of Angel's momentary distraction, "Who's paying you? Is it Nerys? Oh, my God, she's finally got me back. This has got Nerys written all over it."

"Who's Nerys?" Angel frowned, turning back around, as the woman ranted.

"Your best friend," she sneered.

"Hold on," the Doctor stepped over, moving in front of Angel, not liking how the woman was starting to turn her anger on Angel when he knew she hadn't done anything to deserve it, not that he had either, but if anyone was going to be shouted at, he'd rather it be him than her, "Wait a minute, what're you dressed like that for?" he eyed her.

"I'm going ten pin bowling," she deadpanned, before yelling, "Why do you think, Dumbo? I was halfway up the aisle!"

The Doctor glanced at Angel before nodding at the controls, she turned and quickly helped him set a course for Earth while the woman continued to rave.

"I've been waiting all my life for this. I was just seconds away! And then you, I dunno, you drugged me or something!"

"We haven't done anything!"

"We're having the police on you! Me and my husband, as soon as he is my husband, we're gonna sue the living backside off ya!"

The Doctor just shook his head, getting back to the controls, when the woman noticed the doors and rushed over to them, "No, wait a minute!" the Doctor shouted as they both ran after her, "Wait a minute! Don't…"

But it was too late.

The woman threw the doors open and nearly fell out had Angel not tugged her back, seeing the supernova floating before her. Her mouth fell open as she just...stared.

"We're in space," Angel said gently, putting a hand on the woman's shoulder, something in her just told her to be kind to the woman, not to shout at her. While the woman was loud herself and defensive and upset, it was understandable, but...she could tell there was something more to it, something that ran deeper, "Outer space."

"This is my...well, I suppose our," the Doctor smiled at Angel, "Spaceship."

"I like that," Angel commented, "OUR spaceship. Our TARDIS."

He just reached out and took her hand from Donna's shoulder, holding it in his own, squeezing it lightly as his thumb stroked her knuckles. Technically the TARDIS had become theirs the moment Angel had bonded to it in the TARDIS after Christmas. But to say it, out loud, that it was their home...his hearts felt like they were going to burst.

"How am I breathing?" she looked around.

"The TARDIS is protecting us," Angel explained as she lightly stroked the doorway with her other hand, "Like she always does."

"Who are you?" she looked at the two of them.

"I'm the Doctor," he introduced.

"The Angel," Angel smiled, "And you?"

"Donna," she said quietly.

Angel nudged her lightly, "Well then, Donna, it is very nice to meet you."

Donna gave her a small smile for that.

"Are you human?" the Doctor asked, glancing at her, still trying to work out how she could have gotten into the TARDIS the way she had. He was fairly certain many other species couldn't manage that either but he wanted to make sure. Humans definitely couldn't just beam into the TARDIS the way she had.

"Yeah. Is that optional?"

"Well, it is for us."

Donna glanced around at them, not really able to be more surprised than she already was, "You're an alien."

"We both are," Angel nodded, before hesitating, "Is that alright?"

Donna shrugged, looking back outside the doors, not really having anything more to say about that. If this was their spaceship, then it was their right to be aliens, even if the thought that she was surrounded by aliens was a bit much to handle.

"It's freezing with these doors open," she remarked after a moment, though unable to pull her gaze away from the brilliance of the supernova before her.

Angel smiled at her and slowly shut the doors, trying not to make any sudden movements. She noticed that, in situations such as this, quick moves could startle a human and she had been trying to calm Donna down from the beginning.

The Doctor, on the other hand, darted back to the console, "But I don't understand it and I understand everything!" he shouted, "This…this can't happen! There is no way a human being can lock itself onto the TARDIS and transport itself inside. It must be..." he turned and grabbed an ophthalmoscope, using it to look into Donna's eyes as she reached the console with Angel, continuously mumbling his techno-babble, "Impossible. Some sort of subatomic connection?"

"No," Angel called, understanding enough of what he was saying to know that wasn't it. The TARDIS would have picked up a subatomic connection and alerted them.

"Something in the temporal field?" he glanced back at Angel as she moved to the monitor, before focusing on Donna once more.

"Nope," she shook her head, the monitor displaying the temporal field.

"Maybe something pulling her into alignment with the Chronon shell?"

"Chronon shell is fine," she added, looking at the controls.

"Maybe something macro-mining her DNA within the interior matrix?"

Angel frowned, she was starting to get the feeling he really was just making up words now, "I don't think so?"

"Maybe a genetic…"

Thankfully his ramblings were cut off...when Donna slapped him.

"What was that for?!" he cried, indignant, as he held his cheek.

"Get me to the church!" Donna shouted.

The Doctor tossed Angel the ophthalmoscope to put back before turning to the controls, "Right! Fine! I don't want you here anyway! Where is this wedding?"

Angel watched him work sadly, knowing what he was doing, he was trying to force himself to move on from their loss, throwing himself into the next adventure as though it would help him heal. He always did that whenever he was upset or something was bothering him. If he didn't talk to her about it, which, she admitted, there were times that he didn't, and she respected that. She knew very well that there were just...somethings you felt like you needed to deal with on your own, like...like the Vortex she could feel vaguely stirring inside her. She never pushed, but she always made sure that he knew she was there, to listen, to talk to, to just sit with.

She did know that his favored form of dealing with something was to ignore it and try to distract himself as long as possible. She had an inkling that it was his mind's way of giving itself, and him, time to come to terms with it before he was ready to speak to someone else about it. That might be the case because he DID talk to her, about a number of things, once he'd calmed down enough. But at first he would try to throw himself into an adventure or some sort of mission till he felt like he could deal with it.

But she knew though, she knew from 50 years of imprisonment and mourning her sister, that ignoring it only made it worse in the end. Ignoring it right from the start only made it more difficult to talk about later, and made the later that much farther away. Because once you started to ignore it, the danger was in continuing to do so, continuing to push it farther and farther into the back of your mind. She doubted that would happen with this situation though, Rose was just...too important to the both of them to be forgotten in such a way.

Much like the Vortex inside her was too strong to just be forced down each and every time. It would keep popping up, stronger and stronger, like her feelings did, and she could only hope she could deal with them on her own.

She didn't want to worry the Doctor.

"Saint Mary's," Donna told him, cutting through her thoughts, "Hayden Road, Chiswick, London, England, Earth, the Solar System..."

Angel smiled a little as she made her way over to the Doctor to help him out, pressing controls as she went, "She sounds just like you," she told him quietly.

He frowned at her, "How so?"

She nudged him, "Just after you regenerated, you were all pleased you'd gotten us to London, Earth, the Solar System...sound familiar?"

He gave her a small smile in return, dropping a kiss to her head, as he got back to the controls.

Donna looked over, spotting a purple blouse lying on one of the railings and snatched it up, "I knew it!" she hissed, "Acting all innocent," she stormed over to them, nearly shoving the blouse in the Doctor's face, "I'm not the first, am I? How many women have you abducted? And you!" she rounded on Angel, pointing at her as she worked on the other side of the console, "Are you a part of it? Of course you are. What do you do? Lure them in for him?"

The Doctor looked up to see the shirt before him, his face fell, "That's our friend's."

Angel looked up and stepped around the console to see what had happened.

"Where is she, then? Popped out for a spacewalk?"

"She's gone," Angel whispered, looking at the shirt sadly as well.

She'd gotten Rose that shirt.

It had been the girl's birthday and, while she knew what a birthday was, her previous incarnation hadn't the faintest idea how humans celebrated it, whether it was different from on Gallifrey. She'd begged and pleaded with the Doctor to help her find a gift, to help her surprise Rose. He'd caved almost instantly, commenting on how it was sweet she wanted to get the human a gift, but helped her nonetheless. She hadn't known what to get though, when Jack had offered her the idea of clothing. They'd touched down while Rose had been sleeping and they'd gone shopping, the three of them. The Doctor coming because he refused to let Angel out of his sight, on Earth, alone, with Jack. Though he had claimed at the time that it was because he wanted to get chips...yet mysteriously hadn't even thought to stop for some when they passed two chip shops on the way. Between the three of them, the boys had helped her select a lovely purple blouse.

Rose had loved it.

"Gone where?" Donna crossed her arms.

"We lost her," the Doctor said after a moment.

"Well, you can hurry up and lose me!" the ginger yelled, furious.

The Doctor turned back to the controls as Angel just kept looking sadly at the scrap of fabric.

Donna's gaze softened, sensing this was truly a deep loss for the both of them, feeling particularly bad about the expression she was seeing on Angel's face, the girl had been so sweet to her, calm, not at all offended while she'd been shouting her head off and accusing them of all sorts of things, and she'd...hurt her feelings, "How do you mean, 'lost?'"

Angel just stepped forward and gently took the clothing from Donna's hand, walking away with it to put it somewhere safe as the Doctor got back to the controls, "Right! Chiswick."


Friends and family of Donna's rushed past each other outside St. Mary's as they tried to find the missing bride. Her mother pushed her way through the throngs of people, talking to someone on her mobile, "No, she didn't run away. We're not talking jitters. She literally vanished. Now, go and check the house and see if she's there," she hung up and turned to someone in the crowd, "Oh, Angelica, that's not helping, is it? Now, smarten up."

"Sorry," Angelica replied meekly.

Donna's fiancé walked over to her mother as she spotted him, "Lance, any sign?"

He shook his head, "I've looked all around and I can't find her. Where the hell did she go?" he turned and disappeared into the crowd again.

"Showing off, that's what she is!" she turned to her husband, "First day at school, she was sent home for biting."

"Well, it's a bit more serious than that," he countered, concerned, "She's never disappeared before!"

"She didn't disappear, it's a trick!" she replied contemptuously, "It's one of her silly little 'look at me' party pieces," she paused, suddenly worried, "What if she's dead?"

"Oh, don't say that!" he pulled her into a hug.


Donna stepped out of the TARDIS and looked around at the street they'd landed on, right time, right planet…but most certainly not the right location, "I said 'Saint Mary's.' What sort of Martians are you? Where's this?"

The Doctor looked over at Angel as she stroked the corner of the TARDIS in concern, "Something's wrong with her..." she breathed, shaking her head, "What is it girl?" she asked the box, "Are you alright?"

The Doctor nodded, looking up at the ship as well, "It's like it's...recalibrating!" he turned and rushed back in, Angel going with him, "It's digesting."

Donna stood outside with her mouth open, now noticing the size of the ship on the outside, a small police box.

"You couldn't have eaten anything odd could you?" Angel asked, placing a hand on the rotor, stroking it, "We haven't gone anywhere too bad..." she sighed, really very worried, this...this actually wasn't something she had encountered with a TARDIS before, it was concerning her a great deal as a result, "What's wrong old girl?"

For the first time, she really didn't know what to do, what was wrong, or how to fix it.

"Donna?" the Doctor called out to her, "You've really gotta think. Is there anything that might've caused this?"

But Donna wasn't listening as she paced around the outside of the TARDIS, feeling the walls in bewilderment.

"Anything you might've done? Any sort of alien contacts? We can't let you go wandering off in case you're dangerous. I mean, have you...have you seen lights in the sky? Or...did you touch something? Something…something different? Something strange? Something made out of a sort of metal or..."

"Who're you getting married to?" Angel cut in, something about that, about this whole wedding, just...feeling funny to her, "Is he alright? There's nothing strange about him? Nothing off or..."

Donna completed her circle and popped her head back inside to check if she had been imagining it, but it really was just as big as she thought. She stumbled back, her hands over her mouth.

"Are you sure he's human?" the Doctor agreed, picking up on Angel's line of thinking, "He's not a bit overweight with a zip around his forehead, is he?"

"Donna?" Angel looked over to see Donna running away.

They quickly ran after her, shutting the doors behind them, "Donna!" the Doctor shouted as they ran over to her, falling into step on either side of her.

"Leave me alone," she waved them off, "I just want to get married."

"Come back to the TARDIS."

"No way. That box is too...weird."

"She's just bigger on the inside, that's all," Angel laughed a bit.

"Oh!" Donna scoffed, "That's all?"

"People are the same way you know."

Donna checked her watch and sighed, "Ten past three. I'm gonna miss it."

"You can phone them," the Doctor suggested, "Tell them where you are..."

"How do I do that?"

"Haven't you got a mobile?"

Donna stopped and looked up at him, "I'm in my wedding dress. It doesn't have pockets. Who has pockets? Have you ever seen a bride with pockets? When I went to my fitting at Chez Alison, the one thing I forgot to say was 'Give me pockets!'"

"...this man you're marrying," the Doctor scratched his ear, uncomfortable, "What's his name?"

"Lance," Donna sighed, smiling.

"Good luck Lance."

"Oi!" Donna shouted, now angry, "No stupid Martians are gonna stop me from getting married. To hell with you!" she stormed off.

"We're…we're not...we're not...we're not from Mars," he muttered.

Angel just glanced down at herself, "Do we really look like we're from Mars?" she asked him.

He had to smile at that, "If we do, you're the most beautiful Martian I've ever seen."

She blushed, "Stop that."

"Never," he winked, taking her hand to press a kiss to the back of it before leading her off after Donna as the woman rushed down a busy street.

"Taxi!" she shouted, trying to hail one as it ignored her, "Why's his light on?"

"There's another one!" the Doctor pointed as he ran towards it, trying to catch it.

"Taxi!" Donna called, stumbling on to the road in their effort, but again it drove past, "Oi!"

"There's one!" Angel turned, waving, as it continued on.

"Oi!" Donna nearly stomped her foot.

"Do you have this effect on everyone?" the Doctor asked the woman, "Why aren't they stopping?"

"They think I'm in fancy dress."

One drove past, tooting the horn, "Stay off the scotch darlin'!"

"They think I'm drunk!"

Two men in their car turned to yell out the window, "You're fooling no one, mate!"

"They think I'm in drag!" she glared, especially when the Doctor looked at her appraisingly.

"You hail a cab by whistling right?" Angel asked, for all her new understanding of humans there were still some things that escaped her. The Doctor nodded and so she put her fingers in her mouth and let out a shrill whistle, smiling when a cab stopped short and they piled into the back.

It was a little cramped though, so the Doctor grinned widely, pulling Angel onto his lap to make room for Donna and her dress. He wrapped his arms around Angel's waist, absolutely beaming at having her in that position, 'I could get used to this,' he commented in her mind, resting his head on her arm and looking at her.

She relaxed back against him, content, 'I think I already am.'

And she was being truthful, she loved the feeling of being in his arms. She just felt...so safe. So warm and loved and protected, like nothing bad could ever happen to her when she was in his arms, when she was with him in general. She loved it, she loved how fast her hearts raced when he was near, how wide she smiled when he just looked at her, and that sparkle in his eyes when he told her he loved her, she couldn't ever seem to catch her breath when he did it. She just...loved him. So much.

"Saint Mary's in Chiswick," Donna told the driver, "Just off Hayden Road. It's an emergency, I'm getting married! Just...hurry up!"

"You know it'll cost you, sweetheart?" the driver replied, "Double rates today."

"Oh, my God!" Donna turned to the Doctor and Angel, "Have you got any money?"

"Um..." the Doctor looked at Angel who patted the pockets of her jeans but shook her head, "No. And you?"

"Pockets!" she pointed to her dress.


The Doctor slammed the door of the cab shut as they all stood on the sidewalk, his arm around Angel's waist.

"...and that goes double for your mother!" Donna shouted as he drove off, having been berating him since he'd pulled over, "I'll have him. I've got his number. I'll have him. Talk about the Christmas Spirit."

"Is it Christmas?" the Doctor looked around, a bit surprised.

"Well, duh. Maybe not on Mars, but here it's Christmas Eve."

"Oh I hope this isn't like last Christmas," Angel remarked softly, recalling the battle with the Sycorax and Rose's anger...the Doctor's regeneration, his healing coma, his one heart giving out...

The Doctor pulled her closer, pressing a kiss to her hair as he saw where her thoughts were going, reassuring her he was still there, he was fine, he'd survived and he would never leave her, silently promising himself he wouldn't ever put her in that situation again. He'd be with her till the very end, he knew that, nothing would ever pull him away from her like that, nothing would keep him from protecting her, being there for her, being with her.

Angel smiled, closing her eyes a moment, to rest her forehead against his chin, taking a breath, breathing in his scent, it reassured her in ways she couldn't begin to describe. Bananas and tea and the smell of the TARDIS, just so him. She didn't even need to have his arms around her to calm her at times, just a hint of his scent, and she could feel her hearts slow down. Though, having his arms around her, she did like that, very much.

Except sometimes it had the opposite effect of calming her down.

"Phone box!" Donna whacked him on the arm, jostling him and Angel in the process, before she dashed off, "We can reverse the charges!"

"How come you're getting married on Christmas Eve?" the Doctor asked as they followed her.

"Can't bear it. I hate Christmas. Honeymoon in Morocco. Sunshine, lovely," Angel held the door open as Donna got in the box, "What's the operator? I've not done this in years. What do you dial? 100?"

The Doctor just flashed the sonic across the phone, "Just…just call direct."

Donna looked at him, startled, when the dial tone buzzed, "What did you do?"

"Something…Martian," he replied, looking around, distracted, "Now, phone. We'll get money!" he sprinted off with Angel to the nearest cash machine where a man was using it first, being aggravatingly slow…at least to the Doctor. He hopped from foot to foot impatiently.

"Oh, answer the phone!" Donna remarked, punching the numbers in the phone box.


Donna's mother's phone rang and she answered it, "Hello?! Oh, no! The battery's gone! Has anyone got a charger?"

"Have you tried the hotel?" Lance called into his own phone, "Hello? Hello?" he looked down at it to see it was dead, "Vicar, is your phone working? Mine's run out!"

The Vicar ignored him, already on his phone, "I've got one wedding about to arrive and another wedding refusing to leave, so yes, I do think it's a police matter."


"Mum, get off the phone and listen," Donna left a message, "I'm in…" she looked around, "Oh my God, I dunno where I am! It's...it's a street. And there's W.H. Smith...but it's definitely Earth."


The Doctor grew more agitated by the second till Angel chuckled. He looked at her with a frown, but she just smiled and reached up, tugging his tie lightly, pulling him down and kissing him soundly for quite a few moments. She pulled away, catching sight of something out of the corner of her eye, but the Doctor reached up and cupped her cheek, pulling her back to him, kissing her to the point of breathlessness. It was never enough, one kiss. Never.

"The um..." she blinked quite a bit as he slowly pulled away, looking down at her softly, "The machine's free."

He blinked and looked over, seeing that the man who had been using the cash machine had long since left with his transaction. He turned, pecking her twice more, she certainly knew how to handle him, he would give her thought. She laughed, tugging him, by the hand this time, over to the machine, keeping a lookout as he flashed it with the sonic, taking the cash that expelled from it.


Donna stepped out of the phone box and turned to a woman on the street, "Excuse me...I'm begging you. I'm getting married, I really am and I'm late and I just need to borrow a tenner and I'll pay you back I promise and it's Christmas."


The Doctor smiled as he looked down at the money, when Angel stiffened beside him, "What is it?" he looked at her.

"Pilot fish," she muttered, her gaze on something across the way. He followed it to see a trio of masked Santas playing trumpets. They watched as the Santas lowered their weapons slowly.

"Taxi!" they heard Donna shout. They looked over to see Donna getting in one back by the box, "Thanks for nothing, spaceman! I'll see you in court!"

The cab pulled away just as a masked Santa looked out from the driver's window.

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I can also say this, this episode will actually see Angel starting to see the Vortex inside her in a different way, which will be the basis for a secondary subplot that will run through this story :) Won't say what it is just yet though :) We will be seeing a lot of things devloping in this story though, the Doctor and Angel will be starting on the second step in the Mating process soon, Angel's powers will be getting stronger, her 'feelings' will certainly be starting to strengthen as well. And all of this on top of the Master...ooh...I can't wait!