"Mother? What's wrong?" Regina fretted, reaching out for the woman as she fell to the floor.

"What the hell did you do?" Emma yelled, advancing on her own mother.

"This… would have been enough. You… you would have been enough." Cora smiled weakly.

"What. The hell. Did you do?!" Emma shouted, leaning right up in Snow's face.

"Mother, don't leave me please…" Came the older brunette's mumbled voice. She clutched her mother to her chest, rocking gently back and forth as though she were only sleeping.

"I gave Cora what was coming to her." Snow said calmly, tilting her chin up in that arrogant, self-righteous way she'd always had.

"Via her own daughter?! You're sick. You… you disgust me!" The blonde was still yelling right in her face, internally smirking at the woman's flinch.

"What am I going to do?" Regina mumbled, still rocking gently on the floor.

Emma turned, her whole demeanour softening as she took in the broken woman kneeling on the dusty shop floor.

She crouched down by her side, reaching out and gently touching Regina's arm.

She flinched and looked up to Emma with fearful eyes, gulping.

"Come on." The Sheriff whispered, opening her arms as everyone stared on. "Come with me."

The ex-Mayor shook her head frantically, clinging to the dead and lifeless body in her arms.

Emma became a little more forceful now, taking hold of Regina's arms and prying them from rapidly cooling limbs. Cora lay on the ground now as her daughter flung herself into the arms of the saviour, clinging to the black jacket as she sobbed into it.

"Neal, pick her up." Emma ordered quietly, gesturing to the body.

"What?!" He stared at her dumbly. "I'm not touching her! Ew!"

She glared. "You wanna get on my good side and have the opportunity of spending time with my son?" He hesitated but nodded. "Then pick. Her. Up."

With a grimace, he scooped Cora up and begrudgingly followed his ex as she shuffled to the door with Regina still clinging to her chest.

"And just where do you think you are going?" Snow asked, folding her arms across her chest.

Her daughter didn't even look back, merely calling out, "If you follow, there will be hell to pay. That's all you have to know."

Once they were out of the door of the pawn shop, Regina began to move a little faster, the cold air filling her lungs and stinging her wet eyes.

She stared blankly ahead, staying quiet except for the occasional sniffle. Crowds had gathered around the shop after hearing the commotion inside. They stared as two people they'd initially thought as the 'good side' held to the two they'd been supposedly fighting against.

They parted without more than a nod from Emma, the whole scene in silence. It was terribly like a funeral procession, Regina thought, considering the colours of their clothes and - as shown to her a few minutes later - their destination.

They began to approach the graveyard and Emma stopped just by the mausoleum, looking down at the brunette who owned it.

"Where would you like to bury her?" She asked softly.

The witch took a few deep gulps of fresh air before nodding determinedly. "With daddy." She slipped her gloved hand into Emma's chilled free one for a brief moment as they stepped up and opened the doors.

Instead of opening the stone coffin like Emma expected her to do, Regina pushed the coffin aside to reveal the hidden staircase.

"When you said 'with daddy', I expected, you know, in his coffin with him." The blonde said softly as they began to descend.

"That coffin is for show. Daddy is down here."

"A coffin… for show…" Neal frowned, manoeuvring the stairwell with great care considering the body in his arms.

"Shut up." Emma warned, staying by Regina's side as they walked the halls. She watched the brunette swipe her hand over a set of double doors as they passed and, as she looked back, she saw a name on a plaque on the door. 'Daniel Jacobs'.

They stopped at another set of double doors, also holding a plaque. 'Henry and Cora Mills'.

The doors were pushed open and inside were two glass coffins, one holding the body of an old man. Emma frowned, but didn't question his lack of decomposition as the ex-mayor gestured for her to assist in sliding open the lid.

Neal stepped forwards and very gently lay Cora down inside, smoothing out her clothes and setting her hands together on her chest. He stepped back to the doors respectfully as the younger witch waved her hand above her mother.

Regina's borrowed clothes shimmered into a blue dress, Cora returning to her full Enchanted Forest glory.

Emma slid the cover closed and took hold of a gloved hand again, squeezing gently in reassurance.

"Thank you." Regina whispered. "For doing this."

"You're welcome. I had… one foster mom that I ever liked even a little bit, and I know that you loved your mother no matter what."

The ex-Mayor placed her hand on the top of the glass, causing a small bushel of flowers to appear in the hands of her mother. She nudged Emma's side and they slowly walked from the room and the mausoleum, Neal trailing far behind to give them their space.

They froze up when they saw that Snow and Charming were stood outside a few metres away, Snow clutching Henry's shoulders.

Emma glanced at Regina to make sure she'd be alright before pulling away and storming over to her blood relations. "I told you," She warned, "That if you followed us, there would be hell to pay."

"Emma, what's happened?" Henry frowned, glancing between one fuming and one sniffling mother.

"You wanna know what happened?" She asked, looking down at him seriously. He nodded.

"Emma, don't-" Snow started, but her daughter cut her off with a hand over her mouth.

"Your grandma murdered your other grandma. In cold blood." She pulled away and moved to stand at equal distance between Snow and Regina. "And now, they're no better than each other!" She shouted, looking at her mother. "She's sunk to the so-called 'evil' level, but no one is going to condemn her for it because she's on the goody two shoes side!"

Snow pursed her lips.

"And what's worse, is that I'm switching sides. I'm done." The blonde continued. "I can't take you guys and your self-righteous murders! You think you're so fucking fantastic!"

"Emma!" James said, shocked that she'd swear in front of her son.

"Henry, get over here."

"But Emma-" Snow argued.

"Henry." She warned. "Get. Over. Here. We're. Going. Home."

He ran to his birth mother, taking hold of her hand. Without hesitation, he took hold of his adoptive mother's hand, too, having them walk on either side of him. His hand-holding brought a slight smile to both women's faces.

At The Mansion, Half an hour later.

"Thank you again." Regina smiled at Emma as they pushed the door open. "I wouldn't have been able to do any of that without some assistance."

"You're welcome. I'd do it again any time. I'm on your side now."

"I don't think there's going to be any sides any more, now that she's gone. There's no battles to fight."

"That's what you think, but everyone in this town is still probably going to hate you. I'm going to be here to both protect you and guide you in being a better person. Sound good?" Emma smiled reassuringly.

"Yeah. Sounds perfect."