Hello everyone, I know that I have 8 different stories to write at the moment and some of them haven't been updated in a while.

Deadpool: "Love of three has been like that for about a year."

Yes, I know Wade. However, I have had several new ideas for different stories. But, because of my existing stories, I will not write these stories.

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Which is why I am giving these ideas away as challenges!

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This one is a Harry Potter/ Devil May Cry (1 through 4)/ DMC: Devil May Cry crossover. Yes, it is Harry Potter merging with the first DMC series as well as the reboot. Mixing ideas so that you only need to know a bit about both series to write this, not just one or the other. The amount you mix it is up to you. But certain things have to be met.


- Starts when Harry's name is pulled from the goblet.

- James and Lilly Potter where really the Devil Sparda and the Angle Eva; they came to earth to hide form the Devil/Angle war and hid as humans. Their link to their human bodies was destroyed when 'Voldemort killed them'. They later appear before Harry when he's 5 and take him to Limbo to train him with his abilities at night so no one got suspicious.

- Harry's real name is Dante and books 1-3 happen like they do, he is just pretending to be 'Harry'.

- Hermione learnt that Harry/Dante was a Nephilim in 3rd year when he knocks out his past self before forcing everyone to enter Limbo so he can fight the Dementor's.

- The Troll, Fluffy, the Basilisk and a Dementor are all Devil Arms. (This bit is optional) Personal ideas for the Devil Arms are: Heaven Weapon-Battle Gauntlets (Troll), Hell Weapon-a shotgun (Fluffy), Heaven Weapon-some form of chain weapon (Basilisk) and Hell Weapon-a scythe (Dementor) respectively. Any other Devil Arms are ones you can add yourself.

- Lilly/Eva gave birth to a baby Vergil when Harry was 6 and a baby Nero just before his first year.

- The Goblet of Fire somehow could tell 'Harry Potter' wasn't his real name and changed the parchment to say 'Harry-Dante James Sparda-Potter', after which he acts like the 'real Harry/Dante'. How it dose this is up to the writer.

- Dumbledore, Ron, Ginny, Molly Weasley, Snape and Malfoy bashing.

- Harry/Dante X Harem

- Include Trish and Lady into the Harem somehow. (This bit is optional) Personal ideas; Trish being a young (Same age as Harry/Dante) Demoness who her father and James/Sparda entered into a marriage contract with Harry/Dante. Lady could be Hermione's only friend and meets Harry/Dante during 3rd year holiday.

Personal Ideas to use:

- Have 'Dark Creatures' in harem

- Have an angle in harem

- Fem!Harry/Dante

- Femslash


- Yaoi or MXM Slash

- No Harry/Dante X Ginny in anyway, not even having her as a slave

- No Hermione bashing

- No Hermione X Ron

This challenge has been accepted by:

BlueInfernoX (Me)