Hi friends. So this is my first OUAT fic and I'm trying on a new ship: Captain Swan.

This is just a little missing scene from The Miller's Daughter that might have explained how Emma, Gold, Henry and Neal found the Jolly Roger while it was cloaked. I know there were some tweets today which answered this all earlier, but I personally prefer this version of events and hope you will too ;)

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The Thief and the Pirate


"I thought you said the Jolly Roger was cloaked?" Neal watches Emma carefully as she guides Gold down the stairs of the apartment building.

"It is."

He kind of shakes his head, "So how do we find it?"

"We have the map," she gestures towards Henry who waves the paper.

"I saw that in the apartment. It barely tells us he was coming to New York, let alone which dock or where…"

He's cut off as Emma stills on the stairs, "Okay, okay. I'll sort it out. You get your father into the car." As Neal nods and places an arm around Gold's torso, supporting his weight, she casts her eyes down to the door that conceals the storage room that Hook is locked in. Knowing the relationship the pirate has with his ship, she feels her safety could be in danger at the mention of sailing away with it. So while reluctant to see Henry go with the man who abandoned her for a jail cell, she knows that Neal will look after him, "Henry, go with them too."

Her son eyes her suspiciously, obvious concern for her evident in his gaze. After a moment he mutters, "Be careful," and follows his father and grandfather out the door.

Emma pauses for a second and then turns to the storage room and takes a deep breath.

This is not going to be pleasant.


She sees him pulling against the handcuffs rather unceremoniously as she opens the door, but he recovers quickly, pulling himself together and into the cocky pirate she's grown quite accustomed to.

"Ah, couldn't leave me behind this time, love?"

She offers him a curt smile, "Afraid it's something else, Hook."

"Alas, this is becoming quite the routine for us," despite the circumstance he's in, he's still smiling up at her.

She rocks on her feet, one side to the other, nerves almost getting the better of her before she just bites the bullet and tells him, "We need your ship."

And that's when his smile disappears.

He doesn't speak for a long moment, but the look in his eyes is enough for Emma to be more than glad that he is currently chained to a radiator several feet from her. It's menacing. Cold. Something she hasn't seen directed at her ever before. Something she has seen in his expression when he has spoken of the revenge he wished to enact on his 'crocodile'.

"You can't have her."

She edges closer to him, "She will come back to you. We just need borrow her for one trip." She feels a little ridiculous referring to a boat as a girl, but knows that Hook will see it as a sign of respect.

"You're aiming to save my enemy, Swan. Understand that? The man who stole my love, who robbed me of my hand. She died on that boat, you know? It's a disgrace to her memory to even have him on board." His eyes are alive with an anguish she's never seen before.

She kneels down before him, taking his cuffed hand into her own, inspecting the raw red marks around his wrist. She really is a horrible person for doing this to him, "Killian," she tries not to react too much to the way he draws breath at the sound of his given name, but the shiver that runs down her spine is involuntary, "Please."

She's no fool. She's known since the day she met Hook that he could very well be her undoing. What she wasn't sure of was that she could be his undoing. She'd felt…something as they had climbed the beanstalk together and something more when she'd seen him lying by the town border, broken and bruised, but she wasn't certain it was something of significance until right now. Because in this moment she can feel him giving in. For her.

The anger ebbs from his face, sadness replacing it. He tugs her forward, drawing her in until he can rest his forehead against hers. There he whispers, "I wish that it hadn't've come to this, love," followed by specific directions to his ship, "Take care of her, or so help me Gods," He raises his hook to make his point, but finds that it has been removed and is sitting in Emma's lap. "Oh come on, Swan! Leave me with some dignity!"

This time it is she who pulls him forward, "Nothing has changed, Hook. I still need the head start. But I want you to catch up to me." She flicks her eyes up to meet his, "Someone is going to find you here in a few hours. You need to tell them you live in Neal's apartment. You need to change your clothes, find some money and come back to Storybrooke. And to do any of that, you need to not be wearing a bloody hook." She holds up the piece of metal, "I'll leave this on your ship for you to collect when you get back to her."

The pirate nods, "You couldn't just take me with you?"

Looking at him honestly, she whispers, "You know I can't," and they both know it's about more than trust issues this time. She lays down the key to the handcuffs on the floor beside him, pats his hand and gives him the most innocent of kisses on his forehead, "I'll see you when you catch up?"

She has taken his ship, his hook and his heart. The only way for him to come out of this with any shred of self-worth is to keep her wondering. So he waits, watching her walk out the door and only then mutters, "Of course".


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