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Welcome to Klaine Week 2013 on tumblr. I know, I'm totally insane for taking this on but I did it last year and it was fun so I had to do it again this year. So, this will only be seven stories long and there will be an update every day this week (unless I totally can't control it). So, hope you all enjoy.

This is Monday so the theme of it was Early Klaine.

I had to ask what this meant but basically it's early Klaine moments in their relationship. I, like a lot of others, did one about their first kiss. Come on, how can you not? It's still the most romantic thing on glee to this day. All right, enough babbling, on with the story (and mind you, this one is really short.)

.: Monday March 11, - Early Klaine :.

Um...we should practice.

I thought we were.

The conversation was fuzzy, probably because Blaine had leaned forward and slammed his lips back onto Kurt's. Not that he minded, oh no, he didn't mind that one bit. Kurt's hand cupped against Blaine's face while he felt the boy's arm circle around his waist. Blaine was practically pushing him against the back of the chair, wanting to feel more of Kurt's lips against his. It wasn't possible but that didn't stop him from trying.

Kurt imagined this moment so many times and in so many ways, and it was nothing like he thought; it was more and better. The first kiss was gentle and filled with wanting. It took him a bit to respond, because, really, Blaine Anderson was kissing him and there was a chance it was all cruel dream. When Blaine pressed further, begging for a response, Kurt pushed back, giving into the sweet kiss before they both pulled away. That wasn't how he had pictures his first kiss (with a guy anyway) but he didn't care. The real thing was so much better than the fantasy.

Their lips moved together, fingers coming through Blaine's curly hair, his grasp around his waist tightening as he pushed him further against the chair. Kurt tried so hard to ignore the pressure against his back, he didn't want the moment to break, but the more Blaine pushed against him the more apparent it was.

"Blaine..." Kurt said against Blaine's lips, the feeling of his warm tongue stroking his bottom lip. Damn his back for hurting.

"Blaine...my back," this time Kurt groaned more of pain than of the feeling of Blaine sucking on his lips. Immediately, Blaine pulled away, breathing deeply and watching Kurt readjust himself in the chair.

"I'm sorry! I went too far," Blaine was going to start again, "I shouldn't have been that forward, I'm so sorry..." Kurt rolled his eyes.

"Blaine, it's okay. It wasn't the kissing I wanted to stop. But if we continued, I was either going to hurt my back or break the chair. And I'd rather not get hurt during our first kissing session and breaking Dalton property is not on my to do list."

Blaine laughed lightly.

"So, that was okay?" he asked, he had to be sure. Kurt smiled and pushed his chair forward.

"It was more than okay. You have no idea how long I have wanted that to happen," Kurt confessed. He must have still been high from that kiss because he hadn't wanted to say that out loud to Blaine. But instead of laughing, Blaine smiled warmly at the boy and took a hold of Kurt's hands.

"I hadn't realized just how long I've wanted to do that..." Blaine admitted softly. He looked over at the decorating tools for Pavarotti's casket.

"We still have time to practice if you want to finish..." Blaine gestured to the supplies. Kurt looked at them, he had forgotten about them for a moment.

"I'll be finished in another hour. Will that be okay?" Kurt asked.

"Don't rush, Kurt. I know how much this means to you," Blaine responded, squeezing his hand gently.

"Will you stay?" Kurt asked suddenly.

"I won't distract you, will I?" Blaine responded with a question.

"Probably, but it'll be a good distraction." Blaine smiled at that.

"We still have time to practice if we don't get to it today. Perhaps we can...talk more while getting something to eat." Was this Blaine's attempt at asking Kurt out on an official date?

"I'd really love that," Kurt answered. He looked back at the decorations but Blaine was still staring at him. "What?"

"Can I kiss you again before you start on the casket?" He asked almost desperately. Kurt laughed a little but the boy read his mind.

"You don't have to ask, Blaine. Kiss me whenever you want," Kurt responded. Blaine smiled as he leaned forward again, he stopped midway.

"The same goes for you," he whispered before he landed his lips back onto Kurt's. Kurt half expected it to be a brief kiss, but the taste and the smell overtook them again. His fingers found his hair and Blaine's arms found his waist.

Here they go again, but what more could they ask for? Blaine started pushing Kurt back against the chair again. He wasn't going to get the casket done anytime soon, but did it really matter? Blaine's tongue found the bottom of Kurt's lips; no, no it didn't matter right now.

Told you it was short lol. Let me know what you think and wish me luck.