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This is the last prompt for Klaine Week. I know that I should post this tomorrow but I don't know how my day is going to be and I'd rather get it out early than be late - it would bother me if I was a day late lol.

So this one is for Sunday and the theme is Reunion.

This one took some thought but I like what I came up with. Klaine Week has been fun. It was fun last year and it was definitely fun this year. Hope you liked these prompts as much as I did. AS for if I would ever continue any of them, it's a BIG maybe because I'm not sure yet. Anyway, thank you guys for the support and I'm glad you liked what I was able to come up with. Thank you! :)

So, here is the last prompt for Reunion. Kurt meets Blaine at the airport after being on a long business trip.

.: Sunday, March 17 - Reunion :.

Kurt waited at the airport for over an hour. True, he could have come at a later time but, he didn't care. He was about to see his husband after three long weeks. He had gone on a long business trip and while it was only supposed to last a week, he wound up staying a lot longer than anticipated.

Their baby, Christian, was at home with his Aunt Rachel and Uncle Finn, preparing for a welcome home party. Of course, Christian was just a baby so he was more observing rather than helping, but he knew the little boy missed his daddy. And Kurt missed his husband.

Kurt didn't want Blaine to go on the trip and it did result in a bit of an argument the night before. They were thankful that Christian was only a baby so he couldn't understand or be affected with their arguing. That night, Blaine only got a few hours or sleep and so did Kurt. Neither one wanted to go to bed angry, that was part of their vows – they would not go to bed angry.

They talked all night and also made up, quite a few times, which only made the day he had to leave that much harder. They text each other all throughout the day and a few Skype dates. Kurt got a chance to see what it was like raising a child on his own – he didn't like not having Blaine with him.

Well, he didn't have to do that anymore. Blaine was coming home soon. He looked at his phone and smiled. The time for his plane to arrive was here and he saw a few people coming through the opening. He stood by the seating area and saw Blaine one of the last ones to come through the opening with a shoulder bag. He smiled at his handsome husband when they caught each others gazes. Blaine casually walked over to Kurt instead of running to him and hugging him and kissing him.

"Hi there, you here to pick somebody up?" Blaine asked in a sly voice. Kurt smirked, looking at his husband and taking a step forward.

"I am, yes. I'm here to pick up my husband. He's been gone for a few weeks. I really miss him," Kurt answered.

"So, you're married? That's a shame. He must be a very lucky guy," Blaine responded.

"Oh, he is the luckiest guy in the whole world. I'll have to tell him that when I see him. And of course, our son will be so happy to see him too. He's just a baby but he knows when his daddies aren't around each other," Kurt said the last part a little sadly but he kept his smile. Blaine took another step closer.

"I bet he's the most beautiful baby ever, and you're right. He is lucky. To have a handsome, wonderful husband and a baby they both love so much. I hope he makes you feel loved," Blaine's voice lowered.

"He does. He really does. I hope I do the same for him," Kurt's voice went down an octave which always drove Blaine crazy.

"You definitely do," he whispered before leaning forward and nearly devouring his lips. Kurt threw his arms around Blaine's neck and pressed just as hard into the kiss. Blaine's arms wrapped around Kurt's waist and lifted him off the ground, his husband squealing against his lips like he knew he would. It was so good to be home.

Blaine put Kurt back down before he pulled away from the kiss.

"Welcome home, baby," Kurt said, not releasing Blaine, not yet.

"It's good to be home. And you're right, I am the luckiest guy. Where's Christian?" Blaine asked. Kurt finally let go of his hold and grabbed his hand as they walked over to the baggage claim.

"He is at home with his Aunt Rachel and Uncle Finn. Where there will be a surprise waiting for you," Kurt answered. Blaine saw his bag and grabbed it.

"Let me guess, a welcome home diaper duty?" Blaine joked.

"That could very well be a part of it."

"Welcome home, bro!" Finn called when he saw Blaine and Kurt walk into the house. Blaine laughed as Finn engulfed him in a hug as did Rachel. Cooper was there along with a lot of their other friends.

"Hey, Finn! Where's my son?" Blaine responded. Cooper had the baby and brought him over to Blaine. Kurt had closed the door and locked it behind him, pushing Blaine's bag aside. Blaine dropped his shoulder bag before taking his son.

"Christian. I missed you," Blaine kissed his forehead and held onto the baby he missed so much. The baby made a few noises then started crying.

"Oh! Is someone hungry?" Rachel asked. Blaine knew.

"Nope. It's something else," Blaine couldn't help but laugh. Kurt held his arms out.

"I'll change him..." Blaine wouldn't give Christian to Kurt.

"No, I'll do it. I'm not ready to give him up yet," Kurt smiled fondly as he watched his husband and son make their way to the nursery.

"Can we have cake now?" Cooper whined. Kurt rolled his eyes and nodded.

"Thanks for coming, guys," Blaine said, sitting on the couch. Finn and Rachel had confiscated Christian and he saw that they had his overnight bag and other belongings.

"Had a blast, little brother. Tomorrow, you and me, lunch," Cooper stated. Blaine nodded, not wanting to get up from the couch.

"All right, all of you out," Kurt nearly shooed Cooper, Finn and Rachel out of the house.

"Come on, Christian, let's go to Aunt Rachel and Uncle Finn's house," Rachel said sweetly to the little boy.

"See you guys later," Finn waved before he and Rachel walked out with Cooper. Kurt waved politely and shut the door, quickly locking it.

"Finn and Rachel are taking Christian?" Blaine asked, although it was pretty obvious they were since they left with him.

"I very, very politely asked if they could take him over night so that you and I can be alone...without being interrupted," Kurt said in a seductive voice, crawling onto Blaine's lap and straddling him. Blaine liked the sound of that.

"Uninterrupted sex with my husband, yes please," Blaine whispered.

"Then let's go to our room and make that happen," Kurt got up and tugged on Blaine's arm.

"So is this happy reunion sex?" Blaine somewhat joked when they came into their room. Kurt laughed lightly before pushing his husband onto the bed and closing the door behind him. It was going to be a long and pleasurable night. They had been apart way too long and it was time to make up for it.

I really couldn't resist daddy!klaine - I really couldn't.