Alpha Teens On Machines Season 3 Episode 18 Steele s Secret

Axel and Lioness were flying a prototype helicopter to take the Mu-Team back to Steele's island.

"Hawk, Shark and King are all missing." Said Axel.

"I somehow think Steele is behind this." Said Lioness.

"Agreed." Said Axel as they landed the Helicopter and started looking for Steele. "We also need to find out if he has anything to do with Dad's disappearance."

"You got it Axel." Replied Lioness. "And also we need to get all the animals away from Steele."

Soon they saw all the animals weren't there.

"Steele must have them." Said Axel.

"Yeah and I think I know something to hide from Steele." Said Lioness. "This."

And she showed Axel some stealth-mode suits one for each of them.

Meanwhile Steele was looking all over Landmark City for Axel and Lioness.

"Mr Manning and Miss Leone must be somewhere." Said Steele.

Then he thought of something.

"They must have gone to my island." He growled.

Meanwhile on Steele's island Axel and Lioness scanned all over the island.

"Axel I've found something." Said Lioness. "An entrance."

"Good now to find Steele and the evidence to get him arrested." Replied Axel.

Soon they found a secret computer.

"Axel I've got something putting it on the screen now." Said Lioness.

Soon the clip was playing a recording of Steele talking to Guan and a group of Ninjas and telling them that Sebastian Manning was on to them.

"Good work Li-er-Cat." Smiled Axel and they hugged once they took off the Stealth Mode.

Then they saw King, Hawk and Shark trapped in cells with animals.

"Time to end this!" yelled Steele who had just arrived back.

"Steele King was right you should be locked in a cage not the animals and you didn't earn the animals you cheated." Said Axel.

"And we know that you told Guan about Sebastian Manning being on to them." Said Lioness. "SO face a sentence of jail."

"I don't think so." Said Steele and turned on his Stealth Mode.

"Nice try." Said Axel and Lioness and did the same as they battled Steele quite hard but Steele was more tougher then they were.

"You think you can beat me at my own game?" asked Steele.

"Human lives aren't a game Steele." Said Axel.

"Yeah and you are going to play chess in prison." Called Lioness. "I thought that would be good enough for him."

"Hm nice one." Smiled Axel and they hi-5ed.

"No more Stealth Mode now for normal fist to fist." Said Lioness as she pulled a wire out of Steele's suit.

"Oh I have a few more tricks." Said Steele as he tried to use gas on them but Axel and Lioness had already put on gas masks.

"SO have we Steele." Said Axel as he opened the cell that had King, Hawk and Shark.

"Let's end this Man to Men and Woman." Said Lioness.

"Yeah." Called King, Hawk and Shark as they all battled Steele easy as pie.

"Timber." Said Axel and Lioness as they did a little Jo-Lan on Steele and he pasted out as he fell backwards.

"Now to free the animals." Said King.

"Yeah buddy." Said Axel.

"Hm I wonder how me and Axel know what we're thinking about Jo-Lan." Said Lioness.

"Worry about that later." Said Garrett on the Alpha-Con. "Best get Steele back to Landmark."

"Right Garrett." Said Shark.

As soon as the animals were free the Alpha Teens dragged Steele to the new Helicopter.

Later at Landmark City.

"Axel I might be getting silly but I think we have a link in Jo-Lan." Said Lioness.

"You know something I agree." Said Axel.

"We're the Dynamic Duo of Landmark City but more importantly we're Alpha Teens and very good friends." Smiled Lioness.

"Yeah we are." Smiled Axel and the two friends hugged for a second time that very day.

Iris Out