Hello everyone, I know that I have 8 different stories to write at the moment and some of them haven't been updated in a while.

Deadpool: "Love of three has been like that for about a year."

Yes, I know Wade. However, I have had several new ideas for different stories. But, because of my existing stories, I will not write these stories.

Deadpool: "Good."

Which is why I am giving these ideas away as challenges!

Deadpool: "Great."

This one is a slightly different one. This is more a Spider-Man/ Thor/ Ghost Rider/ Avengers/ Marvel crossover then anything else, but oh well. Basically Spidey dies, when he dies is up to you but he has to die. Except that he has to die in battle. Hela stops Peter from going to the after life and gives him new powers as well as his old ones, and makes him 'hers'. She sends him back to Midgard but he no longer has the resistance to killing, he is now Hela's Warrior of Hell…


- Spidey/Hela.

- Some heroes are against Spider after his 'resurrection'.

- Spidey actually starts liking this 'new him'.

- Spidey/Harem.

- If Laura/X-23 isn't paired with Spidey then she is to be in a femslash relationship.


- Spidey remembers his marriage with MJ after resurrection (If after One More Day).

Personal Idea (No one has to do this, but this is what I would want to do. Only use if you want to and you think you can make it work):

- Mayday is alive. When Osborn kidnapped her he injected her with Goblin Serum and gave her to Kraven the Hunter to raise against Spider-Man. She grows up to be Ana Kravinoff.


- Yaoi or MXM Slash

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