Chapter 1 - Change Back

England yawned and leaned back in his seat a little, bored to no end. France laughed at his brief lack of manners and Arthur shot him a quick scowl. Francis just smirked and went back to doing whatever he did on his iPad. Arthur growled a little and looked at the days agenda. After a few moments of rereading it he looked at the other man irritated.

"Where the bloody hell are they?"

Francis looked over at him and then over at the empty seats across from him. Frowning he closed whatever he was on and looked at his phone troubled. "I 'ave no idea, and still no messages from either of mon petites…"

"Well this is just bloody rude." Arthur whispered back looking around the conference room. "Alfred is the host nation and he is bloody late." Arthur looked at his watch and growled slightly, "A half hour late at that."

Francis made a noise in his throat then shook his head. "If it was just Alfred I would say he forgot to set 'is alarm again. " 'Owever… Matt too?" Francis shook his head a bit. "I'm a little worried."

"FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY!" Nations all over the room jumped at the sudden yell breaking the almost silence. "IF HE DOESN'T GIVE ME A STRAIGHT ANSWER IN THE NEXT FIVE SECONDS!- OW! NORGE!"

Norway withdrew his arm and stared blankly at Denmark. "You're being overly loud."

"He won't answer!" Matthias said throwing his phone on the table annoyed. "All I get is 'k' and 'soon'-I mean, Berwald does realize that they are now over a half hour late for the meeting right?"

Arthur looked to Matthias's right and noticed that Berwald and Tino's seats were also empty. A second later humming filled the air, as every nation present had turned to see what the commotion was about. Ludwig gave a huff and stood up.

"Does anyone know where the missing three-"

"Four, Birdie isn't here." Gilbert said, not looking up from his PSP.

"Four nations are?" Ludwig said correcting himself. Matthias, Lukas and Emil all shared a look before Matthias shrugged and looked up at Ludwig.

"No, but we know last night Tino, Al and Matt all went out drinking and this morning Berwald took off to find them."

Prussia looked up from his game with a hurt expression. "Birdie went drinking without me?"

Emel rolled his eyes and looked at the other Albino annoyed, "Don't feel bad, we aren't even allowed to go when those three get together for drinks." Emil petted his puffin sitting on the table and began to talk some more. "This morning, it was really weird, Sweden got a call and took off muttering something about Tino and needing to go to the store. I bet Matt was just hung over again or something."

Denmark laughed a little at the young Nordic's statement. "Poor Matt, he got Francis's looks, but England's alcohol tolerance." He laughed a little more as Arthur shot him a scathing look and other Nations chuckled. Ludwig rolled his eyes a little and cleared his throat, getting everyone's attention.

"We can't start the meeting without the host country. Can anyone call them or anything?"

Matthias scowled, "I've been trying to get a hold of Berwald all morning, he won't answer."

"I've been trying Birdie," Gilbert added.

"America-san has yet to answer as well."

"What about Finland?" Ludwig asked looking around.

"Kol, kol, kol, perhaps I should-"

"NO!" Everyone yelled, causing Ivan to look around amused. "We don't need World War Three Ivan!" Matthias said shooting him a very dark look. "You know full well how well Tino reacts to you calls."

"Good times."

Matthias and Lukas looked ready to attack, but Ludwig shot them a look, "Well, we need to find them and get going. Does anyone know where they were staying?"

"Hey, Roderich," Vladimir looked over at the Austrian nation, "Didn't we see them last night at that pub over on 8th street?"

"You went drinking?!"

"…Yes… I am allowed Liz…" Hungary stared at Austria for a moment before looking ahead, shaking her head a little. "And I don't recall seeing them…"

Ludwig frowned a little and pulled out his own phone. "Ve~ I just got a text from America!" Everyone turned towards Feliciano who was holding up his phone happily. "He says they'll be here in a moment." His phone dinged again and Feli laughed. "His phone is broke and isn't receiving calls~"

"..Yes, thank you Italy." Feliciano gave an odd salute and went back to drawing on his agenda. Romano smacked him.

"Did they say how soon?"

"Eh, let me check!" Feli grabbed his phone and looked; Arthur looked at him and wondered why he hadn't thought about just sending him a text. "Ah! It says about a minute!"

"AH!" A very girly scream was heard outside and everyone jumped some grabbing weapons they smuggled into the meeting. "AMERICA STOP IT RIGHT NOW!"

"M-maple! Sis get back here!" Arthur looked at Francis shocked, and noticed his confused look at the two female voices, and then the bewilderment when they heard someone respond.

"NO WAY!" the girly noise made Matthias fall over and Lukas gave a small noise. A high pitched laugh filled the area and two loud shrieks cut in.

""Merica! G'et back here!" They stopped at Sweden's familiar voice and some finally came out of there shocked state and moved towards the door to see what was going on. Just as Torris reached it and began to open it, it flew forward and nearly slammed him into the wall.

"SUP PEOPLE! THE HERO IS HERE!" Arthur gaped at the person standing there in shock.

A girl with extremely short blonde hair and stood in the doorway looking at them with a smirk identical to Alfred's wearing his bomber jacket. She was looking around oddly pleased and amused look. Sweden came in right behind her looking completely putt out.

"I thought we 'greed to break it to 'em slowly." The girl laughed a little and stuck out her tongue playfully.

"Where's the fun in that?"

Arthur opened his mouth to ask a question, but found himself Face-planting into the desk as his chair was sent forward a little. When he looked up he saw Matthias and Lukas standing next to the girl, wearing identical faces of disbelief.







"I noticed." She said with a big grin. Arthur felt himself gag a little in shock as she wore that grin. She looked almost exactly like Alfred with that grin, it was his signature grin! The only difference was she was shorter and well, curvier! He stared in his own disbelieve and noticed the girls startling blue eyes, unblocked by glasses, staring at the two Nordics, amused.

"H-how did this happen?" Norway asked, his voice straining a little. The girl looked over at him and opened her mouth to speak when two more very out of breath people entered the room.

"MAPLE!" A girl with blonde wavy hair that fell to her chin came racing in and looked at the other girl angrily. "You couldn't have waited for us!" Arthur heard a strangled noise besides him and guessed Francis was seeing the same thing he was. This girl was Matthew's spitting image. Just shorter and curvier… Trying to figure it out he barely noticed the last person coming in, and was glad to see Finland's familiar face.

"Now really!" Finland looked at them crossly, his voice oddly high. "You two can't behave for five seconds!" He glared at them and moved next to Berwald looking angry. Arthur felt like something was off on him and watched as Tino crossed his arms over his…dear lord.

"SINCE WHEN THE HELL ARE YOU GIRLS!" Romano yelled out, echoing everyone's thoughts.

The six by the door seemed to register everyone else fully now and looked a bit wary at the rest of the room.

"Um," The America look-alike said slowly, "About that… we kind of always have been."

The room was silent for a brief second and then shouting filled the room, Arthur's own getting yelled out as well. The three girls all back up a bit nervously and suddenly Berwald let out a yell. "SHUT UP 'IGHT NOW OR I WILL GUT YOU ALL!"

Everyone became quite as he glared around the room angrily. Finland sighed and put his, er her, hand on his back. He scowled and glared at the room before looking back at them.

Everyone was quite, waiting for the first nation to speak. Finally Ivan stepped forward a little bit and smiled at them. "I am confused Comrade… wouldn't we have known if you were a girl? You were not a girl in the cold war, or in either of the world wars… you were not even a girl yesterday… how can you be one now?"

America glared at him a bit and Arthur took the idea of it just being a look-a-like out of his head. Only America could glare at Russia like that. "What the hell makes you think I was a boy yesterday?"

"You were taller."

America glared a bit more, before looking over at Lukas confused. "Why am I shorter? And what about Texas?"

"…Girls are smaller than guys?" He said with a shrug. "I have no idea about the glasses. I could tell you more if you told me how you changed back."

"We were hoping, "Finland said slowly, "You could tell us."

"Excuse me," Arthur said holding up a hand, "What do you mean changed back?"

The six shared another look before Canada sighed a bit. "England, France… America and I… we were born girls."