Chapter 10- A Normal Female Thing?

Tina face-palmed as Kiku held out the photo for her to see. Berwald normally blank expression remained so and Peter laughed loudly. Emil just stared at the photo, looking oddly jealous. Finally Berwald sighed and looked over at Francis sadly.

"I aw'ays aid letting 'em form a group w's a bad idea…"

"Oui… you did…" The Frenchman sighed and took the rave picture further inspecting the group gangnam syle dancing for the camera. "'Ow Long until their bosses 'ear, do you think?"

Madeline sighed and Tina jumped at her sudden appearance. "I know America's already knows… he banged his head on a nearby table then simply said he guessed his wish for her being a little more…ah, laid back, was out of the question."

"…So he took it well." Emil said with an impressed air to him. Madeline snorted a little and everyone looked over at her.

"It's not exactly like he isn't use to it."

"One could say the same thing for your boss." Francis said waving a finger at his little sister warningly. "I know exactly 'ow much 'ell you 'ave raised with your bro-sister."

"He has a point Canada-san..."

Canada smiled sheepishly and opened her mouth to respond, when a sudden yell made them all turn around.

"BERWALD! TINA!" Matthias skidded into view and looked around the meeting room widely, finally spotting the two he yelled for, he gave a small jump and raced towards them, looking oddly put out.

"Why did I not hear about this sooner? Lukas better not be planning your bachelor party either!"

"My…what?" Berwald opened and closed his mouth like a fish a few times, staring uncomprehendingly at his friend.

Matthias narrowed his eyes and held up a finger warningly. "No way, don't play dumb! I just heard from Arthur that you and Tina are getting married!"

"WHAT!" Tina yelled as Matthias's statement caused many baffled expressions and odd noises. She turned towards Berwald, obviously about to yell at him, when Madeline suddenly made an odd noise and rushed Tina into a hug.

"Congratulations! Took you both long enough, eh?"

"If you want I can plan ze whole thing! Country of love, who better non?"

"Congratulations, Tina-san and Berwald-san."

"I'm the best man!"

"No way Peter you are way too young, I have known them the longest-Hell I'm the oldest!"

"Wait!" Tina now looked desperately at Berwald, who still looked baffled and uncomprehending. "We aren't-he hasn't, I mean…" She mouthed a 'help me' to Berwald, who finally shook his head and moved between the two fighting boys.

"I h'ven't asked h'r yet…"

Matthias stopped, holding Peter up by his color now as the boy stuck out his tongue, and looked at his friend confused. "Then why did Peter tell Arthur you were?"

"Well, he did get the ring."

Berwald mentally face palmed as Tina froze, and Madeline let go of her confused. "Peter, I am n'ver lett'ng you in on a Sec'rt again." He sighed and moved towards Tina, who was shell shocked, and knelt down. "I pl'nned on doing th's later at h'me…" He pulled out a small box and looked up at the short blonde woman in front of him.

He flipped it up and relieved a small silver ring with a sapphire stone in the center with two small diamonds on either side of it. The silver weaved between the stones and down the sides, creating an almost cross-like swirl. Tina gasped a bit and Berwald grabbed one of her hands.

"Tina… I've waited four h'nd'rd years to 'sk… Will you M'rry me?"


Madeline yelped and launched forward just in time to catch Finland as she fell forward. Matthias slowly put Peter down finally, and they all stared dumbly at the scene. Madeline held the limp girl in her arms and looked around desperately at all the guys, looking concerned.

"Please tell me this isn't a normal female thing…"

Tina felt fuzzy as the world came back into reality. She must have fallen asleep during the meetings again, great…Hopefully no one had caught her. Slowly she opened her eyes and then stiffened seeing the oddly colored tiled ceiling over her.

Blinking she sat up, noting as she did so that she was lying on a couch, and glanced around. She was in one of the side parlors of the building, used normally as a lunch area, judging by the oval tables littered about the room. Her head gave a hard throb and she reached up and grab it, trying not to moan from the force of it. What happened?

She glanced swiftly around once more and finally noticed Berwald at the end of the couch, staring at her with a relieved expression. "You're 'wake."

"…" Memories of him kneeling in front of her came racing back and she felt woozy all over again, and oddly warm in the face. Berwald noticed something and immediately came over and check her forehead, causing the heat in her face to increase.

"You're w'rm…."


"To be fair I didn't plan f'r it to go l'ke that…" He said with a small sigh, sitting back down in his seat. "Probably shouldn't of t'ken Peter w'th me…"

"P-Probably…" Tina tried to calm down and look at the man across from her, but kept finding it hard to do. "So…um… how, how did you-I mean how did they react?"

"Well, Canada w'nted freak a little and 'sked if it was a n'rmale reaction or not… Poland said an idiotic thing," He rolled his eyes a little here and Tina's irritation turned into slight amusement, "and Amer'ca tried to chase him down with a b'at yelling 'bout fishes…" He shook his head a little and Tina groaned.

"Italian Mofia?"

"Romano joined in…"

"In chasing Poland?" Surprise took over her features and she fully looked at Berwald in her confusion.

"No… In chas'ng Spain, after Feliks apologized…." Berwald sighed and thought, "Matthias claimed B'st Man and told Peter 'bout Junior Men or s'mth'ng….France and Felicano g't into a f'ght over whose design'ng the dress… and… Lukas just seem'd miffed no one had told him…"

"I see." Tina bit her lip and thought for a minute about everything. "So they all think we're getting married…"


"…" She cast another glance at the man next to her and then looked towards the doorway determinedly. "Out of curiosity… how were you planning on asking?"

"…Wh'n we got home… I was go'ng to pl'n s'meth'ng nice and… give you the ring… in the pl'ce I first figured out how m'ch I loved you…"

"Where was that?"

"Woods behind your house…" He smiled sheepishly, "Where you killed th't bear w'th one arrow from s'xty feet away…"

"That's what made you fall in love?"

"…Among other th'ngs…"

Tina sighed and looked over at him, a new blush on her face as she tried to keep her face blank as possible. "So… how are you going to propose now?"


"Well…I er, became incapacitated the first try, and you just told me your original plan… so how about now?" Berwald stared at the girl uncomprehending, barely moving besides to blink his blue eyes numerous times. "You are going to right?"

"You…st'll want me to?"

"Well… you do love me right?" She looked at the man confused, not getting his sudden hesitation. Berwald stared at her a moment longer, before launching forward and kissing her full on the mouth. Tina felt ridged by the sudden explosion of emotion the man showed, but kissed him back anyway, now thoroughly confused as to what was going on.

Finally Berwald pulled back and wrapped the girl into a tight hug, kissing her head as he did so. "Berwald?"

"I thought… you m'ght not w'nt to…" He admitted, not letting her out of his tight hug. "I thought… you m'ght … you fainted and ev'ryth'ng…"

"That was from overload!" Tina said defensively, finally managing to pull back. "I mean, Denmark just brusts in, saying everyone but me knows we're engaged, you went ring shopping, then you knelt down and- are you laughing!"

"S'rry," The man said still chuckling, "I just worried th't maybe…" He chuckled again and Tina calmed down a little and rolled her eyes at the man.

"You know I'm still going to make you do this properly right?"

The man gave another chuckle and slowly slid off the couch and down onto one knee. "I fig'red as much…" He pulled out the small cream colored jewelry box again and Tina felt an odd rush at the ring nestled down in the cushion. "Tina Väinämöinen… will you Marry me?"

She felt odd tears welling up in her eyes, but for once didn't care about the extra emotions turning back had brought around. Instead she just nodded and held out her hand slightly. "Of course… my husband…"


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