He woke up in his chambers and looked over at Thor who had stayed with him. Thor's presence had helped Loki to be able to sleep as it had after Loki had nightmares as a child.


Thor woke up and looked at him with concern.

"How are you brother?"

"Feeling better. I have thought all about Odin that I can for now."

He knew what Thor wanted to ask but was holding back about. He walked over and looked over Asgard. Soon, he and his friends would have breakfast and then return to Earth. Would Loki come back to Asgard? Or would he stay only on Earth forever?

He heard Thor join him and a thought occurred to him. Yes, it was possible to love or hate a place just for the features of a place alone. He had loved Asgard for its beauty and its library. Home, however, was more than just a place. It was about people. He had also loved Asgard because Thor was here. He loved Earth for its beauty, and the many other things it offered, but he also loved it for his friends.

When he had left Asgard he had sworn to live by his own rules. He had learned more about caring for others and decided to do so through donations and being an Avenger. He had formed relationships of equal care and respect. Would rules should he follow for having a home? In fact, why should he only have one home? He could teleport and carry things in his pocket dimension. The Earth myths referred to him being a traveler. He could be with all of those he loved and, when he couldn't, there was always his Stark Phone and whatever other wonders he could create with Jane and the Science Brethren.


"Yes Loki?"

Thor was trying so hard to think of being on Asgard without Loki calmly. Thor who would probably not be able to travel as freely as Loki could because Thor was heir and couldn't teleport himself. Though he could fly: something the two of them had done for fun on Earth. It could be fun to do so here where they wouldn't need invisibility spells to avoid bothering humans. If Odin still called Loki son then that meant Loki was still a Prince of Asgard and shouldn't princes be allowed a little fun?

"Brother, wherever my path takes me, I shall walk it with the people my heart has home with: Tony, Pepper, Happy, Rhodes, the other Avengers and you. I am Loki of Midgard, and perhaps here too, and I live by the rules I choose."

Thor's eyes filled with hope and he impulsively grabbed Loki in a hug. Loki smiled. He knew the future would have challenges. How would Loki balance those he cared about in two realms? What would happen with his brother and Jane Foster? Could Loki and Asgard get along? Did Loki dare learn more about why the frost giants were as they were? What other challenges would he face as an Avenger especially in regards to the now angered Thanos?

What did it matter? He was Loki: finest sorcerer in the nine realms, silver tongue and he was not alone. With all of that in his favor no challenge was insurmountable.