Hello readers! So as I said in the summary I'm going to try my hand at a zombie story. I was watching the Walking Dead the other night and this just came to me. Now just a warning, as I don't usually do this, I am posting this story before it is completely written, I am doing so because I would like to add in some readers! If you have a character that you would like for me to write into the story please leave me a review (I'll post the information I want at the end of the first chapter!).

Another note, unless I receive a character idea from a reader, all the characters will be Titans, Titan Allies or Titan villains from both the comics and the TV series! As a disclaimer: I do not own these characters, some of the plot may be borrowed (though some will be original) and I am not making any money off this story, it is purely for entertainment purposes only!

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"Attention all citizens of Earth! This is an emergency broad cast. The disease that has swept our planet has reached the point of epidemic. Everyone is advised to make their way to their cities center for disease control for immediate vaccination" The TV was instantly shut off as the woman sighed shaking her head, short black hair falling into place, a single silver streak falling into her face.

"Aunt Toni, why'd you do that? They were going to update us on the disease" The small blonde girl pouted as she turned towards the woman. Her blonde hair pulled into pigtailed braids.

"Because Melvin, you shouldn't be worrying about this and Raven doesn't want me to let you watch." Toni said her red eyes turning towards the young girl "It's just reruns anyway. Something broken at the station down town, we've not had a real update since they gave everyone that stupid cure and half the world changed"

"I know," Melvin said turning her blue eyes back to the black screen "But I can pretend can't I"

"We're back" The cheery voice called as two women made their way into the barricaded house. The first was tall with long red hair and bright green eyes. She sat the box on the counter and slung the rifle over her shoulder, laying it next to the box. The second woman was smaller, her dark violet hair reached her mid back and her amethyst eyes were trained on Melvin as she sat her own box down and sat her cross bow on the table.

"How'd it go?"

"We didn't meet any walkers but you can hear them" The violet haired woman sighed "It won't be long now, we need to find somewhere safer"

"Where? This is the safest we've been since the outbreak! Where else is there to go Raven?" Toni asked defeated

"I'm not sure, but Kori found her communicator yesterday. There was a message, from just after the outbreak" The violet haired woman sighed as she began packing the food in the boxes into four bags, as well as ammunition and restocking the first aid kits.

"What did it say? Huh Aunt Kori?" Melvin asked joining the conversation as she looked at the red haired woman.

"It was from Cyborg, Calling all the titans to the tower, said he'd barricaded the island. Since all of us can fly or have ways across the ocean we'd be safe." Kori said sighing "It's worth a try"

"It is, but we are months away from the tower" Toni said still unsure

"It's the best chance we have" Raven sighed moving to put clothes in the bags before zipping them up and handing them each one, "The car is ready, we should get out of the city before they get any closer"

"Alright" Toni conceded as they left the house and climbed into the military grade vehicle that Raven had hotwired when everything went down.

"We need to find a place to stay tonight" The pink haired woman sighed as she wiped the sweat off her brow, her gray eyes scanning the horizon. Standing not far from her leaning against the truck was a tall black haired man, his eyes hidden by a pair of sunglasses.

"Kole is right, we haven't much time before they appear" The Asian man spoke as he threw a few bags into the back of the truck and picked up his katana.

"I know, we're in the middle of nowhere and the truck is almost out of gas" the black haired man said as he climbed into the driver's seat

"We'll deal with that when it happens, Robin, for now let's make it as far as we can" Kole said climbing into the middle "You coming Bushido?"

"Yeah" The Asian man sighed as he climbed into the passenger's seat and drove off into the dessert.

"Do you ever wander what the other titans are doing?" Kole asked softly "If they made it past the outbreak"

"All the time" Robin sighed as he drove, never taking his eyes off the barren wasteland before him "Its why I decided to head towards the tower"

"I wonder if Cyborg managed to crack this disease" Bushido said looking at the window.

"Is that why?" Kole whispered

"One of many" He said cryptically and she dropped the subject.

"I just want a bath" Kole sighed leaning her head back against the seat "I feel so gross"

"I agree," Robin laughed

The tall blonde sighed as she knelt down and tied the rope around the trunk of the nearest tree. The two grotesque figures that were attached to the other end made incoherent noises, their arms and jaws had been long since removed. She sat down her machete and pulled out her hunting knife. She held a lock of hair and began cutting until it was a short choppy bob. She couldn't stand when it got long, it reminded her of better times when she had the luxury of keeping it long. Her blue eyes scanned the area before climbing into the tree that held her walkers and pulling a blanket out of her bag. Horrid shrieking woke her a few hours before dawn.

"Help!" She jumped down, grabbing her machete and pistol. A small brown haired teen cried as she ran from two of the walkers. The blonde sighed at the girls stupidity.

"Shut your mouth" She hissed as the girl fell to her knees in front of her still screeching like mad "You'll just draw more of them"

"Help" The girl cried but she wisely shut her mouth with a quick glare from the older blonde who stepped around her and hacked the head off both of the grotesque creatures in one swing. She used their clothes to wipe the blood of her blade before shoving her blanket back into her bag and untying the two walkers and began her wondering once again. "Hey wait! Don't leave me here!"

"If you're going to follow me do try and keep quiet" The blonde said as the girl caught up with her.

"Ok, I'm Grace" The brunette smiled at her

"Terra" The blonde answered

"So why do you lead them around, isn't it a bit dangerous?" Grace asked looking back at them.

"No, I removed their arms and jaws, they are camouflage, the others rarely come near me because of them" Terra shrugged as she continued to walk.

"Oh, So"

"I thought I told you to be quiet, your voice will attract unwanted attention" Terra snapped cutting the younger girl off. Grace nodded and continued in silence next to Terra.

A green mouse scurried around the rotting corpses that littered the ground, a plastic bag twice the size of its body clutched in its mouth. Running to and fro was it weaved out of the blood bath that had occurred here. Some of the walkers were alert and could smell something still alive but couldn't find the small creature as it scurried past them. Once the little mouse reached the boarded up house it'd been using as shelter it shifted into a green skinned man. He sighed as he leaned against the wall and picked up the bag. Inside was a bit of cheese and some crackers that'd he'd found at the small towns grocery store as well as a bottle of water and to his luck a package of chicken that had been cooked just before everything went down. He started his small fire and reheated the chicken before beginning his dinner. A low growl brought him out of his memories as a scrawny dog inched forward.

"Hey there, what are you doing hiding in here" He asked the dog who whimpered before growling. The man was surprised to see a living dog, most of the animals that had lived here were either infected or dead now. "You must be hungry here"

The dog jumped at the chicken that the man threw him, eagerly eating it as if it'd be the only meal he'd get in months. Once the scrap was gone he looked up at the man who sighed in defeat.

"That's all I have tonight, but I'll get more tomorrow" The man said petting the dogs head, before both lay down to sleep for the night.

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