Hello dear readers, I apologize for the random updating schedule that I have been keeping. My life is slowly falling down around me but I think I am on the track now to picking it back up and putting things together again. So to reward myself for good progress and to reward you for sticking with me here is the next chapter. Please enjoy!

"We'll have to walk from here, the roads have been barricaded" Terra said shutting of the engine and grabbing her things. Grace and Phoenix followed her lead she grabbed one of the walkers and Phoenix grabbed the other, since Grace was still terrified of them.

"This place, it's so different" Grace whispered,

"It reminds me of darker times" Terra replied as they carried on.

"Look, it's the tower" Phoenix whispered spotting the tower gleaming in the sunlight.

"Let's go" Grace said pulling them hurriedly through the deserted streets.

"Grace, slow down! It's getting dark, we can't just charge right up to the gates" Phoenix hissed pulling her to a stop, "Maybe we should wait out the night in the city and go in the morning"

"No, we should head in now, before we attract unwanted attention." Terra said looking around suspiciously. She continued at a slower pace pushing her walker ahead of them. The sun was setting when they finally found the gates.

"Wonder what's waiting for us inside" Grace smiled looking at Terra, who smiled at the still naïve girl.

"We won't know until we get inside." Terra shook her head. Grace was childlike but Terra found that refreshing to say the least.

"I wonder if she's waiting for me" Phoenix sighed looking longingly at the gates.

"We won't know until we get there" Terra whispered as she looked around, the dark was approaching quickly and something felt very wrong.

"I don't like this feeling" Grace hissed as she drew closer to Terra, Phoenix following her lead.

"Maybe we should head closer to the gate" Phoenix whispered. Terra nodded starting forward Grace right behind her and Phoenix following a few steps behind on alert. Thunder rolled and a thick cover of clouds covered the sky.

"That's too fast to be normal" Terra hissed as she and Grace stood closer, Phoenix struggled to get closer to them as they ran, a thick stinging rain making it hard to see and move. "SHIT!"

"Phoenix" Grace screeched seeing all the walkers surrounding them, she took a few steps from Terra as Phoenix ran towards them blindly, and she grabbed his hand and jerked him forwards. She threw her hand out and several things surrounding them exploded. Terra was using her powers to fling rocks at everyone. They were muddy and wet as they fought their way closer to the gates. Suddenly a car was flung in their direction. A quick reflex allowed Terra to produce a wall of rock to protect them but it was shattered to revel three super walkers. Grace stared at them shocked "No"

"You should probably make things explode again" Phoenix hissed as they moved away.

"No, no no no no no no no no no NO" Grace screamed throwing explosions everywhere "First Nikki and now you three! AHHHHHHH"

"Grace now isn't a time for melt downs," Terra warned as she threw a bunch of rocks at the boy in the middle. He had red hair and brown eyes that were glazed over. His skin was falling off in patches and he was missing some fingers. The rocks caught him off guard and crushed him completely. The storm immediately let up so that they could see. The gate was just a few miles away. If they could just get away from the super walkers they could run there. Terra pulled Grace to her feet and began flinging rocks, this distraught girl still blindly throwing her explosions. Several of those explosions managed to hit the supped up boy that had smashed the rock barrier. Once on fire there was nothing else to be done, he was reduced to ashes in seconds.


They all turned to see Phoenix holding a pistol. He had shot with great aim, hitting the magnetic boy in the head all four times causing him to fall. Calmly he took Terra's Machete hacked off the head kicking it towards the horde of walkers slowly following them.

"Phoenix?" Terra asked calmly as they backed away, several snarling cats and dogs approaching them in what seemed to be a rabies like frenzy, but upon closer look you could tell that they were infected.

"I'm fine, since when did this things affect animals?" He asked staring at the animals in shock.

"Since now, we should run, we're close enough now" Terra said noticing they were only about a mile away from the gates now.

"Right" Both of the younger teens whispered as they turned on heel and ran for all they were worth. Each of them had a blade drawn and was cutting down the infected animals left and right. Just as they reached the gate, the guards began firing.

"TERRA!" Terra turned to see only one of her companions following her, the other had fallen behind and the horde was retreating. Her fallen comrade had tripped and was now limping forward.


"NOOOOOOOOOOO" Terra felt herself scream as she launched herself forward.

Well there it is, a bit of a cliff hanger! Who was shot? Which companion has fallen? Find out soon in the next chapter of All We Can Do Now Is Survive.

Also Grace's powers are similar to Jubilee's in X-Men, only they cause real fire producing explosions.