Slave for Her

By HatakeKisaku

A Kakashi/Sakura fanfiction

"Whaaaaa!" Naruto yelled as Sakura flipped him over her shoulder. He landed with a hard thunk and a grunt in the grass of the field. Sakura giggled.

"I win again, Naruto. You owe me two bowls of ramen," she told him gleefully. The blonde groaned and stood.

"Okay, okay," he gave up. Two bowls was his max.

Kakashi, who'd been watching, smiled beneath his mask, proud of the kunoichi he'd trained. Lately though, he's felt more than just pride. Sakura had grown into a beautiful, compassionate, and powerful kunoichi, and Kakashi – against his own better judgment – had begun to take notice. In fact, he'd fallen for her. Fallen for her whole heartedly. He loved everything about her; her smile, her laugh, even her voice. Her scent calmed him, her voice soothed him. She could command him to do anything and he would obey without question. She excited him and frustrated him, moved him and stayed him.

Without either of them realizing it, she had unknowingly wormed her way in and become the sun that his whole world revolved around.

She brought him life and warmth, and could brighten even his darkest night. She'd become his everything.

Maybe he'd taken notice a long time ago and didn't even realize it.

However, he was her sensei and she was his student.

"Kakashi! Hey, Kakashi!" he heard her call and he looked up from his book, "Come and train with me!" she requested, and like the slave to her he was, he did as he was told.

"Naruto left to find Jiraiya," she told him as they took their places. Kakashi grunted in response and watched her from the corner of his eye as he continued to read. Attack after attack he dodged or blocked. He actually had to put his book away after a while. She'd gotten better. He swelled with pride and love as she threw attack after well planned attack. She was getting tired, and that meant she would make a mistake soon. And she did, she left herself open during one of her attacks. Kakashi closed in and managed to trap her in a hold, but as she tried to get free, she tripped him up and he fell backwards, taking Sakura with him.

Kakashi landed on his back in the grass with Sakura on his chest facing him. Immediately Sakura sat up, oblivious to the fact that she was straddling Kakashi's hips, though he was well aware.

"Oh, my god! Kakashi, are you okay? I didn't hurt you did I?" she was openly concerned.

"I'm fine, you're very light," he grunted as he sat up, "you've gotten very good, Sakura." He told her and she beamed.

Absently, he brushed a stray lock of hair from her face. She subconsciously leaned into his hand.

'Geez, it would be so easy just to-,' he thought about kissing her, 'no. I can't.' Reluctantly, he sighed and shifted out from beneath her. Only then did she realize what her position had been and she blushed, Kakashi couldn't help but think she was so cute when she blushed.

"Come on, it's time for lunch," he said as he stood. Sakura nodded and stood as well, "I'm buying so choose where you'd like," he pulled out his book.

"Okay, then I want Italian," she grinned as she lead the way toward the only Italian restaurant in the village. Kakashi followed like the slave he was.

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