a/n: Don't get too excited. This isn't so much a sequel as it is a drabble that takes place later on in this particular universe after Peeta and Katniss have started dating. It was written in honor of Steak and Blowjob Day (March 14); yeah, I know, it's a thing apparently. But someone asked me to write them a drabble for the "holiday" a while ago, and then others suggested it could be a continuation of "One Good Turn." I posted this on my tumblr yesterday, and I wasn't originally going to upload it anywhere, but someone asked, and I figured others might like to know what eventually happens with these two. So here you go!

Katniss was perched on the brick ledge that enclosed Peeta's porch, watching him man the grill. She kicked her heels against the wall and tried not to salivate over the smell of steak. He shot her a look as he poked at the slabs of meat to test their doneness.

"You know, this isn't quite what I envisioned when you told me about Steak and Blowjob Day," he deadpanned. She tried not to smile, raising her eyebrows innocently.

"What do you mean? You're getting some steak right now."

He rolled his eyes. "I don't think it counts if I have to cook it myself," he pointed out, trying to poke her with the grill fork, but she waved it away.

"Do you really trust me to grill your steak for you?" she needled him. She continued before he could respond, already starting to blush, "You'll get your blowjob later, at least, and isn't that the most important part?" He nodded as he pretended to consider this, and the corner of her mouth curled up slightly, her eyebrow quirking. "You know, the blowjob could go both ways."

Peeta scoffed. "Look at you, trying to act like I don't eat you out enough already," he admonished, scooping the steaks off the grill and plopping them on a plate, then he turned the grill off. Katniss hopped off the ledge and followed him back inside his house. In the kitchen, she passed him to raid the fridge, pulling out a bottle of Woodchuck she'd stored in there when she'd come over earlier, bearing the uncooked sirloins. Peeta plated their steaks alongside the mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus he'd also made for them.

He was the better cook between the two of them, that was for sure.

Twisting the cap off of her Woodchuck, she turned around and found him grinning at her. "What?"

He chuckled, eyeing her beverage of choice. "Woodchuck, really?" She frowned in confusion, swigging the hard cider, and he backed her up against the counter with his body, wrapping his arms around her loosely. "You remember the last time you had Woodchuck? Or rather, made me drink it?" he mused, and her face lit up in remembrance. Unbidden, her face flushed with heat at the memory, and he dipped his head down to nuzzle her jaw. "You're really trying to get me to go down on you right now, aren't you?"

She hadn't thought about that at all, actually—not that she was opposed to it, if he was offering. "Ummm..." She had a hard time formulating sentences when his lips were pulling incessantly on the delicate skin beneath her ear. She had to set the bottle down on the counter behind her, afraid she was going to drop it. "I wasn't, um...I wasn't even thinking about that night, actually."

"No?" he said, pulling his head back to stare at her. His nose bumped against hers. "You know, I don't even care for cider normally, but you kinda gave me a taste for it."

"Oh?" Katniss slipped her arms around his waist, sliding her palms over the muscles in his back, his skin warm through his shirt. He smiled at her.

"You've tasted like apples ever since. And I love it," he murmured, his lips grazing hers before he slanted his mouth over her own. Her tongue met his readily, and she pushed up on her toes to kiss him harder. His fingers trailed up and down her sides, skimming the swells of her breasts, and she shuddered, moaning into his mouth. She felt his cock hardening against her pelvis.

She wasn't sure what it was about him, but she had never wanted a man's cock in her mouth so badly before. Maybe it was because he so enthusiastically returned the favor (though, was it really "returning" if he did it without prompting)? It didn't hurt that his was the most beautiful cock she'd ever had the pleasure of being acquainted with.

Her hands moved of their own accord, dropping to the front closure of his jeans to unfasten them. Peeta broke the kiss, exhaling a puff of air as he glanced down. "What are you doing?"

Her nimble fingers slid the zipper down, her mouth following his. "Thought you wanted that blowjob," she breathed against his lips, pushing off the counter to steer him backward. He hit the opposite counter, and his hands gripped the edge reflexively.

"Well, yeah, but what about the food?" he laughed softly; his tone didn't sound concerned at all. She just pushed his pants and boxer-briefs down to free his cock and dropped to her knees. Wrapping her hand around his shaft, she pumped him until he swelled in her grasp fully, then she licked the head of his cock deliberately. His head tipped back as he issued a soft groan, and Katniss continued to coat his swollen flesh with her saliva, licking a trail around the ridge, then down to the base and back to his head. His hand released the counter to fan through her hair, palming the back of her head, and she opened her mouth to take him in farther.

Peeta inhaled sharply and dropped his chin to watch her. He always liked to watch her. She tried to maintain eye contact with him as much as possible; his pupils grew fatter, and his nostrils flared, his mouth parting as he breathed deeper, faster. It made her wetter. Hollowing her cheeks, she sucked him harder; her hand pumped the base of his shaft, and her tongue pushed her pooling saliva around his cock as she bobbed her head. His eyes were heavily lidded now, and he moaned faintly, guiding the movement of her head with his hand.

When she tugged on his sac, rolling it in her free hand, his head fell back, and he groaned louder. "Fuck," he hissed, untangling his hand from her hair to grip the counter again. His hips began rocking forward, thrusting his cock into her mouth; her hand on his shaft kept him from going too far. She couldn't deep throat him, not yet, anyway. Maybe one day she could do that for him. He gave her the best head she'd ever experienced in her life; she wanted to be able to do the same for him.

"I'm gonna come," he warned throatily, lost in a haze of euphoria, and his head tipped forward again to watch her; he struggled to keep his eyes open, and she locked gazes with him, her lips wrapped tightly around him. Her hand gripped his cock more firmly too, her mouth and fist connecting almost violently as she sucked on him. His balls tightened in her hand, and she instinctively thrust her tongue back to catch his semen as he came with a grunt, his hips undulating toward her face. His cock pulsed in her mouth as he emptied himself, and his eyes were squeezed shut, his own lips parted as he gasped for air.

Once he was done, she swallowed his cum and slid his cock out of her mouth, licking her lips. She helped him tuck himself back into his pants, and then he pulled her to his feet. His cheeks were red, and his dark blue eyes were glassy, but he smirked at her. She felt her face flush, smiling shyly when he pressed a kiss to her lips.

"Now the steaks are cold," he said wryly, and she laughed. "I gotta throw them back on the grill for a moment."

Katniss shrugged. "Okay, that's fine. I had my appetizer."

Peeta laughed heartily, his arm pulling her tight against his chest, then he flashed her a wolfish grin, raising his eyebrows. "Good. Let's hurry up and eat, then, so I can get my dessert."