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Warnings: There are some serious, mature issues dealt with in this fic, involving depression, masochism, and thoughts of suicide. These issues are dealt with in graphic detail, so if you are sensitive to these subjects or think you might be, please don't read this fic. Also to be found in this fic is Tasuki language, a depiction of a male/male romantic relationship, and SPOILERS for episode 33 and a great deal of the series.

NOTE ON REPOSTING: Due to the incredibly sensible and not in any way insane mandate against script fics, the following "Risen In Brief" has been altered so as not to offend the delicate, script-hating eyes of the admin, who are kind and just and good, and certainly could never be called "power-tripping nazis" or "soul-devouring bastards."

Risen: In Brief
narrated by Tasuki

Arright, so ya know what happened ta Nuriko up on that mountaintop. Or at least, ya better know, 'cause I ain't gonna tell ya again!

Anyway, so we got the damn shinzaho from those ghosty bastards in the cave, an' then the second we got out, some fucking wolf showed up an' tried to grab it from Miaka--but I fried his ass real good, an' so that asshole Nakago didn't get his filthy hands on our shinzaho. Now, ya might think that's not how the story went--that the damn wolf did get the shinzaho away from us an' maybe some other fucked up stuff happened after that, but that ain't how it happened, so ya better get used to it!

Anyway, so we were all hangin' out back at the inn for awhile after that, all bummed an' shit 'cause…well, ya know why. But then next thing ya know, Chiriko's got some fucked up idea that he knows how ta bring Nuriko back to life--iunno how the hell he figured it out, 'cept he was holed up in the library fer a hell of a long time, so maybe he found some book or somethin'…I dunno. The important part's that whatever he figured out, it turned out it wasn't just some made-up shit--it was fucking real. An' next thing ya know, Nuriko's alive again--only the guy's not quite right, ya know? It was like he forgot all this shit about his life, like it happened different for him or somethin'.

Oh, I guess ya wanna know how. Eh, go complain to Ryuen; I didn't wanna do this damn thing in the first place. I ain't no fucking storyteller!

But arright, I'll give it a try. She'll probably find some way to get me fucking pregnant again if I don't.

Arright, so gettin' back to Nuriko, it was kinda like everything that hadda do with his sister--ya know, the one that died when he was little--was all blanked outta his mind. He didn't remember havin' anybody but a big brother, an' he sure as hell didn't remember cross-dressin' for all those years, or bein' in love with Hotohori-sama or nothin'--an' when I tried to remind him, the guy accused me of bein' the fuckin' okama!

Tama, shut the fuck up! I can hear ya laughin'!

Anyway, so Chichiri figured it was 'cause Nuriko had all these memories from the afterlife--ya know, fuckin' halos an' clouds an' all that happy flowery shit. An' if he'd a' remembered that stuff down here, he'd a' been all depressed, 'cause…well, great as bein' alive can be, it's got lotsa pain in it. Pain, an' sadness, an' all sorts a' other shit that can make ya feel real down if ya think about it--an' I guess havin' ta come back ta that after bein' in the Sky, bein' all happy an' shit in paradise, woulda been too much for any guy to take. So somebody fixed it so Nuriko just couldn't remember, an' since bein' with his sister was such a big part a' his bein' happy up there, they made it so he just didn't remember her at all.

Anyway, so even with Nuriko back an' all, there was still the little matter of havin' to get the other shinzaho. An' since Nakago an' those bastards were tryin' ta get their hands on the one we already had, we figured it'd be best to get it back to Konan where it'd be safe. So since Nuriko wasn't exactly himself an' Chiriko was actin' really fucking weird, Chichiri magicked the two of them an' Miaka back to Konan, while the rest of us headed out ta look for the other shinzaho.

Now, I wasn't there fer the stuff that happened at the palace after that. Like I just said, I was off with 'Chiri an' Mits an' Tama, lookin' for the shinzaho. But from what I heard about it later, seems like havin' Nuriko pushin' him away all of a sudden…it did somethin' ta Hotohori. Made him realize shit he maybe wouldn't a' realized otherwise. 'Cause iunno, it's easy ta take somebody for granted when they're always there, ya know? But when they're gone…when all of a sudden, the guy ya thought was always gonna be there is gone…yeah, it does somethin' to ya. Makes ya realize how ya really felt about 'im. An' I guess for Hotohori, how he really felt was…well, I ain't gonna get fucking mushy or nothin', but it made him realize that maybe he did feel somethin' for Nuriko, only bein' so hung up on Miaka an' what was good fer the country an' all that got in the way.

Arright, so let's fucking wrap this up. I got places ta be an' saké ta drink.

Okay. So long story short, turns out Chiriko had some bad shit happen ta him when he was little, an' that's what made him so damn obsessed about bringin' Nuriko back. I ain't gonna get into why, though, 'cause that's the little guy's own business, not yours. An' as for Nuriko…well, he kept havin' these nightmares, like the stuff he was forgettin' was tryin' to work its way back up. He didn't let it, though, an' kept tellin' Hotohori ta get the hell away from him an' stuff…but this one time when he did that, Hotohori'd fucking had enough. Nuriko was pushin' him away an' it was lookin' like the two of 'em were never gonna be friends again, so Hotohori figured that this was it--this was the end. An' after all that time of Nuriko lovin' him an' helpin' him out an' bein' his pal, he figured he owed the guy somethin', even if the Nuriko he knew was buried so deep he'd never know.

So Hotohori…yeah, okay, so he fucking kissed him. I wasn't there, I toldja, an' I ain't gonna go inta any fucking detail, so ya can get that hentai look off yer face! The point is, havin' Hotohori doin' that broke through whatever'd been keepin' Nuriko's memories all locked up, an' just like that, Nuriko was back. He remembered his sister an' cross-dressin' an' bein' in love with Hotohori, an' all that other shit he forgot before, an' now that Hotohori'd finally fucking realized how he felt about Nuriko, they could be all happy an' lovey-dovey an' shit, blah blah blah, the end.

Only… Well, it ain't that simple, is it? 'Cause if Nuriko remembers bein' in paradise with his sister, then what's it gotta be like for him, suddenly bein' back in the world again? Feelin' pain an' grief an' all that other nasty shit that comes with bein' alive?

I'll tell ya the truth: I don't know. I mean, Iunno anybody tougher 'n Nuriko…but ya gotta wonder if somethin' like this'd be too much for anybody, even him.

Eh, what am I sayin'? He'll tough it out. Shit, you just watch. Before ya know it, he'll be prancin' around in those fucking gowns of his again, grinnin' all big an' hangin' all over Hotohori-sama. 'Cause who fucking says that just 'cause you're a Suzaku seishi ya can't have a happy ending? Huh?

An' Nuriko deserves his.

I just hope ta Suzaku he gets it.